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South Dakota

57754 Schools


  • Lead-Deadwood High School - 01
  • Lead-Deadwood Middle School - 02
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  • Caledonia Condos
  • Days Inn Lead
  • Palace Express
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    ZIP Code 57754 is located in Lawrence County

    57754 Street Addresses

    11th St ((1200-1299)) 1st St ((1-99)) 2nd St ((1-99)) 3rd St ((1-199)) Addie St ((901-999)) Adelphia St ((10900-10999)) Adventure Loop ((11101-11199)) Alert St ((2-199)) Alpine Cir ((11101-11199)) Alpine St ((100-198)) Anderson St ((200-399)) Antelope Trl ((11000-11099)) Arlington St ((200-299)) Aspen Dr ((21300-21399)) Aspen Lookout Loop ((21601-21699)) Astoria Ln ((21501-21599)) Badger Trl ((11000-11099)) Baltimore St ((1-99)) Barclay Ave ((400-999)) Barefoot Loop ((21101-21199)) Barefoot Rd ((21101-21199)) Berry St ((700-798)) Besant Park Rd ((11401-11499)) Big Bear Ln ((22200-22399)) Big Sky Dr ((21300-21399)) Billie Ln ((10600-10698)) Billings Ave ((100-399)) Birchcrest Ln ((21000-21098)) Birch Dr ((11100-11198)) Black Forest Rd ((11200-11399)) Black Fox Camp Rd ((22401-22499)) Blacktail Bench Rd ((11400-11498)) Black Tail Gulch ((11400-11498)) Blacktail Pl ((11400-11499)) Blacktail Rd ((11400-11498)) Blatt St ((801-899)) Bleeker St ((200-599)) Blue Spruce Ln ((21100-21198)) Blue St ((1-99)) Bobcat Ct ((11200-11299)) Brownsville Rd ((11300-11698)) Buffalo Trl ((11000-11099)) Burleson Pl ((22300-22399)) Buskala Pl ((22001-22099)) Calamity Gulch Lane, North Fork ((20900-20998)) Calamity Gulch Ln ((20901-20999)) Calamity Gulch Ln-South Fork ((20900-21099)) Calamity Gulch Rd ((20901-20999)) Calamity Gulch - South Fork ((20900-21099)) California Pl ((21300-21399)) Canyon St ((600-799)) Carbonate Ln ((20701-20799)) Carbonate Rd ((11201-11299)) Cemetery St ((101-199)) Central Gold Ave ((101-199)) Central Main St ((2-499)) Cheyenne Crossing Ln ((10901-10999)) Chicago Ave ((100-399)) Cold Canyon Ln ((21200-21399)) Columbus St ((100-199)) Coolidge St ((100-199)) Co Rd 106 ((22000-23799)) Co Rd 134 ((21300-21398)) Co Rd 196 ((21400-21699)) Co Rd 205 ((11500-22499)) Co Rd 206 ((11401-11499)) Co Rd 207 ((11200-21899)) Co Rd 222 ((10600-10699)) Co Rd 231 ((10200-10399)) Co Rd 233 ((22401-22499)) Co Rd 259 ((22201-22299)) Co Rd 554 ((10301-10399)) Cougar Ct ((11200-11298)) Coyote Ln ((21101-21199)) Cross St ((900-1199)) Crown St ((500-599)) Curnow St ((100-199)) Cutting Mine Rd ((11300-11399)) Cyanide St ((1-399)) Davidson Ct ((101-199)) Deep Snow Trl ((21100-21199)) Deer Mountain Rd ((1-11299)) Deer Mt Rd ((11200-11298)) Deer Path ((1-299)) Derby Ct ((11200-21398)) Dixon Ave ((100-499)) Dunmire Dr ((1-99)) Dunmire St ((1-99)) Durango St ((101-199)) Dwight St ((100-899)) Dynasty Rd ((20701-20799)) East St ((900-999)) E High St ((300-499)) E Hill St ((1-299)) Elkhorn Rd ((20700-20799)) Elkhorn St ((300-399)) Ellison Ct ((200-299)) Elmore Main Rd ((10839-10899)) Elmore Rd ((10800-10899)) E Main St ((300-799)) Englewood Rd ((21300-21499)) E Summit St ((101-499)) Fairview Ave ((1-399)) Fairview Rd ((100-198)) False Bottom Creek Rd ((11201-11299)) Fantail Creek Rd ((11200-11399)) Fire Rd 22 ((10700-10799)) Fire Rd 28 ((20900-21099)) Flatiron Ln ((21500-21599)) Forest Ave ((100-199)) Forest Rd 211 ((21500-21599)) Forest Rd 227 ((11300-21499)) Forest Sevice Rd 219 ((11501-11599)) Forest St ((100-199)) Fox St ((300-799)) Frosty Meadows Rd ((21501-21599)) FS Rd 227 ((11401-11698)) G0Lden Gate St ((400-498)) Gentie Ct ((21601-21699)) Gilded Mountain Loop ((21100-21198)) Glendale Dr ((1-899)) Golden Gate St ((401-499)) Gold St ((100-599)) Grand Ave ((100-598)) Grand Canyon Ln ((10100-10198)) Grand Canyon Rd ((10100-10198)) Grandview Dr ((300-1099)) Green St ((500-599)) Grier Ave ((300-399)) Grove St ((200-399)) Gudat Rd ((11400-11498)) Gushurst St ((1000-1299)) Gwinn Ave ((300-599)) Hagmann Ln ((10800-10899)) Hanna Rd ((21400-21699)) Hearst Ave ((401-698)) Heritage Ave ((100-198)) Hickok Pl ((20900-20999)) Hidden Gulch Ave ((101-299)) Highland Ave ((700-899)) Highland Pl ((800-899)) High Ridge Trl ((21100-21199)) High St ((3-198)) Houston St ((200-899)) Hwy 14A ((20701-20755)) Icebox Ln ((21301-21498)) Ida Grey Dr ((20700-20799)) Iris St ((101-799)) Irwin St ((100-299)) Iverson Field Rd ((20901-20999)) Jackass Gulch Ln ((21200-21399)) Jackpine Ct ((11101-11299)) Jay Bird Pl ((1-99)) Julius St ((300-899)) Juniper Ct ((11200-11299)) Juso Ranch Rd ((21701-21898)) Kelley Ln ((10901-10999)) Knotty Pl ((11201-11299)) Laird Rd ((10301-10399)) Last Chance Trl ((21100-21299)) Lee St ((600-898)) Long Valley Ln ((20800-20898)) Lost Camp Trl ((21100-21199)) Lower Mc Clellan St ((101-398)) Lower McClellan St ((1-398)) Lower Spark St ((100-117)) Lynx Ln ((11200-11299)) Magpie Rd ((11501-11599)) Maitland Rd ((11400-20999)) Matthew St ((300-499)) Maurice Ln ((11225-21599)) May St ((100-399)) Mc Clellan St ((1-398)) McQuillan St ((400-699)) Milliken St ((200-299)) Mill St ((200-599)) Miners Ave ((400-999)) Mine St ((300-904)) Mollman Ln ((20801-20899)) Montana Ave ((100-298)) Monte Carlo Ct ((20700-20799)) Moose Trl ((11000-21199)) Morning Star Rd ((20700-209998)) Mossy Pine Loop ((21400-21598)) Mountain Stream Rd ((11201-21598)) Mountain Streams 1 ((21500-21599)) Mountain Streams 2 ((21401-21499)) Mountain Streams 3 ((11200-21598)) Mountain View Dr ((200-499)) Mule Deer Dr ((11200-21399)) Nahant Rd ((22201-22299)) Nemo Rd ((11401-11614)) Nevada Gulch Rd ((11200-11399)) N Galena St ((2-98)) North St ((300-399)) N Ridge Rd ((0-20799)) N Rochford Rd ((11500-22198)) Old Abe St ((301-499)) Old Rail Rd ((21300-21398)) Old Salt Rd ((11501-11599)) Park Ave ((1-599)) Parkdale St ((1-99)) Paul St ((100-199)) Pavilion St ((700-899)) Pavillion St ((800-898)) Peak St ((400-598)) Pipeline Ln ((11200-11298)) Pocket Gulch Ave ((100-198)) Pocket Gulch St ((100-199)) Prospect Ave ((500-798)) Pyrite Dr ((20701-20799)) Quartzite Rd ((0-98)) Queen Ln ((20701-20799)) Railroad Ave ((300-898)) Rasberry Gulch Pl ((10900-10998)) Rasberry Heights Ln ((11100-11199)) Raspberry Guclh Ln ((10900-10998)) Retreat Rd ((22101-22199)) Richmond Hill Rd ((20900-20999)) Richmond St ((300-498)) Ridge Rd ((500-899)) Riflepit Rd ((22000-23799)) Rinkler Ln ((2200-2298)) Riviera Ct ((11200-11298)) Rochford Rd ((11500-22499)) Rochford Ridge Trl ((21600-21698)) Rocky Johnson Rd ((21900-22099)) Roosevelt St ((100-299)) Roughlock Falls Rd ((10600-10699)) Ruby Flats Ln ((11400-11498)) Samo St ((401-699)) Sand