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  • Magelssen Elementary
  • Fosston Secondary
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  • Super 8 Fosston
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    ZIP Code 56542 is located in Polk County (74.80%) Mahnomen County (25.20%)

    56542 Street Addresses

    120 St ((2601-2699)) 130th St ((2501-2699)) 146 St ((2501-2699)) 1st St E ((100-399)) 1st St NE ((400-999)) 220th Ave ((1000-1199)) 250 Ave ((1001-1240)) 290th Ave SE ((42501-42599)) 2nd St NE ((100-1099)) 2nd St NW ((100-598)) 2nd St SE ((101-499)) 2nd St SW ((100-399)) 300th Ave SE ((40301-42698)) 300th St ((33400-33898)) 310th Ave SE ((38201-45598)) 310th St ((33201-34299)) 310th St SE ((36501-39198)) 320th Ave SE ((37800-37998)) 320The Ave SE ((43300-43899)) 320th St SE ((36401-36499)) 325th Ave SE ((38700-38999)) 330th Ave ((36700-36798)) 330th Ave SE ((34700-43798)) 330th St SE ((33800-34299)) 335th Ave SE ((31001-39599)) 339th Ave SE ((45100-45398)) 340th Ave ((30101-43999)) 340th Ave SE ((36300-41599)) 340th St SE ((32800-34499)) 350th Ave ((33200-43499)) 350th Ave SE ((30501-45398)) 350th St SE ((34000-39599)) 355th St SE ((38501-42498)) 360th Ave ((37200-37298)) 360th Ave SE ((30501-45799)) 360th St SE ((33201-33598)) 365th St SE ((39300-39499)) 370th Ave SE ((38700-45498)) 370th St ((31800-36798)) 370th St SE ((31100-42798)) 375th Ave SE ((37300-37399)) 380 St SE ((34000-35998)) 380th Ave SE ((35601-43999)) 380th St ((36100-39498)) 380th St SE ((32200-32298)) 385th Ave ((39000-39098)) 385th Ave SE ((39601-39699)) 385th St SE ((31401-42499)) 390th Ave ((40400-40698)) 390th Ave SE ((35301-42598)) 390th St ((39000-39398)) 390th St SE ((35501-40998)) 393rd Ave SE ((44101-44199)) 395th Ave ((38400-38498)) 395th St ((38801-38899)) 395th St SE ((36901-38399)) 3rd St NE ((101-999)) 3rd St NW ((100-499)) 3rd St SE ((200-298)) 3rd St SW ((100-298)) 400th Ave SE ((41300-43498)) 400th St ((39500-39598)) 400th St SE ((32100-36099)) 405th Ave ((40401-40898)) 405th St SE ((42000-42399)) 410th Ave SE ((35900-43699)) 410th St ((39800-40398)) 410th St SE ((216-41598)) 420th Ave SE ((35001-38999)) 420th St SE ((40400-41899)) 425th St SE ((37400-37798)) 430th St ((34500-34598)) 430th St SE ((27200-39499)) 433rd St SE ((41101-41598)) 440th St ((34500-34598)) 440th St SE ((32301-37999)) 445th St SE ((29800-30199)) 450th St SE ((27300-36099)) 455th St SE ((34400-34498)) 4th St NE ((100-999)) 5th St NE ((500-999)) 6th St NE ((401-898)) 7th St NE ((400-599)) 8th St NE ((400-699)) 8th St NW ((100-598)) 9th St NW ((100-699)) Amber Ave ((100-199)) Amber Ave S ((101-199)) Co Hwy 1 ((216-41598)) Co Hwy 24 ((40301-43699)) Co Hwy 26 ((35001-38999)) Co Hwy 27 ((34600-40998)) Co Hwy 29 ((39300-42798)) Co Hwy 3 ((35100-37598)) Co Hwy 30 ((200-39599)) Co Hwy 31 ((30201-31299)) Co Hwy 32 ((43300-43899)) Co Hwy 35 ((33800-34299)) Co Hwy 4 ((44101-44199)) Co Hwy 5 ((101-33898)) Co Hwy 6 ((101-43999)) Colombia Rd ((34500-35998)) Columbia Rd ((500-38798)) Co Rd 124 ((2501-2799)) Co Rd 141 ((1100-1398)) Co Rd 2 ((1000-1199)) Co Rd 201 ((35500-43499)) Co Rd 202 ((31001-31599)) Co Rd 204 ((27300-27398)) Co Rd 24 ((40401-40898)) Co Rd 241 ((35001-38999)) Co Rd 3 ((1001-1298)) Co Rd 41 ((1100-1398)) Co St Aid Hwy 3 ((1001-1298)) Eaton Ave N ((100-999)) Grandstand Ct ((300-398)) Half Mile Rd ((38501-38599)) Hilligoss Blvd SE ((100-1099)) Hilligoss Blvd SW ((216-218)) Mary Ave N ((700-998)) N Amber Ave ((300-599)) N Brandt Ave ((100-599)) N Cedar St ((107-299)) N Cormontan Ave ((100-299)) N Dunlevy Ave ((100-599)) NE Cormontan Ave ((200-499)) N Elm St ((101-299)) N Foss Ave ((100-899)) N Granum Ave ((100-999)) N Hillestad Ave ((201-299)) N Inderlee Ave ((200-399)) N Johnson Ave ((101-499)) N Kaiser Ave ((100-299)) N Larson Ave ((100-499)) N Mark Ave ((116-899)) N Newton Ave ((100-899)) N Omland Ave ((200-299)) Northwood Ave ((801-899)) Park Pl ((100-199)) Polk Co Rd 241 ((35001-35198)) Prairie Pines Dr ((301-399)) Sather Dr ((100-299)) S Brandt Ave ((100-199)) S Cormontan Ave ((100-199)) S Dunlevy Ave ((100-199)) Se345th Ave ((33501-33599)) S Eaton Ave ((100-199)) Service Rd ((301-399)) S Foss Ave ((100-199)) S Granum Ave ((100-206)) S Hillestad Ave ((100-399)) S Inderlee Ave ((200-399)) S Johnson Ave ((201-399)) S Kaiser Ave ((100-299)) S Larson Ave ((100-199)) S Lohn Ave ((100-199)) S Mark Ave ((100-399)) S Newton Ave ((100-199)) Stephens Blvd ((400-498)) S Walnut St ((201-299)) T26 ((2501-2699)) T9 ((2601-2699)) US Hwy 2 ((100-40799)) US Hwy 2 E ((100-599)) US Hwy 2 SE ((30600-39498)) W 1st St ((100-599)) W Central Ave ((101-399)) W Pleasant Ave ((300-399))

