Platte, SD 57369 ZIP Code Map


Platte ZIP Codes

South Dakota

57369 Schools


  • Platte Colony Elementary - 10
  • Cedar Grove Colony Elementary - 14
  • Platte - Geddes Jr. High - 03
  • Platte - Geddes High School - 01
  • Platte - Geddes Elementary - 02
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    ZIP Code 57369 is located in Charles Mix County (76.00%) Brule County (22.00%) Douglas County (1.90%)

    57369 Street Addresses

    1st St ((1-699)) 263rd St ((35600-36998)) 264th St ((36600-36799)) 265th St ((35501-36698)) 266th St ((35800-35899)) 267th St ((34900-37050)) 268th St ((35400-36098)) 269th St ((34700-37299)) 270th St ((27001-37099)) 271st St ((35400-37199)) 272nd St ((36700-37599)) 273rd St ((36300-37799)) 274th St ((6301-38199)) 275th St ((35900-37399)) 276th St ((35600-37798)) 277th St ((26701-37598)) 278th St ((35700-37798)) 279th St ((35800-36799)) 280th St ((36200-36499)) 281st St ((36200-37398)) 282nd St ((35900-37399)) 283rd St ((36500-37399)) 284th St ((36000-36588)) 285th St ((36001-36899)) 2nd St ((1-499)) 350th Ave ((26601-26699)) 350th St ((26601-26699)) 351st Ave ((26801-26899)) 354 Ave ((25900-25999)) 355th Ave ((26800-27099)) 356th Ave ((26800-27699)) 357th Ave ((26301-27799)) 358th Ave ((27100-27599)) 359th Ave ((27600-28399)) 360th Ave ((26800-27799)) 361st Ave ((27100-27799)) 362nd Ave ((27500-28299)) 363rd Ave ((27000-28199)) 364th Ave ((26800-28299)) 365th Ave ((26300-27899)) 366th Ave ((2700-28299)) 367th Ave ((26800-28599)) 368th Ave ((26300-28198)) 369th Ave ((26200-28299)) 370th Ave ((27400-27799)) 371st Ave ((26748-27799)) 372nd Ave ((27000-27899)) 373rd Ave ((27500-28299)) 374th Ave ((26666-27898)) 375th Ave ((27000-27699)) 3rd St ((100-899)) 4th St ((1-599)) 5 Mile Ranch Rd ((28000-28099)) 5th St ((1-499)) 6th St ((1-799)) 7th St ((1-899)) 8th St ((1-199)) Bovee Rd ((26800-27799)) Cedar Rd ((27101-27299)) Co Hwy 560 ((37400-37799)) Co Rd 11 ((26666-26670)) Dakota Ave ((1-399)) Delaware Ave ((101-1099)) Dump Rd ((701-799)) E 10th St ((1-699)) E 12th St ((1-199)) E 2nd St ((500-899)) E 6th St ((201-899)) E 8th St ((200-499)) E 9th St ((1-599)) E North St ((1-499)) Farmers Rd ((26900-26999)) Hwy 50 ((35400-35498)) Illinois Ave ((1-999)) Indiana Ave ((1-1199)) Iowa Ave ((1-999)) Kansas Ave ((1-599)) Kemnitz Rd ((1-35999)) Lewis and Clark Trl ((701-799)) Main St ((1-27699)) Memorial Dr ((400-699)) Memory Ln ((1-99)) Missouri Ave ((600-699)) Montana Ave ((400-1098)) Nebraska Ave ((200-298)) North St ((100-799)) Ohio Ave ((1-1099)) Oklahoma Ave ((500-698)) Pennsylvania Ave ((200-1099)) Platte Lake Rd ((27500-27599)) State Hwy 1804 ((27600-28399)) State Hwy 44 ((1-37798)) State Hwy 45 ((1-27599)) State Hwy 50 ((1-37099)) Valley View Rd ((100-198)) Vermont Ave ((1-999)) W 10th St ((1-199)) W 11th St ((1-99)) W 3rd St ((1-199)) W 4th St ((100-699)) W 5th St ((100-599)) W 6th St ((100-399)) W 7th St ((2-399)) W 8th St ((1-499)) W 9th St ((1-499)) Wisconsin Ave ((300-799)) W North St ((1-398)) W Railway St ((1-399)) Wynia Ranch Rd ((28001-28099)) Wyoming Ave ((400-899))

    57369 Places and Attractions

    Academy Academy Dam Academy Lake Academy Volunteer Fire Department Berry Spring Bijou Hills Bijou Hills Bijou Hills Census Designated Place Bijous Trading Post (historical) Burnside (historical) Calvary Baptist Church Carrol Lake Dam Carroll Lake Carroll School Castalia Castalia Cemetery Castalia Creek Castalia (historical) Castalia School Cedar Creek Cedar Grove Colony Chandler (historical) City of Platte Clark Joubert School Colvin (historical) Congregational Church Cottonwood Island (historical) Coyle (historical) Darlington (historical) Darlington Township Hall Dry Creek Dunlap Church Dunlap (historical) Durex Island (historical) Dutch Reformed Church of Old Platte and Castalia (historical) Eagle Eagle Cemetery Eagle (historical) East Fork Platte Creek Edgerton Cemetery Edgerton Creek Edgerton (historical) Ells Creek Fite Dam Number 1 Fivemile Creek Forbes School Fridhem (historical) Fridhem Swedish Lutheran Church (historical) Friesland Cemetery Friesland (historical) Gabrielson Cemetery Gray State Public Shooting Area Harney City (historical) Henry Cool Memorial Park (historical) Joubert Post Office (historical) Kirkwood (historical) Lake George Lake George Lake George Cemetery Lake George School Lake George State Public Shooting Area Lake Platte LaRoche Academy Grade School LaRoche Cemetery Larson Cemetery Limekiln Creek (historical) Little Cedar Creek (historical) Maresh School North Wheeler Recreation Area Old Platte Cemetery Old Platte (historical) Platte Platte Ambulance Service Platte City Cemetery Platte Colony Platte Creek Platte Dam Platte Health Center Platte Municipal Airport Platte Post Office Platte Public Library Platte Townhall Platte Volunteer Fire Department Pleasant Grove Cemetery Riverside School (historical) Robin Landing Strip Rock Hill Cemetery Saint Peters Cemetery Sluiter Drain Sly Number 1 Dam Smith Creek Creamery (historical) Snake Creek Stavanger Church Steamboat Landing (historical) Stony Point (historical) Swedish Lutheran Cemetery Took Tay Hill Tooktay (historical) Torrey Lake Torrey Lake School Towhead Island (historical) Township of Carroll Township of Castalia Township of Darlington Township of Eagle Township of Forbes Township of Hamilton Township of Lake George Township of La Roche Township of Platte Township of Signal Township of Torrey Lake Trinity Church Trinity Lutheran School Union Cemetery Unorganized Territory of Castalia Vega (historical) Ward Academy (historical) Wheeler (historical) Wheeler (historical) Whetstone Agency (historical) Whetstone Island (historical)