Finland, MN 55603 ZIP Code Map


Finland ZIP Codes


ZIP Code 55603 is located in Lake County

55603 Street Addresses

Airbase Rd ((207-7499)) Baptism Ln ((5201-5299)) Breezy Ln ((6700-6799)) Camp 26 Rd ((6800-6998)) Cloquet Lake Rd ((6800-6898)) Co Hwy 4 ((6101-6399)) Co Hwy 7 ((1-9598)) Co Hwy 8 ((6901-7298)) Co Rd 6 ((1-6099)) Co Rd 7 ((8230-8298)) Co Rd 701 ((4901-5199)) Co Rd 8 ((6901-6999)) Correll Rd ((4700-4798)) Cramer Rd ((1-9499)) Cranberry Rd ((6200-6298)) Crooked Lake Rd ((0-98)) Crown Creek Rd ((3201-7298)) Crown Creek Spr ((4500-7299)) Forest Rte 102 ((6800-8399)) Forest Rte 106 ((2300-56498)) Forest Rte 166 ((7200-7298)) Forest Rte 172 ((5200-5298)) Fredrickson Ln ((0-56799)) Hart St ((2-8199)) Heffelfinger Rd ((4701-5199)) Laurel Ln ((5200-5299)) Lax Lake Rd ((6101-6399)) Leskinen Rd ((6700-6799)) Little Marais Rd ((1-6099)) Maple Leaf Ln ((5100-5199)) Mattson Rd ((2-5498)) McDougal Lake Rd ((2300-56498)) Minnesota 1 ((5201-5207)) Nikolai Rd ((5800-5899)) Ninemile Ridge Rd ((8000-8098)) Nine Mile Ridge Rd ((6701-8098)) N McDougal Ln ((2300-2499)) Park Hill Rd ((5600-6799)) Pebble Ln ((1-6799)) Riverside Dr ((1-6799)) Roses Rd ((6500-6698)) Salveson Rd ((1-6899)) Silver Hill Dr ((1-5299)) Sister Lake Rd ((0-98)) Snake Trl ((8301-8399)) Sonju Lake Rd ((5901-6299)) S Silver Hill Dr ((6701-6799)) State Hwy 1 ((409-9322)) State Hwy 61 ((6107-6397)) Stenberg Rd ((5200-7298)) Thompson Rd ((6701-6799)) Thousand Hills Rd ((6800-6998)) Thunder Rd ((6700-6798)) Timberline Trl ((1-6599)) Two Island River Rd ((7200-7298)) Two Moose Trl ((6800-7198)) USFS Hwy 7 ((5200-5298)) Wanless Rd ((5200-5298)) W Hill Park Rd ((101-5699)) White Pine Rd ((1-4799)) Whyte Rd ((8301-8399))

55603 Places and Attractions

Alger Lake Amenda Creek Art Lake Artlip Lake Balsam Creek Balsam Lake Baptism Crossing Beany Creek Besho Lake Blesener Creek Blesener Lake Bluebill Lake Bonanza Lake Bone Lake Cabin Creek Cabin Lake Camp Buckskin Canal Lake Caribou Falls Charity Lake Cliff Lake Coffee Lake Coyote Creek Cramer Cramer Homestead Lake Cramer Lake Crooked Lake Crosscut Lake Cross River Lake Cross River Number Three Dam Crown Creek Dam Five Lake Dam Five Lake Dam Divide Lake Divide Lake Campground Doyle Lake Driller Lake Dumbbell Lake Dumbell Lake Picnic Area East Branch Baptism River East Lake Echo Lake Egge Creek Egge Lake Ferman Lake Finland Finland Air Force Station Finland Air Force Station (historical) Finland Cemetery Finland Census Designated Place Finland Lookout Tower Finland State Forest Finland Volunteer Fire Department Fool Hen Lake Fourmile Creek Fry Creek Fulton Creek George H Crosby Manitou State Park Gertrude Lake Goldeneye Lake Hare Lake Harriet Creek Harriet Lake Harry Creek Hogback Lake Hogback Lake Recreation Site Hoist Creek Hoist Lake Houghtaling Creek Jouppi Lake Junction Creek Kowalski Lake Lake Twentythree Landa Creek Leskinen Creek Leskinen Lake Little Wilson Lake Lookout Lake Lost Lake Lupus Lake Manitou Junction Maple Martin Creek Mary Ann Creek McDougal Lake McDougal Lake Dam McDougal Lakes McDougal Lakes Campground Meme Lake Moose Lake Moosewalk Snowmobile Trail Morris Lake Mound Lake Murphy City Ninemile Campground Ninemile Creek Ninemile Lake Organ Lake Organ Lake Osier Creek Outlaw Lake Paccini Lake Peabody Hill Pearl Lake Peavey Lake Phantom Lake Rock Cut Creek Rocky Shores Campground Round Island Lake Sawmill Creek Scarp Lake Schoolhouse Creek Scott Lake Section Eight Lake Shoepack Lake Silver Island Lake Sister Lake Slade Lake Sonju Lake Source Lake South Branch Manitou River South Greenwood Creek South Wigwam Lake Spur End Creek Spur Lake Steer Lake Tanner Lake Thunderbird Lake T Lake Tord Creek Tord Lake Township of Crystal Bay Twin Lakes Unorganized Territory of Lake Number 1 Vivian Lake Wanless Wanless Creek Wenho Creek West Branch Baptism River Whitefish Lake Wigwam Lake Wilbur Creek Wildhurst Campgrounds Wilson Creek Wilson Lake Wilson Lake Wilson Lake Dam Windy Lake Winter Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church