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  • Kittson Central Elementary
  • Kittson Central Secondary
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  • Budget Host Inn Caribou Inn
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    ZIP Code 56728 is located in Kittson County

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    Assembly of God Church Bethlehem Cemetery City of Hallock County Ditch Number Thirteen County Ditch Number Twelve County Ditch Number Twentyfive County Ditch Number Twentyone County Ditch Number Twentysix County Ditch Number Twentytwo Grace Lutheran Church Grasshopper School (historical) Greenwood Cemetery Hall Moore School (historical) Hallock Hallock City Public Library Hallock Fire Department Hallock Mission Covenant Church Hallock Municipal Airport Hallock Police Department Hallock Post Office Hallock Station Hazelton Post Office (historical) Hazelton State Game Refuge Hill Siding Jerome School (historical) Joliette Ferry (historical) Kittson Central High School Kittson County Kittson County Sheriff's Office Kittson Memorial Clinic Kittson Memorial Healthcare Center Little Joe River Lukes Airport Mattson Mattson Post Office (historical) Mattson School (historical) Maurice Sugden Flying Service Strip Middle Branch Two Rivers Morrison Cemetery North Branch Two Rivers Northcote Northcote Northcote Post Office (historical) North Hill School (historical) North Red River School (historical) North Red River School (historical) Nylander School (historical) Oak View Catholic Cemetery Presbyterian Church Riverside School (historical) Rocket Speedway Saint Patrick's Catholic Church Saint Vincent Rural School (historical) South Branch Two Rivers South Hill School (historical) Swanson Cemetery Tabitha Church Tabitha Lutheran Cemetery Tourist Park Township of Hallock Township of Hampden Township of Hill Township of North Red River Township of South Red River Township of Thompson Two Rivers Two Rivers Cemetery Two Rivers Church Two Rivers Dam Two Rivers School (historical) Union Liberty Cemetery Unorganized Territory of North Red River Viking Land Terrace Webster School (historical) Westerson School (historical) Wilson School (historical)