St ((300-398)) Sargent Ln ((22200-22299)) Sawpit Gulch St ((100-199)) Sawyer St ((200-799)) Scenic Hills Pl ((22200-22298)) Schoen Ln ((10800-10899)) Searle St ((800-899)) S Galena St ((1-199)) Short St ((1-198)) Siever St ((100-199)) Sleighride Loop ((21300-21399)) S Main ((100-399)) S Main St ((1-599)) S Mill St ((501-699)) Smuggler Ln ((10901-10999)) Snowbird Ln ((21100-21198)) Snowcat Rd ((21300-21898)) Snowshoe Rd ((21300-21499)) Snowy Bluffs Rd ((21300-21398)) Spark St ((100-199)) Sparta Ln ((11200-11299)) Spruce ((11101-11299)) Spruce Dr ((11101-11299)) S Rapid Creek Rd ((10200-10399)) S Spark St ((400-499)) Stagestep Ln ((21800-21898)) Stage Stop Ln ((21800-21898)) Stewart Slope Cir ((21100-21198)) Stewart Slope Rd ((21001-21199)) Stone St ((1-299)) Stone Wall Ln ((10901-10999)) Sunny Hill Rd ((500-998)) Sunnyside St ((100-198)) Sunset Rd ((420-499)) Terraville Ave ((1-399)) Terry Gulch Rd ((11200-11399)) Terry Summit Rd ((21200-21298)) Tetro Rock Rd ((11300-11399)) Thunder Ln ((21101-21299)) Tinton Rd ((21300-21398)) Toboggan St ((11300-11399)) Tower Ridge Dr ((200-299)) Tower View Pl ((21600-21698)) Transfer Station Rd ((11300-11399)) Unicorn Ct ((11201-11299)) Upper Addie St ((500-899)) US Hwy 14 Alt ((1-899)) US Hwy 85 ((1-899)) Victoria Ln ((10700-10799)) W Addie St ((100-1099)) Wall St ((100-1199)) Walsh Ave ((800-899)) Washington St ((200-1299)) W Hill St ((1-199)) White St ((300-399)) Whitetail Dr ((1-21499)) Whitetail Trl ((11000-11098)) White Tail Trl ((11000-11099)) Wildcat Ln ((21500-21599)) Wildlife Ln ((10600-10699)) W Main St ((100-899)) W McClellan St ((1-899)) Woodchuck Ln ((21200-21298)) Wood Pl ((11200-21899)) Woodville Ln ((21401-21499)) W Summit St ((100-899)) Yellow Creek Rd ((21101-21498))

    57754 Places and Attractions

    Alameda Mine (historical) Alpha-Platus Mine (historical) American Eagle Mine Anchor II (historical) Annie Creek Annie Creek (historical) Apex Mine (historical) Astoria (historical) Aztec (historical) Bald Mountain Bald Mountain (historical) Bald Mountain Mine Balmoral (historical) Baltimore (historical) Baltimore Mine (historical) Beaver Spring Beaver Spring Ben Hur Mine (historical) Besant Park Big Bonanza Mine (historical) Billings Draw Bismark Mine Black Fox Campground Black Fox Spring Black Fox Summer Homes Blacktail Blacktail Gulch Bobtail Gulch Boscoble and Double Standard Mine Breakneck Gulch Buchholz (historical) Buck Spring Bulldog (historical) Bull Dog Ranch Buskala Creek Buskala Ranch Buxton Mine Calamity Gulch Carbonate (historical) Carroll Mine Carthage (historical) Central City Cheyenne Crossing Chism Gulch City of Central City City of Lead Clayton Draw Clayton Pond Clayton Willow Exclosure Cleopatra Mine Clinton Mine (historical) Cold Creek Cole Creek Crooks Lake Crooks Tower Crown Hill Mine (historical) Dacy (historical) Daisy Mine (historical) Dakota Mine Dark Horse and General Grant Mine Deadbroke Mine Deadhorse Gulch Deadman Spring Dead Ox Creek Dead Ox Spring Deadwood Terra Mine Deer Mountain Deer Spring Dividened Mine (historical) Dry Gulch Dry Gulch Spring Dry Lake Dry Lake Pond Dumont Dumont School Durango Mine Dutch Flats Eagle Bird Mine East Branch Cleopatra Creek East Spearfish Creek Echo Mine (historical) Elkhorn I (historical) Elk Mountain Elmore Englewood Englewood Cemetery Esmeralda Mine (historical) Etta Mine (historical) Eva H and Silver Tongue Mine Fannie Mine (historical) Fantail Creek Fantail Junction (historical) Flatiron I (historical) Foley Mountain Folger Mine French Ranch Gayville Gentle Annie Mine (historical) Gladiator Mine (historical) Glover Mine (historical) Golden Reward Mine Golden Reward Mine (historical) Graveyard Spring Great Mogul Mine Greenmont Post Office (historical) Green Mountain Green Mountain Gregory (historical) Gudat Gulch Gudat Ranch Gunnison and Vulcan Mine Gustave (historical) Hallorans Draw Hanna Hanna Campground Hardy Guard Station Harmony Mine Harrison Mine Harvey Ranch Harvey Spring Harvey Spring Hawkeye-Pluma Mine Hellsgate Gulch Hidden Treasure Mine Holland Camp Spring Hollens Draw Horseshoe Grove (historical) Icebox Gulch Imperial Mine (historical) Intake Gulch Irey Spring Iron Creek Isadorah and Billie Mine Jackass Gulch Johnson Gulch Juno Mine (historical) Jupiter Mine (historical) Juso Ranch Keough Draw Kicking Horse Mine (historical) Kirk KSQY-FM (Deadwood) Labrador Gulch Lancaster City (historical) Lander Spring Lawrence County Lead Lead Country Club Lead Fire Department Lead Post Office Limestone Plateau Little Blue Mine Little Spearfish Creek Little Tornado Mine (historical) Long Draw Long Valley Lost Camp Gulch Lost Camp (historical) Macs Camp Maitland McInerny Ranch McInerny Spring McKay Summer Homes McKinley Gulch Melcher Ranch Merow Spring Metallic Streak Mine Midland (historical) Minerva Mine Monitor Mine Montana Mine Mount Theodore Roosevelt Nahant Nahant School Nerve City (historical) Nevada Gulch Nevada Gulch School North Park North Rapid Stage Station (historical) Number Six Spring Olaf Seim Mine Old Ironsides Mine (historical) Olsen (historical) O'Neil Pass O'Neil School Paradise Gulch Park Camp Spring Pennsylvania Mine Phoebe Apperson Hearst Library Pinney Mine (historical) Polo Peak Portland Junction (historical) Portland Mine Potato Spring Preston Raddick Gulch Ragged Top (historical) Ragged Top (historical) Ragged Top Mountain Ranger Draw Raspberry Gulch Redpath Creek Reliance Mine Reno Creek Retriever Mine (historical) Rhoads Fork Richmond Hill Rickgauer Spring Ross Hannibal Mine Roughlock Falls Roughlock Falls Picnic Area Ruby Belle Mine (historical) Ruby Flats Rutabaga Gulch Saint Patricks School Savoy Sawmill Gulch Sawpit Gulch Sheeptail Gulch Slavonian Mine Snowstorm Mine (historical) Spanish R Mine Spearfish Canyon Fire Protection District Spearfish Falls Stewart Gulch Stovehole Park Sugarloaf Mountain Summit (historical) Sundance Mine Swede Gulch Sweet Betsey Gulch Tepee (historical) Terraville Terry Terry Peak Terry Station Tetro Rock Texana (historical) Tillson Creek Timber Gulch Timon Campground Tornado Mine Trebor Draw Trojan Twin Peaks Two Johns Mine Ulster Mine Union Mine (historical) Unorganized Territory of South Lawrence Upper Welcome Mine (historical) Victoria Vitoria Mine Ward Cemetery Ward Draw War Eagle Hill Welcome (historical) Well Park Wells Fargo Mine (historical) West Lead Cemetery What the Hell Spring Whitetail Creek Whitetail Summit Wildcat Gulch Woodville Hills Woodville Lake Wusp Number 2 Mine Yates (historical) Yellow Jacket Spring