Eagle Butte, SD 57625 ZIP Code Map


Eagle Butte ZIP Codes

Eagle Butte
South Dakota

57625 Schools


  • Cheyenne-Eagle Butte School
  • Eagle Butte Elementary - 08
  • E A G L E Center - 07
  • Eagle Butte High School - 01
  • Eagle Butte Jr. High - 06
  • Eagle Butte Primary - 02
  • Eagle Butte Upper Elementary - 03
  • Census



    ZIP Code 57625 is located in Dewey County (79.50%) Ziebach County (20.50%)

    57625 Street Addresses

    57625 Places and Attractions

    Agency Church Alberts Creek Annis Ranch B Curtis Dam Bear Creek Day School Beef Camp Ranch Beef Draw Brueschke Dam Brueschke Dam Buffalo Cemetery Bull Creek Bull Creek Carlin Draw Carlin-Garrett Ranch Carlin School Carr Ranch Charlie Creek Cheyenne Eagle Butte Airport Cheyenne River Cheyenne River Indian Agency (historical) Cheyenne River Reservation Circle P Flats Circle P Springs City of Eagle Butte Clark Ranch Clavel Number 1 Dam Clavel Number 2 Dam Clavel Number 3 Dam Clavel Number 4 Dam Collamar Church (historical) Corpus Cristi Church Corral Creek Cottonwood Creek Dakota Club Library Dan Gray Ranch Dewey County Dick Simon Number 1 Dam District 4 District 5 Dog Eagle Ranch Dolphees Island (historical) D Schrempp Dam Ducheneau Ranch Ducheneau Ranch Dupree Church Dupree Creek Eagle Butte Eagle Butte Eagle Butte Cemetery Eagle Butte Fire Department Eagle Butte Indian Health Service Ambulance Service Eagle Butte Indian Health Service Hospital Eagle Butte Lake Eagle Butte Post Office East Branch Rousseau Creek East Branch Tall Prairie Chicken Creek East Branch Willow Creek East Fork Rudy Creek E Bruske Dam E Hunt Dam Elsey Ranch Ewing Ranch Fairbanks Creek Fast Horse Ranch F Curtis Dam Fine Weather Draw Fisher Ranch Fishgut Creek F Joens Dam Forest City Recreation Area Foster Creek Fox Creek Gail Vrooman Dam Geno Hunt Ranch Gesinger Ranch Glen Bringman Dam Goose Creek Goose Creek Dam Goose Creek Dam Gordon LeCompte Ranch G P Joens Dam Gray Butte Gray Buttes Green Grass Green Grass Cemetery Green Grass Census Designated Place Green Grass Church (historical) Green Grass Creek Gunville Ranch Hagel Ranch Hazel Miller Number 1 Dam Henry Ducheneaux Ranch Herbert Creek Hickman Number 1 Dam Hickman Number 2 Dam High Elk Hill High Elk Ranch Holloway Ranch Hosupa Creek Hunt Field Airport Hunt Ranch Jack Hunt Dam Jean Simon Number 1 Dam Joes Creek John Holloway Dam Joshua Butte J Reich Number 1 Dam J Reich Number 2 Dam Keckler Ranch Keller Ranch Kessler Ranch Kid Rich Flats Lafferty Island (historical) Lantry Lantry Cemetery L Garrett Ranch Libolt Ranch Little Bend Little Creek Little Moreau River Little Willow Creek L Koch Dam Louis Lesmeister Dam M A Curtis Dam Marshell Ranch Means Ranch M Kelley Number 1 Dam Mossman M Schatz Number 1 Dam M Schatz Number 1 Dam M Schatz Number 2 Dam M Schremp Dam M Webb Dam M Webb Dam Newbrough Ranch No Heart Butte No Heart Creek Nordvold Ranch North Eagle Butte North Eagle Butte Census Designated Place O Counting Dam O Donnell School Olson Draw On-a-Tree Cemetery On-a-Tree Church Opp Ranch Parade Paradis Creek Parker Creek Pascal Creek Pearman Ranch Quentin LeCompte Ranch Ray Haberman Sr Number 1 Dam Ray Haberman Sr Number 2 Dam R Berndt Dam Redwater Creek Reeves Ranch Ridgeview Ranch R Keckler Ranch R Keckley Number 1 Dam R Keckley Number 2 Dam R Kinning Dam Rock Cowan Number 1 Dam Rock Cowan Number 2 Dam Rock Cowan Number 3 Dam Rock Cowan Number 4 Dam Rousseau Cemetery Rousseau Creek R Schrempp Dam Sage Creek Saint Basils Church Saint Marks Cemetery Saint Thomas Church (historical) Scatter Butte Creek School Land Dam Shupic Park Simon Ranch Skates Ranch Sogge Ranch Splits Creek Stove Creek Stove Creek Bay Strong Ranch Swift Bird Training Center Talcut Draw Tall Prairie Chicken Creek Thatcher Tribe Number 10 Dam Valle Trading Post (historical) Vanderveer Ranch Wager Ranch Walking Horse Cemetery Wayne Ducheneaux Ranch Webb Ranch West Branch Rousseau Creek West Branch Tall Prairie Chicken Creek West Branch Willow Creek West Ranch W F Collins Dam Whitehorse Creek Willow Creek Bay W Keckler Ranch Zorc Brothers Number 2 Dam Zorc Brothers Number 3 Dam Zorc Ranch