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Hill City ZIP Codes

Hill City
South Dakota

57745 Schools


  • Hill City Middle School - 04
  • Hill City High School - 01
  • Hill City Elementary - 02
  • 57745 Hotels

  • Best Western Golden Spike
  • Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Hill City
  • Lodge At Palmer Gulch
  • Quality Inn Hill City
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    ZIP Code 57745 is located in Pennington County

    57745 Street Addresses

    Addie Camp Trl ((24000-24099)) Allen Gulch Rd ((100-599)) Bangor Loop ((11600-11698)) Battleax Rd ((23800-23898)) Battle Ax Rd ((23800-23898)) Beardsley Rd ((12000-12072)) Bell Park Rd ((22700-22799)) Bette Matkins Ave ((300-698)) Bettes Ct ((600-698)) Bishop Mountain Dr ((100-1199)) Black Fox Camp Rd ((22500-22598)) Bloody Gulch Rd ((22700-22798)) Bobcat Rd ((24000-24098)) Bradley Gulch ((23801-23899)) Bradley Gulch Ct ((23801-23899)) Bradley Gulch Rd ((23801-23899)) Brechtel Ct ((24000-24099)) Brook Ct ((23400-23599)) Brown Rd ((23800-24049)) Bud's Dr ((100-299)) Burlington Rd ((12100-12199)) Burnt Fork Rd ((23600-23799)) Calumet Rd ((23800-23898)) Castle Peak Rd ((11400-11999)) China Gulch Rd ((23800-23899)) Chute Rooster Dr ((100-7799)) Co Rd 306 ((12501-22699)) Co Rd 308 ((12100-12499)) Co Rd 323 ((12520-12642)) Co Rd 324 ((24050-24099)) Co Rd C308 ((201-12499)) Co Rd L369 ((23701-53898)) Co Rd T299 ((12601-22799)) Cowboy Gulch Rd ((12300-123499)) Cowboy Ridge Pl ((24000-24099)) Creek 30 ((23627-23699)) Crouch Line Rd ((12101-12199)) Dead Broke St ((24100-24199)) Deegan Dr ((100-23899)) Deegan St ((501-599)) Deerfield Park Dr ((22500-23699)) Deerfield Rd ((201-12499)) Ditch Creek Rd ((23501-23599)) Eddy Lode Rd ((12600-12698)) Elm St ((100-298)) E Main St ((101-23999)) Emerald Pines Dr ((23800-23899)) E Paradise Dr ((11700-11799)) E Slate Rd ((23600-23699)) Ford Mountain Ct ((12500-12599)) Ford Mtn Rd ((12501-12599)) Forest St ((101-399)) Fs 231 ((11675-11799)) Fs297 ((23627-23699)) F S 389 ((23600-23799)) FS Rd 187 ((23203-23299)) FS Rd 231 ((11801-22978)) FS Rd 231 N ((12000-12299)) FS Rd 249 ((23800-23899)) FS Rd 299 ((24000-24098)) FS Rd 447 ((23701-53898)) Geiman Dr ((401-499)) George Frink Rd ((12000-12199)) Gertie Rd ((24000-24199)) Gillette Prairie Rd ((11301-11598)) Gilt Crest Pl ((12200-12299)) Gimlet Creek Rd ((12000-12299)) Gold Dust Rd ((12700-12799)) Golden Slipper Rd ((12700-12799)) Golden West Rd ((23203-23299)) Gold Mountain Loop ((12200-12299)) Goodart Rd ((24103-24109)) Gordon Gulch Rd ((23701-23898)) Gray Rd ((23900-23999)) Greyhound Gulch Rd ((13335-13371)) Harney Peak W Rd ((301-12499)) Hidden Mine Ln ((23701-23799)) High Country Ct ((12100-12199)) Hill City-Keystone Rd ((900-12999)) Horsethief Lake Rd ((23401-24399)) Ira Ln ((1-23799)) Jade Pl ((24101-24199)) Jepsen Dr ((24201-24299)) J Range Ct ((23300-23398)) Kaubisch Ranch Rd ((12000-12099)) Kennedyville Loop ((12700-12799)) Kindler Rd ((23600-23698)) Kinney Springs Rd ((23001-23099)) L305 ((11200-11799)) Lacy's Ct ((100-499)) Leaky Valley Rd ((24100-24199)) Leisure Hills Ct ((23400-23499)) Lighting Ridge Rd ((22500-22699)) Log Cabin Rd ((12301-30299)) Lois Ln ((23700-23799)) Lowden Mtn Ct ((23700-23799)) Main St ((100-798)) Major Lake Dr ((200-898)) Marshall Gulch Rd ((23701-53898)) Marybeth Ct ((200-299)) Matkins Ct ((1-199)) Matthew Ct ((12700-12799)) Mc Gregor St ((300-398)) McVey Rd ((11300-11999)) Medicine Mountain Rd ((23800-23898)) Melchert Pl ((11500-11599)) Mineral Ln ((23400-23499)) Miners Hill Rd ((12101-12199)) Mitchell Lake Rd ((12600-12799)) Mystic Rd ((101-23699)) Nahant Rd ((22500-22599)) National Ct ((12101-12199)) Newton Fork Rd ((23600-23698)) N Newton Ave ((100-299)) N Rochford Rd ((12501-22699)) Oak St ((200-298)) Old Hill City Rd ((900-12999)) Palmer Creek Rd ((23401-24399)) Palmer Gulch Rd ((23800-24198)) Paradise Ct ((23401-23599)) Paradise Dr ((23400-23499)) Park St ((100-1199)) Peaceful Valley Rd ((23900-23999)) Penalua Gulch Rd ((23800-23899)) Pennington Co 357 ((23401-24399)) Pine Ave ((1-699)) Pine Mountain Ave ((100-599)) Pink Cabin Rd ((21900-23999)) Placer Pl ((23800-23899)) Pond Ct ((200-298)) Ponderosa Ave ((100-299)) Pond Pl ((300-398)) Poplar St ((100-198)) Prospect Rd ((11700-11799)) Quinn Dr ((1001-1198)) Rafter J-Bar Rd ((12301-12399)) Raga Rd ((24100-24198)) Railroad Ave ((101-299)) Rainbow Ridge Ct ((100-299)) Ray Smith Dr ((12100-12198)) Reno Gulch Rd ((12210-12399)) Rhoads Fork ((22500-22598)) Robinson Dr ((401-599)) Robin's Roost Rd ((12600-12699)) Robins Roost Rd ((12600-12699)) Rochford Mystic Rd ((22700-23098)) Rochford Rd ((11200-12299)) S Castle Creek Rd ((11001-11099)) Scheifer Pl ((22700-22799)) Schiefer Pl ((22700-22799)) Serenity Ln ((23201-23299)) Seven Hills Rd ((11301-11599)) S Fork Ln ((22400-22499)) Short St ((101-699)) Silver City Rd ((12601-22799)) Silver Creek Rd ((22400-22699)) Slate Prairie Rd ((11200-11699)) Smokey Dr ((100-1098)) Smokey Ridge Rd ((22500-22699)) S Newton Ave ((501-899)) Song Bird Rd ((23800-23999)) Spruce St ((100-299)) S Rapid Creek Rd ((11370-11399)) S Rochford Rd ((22600-23299)) S Rockford Rd ((201-12264)) Stannum Pl ((12300-12398)) State Hwy 244 ((12400-12588)) Stinson Meadow Rd ((12600-12698)) Sunshine Dr ((23700-23798)) Syndicate Ct ((23800-23899)) Tall Pines Rd ((12401-12598)) Telegraph Gulch Rd ((22500-22599)) Thompson Dr ((23901-23999)) Tigerville-Mystic Rd ((101-23501)) Tigerville Rd ((23600-23699)) Tin Horse Trl ((24100-24199)) Top O'Hill Ave ((500-1099)) Top O'Hill Ct ((100-199)) Truax Trl ((12800-12898)) Twin Rocks Rd ((24000-24099)) Twin Springs Rd ((23900-24099)) Upper Castle Creek Rd ((10800-10999)) US Hwy 16 ((226-24398)) US Hwy 385 ((226-24398)) Village Ct ((23900-23999)) Walnut Ave ((100-299)) Watson Parker Rd ((12600-12799)) W Deerfield Rd ((301-10999)) White Horse Rd ((12000-12098)) Wild Irishman Reservoir Rd ((13100-13299)) Wolframite Rd ((12700-12799)) W Paradise Dr ((11600-11699)) Yellow Brick Rd ((23700-23799)) Zimmerman Ridge Pl ((12300-24299))

