Lemmon, SD 57638 ZIP Code Map


Lemmon ZIP Codes

South Dakota

57638 Schools


  • Lemmon Jr. High - 06
  • Lemmon High School - 01
  • Lemmon Elementary - 02
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    ZIP Code 57638 is located in Perkins County (59.70%) Adams County (27.30%) Grant County (5.00%) Sioux County (4.80%) Corson County (3.20%)

    57638 Street Addresses

    102nd St ((1901-18933)) 104th St ((19019-19025)) 105th St ((17900-18096)) 106th St ((19080-19090)) 107th St ((19300-19766)) 108th St ((17693-19421)) 10th St E ((1-899)) 10th St W ((1-911)) 110th St ((17700-17955)) 113th St ((17800-18094)) 114th St ((17753-17757)) 11th St E ((1-399)) 11th St W ((1-599)) 123rd St ((19145-19198)) 12th Ave NE ((2411-2589)) 12th St W ((100-599)) 13th St E ((1-199)) 13th St W ((1-99)) 14th St E ((1-99)) 14th St W ((1-99)) 16th St NE ((300-599)) 16th St SE ((200-499)) 177th Ave ((11121-11169)) 17th St NE ((100-299)) 17th St SE ((100-499)) 184th Ave ((10132-10241)) 18th St NE ((1-299)) 190th Ave ((10040-10198)) 194th Ave ((10048-10199)) 196th Ave ((10169-10398)) 19th St NE ((101-299)) 19th St SE ((100-499)) 1st Ave ((100-199)) 1st Ave E ((100-3199)) 1st Ave W ((1-1399)) 1st St E ((1-599)) 1st St W ((1-999)) 200th Ave ((10192-10451)) 208 Th Ave ((10900-10998)) 209th Ave ((11101-11199)) 20th St SE ((200-499)) 21st St NE ((101-647)) 21st St SE ((100-499)) 22nd St SE ((1-251)) 23rd St NE ((601-1381)) 23rd St SE ((401-499)) 24th St NE ((200-299)) 24th St SE ((203-485)) 26th St SE ((200-499)) 27 St NE ((300-799)) 27th St NE ((101-299)) 27th St SE ((100-399)) 28th St NE ((200-399)) 28th St SE ((100-499)) 29th St NE ((300-599)) 29th St SE ((100-499)) 2nd Ave E ((100-10230)) 2nd Ave NE ((1500-3199)) 2nd Ave SE ((1500-3199)) 2nd Ave W ((1-1199)) 2nd St ((300-398)) 2nd St E ((1-899)) 2nd St W ((1-799)) 30th St NE ((301-599)) 30th St SE ((300-499)) 31st St NE ((100-299)) 31st St SE ((100-499)) 3rd Ave E ((100-999)) 3rd Ave NE ((1500-3099)) 3rd Ave SE ((1500-3199)) 3rd Ave W ((1-1199)) 3rd St E ((1-599)) 3rd St W ((1-1099)) 4 Mile Rd ((10589-18799)) 4th Ave E ((200-1109)) 4th Ave NE ((2600-2999)) 4th Ave SE ((1700-3199)) 4th Ave W ((1-799)) 4th St E ((1-899)) 4th St W ((1-699)) 5th Ave E ((200-499)) 5th Ave NE ((2700-3199)) 5th Ave W ((230-1199)) 5th St E ((1-599)) 5th St W ((1-599)) 6th Ave E ((400-599)) 6th Ave NE ((2600-3199)) 6th Ave W ((1-1199)) 6th St E ((1-910)) 6th St W ((1-699)) 74th St SW ((9200-9298)) 7th Ave W ((100-999)) 7th St E ((1-399)) 7th St W ((1-699)) 88th St SW ((7401-7499)) 8th Ave NE ((1030-2893)) 8th Ave W ((100-299)) 8th St E ((1-399)) 8th St W ((1-835)) 9th St E ((1-299)) 9th St W ((1-699)) Airport Rd ((10100-10698)) Bakke Rd ((18301-19099)) Bald Butte Rd ((11701-19099)) BIA Hwy 4 ((200-298)) BIA Rd 4 ((200-298)) Burdick Rd ((18377-18399)) Butcher Creek Rd ((18800-18838)) Candace St ((101-199)) Castlebutte Rd ((10700-10798)) Co Rd 2a ((11200-18899)) Co Rd 4 ((18700-19099)) County Rd ((10900-10998)) Dewitt Rd ((19301-19699)) E Carr St ((201-304)) E Jackson St ((200-298)) Firesteel Rd ((200-298)) Flat Creek Rd ((18801-19198)) Foss Rd ((17900-18096)) Fredlund Rd ((11500-17498)) Gem Dr ((600-699)) Golf Course Rd ((17400-17478)) Haynes Rd ((10000-11398)) Jade Ct ((500-599)) Lemmon Lake Rd ((19201-19999)) Main Ave ((100-1399)) Main St ((100-398)) N 23rd St SE ((208-299)) N Lemmon Lake Rd ((1500-1899)) Pleasant Ridge Rd ((18301-18546)) Railway St ((18701-19499)) Rand St ((200-299)) Riedy Rd ((10300-10698)) S Cabin Rd ((11500-11599)) Shadehill Rd ((11200-11298)) State Hwy 73 ((1-19858)) Summerville Rd ((18401-19198)) Theater Rd ((800-898)) Thunder Hawk Rd ((10900-11199)) US Hwy 12 ((1-19858)) Watman Rd ((401-499)) Watros Rd ((601-699)) W Cabin Rd ((11200-18899)) White Butte Rd ((10001-10399))

