Fort Pierre, SD 57532 ZIP Code Map


Fort Pierre ZIP Codes

Fort Pierre
South Dakota

57532 Schools


  • Stanley County Middle School - 02
  • Stanley County High School - 01
  • Stanley County Elementary - 08
  • 57532 Hotels

  • Holiday Inn Express & Suites Fort Pierre
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    ZIP Code 57532 is located in Stanley County (93.90%) Lyman County (6.10%)

    57532 Street Addresses

    1st Ave ((604-709)) 1st St ((101-799)) 213th St ((25965-26244)) 217th St ((29338-29344)) 221st St ((29700-29798)) 259th Ave ((26000-26998)) 262nd Ave ((18401-18499)) 293 Ave ((22801-22899)) 2nd St ((100-599)) 302nd Ave ((21900-21914)) 303rd Ave ((21678-21684)) 3rd Ave ((2-212)) 3rd St ((100-499)) 4th Ave ((100-186)) 4th St ((100-203)) 5th Ave ((100-304)) 5th St ((100-214)) 6th Ave ((108-320)) 6th St ((200-408)) 7Creager Ct ((201-213)) 7th Ave ((100-418)) 7th St ((201-299)) 8th Ave ((100-398)) Army Pl ((27701-27898)) Arrowhead Rd ((30300-30398)) Ash Ave ((200-499)) Bad River Rd ((26000-28899)) Benjamin St ((2700-2898)) Bentshoe Pl ((20001-20099)) Black & Yellow Trl ((100-299)) Blue Pl ((20800-20898)) Buffalo Rd ((601-899)) Cactus Pl ((21601-21699)) Caol-Ila Ct ((100-199)) Casey Tibbs St ((300-899)) Cedan Creek Rd ((31001-31099)) Cedar Hill Rd ((21003-21199)) Center Ln ((200-399)) Co Hwy 21 ((29700-29798)) Colony Loop ((100-3398)) Copperline Rd ((26000-26998)) Co Rd 1102 ((18372-18699)) Co Rd 21 ((29700-29798)) Co Rd 27 ((22801-22899)) Co Rd 504 ((20700-28299)) Co Rd 510 ((20401-20698)) Co Rd 527 ((21301-21399)) Cottonwood Ln ((200-698)) County Line Rd ((29201-29798)) Coyote Rd ((20200-20228)) Creager Ct ((201-698)) Deadwood St ((100-698)) Diamond Willow Pl ((21301-21399)) Dunes Dr ((1200-2898)) Dupree Trl ((100-199)) E 2nd Ave ((100-198)) E 9th Ave ((301-305)) E Cedar Ave ((100-399)) E Main Ave ((100-199)) E Park Ave ((100-299)) E Wandel Ave ((100-399)) Fort Bennett Rd ((18301-26898)) Frontier Rd ((101-3998)) Ft Chouteau Rd ((300-698)) Gray Pl ((21001-21099)) Hamilton Ct ((1201-2799)) Hollowood ((100-199)) Iona St ((1900-2198)) Islay Ave ((100-299)) Jamieson Dr ((101-399)) Jura Ave ((200-298)) Laframboise Dr ((300-1099)) Laramie Trl ((100-298)) Leo St ((700-799)) Lindsay Trl ((101-399)) Link Rd ((26101-26799)) Marina Dr ((200-299)) Marina Loop ((20400-20498)) Marion St ((501-999)) Medora Trl ((100-298)) Military Pl ((21701-21799)) Minneconjou Rd ((18401-18499)) Mission Ridge Rd ((18300-20299)) Missouri St ((500-699)) Mud Rd ((20700-28299)) Mull St ((2000-2098)) N Frontier Rd ((101-3998)) N Waldron St ((1800-2099)) Oahe View Rd ((28100-28198)) Plum Creek Pl ((22100-22198)) Porcupine Loop ((20200-20398)) Port Na Haven St ((100-198)) Port Weyms Ct ((100-199)) Powell Creek Rd ((21001-21099)) River Ln ((100-199)) Rose Ln ((100-199)) Rousseau Ave ((101-398)) Royal Ct ((1600-1698)) S 4th St ((400-499)) Salebarn Rd ((701-1499)) Sansarc Rd ((53-26998)) Scotty Philip Ave ((100-399)) S Frontier Rd ((100-3698)) Shamrock Ln ((601-699)) Shimrose Dr ((100-398)) Skerrols St ((100-198)) Snake Creek Rd ((27200-27298)) Stage Rd ((100-199)) State Hwy 1806 ((101-22499)) State Hwy 34 ((110-28431)) Surrey Rd ((101-199)) Tatanka Pl ((26300-26398)) Tecumseh St ((1601-1699)) Telegraph Trl ((100-399)) Tim St ((100-199)) Tiree Dr ((1900-2199)) Trail Pl ((21300-21399)) Trails End Rd ((28301-28399)) Two Rivers St ((700-799)) US Hwy 14 ((110-28431)) US Hwy 83 ((101-22085)) Verendrye Dr ((2-1898)) W 2nd Ave ((1-707)) Wagon St ((100-198)) Wakpa Pl ((31201-31299)) Waldron ((2001-2199)) Waldron St ((300-1999)) Walleye Dr ((1001-1099)) Warcreek Rd ((28800-29299)) W Cedar Ave ((100-999)) W First Ave ((1-499)) Whispering Shores ((2300-2599)) Willow Creek Rd ((20401-20698)) W Main Ave ((1-599)) Woolley Pl ((19801-19899)) W Park Ave ((100-499)) W Wandel Ave ((100-299))

