Minneapolis, MN 55411 ZIP Code Map


55411 Schools


  • Hmong International Academy
  • Urban League Academy Elementary
  • Broadway Arts & Technology
  • Nellie Stone Johnson Elementary
  • Early Childhood Assessment/Special
  • Hall International
  • Plymouth Youth Center
  • Ecse
  • North Senior High
  • Bethune Elementary
  • Prestige Academy Charter School
  • Unity Campus
  • Academy Of North Minneapolis
  • Bright Water Elementary
  • Best Academy
  • Metro Tech Academy
  • New Millenium Academy Charter Sch
  • Woodson Institute For Excellence Ch
  • Four Directions Charter Schools
  • Harvest Prep School-Seed Academy
  • Census



    ZIP Code 55411 is located in Hennepin County

    55411 Street Addresses

    10th Ave N ((500-1399)) 11th Ave N ((500-1699)) 12th 1/2 Ave N ((2000-2099)) 12th Ave N ((601-2899)) 13th Ave N ((1300-1499)) 14th Ave N ((100-2999)) 15th Ave N ((200-2199)) 16th Ave N ((100-2999)) 17th Ave N ((1-2999)) 18th Ave N ((2-2999)) 21st Ave N ((100-2999)) 22nd Ave N ((1-1699)) 23rd Ave N ((300-2799)) 24th Ave N ((100-2799)) 25th Ave N ((300-2199)) 26th Ave N ((1-2899)) 27th Ave N ((1-2799)) 28th Ave N ((1-399)) 29th Ave N ((200-2999)) 30th Ave N ((1-2999)) 31st Ave N ((1-1099)) 3rd St N ((1300-1499)) 5th St N ((1-1199)) 6th St N ((1100-3199)) 7th Ave N ((600-1399)) 8th Ave N ((500-2899)) Aldrich Ave N ((301-3199)) Banneker Ave N ((1200-1299)) Barnes Pl ((1400-1499)) Barrier Sidewalk ((2655-2708)) Boardwalk Ave ((1301-1399)) Boardwalk Pl ((1300-1399)) Bryant Ave N ((600-2999)) Colfax Ave N ((600-3199)) Co Rd 152 ((2300-3199)) Co Rd 153 ((1-2999)) Co Rd 2 ((600-3199)) Co Rd 81 ((2044-3099)) Dupont Ave N ((600-3199)) Elizabeth Ln ((700-799)) Elwood Ave N ((600-899)) Emerson Ave N ((2600-3199)) Farwell Ave ((2500-2999)) Farwell Pl ((2500-2599)) Ferrant Pl ((2300-2499)) Fremont Ave N ((901-3199)) Girard Ave N ((1300-3199)) Givens Ln ((700-799)) Golden Valley Rd ((1300-2999)) Hall Curve ((1400-1599)) Hall Ln ((500-699)) Harry Davis Ln ((600-699)) Hillside Ave N ((1500-2199)) Humboldt Ave N ((700-3199)) Ilion Ave N ((2000-2499)) Interstate Hwy 94 ((600-799)) Irving Ave N ((700-3199)) James Ave N ((600-3199)) Knox Ave N ((900-3199)) Logan Ave N ((600-3199)) Lowry Ave N ((1-2999)) Lyn Curve Ave N ((1600-1799)) Lyndale Ave N ((1-3199)) Lyndale Pl ((701-799)) Lyn Park Ave N ((501-1799)) Lyn Park Cir N ((500-599)) Lyn Park Ln N ((500-599)) McNair Ave N ((2200-2999)) Morgan Ave N ((600-3199)) N 2nd St ((1000-3199)) N 3rd St ((2200-3199)) N 4th St ((1800-3199)) N 6th St ((2900-3199)) N 7th St ((600-1299)) Napco Ave ((500-599)) N Emerson Ave ((600-2599)) Newton Ave N ((101-3199)) New York Ave N ((1800-1899)) N Knox Ave N ((1900-1999)) N Pacific St ((2600-3099)) N Willow Ave ((1900-2199)) Oak Lake Ave ((600-999)) Oak Park Ave N ((1500-2999)) Oliver Ave N ((600-3199)) Olson Hwy Svc Rd ((1800-2699)) Olson Memorial Hwy ((300-2098)) Penn Ave N ((600-3199)) Plymouth Ave N ((1-2999)) Prentice Ln ((700-799)) Printice Ln ((700-799)) Queen Ave N ((1-3699)) River Pointe Ln ((2300-2499)) Russell Ave N ((600-3199)) Service Rd ((901-999)) Sheridan Ave N ((600-3199)) Skyline Curve ((1800-1898)) Skyline Curve Ave ((1800-1999)) State Hwy 55 ((400-2098)) Sumner Cti ((800-899)) Thomas Ave N ((600-3199)) Thomas Pl N ((1600-1799)) Upton Ave N ((600-3199)) Van White Ln ((1400-1499)) Van White Memorial Blvd ((601-699)) Vincent Ave N ((600-16199)) Walton Pl ((2300-2399)) Washburn Ave N ((800-3199)) Washington Ave N ((1300-3199)) Waycliffe Cir ((300-499)) W Broadway Ave ((1-3099)) W Lyndale Ave N ((100-599)) W River Rd N ((1300-2399)) W River Rd W ((1300-1398)) Xerxes Ave N ((1300-2999))

    55411 Places and Attractions

    Afrocentric Education Academy Ascension Church Ascension School Barnes Park Berean Missionary Baptist Church Bethel Lutheran Church Bethune Elementary School Broadway Education Place School Broadway High School Broadway Shopping Center Childrens Academy North Community Covenant Church Connection Center School Cottage Park Fairview Park Faith Tabernacle Gospel Church Family Baptist Church Farwell Park First Church of God in Christ First Community Baptist Church Four Directions Charter Schools Franklin Junior High School (historical) Franklin Middle School Glen Gale Park Grace Temple Church of God In Christ Grant School Hall Elementary School Hall Park Harvest Preparatory School / Seed Academy Hawthorne School Hay School He is Risen Church of God in Christ Hmong Academy Hobbs Field Holding Forth the Word of Life Church Holsey Memorial Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Interchange 229 Interchange 230 Jordan Junior High School Jordan New Life Community Church Jordan Park Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses Lincoln Elementary School Lincoln Junior High School Lovell Square Lowell School Lutheran School Minneapolis Believers in Chirst Church Minneapolis Fire Department Station 4 Mount Vernon Missionary Baptist Church Nellie Stone Johnson Elementary School North Commons North Community High School North High School North Senior High School North Star Elementary School Parkway United Church of Christ Plymouth Youth Center Alternative High School Prairie Seeds Academy Right Step Academy Saint Andrews Episcopal Church Saint Anne School Saint Annes Church Saint Johns Baptist Church Saint Joseph Hien Church Saint Philips Catholic Church Saint Philip the Deacon Lutheran Church Sumner Field Sunset Hill Tabernacle of Praise Church Trinity Tabernacle True Vine Missionary Baptist Church Urban Life Christian Center Church Wayman African Methodist Episcopal Church Willard Elementary School Woodland Institute for Excellence School World Harvest Christian Church Zion Baptist Church