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  • Bigfork Secondary
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    ZIP Code 56628 is located in Itasca County

    56628 Street Addresses

    1st Ave ((101-398)) 2nd Ave ((100-499)) Ash St ((100-498)) Aspen Lake Rd ((38101-38598)) Bakke Rd ((36000-36699)) Bald Eagle Dr ((41500-41898)) Bay Shore Dr ((39500-39899)) Becker Rd ((51001-53299)) Bello Lake Camp Rd ((38900-39899)) Bello Mondo Rd ((53800-54198)) Bigfork 85 ((37600-39699)) Big Too Much Lake Dr ((43400-51499)) Big Too Much Lake Rd ((51300-53098)) Big Too Much Lake Trl ((44600-44798)) Bluebill Lake Rd ((50000-50699)) Brush Shanty Lake Rd ((52800-52999)) Burns Lake Rd ((35101-35998)) California Ave ((1314-1399)) Camp Five Rd ((58001-58998)) Captain Luke Lake Rd ((55801-56298)) Cedar Heights Rd ((39300-39598)) Cedar St ((100-598)) Cemetary Rd ((100-399)) Center Point Rd ((49000-49699)) Co Hwy 14 ((38000-60395)) Co Hwy 42 ((35386-37099)) Co Hwy 45 ((27700-33937)) Co Hwy 52 ((16943-54698)) Co Hwy 7 ((55000-58798)) Co Hwy 77 ((100-198)) Conners Lake Rd ((35900-36599)) Co Rd 134 ((43001-44399)) Co Rd 14 ((38000-49205)) Co Rd 225 ((1-41199)) Co Rd 226 ((37600-39699)) Co Rd 236 ((60000-64390)) Co Rd 237 ((34301-35799)) Co Rd 252 ((50000-53398)) Co Rd 254 ((55000-57099)) Co Rd 261 ((402-60198)) Co Rd 284 ((52000-53098)) Co Rd 309 ((23701-50799)) Co Rd 310 ((51600-52999)) Co Rd 312 ((51000-51499)) Co Rd 313 ((51501-52499)) Co Rd 317 ((49201-49599)) Co Rd 334 ((49200-49999)) Co Rd 340 ((25500-31199)) Co Rd 341 ((50600-53998)) Co Rd 342 ((55300-58999)) Co Rd 344 ((56000-57898)) Co Rd 345 ((24500-27099)) Co Rd 347 ((50401-53098)) Co Rd 348 ((1401-53098)) Co Rd 355 ((1-506699)) Co Rd 42 ((35386-37099)) Co Rd 45 ((27700-33937)) Co Rd 52 ((16943-54698)) Co Rd 525 ((28000-28998)) Co Rd 53 ((21500-24199)) Co Rd 544 ((21100-57699)) Daley Larson Rd ((40501-54999)) David Lake Rd ((58401-60399)) Division Ave ((100-298)) Double S Rd ((53500-54299)) Eagle Dr ((36501-36699)) Eagle Lake Ln ((29300-29499)) Eagle Point Rd ((52101-52599)) Eagle Pt Spr ((52100-52799)) Elm Ave ((200-398)) E Long Lake Ln ((24201-24499)) E Long Lake Rd ((24200-24899)) E Long Lake Trl ((49601-49699)) E Ottum Ave ((1303-1457)) Evergreen Point Rd ((50000-50699)) Evergreen Pt Rd ((50200-50599)) E White Swan Lake Rd ((24000-24599)) Farm Camp Rd ((55000-57099)) Forest Rd 2182 ((52900-53298)) Forest Rd 2187 ((57901-57999)) Forest Rd 2300 ((38900-39899)) Fox Lake Rd ((31501-31898)) Gale Lake Rd ((55000-55498)) Golf Corse Ln ((301-399)) Golf Course Ln ((100-498)) Hanson Rd ((37300-37499)) Hatch Lake Rd ((53600-53698)) Herron Rd ((59400-60099)) Hocking Rd ((38000-39999)) Horsehead Lake Rd ((55900-56599)) Horsehead Lake Trl ((21100-56599)) Horseshoe Lake Rd ((38800-53999)) Horseshoe Lk Rd ((49600-49898)) Huskie Blvd ((202-398)) Hwy 38 ((102-61999)) Ida St ((200-298)) Jack the Horse Lake Rd ((50200-51999)) Jack the Horse Resort Rd ((50400-50899)) Jarva Rd ((38200-38499)) Jaynes School Rd ((53500-54198)) Jewell Rd ((59500-59799)) Joliet Rd ((21100-21198)) Juneau Rd ((36400-37099)) Kelly Lake Access Rd ((24400-24899)) Larson Rd ((36000-36999)) Lazy Ln ((61901-62099)) Lehinger Rd ((36000-36199)) Lily Pond Rd ((53100-53199)) Lily Pond Trl ((52001-53399)) Little Otter Lake Rd ((48701-49999)) Little Rainer Rd ((49701-50198)) Little Turtle Lake Rd ((42176-42822)) Little Turtle Rd ((42000-42899)) Long Lake Forest Rd ((29200-49499)) Loon Call Ln ((48000-58798)) Loon Pont Dr ((55600-55699)) Lost Lake Truck Trl ((57601-57898)) Lynx Lake Rd ((52800-53699)) Mackenzie Island Rd ((49900-50499)) Main Ave ((400-899)) Main St ((100-59499)) Maple St ((100-298)) Marie Lake Rd ((33200-33298)) Matt Zimmer Rd ((38400-39099)) Mink Lake Rd ((51200-51498)) Moose Ave ((8800-8899)) Napolean Lake Trl ((56801-56899)) Napoleon Lake Rd ((24000-56899)) Newburg Bay Rd ((49700-50798)) Newburg Ln ((50000-50799)) N Horsehead Lake Trl ((56101-56398)) N Wasson Lake Rd ((51800-52998)) N White Swan Lake Rd ((51100-51399)) Oak Rd ((55500-55599)) Otter Ridge Trl ((57000-57398)) Ottum Ave ((200-1499)) Owen Lake Campground Rd ((55300-55399)) Owen Lake Dr ((24600-24699)) Owen Lake Path ((25000-25199)) Owen Lake Rd ((24601-55499)) Pine Point Ln ((51300-51799)) Pine Point Rd ((51300-51799)) Pine Tree Dr ((1-298)) Poplar St ((100-198)) Priem Rd ((33600-34999)) Raddison Lake Trl ((23001-25099)) Rainbow Rd ((24200-54055)) Rajala Mill Rd ((201-399)) Red Pine Ridge Rd ((24600-24998)) Ridge Rd ((49900-50699)) River Rd ((60300-62999)) River St ((100-498)) Robertson Rd ((51800-60199)) Rosy St ((101-199)) Round Lake Loop ((49200-49499)) Round Lake Spr ((24500-24699)) S Antler Rd ((51101-51499)) Scenic Hwy ((1701-503399)) S Club Lake Rd ((47700-49941)) S Forked Rd ((23601-23799)) S Gunderson Lake Rd ((42900-44599)) Siro Rd ((38100-38699)) S Jack the Horse Rd ((50000-51198)) Skylane Trl ((49301-49799)) S Long Lake Trl ((24200-24498)) S Marie Lake Rd ((33400-55698)) Spruce St ((100-198)) State Hwy 286 ((39300-43798)) State Hwy 38 ((101-61999)) State Hwy 6 ((45576-65999)) Sunny Rd ((41500-52099)) S Wasson Lake Rd ((23000-23999)) Tabour Rd ((23701-50799)) Takooshin Rd ((51100-51298)) Tamarac St ((200-398)) Tamarak Ave ((300-398)) Teal Rd ((41500-41799)) Ted Pederson Rd ((55800-56999)) Turtle Lake Rd ((38600-42999)) Turtle Lake View Path ((41700-52899)) Turtle Lake View Rd ((52700-52798)) Turtle Lake View Trl ((41600-41798)) Twp Rd 10 ((37300-37499)) Twp Rd 20 ((36508-37099)) Twp Rd 25 ((35900-36599)) Twp Rd 65 ((59400-60099)) Twp Rd 75 ((51800-60199)) Vine St ((100-198)) Wasson Lake Forest Rd ((52300-52398)) White Swan Ln ((50700-50898)) W Horseshoe Lake Rd ((54400-54499)) Wilson Lk Forest Rd ((55300-57875)) Windy Point Rd ((54500-54699)) W Johnson Lake Rd ((37800-37998)) Wolf Lake Trl ((21500-21999)) Worcester Ln ((49100-49198)) W River St ((100-299)) W Turtle Lake Ln ((39800-39898)) W Turtle Lake Trl ((39800-50599)) W Turtle Lk Rd ((52400-53398)) Zigs Rd ((26000-26199))

    56628 Places and Attractions

