Edgemont, SD 57735 ZIP Code Map


Edgemont ZIP Codes

South Dakota

57735 Schools


  • Elk Mountain Virtual Hs - 03
  • Elk Mountain Elementary - 01
  • Edgemont High School - 01
  • Edgemont Elementary - 03
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    ZIP Code 57735 is located in Fall River County (78.70%) Custer County (21.30%)

    57735 Street Addresses

    10th Ave ((200-499)) 1st Ave ((2-98)) 2nd Ave ((100-998)) 3rd Ave ((100-1298)) 3rd St ((1400-1498)) 4th Ave ((100-999)) 5th Ave ((100-799)) 6th Ave ((100-798)) 6th Ave E ((400-499)) 7th Ave ((500-699)) 7th St ((100-498)) 8th St ((500-699)) 9th St ((500-599)) Airport Dr ((300-1199)) Argentine Rd ((10100-10198)) A St ((2-898)) Blacktail ((25601-25699)) B St ((300-498)) Burlington Dam Rd ((10901-11098)) Cedar St ((700-798)) Cedsr St ((700-798)) Cemetary Rd ((28200-28299)) Circle Dr ((10400-10499)) Co Hwy 069 ((10000-10098)) Co Hwy 11 ((11601-12199)) Co Hwy 12 ((11100-11499)) Co Hwy 185 ((27901-28599)) Co Hwy 18S ((11301-28399)) Co Hwy 270 ((25901-25999)) Co Hwy 272 ((10600-11098)) Co Hwy 3292 ((11300-11799)) Co Hwy 6463 ((27100-28099)) Co Hwy 6a ((11400-11498)) Co Hwy 6e ((11100-11198)) Co Hwy 7 ((29301-29399)) Co Hwy 715 ((10700-11223)) Co Hwy 769 ((700-26799)) Co Hwy 8 E ((10601-10699)) Co Hwy 9 ((10200-10998)) Co Hwy 9a ((10401-10499)) Co Hwy Fdr15 ((11300-28099)) Co Hwy Fdr16 ((27300-27799)) Co Hwy Fdr 16 ((27201-27299)) Co Hwy Fdr16A ((10901-11098)) C St ((300-599)) Custer Highland Rd ((25500-25599)) Deer Dr ((10401-10499)) Dewey Rd ((2600-28099)) Dry Land Dr ((10300-10398)) D St ((200-699)) Dugout Creek Dr ((0-10299)) Edgemont Rd ((1600-29399)) Elbow Canyon Rd ((27201-27799)) Elk Mountain Rd ((10100-10199)) Elk St ((300-799)) E St ((300-1198)) Fall River Rd ((13233-13299)) Fdr 123 ((10100-10199)) Fiddle Creek ((10601-10699)) Forest Rd ((25400-25599)) Fox Rd ((10400-10499)) Frontage Rd ((10301-10499)) F St ((200-1099)) G St ((200-599)) Harriet Ward Rd ((4201-25599)) Highlands Rd ((4000-25599)) H St ((300-998)) Indian Canyon Rd ((11300-11799)) Jefferson St ((100-398)) J St ((1001-1099)) K St ((300-1098)) Lake Ave ((1210-1298)) Lawrence St ((601-899)) L St ((300-398)) Mann Rd ((25901-25999)) Marty Hill Ln ((11500-11598)) Meadow Dr ((10200-10299)) Midnight Dr ((10400-10499)) Midnight Rd ((10400-10499)) Mogul Way ((301-599)) Moonlight Dr ((25400-25599)) Moss Agate Rd ((10401-10499)) Mountain Dr ((0-25799)) Mountain Shadow Rd ((25400-25699)) Mountain View Rd ((4000-25598)) Mt Ct ((0-10299)) Mt Rushmore Rd ((10301-10899)) N 4th Ave ((101-199)) N Iler St ((100-198)) N Washington ((100-199)) Old Cabin Rd ((3700-25598)) Old Hwy 18 ((101-28599)) Paradise Rd ((28300-28399)) Pass Creek Rd ((10600-11098)) Pilger Mountain Rd ((11100-11499)) Pine Ct ((1000-10498)) Pine Hills Rd ((11100-11198)) Pine St ((601-699)) Plains Creek Rd ((11400-11498)) Pleasant Valley Rd ((10700-11223)) Red Canyon Rd ((27300-28099)) River Ave ((1-99)) River Rd ((10200-11099)) River St ((2-98)) Rocky Ford Rd ((11601-12199)) Sarah Campbell Dr ((10401-10499)) Scott St ((100-398)) S Flat Top Rd ((27300-27398)) Southern Cross Rd ((1800-10498)) South Rd ((1800-10498)) State Hwy 471 ((100-28999)) Sundance St ((300-798)) Taft Ave ((700-899)) Tepee Rd ((25400-25498)) Tepee Valley Rd ((10601-10699)) Tepee Work Center Loop ((10601-10699)) Timber Trl ((10200-10399)) Truman St ((100-398)) Turkey Trl ((10300-10399)) Two Track Trl ((10300-10499)) Twp Rd B ((10100-27398)) US Hwy 16 ((10301-10899)) US Hwy 18 ((10201-13299)) Valley Dr ((10200-10298)) Valley Rd ((10200-10299)) Valley Ridge Rd ((25500-25599)) View Dr ((10300-10398)) W Custer Highlands Rd ((4000-25598)) W Dewey Rd ((10000-10098)) Weber Dr ((10400-10499)) Weber Rd ((1700-10499)) Whitetail Ct ((1800-10498))

