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Tower ZIP Codes


55790 Schools


  • Vermilion Country School
  • Tower-Soudan Secondary
  • Tower-Soudan Elementary
  • Census


    ZIP Code 55790 is located in St. Louis County

    55790 Street Addresses

    4th Ave ((37-99)) Adler St ((253-399)) Alder Ln ((80000-80098)) Angus Rd ((1100-9499)) Armstrong Bay Rd ((2001-4798)) Arrowhead Pt Rd ((4200-4499)) Bayview Dr ((2000-2099)) Big Rock Rd ((4400-4499)) Birch Point Rd ((2100-2599)) Birch Rock Rd ((2201-2399)) Birch St ((1-4099)) Birch St N ((1200-1299)) Birchwood Ln ((1900-1999)) Birck Rock Rd ((2301-2399)) Bois Forte Rd ((1300-5899)) Bradley Rd ((4500-4599)) Breezy Point R ((3300-3498)) Breezy Point Rd ((3200-3599)) Carol Ln ((5800-5899)) Cedar St ((100-899)) Cemetary Rd ((1401-1499)) Cemetery Rd ((1401-1499)) Clover Point Rd ((4000-4099)) Co Hwy 126 ((300-399)) Co Hwy 26 ((5500-6798)) Co Hwy 526 ((5800-5899)) Co Hwy 77 ((1100-9499)) Co Rd 115 ((6300-6498)) Co Rd 26 ((5701-6146)) Co Rd 304 ((6900-7199)) Co Rd 409 ((9100-9298)) Co Rd 410 ((6201-6599)) Co Rd 411 ((8500-9099)) Co Rd 412 ((1000-9499)) Co Rd 413 ((1200-5899)) Co Rd 414 ((1700-1899)) Co Rd 415 ((4200-4499)) Co Rd 438 ((601-6899)) Co Rd 455 ((3700-3798)) Co Rd 458 ((1101-1199)) Co Rd 467 ((6500-6899)) Co Rd 476 ((1101-9399)) Co Rd 526 ((6101-6399)) Co Rd 551 ((6800-6899)) Co Rd 567 ((6501-6899)) Co Rd 651 ((2101-2235)) Co Rd 652 ((6700-6799)) Co Rd 674 ((3200-3498)) Co Rd 676 ((3500-3699)) Co Rd 697 ((5554-5899)) Co Rd 77 ((1100-9499)) Co Rd 807 ((8300-8599)) Co Rd 929 ((4401-44399)) Co Rd 949 ((4500-4599)) Cottage Ln ((2001-2099)) Daisy Beach Rd ((3100-3199)) Dodge Point Rd ((3600-3699)) Door Rd ((6700-6799)) Duffy Point Rd ((1300-1399)) Eagle Point Rd ((1600-1698)) Eales Dr ((1000-5899)) E Armstrong Bay Rd ((2001-4798)) Echo Point Rd ((4001-5899)) E Mallard Dr ((1400-1599)) End of Trail Ln ((4200-4299)) Everett Bay Rd ((1700-1899)) Everett Bay Rd S ((1800-1899)) Everett Rd N ((1701-1899)) Everett Rd S ((1800-1899)) Factosade ((3500-3599)) Farm Point Rd N ((1500-1599)) Farm Rd ((1500-1599)) Farm Rd N ((1500-1599)) Farm Rd S ((1601-1699)) Fectos Rd ((3500-3699)) Fectos Rd E ((3500-3599)) Flaim Rd ((6500-6899)) Glenmore Dr ((1001-1013)) Glenmore Rd ((1001-1099)) Gold Mine Cir ((4100-4198)) Gruben Cir ((80001-80099)) Gruben Rd ((1200-5836)) Gunderson Rd ((5500-5725)) Hard Hat Rd ((1600-1699)) Hatchery Rd ((9300-9398)) Hearthside Dr ((6201-9499)) Hilda Rd ((6800-6899)) Hill Rd ((6200-6299)) Hoel Cir ((4100-4198)) Holter Rd ((1101-9399)) Hoodoo Point Rd ((5500-5899)) Isle of Pines