Gettysburg, SD 57442 ZIP Code Map


Gettysburg ZIP Codes

South Dakota

57442 Schools


  • Gettysburg Jr. High - 03
  • Gettysburg High School - 01
  • Gettysburg Elementary - 02
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    ZIP Code 57442 is located in Potter County (82.80%) Dewey County (14.90%) Sully County (2.30%)

    57442 Street Addresses

    172nd St ((29601-31299)) 173rd St ((30000-30099)) 174th St ((29600-29999)) 1st Ave S ((100-199)) 301st Ave ((17200-17299)) 310 Ave ((600-16499)) 310th Ave ((690-17399)) 311th Ave ((17200-17384)) 315th Ave ((17200-17299)) 5th Ave ((100-399)) Airport Rd ((100-16499)) Bass Ave ((100-199)) Catfish Ave ((100-299)) Co Rd 155 ((100-599)) Dakota St ((400-498)) E 4th Ave ((100-499)) E Blaine Ave ((100-1199)) E Commercial Ave ((100-1099)) E Court St ((100-799)) E Custer Ave ((100-1199)) E Division St ((100-499)) E Garfield Ave ((100-1199)) E Hwy 212 ((100-671)) E King Ave ((100-499)) E Lincoln Ave ((100-899)) E Logan Ave ((100-1199)) E Railway Ave ((100-499)) Hilltop Dr ((100-199)) Holly Dr ((500-699)) Lake Shore Dr ((100-199)) Leech St ((100-299)) Meadow Lark Ln ((500-599)) N Broadway St ((100-499)) N Bryson St ((100-499)) N Cottage St ((100-299)) N East St ((100-899)) N Ellsworth St ((100-499)) N Elm St ((100-499)) N Exene St ((100-499)) N Harrison St ((100-499)) N High St ((100-399)) Nightcrawler St ((100-199)) N Kansas St ((100-399)) N Main St ((100-499)) N Mannston St ((100-499)) N Nebraska St ((100-599)) N Oak St ((100-299)) N Ohio St ((300-399)) N Park St ((100-499)) N Platte St ((100-499)) N Potter St ((100-499)) N Prospect St ((100-199)) Penn Pl ((17700-17799)) Perch ((100-198)) Salmon Ave ((101-199)) S Broadway St ((100-599)) S Bryson St ((100-299)) S Cottage St ((100-299)) S East St ((100-799)) S Ellsworth St ((100-599)) S Elm St ((100-399)) S Exene St ((100-1199)) S Harrison St ((100-599)) S High St ((100-299)) S Main St ((100-399)) S Mannston St ((100-16499)) Smelt St ((101-199)) S Oak St ((100-998)) S Park St ((100-799)) S Platte St ((100-399)) S Potter St ((100-799)) S Prospect St ((100-299)) Sunset Dr ((100-898)) Swiftbird ((500-598)) US Hwy 212 ((100-1199)) Walleye Ave ((100-199)) W Blaine Ave ((100-699)) W Commercial Ave ((100-699)) W Court St ((100-399)) W Custer Ave ((100-699)) W Garfield ((600-698)) W Garfield Ave ((100-999)) Whitlock Ave ((101-298)) W Hwy 212 ((100-999)) Winchester St ((400-699)) W King Ave ((100-699)) W Lincoln Ave ((100-599)) W Logan Ave ((100-599)) W Railway Ave ((100-299)) W Whitlock Rd ((16001-16199))

    57442 Places and Attractions

    A Holzwarth Dam A Houck Dam Appomattox Cemetery Appomattox (historical) Appomattox School Arthur W Holzwarth Dam Artichoke Post Office (historical) Bartels Dam Buck Creek Buffalo Bay Buffalo Creek Bullberry Island (historical) Carl Cronin Dam City of Gettysburg C Iverson Dam Cornelian (historical) Cornelian Lake (historical) C W Stewart Dam Davidson Post Office (historical) Dodge Bay Dodge Draw Recreation Area Dolphus Peninsula Eales Post Office (historical) East Cattron School East Lincoln School Eldore L Holzwarth Dam Fayette School F Genzler Dam Forest City Forest City Cemetery (historical) Forest City (historical) Forest City School Forest City South (historical) Gettysburg Gettysburg Air Force Station (historical) Gettysburg Ambulance Service Gettysburg Cemetery Gettysburg Memorial Hospital Gettysburg Municipal Airport Gettysburg Post Office Gettysburg Radar Station Gettysburg Volunteer Fire Department Gorman Gorman Dam Green Lake Green Lake State Public Shooting Area Hanson Cemetery Henry Siebrasse Dam Houck Ranch (historical) Howard J Kunstle Dam Hurley Dam Jay A Lake Number 3 Dam Jay A Lake Number 4 Dam Jay A Lake Number 5 Dam Jay Lake Dam J Mangin Dam Joe Mangin Dam J Willey Dam Lake Hurley Latin Bay Le Beau Cemetery (historical) Le Beau Church (historical) Little Cheyenne Creek Lone Star (historical) Lund (historical) Marksville Maucher School Moore (historical) Nagel Brothers Dam Nagel Brothers Dam Owattonna School Pascal Island (historical) Pascals Island (historical) Patch Skin Buttes Petro Family Cemetery Potter County Potter County Courthouse Potter County Free Public Library Potter Post Office (historical) R Heath Dam R Lemler Dam R Lemler Dam Ruben Larosh Dam Sacred Heart Cemetery Saint Stephens Church Sanner School Steamboat Bay Steamboat Creek Sugar Loaf Rock (historical) Swedes Draw (historical) Swift Bird Bay Swift Bird Cemetery (historical) Swift Bird Church (historical) Swift Bird Creek Swift Bird Day School The Church of Latter Day Saints Thed A Holzwarth Dam T Holzwarth Dam Township of Annin Township of Appomattox Township of Artichoke Township of Cattron Township of Cunningham Township of Dorman Township of Elida Township of Fayette Township of Fayette (historical) Township of Forest City Township of Forest City (historical) Township of Gettysburg Township of Grouse Creek Township of Hope Township of Lincoln Township of Lucas Township of Lund Township of North Riverside Township of Owattonna Township of Riverside (historical) Township of Sanner Township of South Forest City Township of South Riverside Union (historical) Unorganized Territory of Central Potter Unorganized Territory of West Potter Waneta (historical) W Combellick Dam Whitlocks Bay Recreation Area Whitlocks Bay Recreation Area Whitlocks Crossing (historical)