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Faith ZIP Codes

South Dakota

57626 Schools


  • Faith Pk - 10
  • Faith Jr. High - 06
  • Faith High School - 01
  • Faith Elementary - 02
  • Maurine Elementary - 04
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  • Americas Best Value Inn
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    ZIP Code 57626 is located in Perkins County (43.70%) Meade County (35.30%) Ziebach County (21.00%)

    57626 Street Addresses

    156th St ((16500-16612)) 161st Ave ((19388-19398)) 164 St ((20100-20198)) 164th St ((20100-20198)) 1st Ave SE ((101-111)) 1st St E ((100-915)) 1st St W ((800-814)) 2nd St E ((100-213)) 3rd St E ((200-314)) 4th St E ((100-314)) 5th St E ((101-210)) Arrowhead Rd ((15600-19898)) Avance Rd ((16901-17699)) Badlands Rd ((15303-15499)) Bixby Rd ((15900-16299)) Brushy Creek Rd ((19300-19999)) Cedar Canyon Rd ((15400-16199)) Cemetary Rd ((20100-20198)) Clasen Rd ((20000-20198)) Co Hwy Mc-24 ((19719-19721)) Co Hwy Mc-27 ((16800-16899)) Co Hwy Mc-30 ((19100-19498)) Co Hwy Mc-31 ((16400-17299)) Co Hwy Mc-32 ((19300-19999)) Co Hwy Mc-37 ((16901-17699)) Co Rd 10 ((17000-17098)) Co Rd 8 ((18800-18898)) Cottonwood Rd ((15500-16298)) Dakota St ((400-499)) Deep Creek Rd ((15900-18598)) E 1st Ave ((101-3080)) E 2nd Ave ((200-417)) E 3rd Ave ((201-319)) Flint Rock Rd ((19701-19999)) Lemmon Butte Rd ((17000-17098)) Lily Creek Rd ((15800-16198)) Main St S ((101-709)) Maurine Rd ((16400-17299)) Moreau River Rd ((16901-17098)) N 1st Ave ((101-125)) N Main St ((501-1298)) Old Marcus Rd ((19719-19721)) Red Sceffold Rd ((17801-17899)) State Hwy 73 ((301-15944)) Stomprud Rd ((16001-16299)) Stoneville Rd ((16800-16899)) Turtle Creek Rd ((17800-17899)) United School Rd ((19100-19698)) US Hwy 212 ((100-915)) Usta Rd ((18600-18998)) W 1st Ave ((207-420)) W 1st St ((201-414)) W 2nd Ave ((100-413)) W 2nd St ((100-413)) W 3rd Ave ((101-513)) W 3rd St ((201-410)) W 4th Ave ((112-514)) W 4th St ((200-615)) W 5th Ave ((301-315)) W 5th St ((401-413)) W 6th St ((401-415)) Winter Rd ((18200-18399)) Zeal Rd ((19800-19898))