    57735 Places and Attractions

    Agate Dam 8 Alkali Creek Alum Creek Ardmore Ardmore Fire Department Babcocks Ranch (historical) Baldwin Spring Baltzly Spring Barkley Ranch Barrel Spring Beaver Creek Bell Ranch Bennett Canyon Bennett Well Bhif Dam Black Gulch Blaine Ranch Bomb Range Dam Brady Canyon Breakneck Hill Breasne Dam Buck Draw Burdock Burdock School Burlington Dam Camp Creek Camp Creek Dam Carr Spring Cascade Post Office (historical) Caylor Ranch Dam Cheyenne Feeders Landing Strip Childers Dam Chilson Mountain Chilson Station City of Edgemont Coal Canyon Coal Creek Coffee Creek Coffee Flats Cold Creek Dam Conboys Ranch Coon Creek Cottonwood Creek Cottonwood Creek Cow Creek Coyote Creek Coyote Draw Craven Canyon Craven (historical) Crow Creek Crowe Dam Deadhorse Canyon Dennis Devil Canyon Devil Canyon Dewey Dewey Volunteer Fire Department Doran Ranch Double Dam Driftwood Canyon Driftwood Creek Dry Creek Dry Draw Dam Duck Creek Duck Creek Duck Creek Cemetery Duck Creek Dam Number 2 Dudley Dugout Creek Dugout Spring East Bennett Canyon East Pass Creek Eckard Eckard Post Office (historical) Edgemont Edgemont Ambulance Service Edgemont Cemetery Edgemont Fire Department Edgemont Municipal Airport Edgemont Municipal Airport Edgemont Post Office Edgemont Public Library Eldrige Draw Eldrige Draw Elk Mountains Elk Mountain School Elk Mountains Lookout Tower Fairview School Fay Ranch Fiddle Creek Fiddle Creek Dam Fiddle Creek Reservoir Fishko Dam Fishko Dam Number 2 Fishko Dam Number 3 Flint Hill Fossil Cycad National Monument Fossil Point Picnic Area Griffis Canal Gull Ranch Gull School Gurney Spring Hat Creek Flat Hawkwright Creek Hay Creek Hay Creek Hay Creek Hay Draw Hay Ranch Hell Canyon Helsels Plum Creek Dam Henderson House Dam Henderson Ranch Henry Dam Highlands Volunteer Fire Department Holey Flat Hollingsworth Draw Hollingsworth Draw Horse Creek Hunter Hill Igloo Indian Dam Number 1 Issue Wood Spring J Chlecq Dam Jewel Cave National Monument Johnson Ranch Johnson Ranch Jumpoff Spring Kellys Ranch (historical) Landers Ranch Lauzon (historical) Lauzon School Lightning Draw Lindseys Ranch (historical) Little Cottonwood Creek Little Cottonwood Creek Little Flat Lone Tree Creek Lone Tree Creek Long Branch Creek Long Hollow Creek Long Hollow Dam Lost Spring Lower Dugout Spring Marietta Marietta School Marty Ranch Marty School Matias Peak McClelland School McKenna Spring Middle Fork Alkali Creek Middle Fork Duck Creek Moss Agate Creek Mule Creek Mule Creek Dam North Fork Alkali Creek North Fork Duck Creek North Fork Moss Agate Creek North Fork Moss Agate Creek North Spring Oat Creek Pass Creek Pass Creek Well Pfister Pond Number 1 Dam Pfister Pond Number 2 Dam Pfister Pond Number 3 Dam Phister Ranch Pilger Mountain Pine Tree Spring Piney Creek Plains Creek Plains Valley Plum Canyon Plum Creek Porter Cottonwood Dam Porter Moss Agate Dam Provo Putnam Dam Red Canyon Red Canyon Creek Red Canyon Station (historical) Red Point Red Point Canyon Robinson Flats Robinson Ranch Robinson School Rogers Shack Spring Roller School Rumford S and G Ranch (historical) Sawmill Spring Schenk Canyon Sheep Canyon Sheep Draw Sheep Wagon Spring Short Branch Creek Simons Pond Dam Smith Ranch Softwater Creek Soper Ranch Sorghum Flat Soske Dam South Fork Alkali Creek South Fork Moss Agate Creek South Fork Moss Agate Creek South Long Hollow Creek Stone Quarry Canyon Sullivan Peak Tepee Agate Area Tepee Canyon Tepee Canyon Well Tepee Ranger Station Tepee Work Center The Heppner Dam Township of Argentine Township of Cottonwood Township of Craven Township of Dudley Township of Hat Creek Township of Indian Township of Moss Agate Township of Plain Township of Provo Township of Wheeler Triangle Park Trotter Ranch Trotter Ranch Dam Tubbs Canal Tubbs Dam Tubbs Moss Agate Dam Twin Buttes Unorganized Territory of Southwest Fall River Wallace Ranch Walsh Well Wasserburger Pond Wasserburger Pond Dam West Pass Creek West Tepee Canyon White Draw White Draw School Wildcat Peak Wolf Canyon