Philip, SD 57567 ZIP Code Map


Philip ZIP Codes

South Dakota

57567 Schools


  • Milesville Elementary - 08
  • Cheyenne Elementary - 05
  • Philip High School - 01
  • Philip Elementary - 02
  • Philip Jr. High - 03
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    ZIP Code 57567 is located in Haakon County (71.30%) Jackson County (28.70%)

    57567 Street Addresses

    11 Mile Rd ((22600-23198)) 11Mile Rd ((22201-22757)) 207th St ((20901-21299)) 208th Ave ((20800-20898)) 210th Ave ((20600-20698)) 212nd Ave ((21901-22599)) 215th St ((21300-21799)) 217th Ave ((22900-23098)) 221st St ((22201-23198)) 222nd Ave ((20700-20798)) 225th Ave ((6900-22299)) 225th St ((22100-22198)) 227th St ((21100-21198)) 229th St ((22201-23098)) 230th St ((22100-22598)) 232nd Ave ((22400-22498)) 232nd St ((21200-22499)) Airport Rd ((6900-23098)) Ash Creek Rd ((19800-21299)) Ash St ((201-399)) Auto Ave ((200-299)) Basin St ((101-599)) Bennett St ((500-598)) Bridge St ((500-799)) Bryan St ((201-299)) Cedar ((101-199)) Center Ave ((100-199)) Co Rd Cs 16 ((23501-23599)) Co Rd Cs 22 ((23700-23798)) Co Rd O ((1080-1098)) Co Rd S 22 ((23700-23798)) Couch St ((22100-22198)) Cronk Rd ((22400-22498)) Cs 16 ((23600-23699)) Cs 21D ((23900-23998)) Deadman Creek Rd ((22400-22599)) Deadman Crk Rd ((21901-21999)) Division St ((201-399)) Dupree St ((100-199)) E Bad River St ((400-498)) E Cherry St ((301-399)) E Dupree St ((500-599)) E Elm St ((101-799)) E High ((301-399)) E High St ((100-399)) E Hone St ((500-599)) Elm St ((101-399)) E Oak St ((101-699)) E Pine St ((100-599)) E Pleasant St ((501-22399)) Fairview Rd ((23700-23798)) Four Corners Rd ((19800-20699)) Grindstone Rd ((21100-22499)) Hansen St ((500-599)) Henry Ave ((100-198)) Hilland Rd ((20600-21799)) Hone St ((100-499)) Howard Ave ((100-199)) Jim Ave ((100-299)) Lakeside Estates Rd ((22201-22299)) Lake Waggoner Rd ((22200-22298)) Lake Wagner Rd ((22200-22298)) Larimer Ave ((201-399)) Ll Mile Rd ((22759-22799)) Locust St ((100-199)) May St ((100-198)) Myrtle Ave ((202-399)) N Larimer Ave ((100-499)) North Dakota Ave ((100-199)) N Stewart Ave ((100-199)) N Wood Ave ((100-699)) Oak St ((200-499)) Park Ave ((22001-22198)) Philip Ave ((101-399)) Pine St ((100-599)) Powell Rd ((23200-23499)) Prairie Dr ((100-299)) Recluse Rd ((23900-23998)) S Auto Ave ((200-399)) South Dakota Ave ((101-199)) Spruce ((100-298)) S Stewart Ave ((100-199)) State Hwy 240 ((21000-21299)) State Hwy 34 ((22800-22898)) State Hwy 73 ((100-24198)) Sunshine Dr ((100-699)) S West Ave ((100-102)) US Hwy 14 ((201-22198)) Valley Dr ((500-599)) Walden Ave ((200-399)) West Ave ((100-299)) White St ((101-199)) Willow Creek Rd ((23501-23699)) W Pine St ((100-716)) Wray Ave ((301-399))

    57567 Places and Attractions

    Ackerman Hill Arke Dam Barthold Flat Belcher Draw Berke Ranch Berry School Big Buffalo Creek Big Foot Creek Big Foot Hill Billsburg Bowen Ranch Brady School Bridger (historical) Brooks Ranch Buls Ranch Busy Creek Butte Draw Cactus Flat Carley Ranch Carnahan Flat Charles Price Ranch Cherry School City of Philip Clements Ranch Cliff Fees Dam Cottonwood Creek Cottonwood Creek Cottonwood Field Station Dam Couch Ranch Cut Creek Dave Peterson Number 3 Dam Deadmans Creek Deuchars Ranch Donald Ferguson Dam Donald King 1 Dam Donald King 2 Dam Donald King 3 Dam Donald King 4 Dam Donald King Dam Donald King Ranch Doss Dam Dowling Cemetery Dreis Brothers Dam Dry Creek Dugout Draw Dunn Draw Edward Frein Ranch Elbon Elbon School Elevenmile Corner Elm Tree Draw Enterprise School Fairview School Ferguson Dam Ferguson Landing Strip Ferguson Oasis Ranch Ferguson Ranch Foley Ranch Fosse Ranch Gebes Ranch Gottleben Ranch Grindstone Butte Grindstone Creek Haakon County Haakon County Courthouse Haakon County Public Library Hall Draw Hansen Ranch Hanson Ranch Hanson School Hans P Peterson Memorial Hospital Hartley Hartley (historical) Haxby Draw Heeb Ranch Hilland Hilland Cemetery Hilland Dam Hinton-Coleman Hill Hockel Dam Indian Springs School Jackrabbit Draw Joe Price Ranch Jones School Kjos Ranch Kroetch Lake Kroetch Ranch Kurth School Lamm Ranch Landing Field Leonard Frein Ranch Little Buffalo Creek Little Grindstone Creek Lone Tree Creek Lucerne Lucerne (historical) Magnuson School Martin Dam McHenry Dam McIlravy Ranch Mexican Creek Moriarity Ranch Morrison Ranch Neiderworder Dam Nelson Ranch Nixon Ranch Norbeck Pass North Fork Bad River North Fork Deadmans Creek Noteboom Ranch Nowlin County (historical) Oldenberg Ranch Old Trail School Olson Ranch O Neill Ranch Palmer Pearson Number 1 Dam Palmer Pearson Number 2 Dam Pearson Ranch Pearson Ranch Pere Pearson 1 Dam Pere Pearson Dam Peterson Ranch Philip Philip Airport Philip Ambulance Service Philip City Volunteer Fire Department Philip Junction Philip Post Office Pitchfork Ranch Plum Creek (historical) Poss Ranch Powell Radway Ranch Ramey School Reedy Ranch Reese Williams Dam Rick King Ranch Schimke School South Creek South Dakota Range Experiment Station South Fork Bad River South Fork Bridger Creek Sunshine Dam Sunshine Lake Sunshine School Temple Number 1 Dam Thorson Ranch Topbar Cemetery Tornado Ranch Townley Ranch Township of Big Buffalo Township of Black Hawk Township of Brady Township of Bridge Creek Township of Brown Township of Butte Township of Cedar Township of Dowling Township of Grandview II Township of Interior Township of Marietta Township of Pleasant Valley Township of Riverside Township of Sheldon Township of Topbar Township of Tucker Smith Trinity Church Unorganized Territory of Northwest Jackson Unorganized Territory of West Haakon Waggoner Dam Waggoner Lake Walker Hill Washburn Ridge Wayne Kjos Dam Weller Number 1 Dam Wellsburg Union Cemetery Whitewater Creek White Willow Creek Wilburn Creek Wintrode Ranch Yellow Draw