    57745 Places and Attractions

    Accidental Mine Addie Lode Mine Allen Gulch Alta (historical) Annie Number 1 Lode Mine Antelope Springs Antler-Burlington Mine Badget Ranch Bald Hills Banner Gulch Battleax Creek Battle Creek Bearcat Gulch Bear Spring Beaver Creek Camp Beaver Creek Campground Bee Draw Benner Gulch Berry Ranch Bishop Mountain Bittersweet Creek Bjornland Draw Blackbird Mine Black Crystal Mine Black Elk Wilderness Black Fox (historical) Black Hills Country Club (historical) Black Hills National Forest Black Metal Mine Black Miner Gulch Black Tunnel Mine Blind Gulch Blind Park Bloody Gulch Bluebird Claim Mine Bobcat Gulch Bombard Draw Boutwell Ranch (historical) Brown Jug Draw Brushy Draw Buckeye and Lena Mine Burnt Fork Cabin Draw Cabin Spring California Gulch Campaign Hill Campaign Mine Camp Prospect (historical) Canyon City (historical) Canyon Junction (historical) Carnbray Mine Cassiterite Mine Castle Creek Castle Peak Castle Peak Campground Castle Rock Castle Rock School Castleton (historical) Cattles Ranch Cave Draw Cave Draw Summer Homes Century Mine Champion Mine China Gulch City of Hill City Clara Belle Camp (historical) Clark Mountain Cluder Gulch Coats Dike Mine Copper Camp (historical) Copper Mountain Copper Mountain Gravel Pit Cornelison Ranch Coulsen Hughes Draw Cowboy Gulch Cowboy Mine Crain Mine Crooked Creek Crows Nest Peak Custer Group Mine Custer Trail Campground Cuttys Ark Mine Deerfield Deerfield Dam Deerfield Lake Deerfield Lake Boat Ramp Campground Deerfield Lake Recreation Area Deerfield School Deer Head Lodge Deer Lodge Dewey Mine Ditch Creek Ditch Creek Gampground Divide Lode Mine Dolan Ranch Dolcode Mine Dougherty Gulch Dougherty Spring Dowell Spring Duck Lake Dump Draw Dutchman Campground Dutchman Creek Dyke Mine East China Gulch East Gimlet Creek Eldorado Mine El Dorado Mine Elkhorn Mountain Elkhorn Picnic Area Erickson Ranch Excelsior Mine Eyster Ranch Fairview (historical) Fall Draw February Mine First Find Mine Fish and Hunter Siding (historical) Five Points Flag Mountain Flag Mountain Florence (historical) Ford Mountain Four Corners Well Fox Flat Freel Spring Freel Spring Friday Gulch Frink Draw Fulton Draw Gap Lode Mine Gertie Mine Gillette Prairie Gillettes Ranch (historical) Gillum Spring Gimlet Creek Golden Summit Mine Golden West Mine Gold Hill Mine Gold Mountain Mine Gold Mountain Subdivision Gold Run Gold Run Campground Good Luck Mine Gooseberry Draw Greenback Mine Green Mountain Green Mountain Spring Grizzly Bear Mine Harney Peak Harper Ranch Hat Mountain Hausle Ranch Hay Draw Hay Draw Heely Creek Herman Matt Ranch Hidden Treasure Mine High Lode Mine Hill City Hill City Ambulance Service Hill City Community Library Hill City Fire Department Hill City Post Office Hill City Sewage Lagoon Hoar Ranch Hoodoo Gulch Hop Creek Horsethief Creek Horse Thief Lake Horse Thief Lake Campground Horse Thief Lake Dam Horse Thief Lake Trail Huckens Ranch (historical) Hughes Draw Humbolt Mountain Hupp Ranch Ida Mine Irish Gulch Irwins Ranch (historical) Jenks Draw Johnson Canyon