Newell, SD 57760 ZIP Code Map


Newell ZIP Codes

South Dakota

57760 Schools


  • Newell Middle School - 04
  • Newell High School - 01
  • Newell Elementary - 02
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    ZIP Code 57760 is located in Butte County (89.40%) Harding County (10.60%)

    57760 Street Addresses

    183rd St ((13000-13098)) 1st St ((100-219)) 2nd St ((101-323)) 3rd St ((101-609)) 4th St ((100-429)) 5th St ((101-318)) 6th St ((100-518)) 7th St ((101-621)) 8th St ((200-519)) 9th St ((100-499)) Amherst Ave ((400-498)) Amhurst ((400-498)) Anderson Ln ((18701-18799)) Arpan Rd ((12129-18698)) Ash St ((100-299)) Badland Creek Ln ((13701-13799)) Barnard Ave ((300-799)) Beet Rd ((18501-18629)) Bill Smeenk Rd ((12800-12898)) Birch ((101-199)) Burke Rd ((12900-12999)) Cemetery Rd ((12849-13599)) Civil Defense Tower Rd ((12800-12898)) Co Hwy 732 ((13100-14099)) Cornell Ave ((600-899)) Country Ln ((12700-12798)) Dartmouth Ave ((101-999)) Dillinger Rd ((18300-18999)) Eichler Rd ((18701-18898)) Eide Rd ((12200-12298)) Elevator Rd ((13213-13398)) Elmira Ave ((100-899)) Erk Rd ((16202-16699)) Experimental Farm Jrd ((18401-18499)) Experimental Farm Rd ((18200-18398)) Falzerano Rd ((13300-13398)) Fisk Ave ((100-899)) Gammon Rd ((19000-19098)) Garness Rd ((12700-12799)) Girard Ave ((100-899)) Golf Course Rd ((12701-13098)) Gruwell Rd ((17101-17199)) Gumbo Ln ((17700-17798)) Hanson Rd ((12500-12598)) Hoover Rd ((15800-15898)) Hope Rd ((12700-13599)) Horse Creek Ln ((18600-18698)) Jaukkuri Ln ((13400-13499)) Jensen Rd ((19001-19198)) Johnson Rd ((16401-16499)) Jukkola Rd ((18601-18699)) Klt Rd ((18301-18399)) Knox Ave ((300-498)) Knuteson Rd ((18300-18499)) Kosola Rd ((13401-18898)) Laflin Rd ((14400-14498)) Lewis Rd ((13200-13798)) Lyons Rd ((12001-12017)) Marty Rd ((14400-14998)) Millberg Rd ((13100-13199)) N Northwestern Ave ((301-498)) Old Twilight Rd ((16700-17098)) Oliver Ln ((19001-19099)) Ollila Rd ((18700-18898)) Orman Rd ((12500-13098)) Paint Horse Ln ((13400-13498)) Palo Rd ((13001-13499)) Parilla Rd ((13000-13199)) Prairie View Ln ((16800-16898)) Red Barn Ln ((18600-18898)) Redig Rd ((13100-14099)) Riley Rd ((18101-18399)) Rock Butte Ln ((12901-12999)) Sagebrush Rd ((12001-12199)) Schmele Rd ((12700-12898)) S Fisk Ave ((100-299)) Smeenk Rd ((16700-16799)) S Northwesternn Ave ((601-699)) State Hwy 79 ((300-998)) Stonelake Rd ((18600-18698)) Stone Lake Rd ((18200-18698)) Twlight Rd ((16700-18499)) US Hwy 212 ((200-799)) Viken Rd ((18400-18699)) Wilson Cemetery Rd ((13100-13599)) Wilson Rd ((13100-13599)) Winkler Rd ((17500-18299)) Youngberg Rd ((18401-19198)) Yparilla Rd ((13000-13098))

    57760 Places and Attractions

    Alfred J Burke Dam Number 1 Antelope Lateral Badlands Creek Battle Creek Batt Spring Beresford Lateral Bledsoe Ranch Airport Buck Pasture Creek Bull Creek Butte County Butte County Ambulance Service Newell Butte Creek Butte Creek Calhoun Ditch Camp Raynolds (historical) Castle Rock Castle Rock Butte Castle Rock Volunteer Fire Department City of Newell Cottonwood Creek Cottonwood School Coyote Lateral Dakota Range School Deadman Creek Deadman Lateral Deep Draw Deer Creek Deer Creek Lateral Deers Ears Butte Doody Creek Double R Creek Dry Creek Dry Creek Eagles Nest Canyon Fairview School Finn Lateral Fish Draw Fish Draw School Flat Creek Frog Creek George Erk Dam Number 1 Gladson Draw Gover (historical) Govert School Granger Creek Hans Creek Hay Creek Haystack Butte Hoover Horse Creek Horse Creek Horse Creek School Hull Lateral Indian Creek Johns Creek Jug Creek Kirk Landing Strip Laflin Ranch Lale Pond Number 2 Dam Lonetree Creek Lonetree Creek Long Canal Lookout Butte McLung Lateral Michigan Placer Ground Mine Middle Creek Milberg School Moonshine Spring Moreau School Muddy Granger Creek Nestor Kivimaki Dam Number 1 Newell Newell Airfield Newell Cemetery Newell Dam Newell Experiment Station Newell Fire Department Newell Lake Newell Post Office Newell Public Library North Canal North Double R Creek North Fork Fish Draw North Lateral Owl Butte Owl Creek Palmer Draw Persche Ranch Plainview School Plum Creek Porter Creek Rimrock Spring Riverside School Rodney Winkler Dam Number 1 Saddle Butte Saint Anthony Cemetery Sand Creek Sand Creek Scoepp Flat Second Sand Creek Sheep Mountain Sheffield Lateral Snake Butte South Cottonwood Creek South Double R Creek South Mary Well South Willow Creek Spring Creek Spring Creek Spur Creek Stanley Smeenk Dam Number 1 Storm Mountain Retreat Center Sulphur Butte Sweetwater Draw Table Top Butte Thomas Burke Dam Number 1 Tomato Can Buttes Township of Cottonwood Township of Freeman Township of Union Township of Vale Town Site Lateral Town Site Lateral A Town Site Lateral B Town Site Lateral C Trail Creek Twilight School Unorganized Territory of East Butte Van Horn Lateral Warren Creek Webb School Wheelbarrow Butte White Pond Number 1 Dam Willow Creek Willow Creek Lateral Willow Creek Lateral Wilson Cemetery Wilson Lateral Winkler Ranch Winkler School Wolf Creek Wolf Lateral Zurcher Draw