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  • Waubun Area Learning Program
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    ZIP Code 56589 is located in Mahnomen County (58.10%) Becker County (28.20%) Clearwater County (13.70%)

    56589 Street Addresses

    1st Ave ((1101-1699)) 1st St ((1100-1499)) 200th Ave ((2700-2799)) 220th Ave ((2900-3299)) 230 Ave ((23401-38999)) 236th Ave ((3201-3299)) 240th Ave ((2600-3199)) 260th St ((2300-2398)) 264th Ave ((1500-3199)) 280th Ave ((37400-39999)) 280th St ((2800-2899)) 284th St ((2800-2899)) 289 Ave ((2801-2899)) 290th Ave ((2801-28998)) 290th St ((2200-2398)) 292 Ave ((38601-38699)) 293rd St ((0-29798)) 295 Ave ((39500-39999)) 295th Ave ((39000-39399)) 296 Ave ((39500-39599)) 296th Ave ((38500-38699)) 2nd Ave ((1100-1299)) 2nd St ((900-1899)) 300 Ave ((39900-39998)) 300th St ((2101-2987)) 305th St ((2700-2799)) 309th Ave ((39500-39599)) 310th St ((1600-2098)) 330th St ((2600-2698)) 340th St ((2300-2399)) 370th St ((22600-32105)) 374th St ((26000-28599)) 387th St ((29700-29799)) 390th St ((22200-26899)) 3rd Ave ((1000-1898)) 3rd St ((900-1899)) 400 St ((22001-29699)) 400th Ave ((39000-39799)) 407th Ave ((38600-38699)) Ada Beach ((38200-38298)) Ada Beach Rd ((38000-38799)) Ander Rd ((39700-39798)) Archers Acres ((39300-39599)) Bald Eagle Haven Rd ((39600-39999)) BIA Rd 29 ((0-29340)) BIA Rd 71 ((2800-2899)) BIA Rd 8 ((2800-2899)) Bucks Trl ((37100-37698)) Car 118 ((2700-2799)) Cedar Crest Cir ((29701-38798)) Church Ln ((39501-39899)) Co Hwy 18 ((2700-2799)) Co Hwy 21 ((36301-39999)) Co Hwy 28 ((22001-27999)) Co Hwy 35 ((31774-39199)) Co Hwy 6 ((2701-2799)) Co Rd 104 ((2800-2899)) Co Rd 111 ((36000-39999)) Co Rd 112 ((26900-28999)) Co Rd 12 ((2200-2999)) Co Rd 139 ((2300-2398)) Co Rd 144 ((2600-2698)) Co Rd 158 ((39096-39999)) Co Rd 28 ((2300-27265)) Co Rd 39 ((2300-29699)) Co Rd 4 ((3200-3299)) Co St Aid Hwy 12 ((2200-2999)) Coyote Rd ((29400-29698)) Crane Rd ((26200-26498)) Creek 128 ((2300-3199)) Dora Lee Ln ((39200-399298)) Dora Lee Rd ((38700-39399)) Dutch St ((801-899)) E Elbow Lake Rd ((41000-41799)) E Juggler Rd ((38500-39399)) Elbow Lake Rd ((41300-41799)) Elbow Lake Store Rd ((40100-40499)) Elbow Ln ((39500-39599)) Elkhorn Rd ((0-29340)) E Pike Lake Rd ((38500-38799)) Fishermans Wharf Rd ((36900-37299)) Fox Rd ((29700-29798)) Jolly Fisherman Rd ((39100-39399)) Lynx Rd ((29800-29998)) Main St ((1100-1899)) Marten Dr ((36600-36799)) McCraney Rd ((3201-26699)) Miles Rd ((38800-40199)) N Elbow Lake Rd ((39900-40099)) Oxbow Rd ((39500-39999)) Pike Lake Resort Rd ((38400-38899)) Pleasant Ave ((1200-1599)) Ponderosa Ln ((3001-3099)) Prairie Ave ((1100-1298)) Pub Access Rd ((39401-39598)) Railroad St ((1001-1199)) Rattle Snake Cir ((26000-26099)) Reserve Ave ((1500-1599)) Resvn Hwy 1 ((25200-25298)) Scent of Pine Shores ((40002-40298)) S Dakota Beach Rd ((29601-29699)) S Elbow Lake Rd ((38501-41399)) Smith Ave ((1402-1498)) Snider Lk Rd ((2800-2899)) State Hwy 113 ((1-45999)) Stone Ln ((37800-38299)) Strawberry Mountain Rd ((12501-12599)) S W Juggler Rd ((44301-44699)) SW Juggler Rd ((40000-44799)) T113 ((1600-1799)) T124 ((2400-2498)) T158 ((2600-2698)) T201 ((3201-26699)) T202 ((1500-3199)) T203 ((2700-2799)) T204 ((3201-3299)) T264 ((2800-28998)) T98 ((2300-2799)) Tulaby Lake Dr ((1-39798)) US Hwy 59 ((2500-39999)) Village Dr ((39500-39999)) Water Front Ln ((2800-3199)) White Earth Rd ((2300-2398)) W Juggler Rd ((39037-39199)) W Pike Lake Rd ((38700-38798)) Yliniemi Ln ((36501-40499))

