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  • Lancaster Secondary
  • Lancaster Elementary
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    ZIP Code 56735 is located in Kittson County (83.90%) Roseau County (16.10%)

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    Bonish Post Office (historical) Caribou Caribou Post Office (historical) City of Lancaster County Ditch Number Eighteen County Ditch Number Fourteen East Granville School (historical) First Lutheran Church Franklin School (historical) Hemmington Post Office (historical) Hewett Family Cemetery Holy Rosary Cemetery Holy Rosary Church Johnson School (historical) Judicial Ditch Number Eightyfour Judicial Ditch Number Thirtythree Judicial Ditch Number Thirtytwo Juneberry Cemetery Juneberry Post Office (historical) Juneberry Ridge Lancaster Lancaster City Hall Lancaster City Park Campground Lancaster Covenant Church Lancaster Fire Department Lancaster Middle School Lancaster Post Office Lancaster Station Mayflower School (historical) McKinley Cemetery Noacres (historical) Noracres Post Office (historical) Norland Post Office (historical) North Prairie Cemetery North Saint Joseph School (historical) North Star School (historical) Oak Point (historical) Oak Point School (historical) Orleans Orleans Orleans Post Office (historical) Pool 2 Pool 3 Pool Number Trhee Red Top School (historical) Riverview Memorial Gardens Roseau River Wildlife Management Area Pool 2 Dam Roseau River Wildlife Management Area Pool3 Dam Rose School (historical) Saint John's Cemetery Saint Michaels Greek Orthodox Cemetery Saint Pauls Church (historical) Saron Cemetery Sikar Cemetery Skull Lake Skull Lake State Wildlife Management Area South Saint Joseph School (historical) State Ditch Number Eightyfour State Ditch Number Fiftyone State Ditch Number Seventytwo Tom Lako Farm Cemetery Township of Caribou Township of Granville Township of McKinley Township of Poppleton Township of Richardville Township of Saint Joseph Unorganized Territory of East Kittson (historical) Unorganized Territory of McKinley Unorganized Territory of Peatland West Granville School (historical) West School (historical) Zion Lutheran Church