    56542 Places and Attractions

    Agnes Lake Allen Lake Annawaush Lake Bethel Assembly Church Bethlehem Lutheran Church Cemetery Blair Lake Brandsvold State Wildlife Management Area Brandvold Cemetery Breed Lake Calvary Free Lutheran Church Camp Lake Castor State Wildlife Management Areas Chapek Lake City of Fosston City of Fosston Campground Countryside Mobile Home Park County Ditch Number Eightyfour County Ditch Number Eightythree County Ditch Number Fiftynine County Ditch Number Fortyeight County Ditch Number Fortynine County Ditch Number One Hundred Thirtythree Cross Lake Cross Lake Cemetery Cross Lake Cemetery Cross Lake Church Dakota Clinic Disrud Lake Duane Cemetery Duane Post Office (historical) Eastlund Lake East Polk Heritage Center Essentia Health Fosston Clinic and Hospital First Baptist Church First English Lutheran Church First Lake Foot State Wildlife Management Area Fosston Fosston Fosston Golf Club Fosston High School Fosston Library Fosston Municipal Airport Fosston Police Department Fosston Post Office Fosston United Methodist Church Fosston Volunteer Fire Department Frethem Lake Hansville Cemetery Haslie Lake Hasselton State Wildlife Management Area Hendrickson Lake Hill River State Wildlife Management Area Homme Lake Hope Lutheran Church Horseshoe Lake Hovland State Wildlife Management Area Johnson Rest Home Kelly Lake Ketchum Lake Kingo Cemetery Kingo Lutheran Church KKCQ-AM (Fosston) KKCQ-FM (Fosston) Kroening Lake Kroening State Wildlife Management Area La Duc Lake Landstad Cemetery Landsverk Cemetery Lavoi State Wildlife Management Area Lee Lake Lindberg Slough Little Vanose Lake Long Lake Magelssen Elementary School Mamre Cemetery Melland Lake Melland Park Midway Care Center Mule John Lake Munter Lake Myhre Lake Newton Lake North Connection Lake North Duane Cemetery Oakland School Ouff Lake Overby Lake Perch Lake Perch Lake Pine Hill School Poplar Lake Poplar Lake Cemetery Poplar Lake Church Poplar River Cemetery Queen Cemetery Queen Township Cemetery Rikansrud Lake Rosehill Cemetery Sagaiigan State Wildlife Management Area Saint Mary's Church Saint Peter Church Sand Hill Camp Sand Hill Chapel Sand Hill Church Sand Hill Lake Sand Hill Lake Sand Hill Lake Dam Sawmill Lake Second Lake Shay Lake Simonson Lake Skunk Lake Sletten Post Office (historical) Snetsinger Lake Solbery Lake Sorby Lake South Connection Lake South Lake Store Lake Strand Lake Syverson Lake Theodore Post Office (historical) Third Lake Tilberg County Park Township of Brandsvold Township of Columbia Township of Heier Township of Queen Township of Rosebud Township of Sletten Trinity Lutheran Church Turtle Lake Underberg Lake Volden Lake West View Court Whitefish Lake