Sisseton, SD 57262 ZIP Code Map


Sisseton ZIP Codes

South Dakota

57262 Schools


  • Tiospa Zina Tribal School
  • Sisseton Middle School - 02
  • Westside Elementary - 03
  • Sisseton High School - 01
  • 57262 Hotels

  • Super 8 Sisseton
  • Census


    ZIP Code 57262 is located in Roberts County (93.10%) Marshall County (6.90%)

    57262 Street Addresses

    115th St ((44400-44599)) 116th St ((1-5)) 119th St ((1-45999)) 120th St ((44600-44799)) 125th St ((1000-45899)) 133rd St ((1-7)) 1st Ave E ((1-799)) 1st Ave W ((1-999)) 2nd Ave E ((100-799)) 2nd Ave W ((1-599)) 3rd Ave E ((1-799)) 3rd Ave W ((1-724)) 444th Ave ((11500-11798)) 447th Ave ((11400-11899)) 454th Ave ((11901-11999)) 456th Ave ((2-4)) 457th Ave ((1-799)) 458th Ave ((1-11998)) 459th Ave ((12100-12598)) 460th Ave ((11801-11998)) 465th Ave ((13127-13137)) 466th Ave ((11447-11453)) 468th Ave ((1-7)) 4th Ave E ((1-799)) 4th Ave W ((1-899)) 5th Ave E ((1-899)) 5th Ave W ((1-799)) 6th Ave E ((1-799)) 6th Ave W ((1-799)) 7th Ave E ((1-799)) 7th Ave W ((1-799)) 8th Ave E ((1-799)) 8th Ave W ((1-799)) Abraham St ((1-499)) Airport Rd ((11801-11998)) Ash St E ((1-799)) Ash St W ((1-799)) Bernard St ((300-399)) BIA Hwy 706 ((45801-45899)) BIA Rd 706 ((45801-45899)) Bird Cir ((1-99)) Carl ((112-198)) Carls St ((100-198)) Cherry St E ((1-899)) Cherry St W ((1-799)) Chestnut St E ((1-799)) Chestnut St W ((1-799)) Chris Johnson Dr ((44301-44399)) Co Hwy 10 ((11300-44599)) Co Hwy 34 ((11900-12598)) Co Rd 10 ((1-5)) Co Rd 2 ((1-7)) Co Rd 24 ((1-7)) Co Rd 28 ((11901-11999)) Cory's Ct ((301-399)) Coteau Blvd ((100-399)) E Arnie Dr ((100-198)) Elmwood Dr ((200-298)) E Maple ((801-999)) Feather Cir ((1-99)) Gerry St ((100-199)) Goodbird St ((1-99)) Harold Barse St ((201-2298)) Hatle Dr ((1-99)) Hickory St E ((1-799)) Hickory St W ((1-799)) Hillview ((1-99)) Hillview Rd ((200-399)) Holly Ln ((1-99)) Jackson Cir ((1-99)) Jamie Cir ((200-399)) Keeble Cir ((1-99)) Keoke St ((1-99)) Lilac Ln ((2101-2199)) Little Crow Dr ((1-1099)) Lohre Rd ((11901-11999)) Long Hollow Dr ((500-799)) Main Ave ((1-899)) Main St ((1-899)) Maple St E ((1-799)) Maple St W ((1-799)) Max St ((300-499)) Melvin Robertson Dr ((1-299)) Michael St ((100-199)) Nelson ((1-399)) Noble St ((101-199)) Oak Ln ((11900-11999)) Oak St E ((1-799)) Oak St W ((1-799)) Orchard Dr ((101-299)) Pine St E ((1-799)) Pine St W ((1-799)) Redday Dr ((11700-11799)) Red Thunder Cir ((1-99)) Renville St ((1-99)) Rih Dr ((10701-11799)) Spruce St E ((1-799)) Spruce St W ((1-799)) S Red Iron ((44400-44498)) State Hwy 10 ((1-45999)) Summit St ((1-99)) Swenumson Dr ((11900-11998)) Tahana Lake Rd ((12600-12698)) Tatanka St ((301-499)) Thompson St ((300-399)) Torvik Rd ((45600-45699)) Two Stars Ln ((1000-45899)) Unknown St 2 ((500-698)) Valley View Rd ((11900-11999)) Veterans Ave ((1-799)) W 119th St ((1-799)) Walnut St E ((1-45999)) Walnut St W ((1-799)) Wambdi St ((300-399)) Whipple Rd ((11900-12598)) Willard Lafromboise Ave ((1-299)) Wm Holland Ln ((2-98))

    57262 Places and Attractions

    Agency Creek Agency Village Census Designated Place Bethania Cemetery Bethel Lutheran Cemetery Cadwell (historical) City of Sisseton Concordia Cemetery Concordia Pioneer Church Coteau des Prairies Hospital Dry Run Number 2 State Wildlife Management Area Drywood Lakes Emanuel Lutheran Cemetery Enterprise Township Hall Episcopal Church Episcopal Indian Church Goodwill Goodwill Cemetery Goodwill Cemetery Goodwill Census Designated Place Goodwill Church Goodwill Creek Goodwill Mission Church (historical) Goodwill Post Office (historical) Government Indian School (historical) Grant - Roberts Ambulance Service Sisseton Greys Lake Heipa District Hines Creek Hope Church Indian Mission School (historical) Island Lake Jorgenson River Lake Bdesaka Lake Emma Lake Traverse Reservation Lake View Farm (historical) Lake Whipple Lohre (historical) Long Hollow Long Hollow Census Designated Place Long Hollow Church Long Hollow District Long Hollow Housing Mayason Church Meyer Slough Mud Lake Munson Creek Myer Gulch North Concordia Cemetery North Red Iron Lake Norway Cemetery Oak Island Old Agency District Old Sisseton Indian Agency Oneroad Bethel Church Oneroad Lake One Road School (historical) Otto (historical) Peever Slough Peever Slough State Wildlife Management Area Pete W Slough Roberts County Courthouse Roy Cemetery Saint Benedict Cemetery Saint Benedict Church Saint Marys Church Saint Peters Cemetery Saint Peters School Sarah Lake Saron Church Scandia Cemetery School Number 1 (historical) School Number 1 (historical) School Number 1 (historical) School Number 1 (historical) School Number 1 (historical) School Number 1 (historical) School Number 1 (historical) School Number 1 (historical) School Number 2 (historical) School Number 2 (historical) School Number 2 (historical) School Number 2 (historical) School Number 2 (historical) School Number 2 (historical) School Number 2 (historical) School Number 2 (historical) School Number 2 (historical) School Number 2 (historical) School Number 3 (historical) School Number 3 (historical) School Number 3 (historical) School Number 4 (historical) Sieche Hollow Sieche Hollow State Park Sisseton Sisseton City Wells Sisseton Fire Department Sisseton Memorial Library Sisseton Municipal Airport Sisseton Post Office Sisseton Public Health Service Hospital Sisseton Wahpeton College Sisseton - Wahpeton - Oyate Wildland Firefighters Slather Slough Slather Slough State Wildlife Management Area Spring Valley Cemetery Standfast Creek Stavanger Cemetery Tahana Lake Tekakwitha Dam Tinity Church Torvik Subdivision Township of Bossko Township of Bryant Township of Dry Wood Lake Township of Easter Township of Enterprise Township of Goodwill Township of Grant Township of Havana Township of Long Hollow Township of One Road Township of Red Iron Lake Township of Sisseton Uncle John Coulee Union District School (historical) Valley View Estates Whitestone Lake Wolf Lake