Dr ((4300-4399)) Jarnstrom Rd ((4000-4099)) Jasper St ((2-99)) Jeranson Rd ((5501-5599)) Junction Rd ((5300-5499)) Karjala Rd ((6600-6698)) Kent Rd ((6501-6899)) Koski Rd ((6401-6799)) Lagoon Rd ((1100-1199)) Lake Ave N ((5700-5799)) Lake Ave S ((5700-5799)) Lake Vermilion Reservation Rd ((1200-1398)) Lake Vermilion Res Rd ((1500-1699)) Lake Vermillion Reservation Rd ((1300-1699)) Lakeview Ln ((1601-1699)) Lautigar Rd ((1200-1298)) Ledge Rd ((4401-4499)) Lempia Rd ((8400-8598)) Lost Lake Rd ((1101-1199)) Main St ((10-899)) Manitou Park Rd ((1000-9499)) Manitou Rd ((1089-9499)) McKinley Park Acres Rd ((1400-1699)) McKinley Park Rd ((1300-1399)) Miettunen Plat Rd ((5513-5599)) Mihelich Point Rd ((4700-4799)) Moccasin Point Rd ((4401-4632)) Moccasin Pt Rd ((4401-44399)) N 2nd St ((200-799)) N 3rd St ((100-899)) N Ahlstrand Rd ((8200-8599)) Nelson Rd ((4200-4299)) Nisen Dr ((3301-3399)) Northland Ln ((4600-4699)) North Rd ((1800-1899)) Norway Rd ((2401-2499)) Norway St ((101-299)) Old Cemetery Rd ((8400-8499)) Old Hwy 77 ((2000-4699)) Partridge Dr ((4700-4799)) Pike Bay Dr ((6101-6399)) Pike River Rd ((601-6899)) Pines St ((701-799)) Pine St ((200-5699)) Poirier Rd ((6900-7199)) Poplar St ((201-399)) Puncher Point Rd ((5700-5899)) Resvn Hwy 40 ((1300-1399)) Resvn Hwy 42 ((1500-1599)) Rivers Rd ((9100-9298)) Robert Rd ((1101-1199)) S 2nd St ((200-699)) S 3rd St ((400-599)) Saint Odilia Beach Rd ((9100-9499)) S Farm Rd ((1600-1699)) Sherman Rd ((5400-5498)) Six Mile Lake Rd ((4100-4198)) Skogman Dr ((1300-61498)) Skogman Rd ((1300-61498)) South St ((1-98)) Spruce St ((501-599)) St Anthony Beach Rd ((9401-9499)) State Hwy 1 ((300-7198)) State Hwy 135 ((6952-9499)) State Hwy 169 ((300-6860)) St Louis County Rd 500 ((11190-11376)) Strandlie Ln ((3200-3299)) Sundling Rd ((3700-3798)) Sunset Rd ((3000-3099)) Swamp Rd ((501-1599)) Swieringa Rd ((8401-8599)) Tarkman Rd ((6201-6599)) Thomas Rd ((3201-3399)) Tibbets Trl ((1300-1399)) Turtle Bay Rd ((4700-4798)) Twp Rd 4136 ((2100-2599)) Twp Rd 4543 ((5501-5599)) Twp Rd 4546 ((8400-8598)) Twp Rd 4547 ((8401-8599)) Twp Rd 4548 ((8400-8499)) Twp Rd 4549 ((6200-6299)) Twp Rd 4550 ((6401-6799)) Twp Rd 4599 ((5400-5498)) US Hwy 53 ((2301-2433)) Wahlsten Rd ((5500-6798)) W Duffy Point Rd ((1200-12780)) Wein Rd ((11190-11377)) Welles Rd ((1000-1099)) Westhaven Dr ((1900-1999)) Wettstein Rd ((3500-3599)) Whiskey Point Rd ((1500-61598)) Wilderness Trl ((3500-3599)) Wilson Point Rd ((4501-4599)) Winston Rd ((6201-9498)) Wiseman Rd ((8500-9099)) W Mallard Dr ((1400-1599)) Woods Rd ((4700-4798)) W Two Rd ((5800-5899))