    Anderson Lake Ann Lake Antler Lake Arrowhead Lake Aspen Lake Backus Lake Bartlet Lake Bass Lake Bass Lake Bass Lake Batson Lake Beaver Lake Beaver Lake Beaver Lake Bello Lake Bevo Lake Big Dick Lake Bigfork Big Fork City Police Department Bigfork Fire Department Bigfork (historical) Bigfork Lutheran Church Bigfork Municipal Airport Bigfork Post Office Bigfork Valley Hospital Big Rose Lake Big Too Much Lake Billo Lake Birch Lake Bloom Lake Bluebill Lake Boggy Lake Bolduc Seaplane Base Brown Lake Brush Shanty Lake Buck Lake Burns Lake Burns Lake Seaplane Base Burr Lake Bustic Lake Cad Lake Cameron Lake Cameron Lake Trail Canoe Lake Captain Luke Lake Cedar Lake Cemetery Lake City of Bigfork Connors Lake Coon Creek Coon Lake Courtney Lake Crescent Lake Crippled Deer Lake Crooked Lake Crooked Lake Impoundment David Lake Duck Lake Eagle Lake East Lake Edge of the Wilderness Golf Course Edmond Lake Elbow Lake Elm Lake Erickson Lake Ethel Lake Evergreen (historical) Evergreen Post Office (historical) Finley Lake Fisher Lake Fox Farm Lake Gale Brook Gale Lake George Lake Gorman Lake Government Point Grass Lake Gunderson Lake Gunny Sack Lake Hatch Lake Heinen Lake Homestead Lake Horseshoe Lake Horseshoe Lake Isaac Lake Jack the Horse Lake Jingo Lake Jingo Lake Jingo Lake Dam Jingo Lake Impoundment Joel Lake Johnson Creek Johnson Lake Kelly Lake Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses Lac-a-Roy Lake LaCroix Lake La Croix Number Two Impoundment Lake Alice Lake Mary Lake of Isles Lakeview Cemetery Lauchoh Lake Lebarge Lake Lincoln Lake Link Lake Link Lake Lookout Tower Little Antler Lake Little Dick Lake Little East Lake Little Mud Lake Little Neck Lake Little Otter Lake Little Ranier Lake Little Rose Lake Little Round Lake Little Too Much Lake Little Turtle Lake Little Wasson Lake Logging Sleigh Lake Long Lake Long Lake Long Lake Lundeen Lake MacKenzie Island Maple Lake Marie Lake May Lake McDonald Lake Mike Lake Mikes Lake Mink Lake Moose Bay Mount Tabor Camp Muskrat Lake Napoleon Lake Newburg Bay Nickel Lake North Elementary School Northern Itasca Nursing Home Northland Medical Clinic Oak Lake Oar Lake O'Donnell Lake Old Scenic Church Otter Lake Our Lady of Snows Catholic Church Owen Lake Park Lake Pelton Lake Pickerel Lake Pickle Lake Pine Lake Presbyterian Church Raddison Lake Rainbow Lake Rat Lake Rice Creek Rice Lake Rice Lake Bog Rice Rapids Rice River Riverside Chapel Riverside Church Rock Lake Round Lake Sager Bay Sandwick Lake Scenic Lookout Tower Scenic State Park Second Lake Slauson Lake Snells Seaplane Base Snow Lake Someman Lake South Fork Coon Creek Spruce Lake Spruce Park Church Spur Lake Impoundment Spur Lake Trail System Stakes Cemetery State Park Headquarters Stokes Lookout Tower Stowe Lake Stumple Lake Teigland Family Cemetery Thydean Lake Township of Bigfork Township of Stokes Trestle Lake Turtle Lake Twin Lakes Two Island Lake Unorganized Territory of Northeast Itasca Upper Hatch Lake Walters Lake Wasson Lake Wasson Lake Trail Weasel Lake Whiskey Lake White Swan Lake Woodland Terrace Mobile Home Park