    57626 Places and Attractions

    A Fishbach Dam A Herron Number 1 Dam A Oakland Dam Arrowhead Butte Arrowhead School Arrow Head School A Samuelson Number 1 Dam Avance (historical) Badlands Creek Ben Ash Historical Monument Berry Creek B Helleckson Dam Big Cedar Creek Bixby Bixby Camp Bixby Post Office (historical) Brushy Creek Brushy Creek Budahl Dam Budahl Ranch Butcher Creek Cedar Canyon Cedar Canyon Chasing Hawk Draw Circle Eagle Dam City of Faith Collins Dam Cottonwood Creek Cottonwood School Cow Creek C Steen Dam Dead Horse Draw Deep Creek Deep Creek School Deer Creek Delbridge Dam Diamond F Ranch Dam Dillon Draw D Ulrich Dam Dupree Lake Durkee Dam D Wood Dam Eaglestaff Cemetery East Branch Ash Creek East Branch Pine Creek East Branch Turtle Creek Edson (historical) E Hoffman Number 1 Dam E Hoffman Number 2 Dam E Hoffman Number 3 Dam E Hoffman Number 4 Dam E Hoffman Number 5 Dam E Hoffman Number 6 Dam E Hoffman Number 7 Dam E Hoffman Number 8 Dam E Hoffman Number 9 Dam Engalls Landing Strip Escott Brothers Dam Eugene Welder Dam Faith Faith Ambulance Service Faith Cemetery Faith Fire Department Faith Municipal Airport Faith Post Office Faith Public/School Library Flint Creek Flint Rock Hill (historical) Fox Ridge Fox Ridge Fox Ridge School Frazier Church G Boke Number 1 Dam G Boke Number 2 Dam Girl Creek Green Berry Creek Halstead Ranch Herman Kaubish Dam Herman Kaubish Dam Herren Ranch Horse Butte Horse Butte School Howard Capp Dam Howard Capp Dam Imogene Indian Creek Jack Bastain Dam Jack Freeman Dam J B McGinnis Dam Jimmy Creek Johnny Creek Johnny Creek J Reed Dam J Tischler Dam K C Dam Lacky Dam L Bachand Dam Lemmon Butte Lemmon Creek Lilly Creek L Ingalls Number 2 Dam Little Cedar Creek Little Mud Creek Little Turtle Creek Longbrake Ranch Marks Ranch Maurine Maurine Lake McLuin Seymour Dam Middle Branch Pine Creek Middle Creek Mildrew School Mud Butte Mud Creek Mud Creek Mud Creek North Branch Turtle Creek North Brushy Creek North Fork Moreau River N Overdahl Dam OK Anderson Dam Old Channel Cherry Creek P Bachman Dam P Lorang Grazing Association Dam Porcupine Creek Prairie Home Church Prairie Oasis Mall Pretty Creek Rabbit Creek Rabbit Creek School Ralph Hamptom Dam Rattlesnake Creek Rattlesnake Lake Rattlesnake Petes Pond R Compton Dam Red Coat Creek Red Coat Ranch Red Owl Creek Red Scaffold Red Scaffold Creek Reed Dam R Hampton Number 1 Dam Rinehart County (historical) Rose Creek Rose Karnen Dam Roy McGinnis Dam Saint Joseph Cemetery Saint Marks Cemetery Saint Pius Cemetery Samuelson Brothers Number 4 Dam Samuelson Dam S Baxter Number 1 Dam Signal Butte South Fork Moreau River Spook Creek Staple M Cliffs Staple M Dam Starve Out Creek Stony Butte Stony Butte Creek Swan Draw T Mason Dam Tom Mason Dam Township of Arrowhead Township of Ash Township of Bixby Township of Deep Creek Township of Englewood Township of Flint Rock Township of Horse Butte Township of Martin Township of Mildrew Township of Moreau Township of Stony Butte Township of Turtle Creek Township of Vrooman Trent Ranch Tribe Number 1 Dam Tribe Number 6 Dam Tribe Number 7 Dam Tribe Number 8 Dam Tribe Number 9 Dam T Sternard Dam T Trent Number 1 Dam Turtle Creek Udager Dam United School Unorganized Territory of Arrowhead (historical) Unorganized Territory of Bixby (historical) Unorganized Territory of Deep Creek (historical) Unorganized Territory of Flint Rock (historical) Unorganized Territory of Mildrew (historical) Usta V Anders Dam Vern Anders Dam Walt Crawford Dam Wayne Kennedy Dam Wedgetent Butte Weedman School West Branch Ash Creek West Branch Pine Creek West Branch Turtle Creek West Deep Creek School West Middle Creek W Grueb Dam White Ranch Dam White Swan School William Baxter Dam Wilson Ranch Dam W Jordan Dam Wolf Creek W Reedy Dam Z Drum Dam Zeal (historical)