Jolly Mine J R Extension Mine J R Mine Kennedyville Kimballs Ranch (historical) King of the West Mine Kinney Ranch Kinney Spring Knutsen Spring Lake Shore Picnic Area Lena Gulch Lessering Draw Lessering Ranch Lind Camp Lind Gulch Little Thompson Draw Long Draw Lookout Mill Lost Cabin I (historical) Lost Cabin Trail Lost Park Spring Lowden Mountain Luhtasaari Ranch Lyons Draw Lyons Spring Maitland Draw Maitland Spring Major Lake Manganese Draw Marshall Gulch Martha Washington Mine Mastiff Mine McCoy Ranch McCullough Ranch McKinnon and Millers Claim Mine Mercedes Gulch Merry-Go-Round Camp Mickelson Ranch Miller Camp Miller Camp (historical) Miller Ranch Miller Ranch Miller Spring Minnesota Gulch Mitchell Lake Mitchell Lake Dam Mix Spring Mohawk Mine Monheim Ranch Monkey Lode Mine Moonshine Gulch Mountain City Picnic Area Mud Lake Mud Lake Mud Lake Gravel Pit Musser Spring Myersville Mystic Nelson Creek Newton Fork Newton Lake Picnic Grounds Newton Park Nichols Creek Nichols Creek Gravel Pit Nipple Butte North Fork Castle Creek North Fork Rapid Creek Oatman Spring Oberg Ranch Ochre City (historical) OK Lode Mine Patterson Creek Penalua Gulch Peterson Ranch Pettit and Pfanders Claim Mine Pinedate (historical) Pole Creek Pole Creek Pond Lake Pony Gulch Poverty Gulch Prickett Ranch Procunter Spring Queen Bee Mine Rabbit Gulch Redbank Spring Campground Redbank Spring Reservoir Red Dog Gulch Reder Ranger Station Redfern Redfern Mountain Reinbold Claim Mine Reno Reynolds Prairie Reynolds Prairie School Reynolds Ranch Reynolds Ranch Rhoads Ranch Rhoads Spring Rimmer Ridge Rochford Rochford Cemetery Rochford Volunteer Fire Department Rockford Forest Service Facility Ruby Gulch Saint Elmo Mine Sanders Corral Sasse Ranch Sawbuck Draw Sawmill Draw Scott Ranch Sears Ranch Seep Spring Shick Ranch Signal Knob Silica Sand Mine Silver Creek Silver Creek Silver Spring Sixmile Draw Sixmile Spring Slate Creek Slate Creek Dam Slate Prairie Slate Prairie Church Slate Prairie School Slicker Dick Spring Smith Gulch Smith Mountain Soholt Draw Soholt Ranch Solomon Gulch South Fork Castle Creek South Fork Rapid Creek South Fork Whaley Gulch South Slate Creek South Slate School Spruce Gulch Standby Mine Stone Draw Storm Hill Strickland Spring Summit Mine Summit Peak Sunbeam Mine Sunflower Mine Sunnyside Mine Sylvan Lake Harney Trail Taylor Spring Telegraph Gulch The Pulpit Thompson Draw Thompson Ranch Thompson Reservoir Three Forks Campground Tigerville Tin Boom Mine Tin Center Mine Tin Chance Mine Tin Queen Mine Tony Matt Ranch Township of Rochford Trail Draw Tree Draw Tungsten Lode Mine Tunnel Ridge Twin Lakes Twin Springs Tysdal Ranch Union Hill Unorganized Territory of West Pennington Upper Pine Creek Natural Area Vida May Mine Whaley Gulch Wheeler Gulch Whites Ranch (historical) White Swan Mine Whitetail Gulch White Tail Peak White Tail Peak Campground White Whale Mine Williams Draw Willow Creek Willow Creek Horse Campground Willow Creek - Rushmore Trail Willow Creek Trail Windmill Draw Wolfram Lode Woodchuck Mine Yellow Bird Mine Y-Park