    56589 Places and Attractions

    Andrews Lake Bear Creek Big Lake Big Rat Lake Big Rock Lake Blocknic Lake Bottom Creek Brown Lake Brown Lake Buresh Lake Burns Eighty Lake Calvary Church Casebee Lake Cesar Lake Chloupek Lake Circle of Faith Congregational Church City of Waubun Crooked Lake Doucette Lake Du Forte Lake East Cranberry Lake Egg Lake Elbow Lake Elbow Lake Elbow Lake Census Designated Place Elbow Lake Village Elbow - Tulaby Lakes Fire Department Espe Lake Fishhook Lake Fish Lake Fish Lake Gable Lake George Lake Gull Creek Gull Lake Haddeland Mobile Home Park Hallot Lake Hart Lake Height of Land Lookout Tower Hoot Owl Lake Horseshoe Lake Horseshoe Lake Jack Lake Jay Lake Jessie Lake Johnson Lake Jolly Fisherman Seaplane Base Juggler Lake Kersting Lake Lake Grove Cemetery Lake Grove Church Little Bass Lake Little Elbow Creek Little Elbow Lake Little Elbow Lake State Park Little Rat Lake Little Rock Lake Logger Lake Lower Camp Lake Luethi Lake Mahnomen County Airport Mallard Lake McCraney Lake McCraney Lake McCraney Lake Dam McKenzie Lake McKenzi Lake Mike Lake Moore Lake Moore Lake Morrison Lake Most Holy Redeemer Cemetery Nemec Lake Nest Lake Norcross Lake Ogema Lake Ox-Bow Resort and Campground Paggen Lake Pickerel Lake Pine Island Lake Pine Lake Pine Lake Poodle Park Port of Cedar Crest Campground Puson Lake Quallen Lake Rat Farm Lake Rooster Lake Sago Lake Saint Ann's Catholic Church Saint Anns Cemetery Saint Columba Mission Historical Marker Saint Columba's Episcopal Mission Cemetery Saint Columbia Church Saint Frances Cabrini Church Sandback Lake Sand Lake Santwire Lake Sawmill Lake Sawmill Lake Schantzen Lake Scoop Lake Sedivy Lake Shuckhart Lake Siren Lake Snider Lake South Twin Lake Spirit Lake Squareboat Lake Squirrel Lake Strawberry Mountain Stump Lake Sucker Lake Swimming Lake Tamarac Wetland Dam Township of Eagle View Township of Lake Grove Township of Little Elbow Township of Oakland Township of Popple Grove Township of Rosedale Township of White Earth Trading Post Lake Trinity Lutheran Church Tulaby Creek Tulaby Lake Tulaby Lake Rest Area Tulaby Lookout Tower Twin Lakes Census Designated Place Unorganized Territory of Southeast Mahnomen (historical) Upper Camp Lake Wabaunaquat Boy Scout Camp Wadena Lake Waubun Waubun Waubun Cemetery Waubun Cemetery Waubun Fire Department Waubun High School Waubun Lake Waubun Police Department Waubun Post Office Waubun State Wildlife Management Area Wayside Park West Cranberry Lake Whiskey Creek White Earth Lake White Earth Lake Dam White Earth Reservation White Earth State Wildlife Management Area