    57638 Places and Attractions

    Adkins School Alkali Creek Allen Robinson Dam Barths Butte Box Spring Creek Burdick School Butcher Creek Carr School Castle Butte Cedar Butte Cedar Creek Cemetery Cedar Valley Cemetery Cedar Valley Church City of Lemmon Dell Oliver Dam Dewitt School Dog Tooth Creek Duck Creek East Flat Creek East Thunder Hawk Creek Five Counties Hospital and Nursing Home Flat Creek Flat Creek Lake Flat Creek Lake Dam Giles Creek Gilstrap Townhall Grand River National Grassland Green Hill Cemetery Johnson Brothers Dam Johnson Dam KBJM-AM (Lemmon) Ketterlings Point King School Lemmon Lemmon Emergency Medical Technician Association Lemmon Fire Department Lemmon Lake Lemmon Lake State Game Production Area Lemmon Municipal Airport Lemmon Post Office Lemmon Public Library Lemmon State Lake Dam Liberty School Liberty Townhall Llewellyn Johns Memorial State Recreation Area Lodgepole Creek Long Butte Long Butte Cemetery Mario Johnson Dam Menz School Merrimans Grove Campground Meyers Lake Dam Nason Hill North Fork Grand River North Lemmon North Lemmon Lake North Lemmon Lake State Game Management Area North Lemmon School North Lemon Lake Dam Norwegian Cemetery Organge Dam Pearl Ross Dam Penfield School Petrel Petrel Cemetery Pleasant Ridge School Pleasant Valley Cemetery Plum Creek Reidy Dam Robbers Butte Robert Kressly Dam Robert Kressly Dam Rockford Townhall Rosebad School Round Top Sein Cemetery Selma Union Cemetery Shadehill Shadehill Dam Shadehill Dike Number 1 Shadehill Reservoir Shadehill Reservoir State Recreation Area Sheep Creek South Fork Grand River South Fork School Spring Butte Spring Butte Cemetery Spring Butte Community Center Spring Butte School Stowers Cemetery Summerville Thunder Hawk Thunder Hawk Butte Timber Creek Township Lake Township of Anderson (historical) Township of Barrett Township of Biesigl Township of Burdick Township of Castle Butte (historical) Township of Clermont Township of De Witt Township of Flat Creek Township of Gilstrap Township of Hudgins Township of Jordan Township of Liberty Township of Lincoln Township of Marshfield Township of Menz Township of North Lemmon Township of Orange Township of Pleasant Valley Township of Rockford Township of Seim Township of South Fork Township of Trail Township of White Butte Trail Townhall Turtle Creek Twin Buttes Unorganized Territory of Castle Butte Unorganized Territory of East Adams Unorganized Territory of Hudgins (historical) Unorganized Territory of Independence (historical) Unorganized Territory of Seim (historical) W D Crockett Dam White Butte White Butte White Butte Reservoir White Butte Reservoir Wlliam T Malloy Dam