    57532 Places and Attractions

    A A Burgeson Ranch A C Burgeson Ranch Agency Creek Alkali Dam Allen Stirling Number 1 Dam Allien Stirling Number 2 Dam Alvin Hohrman Dam Ancel Tibbs Ranch Anderson Number 1 Dam Anderson Ranch Anderson Ridge Angel Bottom (historical) Antelope Creek Antelope Creek Recreation Area Antelope Island Ash Creek Bad River Bad River Cattle Company Number 1 Dam Bad River Cattle Company Number 2 Dam Ballard Canyon Barrick Ranch Black Butte Bobs Creek Broken Neck Creek Brown Hill Brule School Brush Creek Brush Creek Buck Williams Draw Buffalo Park (historical) Camp Creek Carl Hansen Dam Casey Draw Cedar Butte Cedar Hill Cemetery Cedar Valley School Chantier Creek Chantier Creek Recreation Area Charles Frazier Dam Cheyenne River Agencies I and II (historical) Cheyenne River Post II (historical) Chisholm Number 1 Dam Chisholm Ranch Chisholm Ranch Landing Field City of Fort Pierre Clark Ranch Clearwater Post Office (historical) Cooper Ranch (historical) Crockett Mountains Crow Eagle Creek Dave Flyinghawk Ranch (historical) Deal Landing Strip Deep Creek Deep Creek Dick Deal Landing Strip Doc Tibbs Ranch Donelan Ranch Doty Ridge Downstream Recreation Area Downstream Recreation Area Dry Run Duwayne Slaathaug 1 Dam East Branch War Creek East Fork Minneconjou Creek Episcopal Boys School (historical) First Creek Fort Bennett (historical) Fort Campbell (historical) Fort Galpin (historical) Fort George Butte Fort George Creek Fort George (historical) Fort LaFramboise Number One (historical) Fort LaFramboise Number Two (historical) Fort Pierre Fort Pierre Number One (historical) Fort Pierre Number Two (historical) Fort Pierre Post Office Fort Pierre Volunteer Fire Department Fort Primeau (historical) Fort Tecumseh (historical) Fort Teton (historical) Fratzke Ranch Frozen Man Creek Ft. Pierre National Grassland Giddings Flat Goodman Number 1 Dam Government Draw Graham Ranch (historical) Gray Blanket Creek Harold Stirling Dam Haskins Number 1 Dam Haskins Ranch Hayes Post Office (historical) Hedman Number 1 Dam Hedman Ranch Henry Wilson Dam Herd Camp Creek Hohrman Ranch Holy Name Chapel Huckfeldt Draw Iron Post Buttes J E Sheehan Estate Number 1 Dam J E Sheehan Estate Number 2 Dam J E Sheehan Estate Number 3 Dam Joe Schomer 1 Dam Joe Schomer 2 Dam KGFX-AM (Pierre) KGFX-FM (Pierre) KNEY-FM (Pierre) Lacy Lake Oahe Lance Creek Lance Creek Holes LaRoche Creek LaRoche School Lawrence Donelan Dam Lewis Ranch Lindsay Butte Little Flats Livermore Dam Lookout Point Louis Bonhorst Number 1 Dam Louis Bonhorst Number 4 Dam Louis Bonhorst Number 5 Dam Louis Caldwell Dam Lyle Hedman Ranch Madison Ranch Marion Island (historical) Mathews Brothers Number 1 Dam Mathews Brothers Number 2 Dam Medicine Butte (historical) Miller Ranch Minneconjou Creek Mission Creek Mission Ridge Mission Ridge Mission Ridge Cemetery Mission Ridge (historical) Monks Ranch Murray Butte Nels Dam Nels Reservoir Normane State Dam Oahe Dam Oak Creek Orton Orton Flat Orton (historical) Orton School Pierre Bridge (historical) Plum Creek Plum Creek Grazing Association Number 1 Dam Porcupine Creek Powell Creek Prince and Sons Number 1 Dam Prince and Sons Number 2 Dam Princes Ranch Purcell Ranch Ralph Hedman Dam Ralph Hedman Ranch Red Plum Dam Red Woman Creek Rhodes School River Bottom School Number 50 (historical) Robert Calkingsor Dam Round Top Saint Johns Mission (historical) Sand Creek Sand Creek Sansarc Creek Schmitz Ranch Scotty Philip Cemetery Second Creek Shack Creek Snake Creek Sonnenschein Number 1 Dam Sonnenschein Number 3 Dam South Branch Cedar Creek Standing Butte Standing Butte Triple-U Buffalo Ranch Stanley County Stanley County Courthouse Stony Point Stranger Creek Sublette and Campbell Post (historical) Teton Timber Creek Tomahawk Creek Township of Adams Township of Antelope Township of Brush Creek Township of Gas Belt Township of Hayes Township of McClure Township of Meers Township of Rowe Township of Shaner Township of War Creek Township of Wendte Township of Willow Creek Butte Tribal Dam True Draw Unorganized Territory of Lower Brule Unorganized Territory of McClure (historical) Unorganized Territory of North Stanley Unorganized Territory of South Stanley Verendrye Hill Wagonhound Creek Walter Thompson Dam War Creek Webb Ranch Wendte Werckman School West Branch War Creek West Fork Minneconjou Creek West Shore Recreation Area Whiskey Island (historical) Whiteman Draw White Ranch Williams 783 Dam Williams 783 Reservoir William Smith Dam Williams Number 3 Dam Williams Number 3 Reservoir Willow Creek Willow Creek Butte Willow Creek School Willow Island (historical) W L Thompson Airport W Madison Ranch (historical) W N Barrick Estate Dam Yellow Shoulder Creek