    55790 Places and Attractions

    Adolf Lake Alepo Island Arrowhead Point Astrid Creek Astrid Lake Barefoot Lake Bass Bay Battle Lake Bear Creek Bear Lake Bellow Creek Bezhik Creek Bezhik Lake Big Bay Big Moose Lake Birch Island Birch Island Birch Point Black Duck Bay Black Duck Island Black Duck Point Blue Heron Island Bois Forte Heritage Center Bootleg Lake Boulder Lake Breezy Point Buck Creek Buck Lake Buckshot Lake Burntside State Forest Buzzard Island Bystrom Bay Cable Bay Canfield Portage Canfield Portage Bay Canthook Lake Carol Creek Carson Lake Post Office (historical) Carson Station Chad Lake Cherry Island City of Tower Clark Lake Cold Springs Camp Color Creek Comet Island Crab Lake Cramer Island Crellin Creek Cummings Lake Daisy Bay Daisy Island Dog Island Dollar Island Duffy Island Dugout Lake Duluth Clinic-Tower Dunaway Island East Two River Echo Point Ely Island Equay Island Everetts Bay Everetts Point Fectos Point Fiver Lake Five Sisters Islands Foolsgold Lake Foss Lake Glenmore Creek Glenmore Lake Glimmer Lake Gordons Creek Gowan Lake Grassy Point Greenwood Bay Greenwood Township Volunteer Fire Department Gull Rock Gustafson Creek Gustafson Lake Hassel Lake Hay Lake Hendrickson Island Hilda Creek Hoodoo Point Hoodoo Point Campground Hoyt Island Immaculate Lutheran Church Irons Point Seaplane Base Isle of Pines Jackrabbit Island J B Island Jeanette State Forest Knotts Island Korb Lake Lake Alf Lake Crellin Lake Lon Lakeview Cemetery Lehtinen Creek Limpy Creek Little Crab Lake Little East Creek Little Pony River Little Trout Lake Long Island Lost Lake Lunetta Lake Marvins Creek Matson Island Mattson Bay Maude Creek McKinley Park Meat Lake Merritt Lake Moccasin Point Moose Island Moose Lake Moose Lake Mud Creek Mud Creek Bay Muskrat Channel Neesh Lake Neewin Lake Nigh Creek Nigh Lake Nisswi Lake North American Mine North Arm Trout Lake Norway Creek Norway Lookout Tower Norway Point Nyberg Island Old Vermilion Lake Cemetery Old Vermilion Trail and Winton City Historical Marker Oriniack Lake Otter Lake Owens Creek Paradise Island Pauline Lake Peanut Island Peils Vermillion Wings Seaplane Base Peyla Peyla Post Office (historical) Phantom Creek Phantom Lake Pike Bay Pike River Pike River Dam Pike River Falls Pike River Flowage Pike River Lake Pine Creek Pine Island Pine Lake Portage Bay Potato Island President McKinley Point of Interest Princess Lake Puncher Point Raspberry Island Rivers Saca Lake Saint James Presbyterian Church Saint Martins Catholic Church Saint Marys Island Saint Paul Island Schlamn Lake School Number 40 Screwgee Creek Serenade Lake Seven Sisters Islands Sioux Falls Sioux Pine Island Sioux River Campground Soroll Lake Soudan Station Spider Island Spike Horn Creek Sprite Lake Steamboat Island Stonich Island Stony Island Strawberry Island Stuntz Bay Sunset Island Swedetown Bay Tamarack Lake Taylor Island Teds Creek The Narrows The Wilderness Golf Course Tidbit Lake Timber Island Tower Tower City Hall Tower Fire Department and Ambulance Service Tower Junction Tower Municipal Airport Tower Park Tower Police Department Tower Post Office Tower-Soudan Junior-Senior High School Tower Station (historical) Tower Wayside Park Township of Greenwood Township of Vermilion Lake Triumph Creek Triumph Lake Trout Lake Trout Rock Twin Island Unorganized Territory of Crab Lake (historical) Urho Creek Van Vac Lake Vermilion Lake Vermilion Lake Cemetery Vermilion Lake Segment Vermillion Lake Fire Department Wail Lake West Bay Western Lake West Two River Whisky Island Windy Island Windy Point Wolf Bay Wolf Creek Wolf Lake