Minneapolis, MN 55406 ZIP Code Map


55406 Schools


  • Anishinabe Academy
  • Wellstone International High
  • Sullivan Elementary
  • Northrop Elementary
  • Mps D/Hh
  • Dowling Elementary
  • Seward Elementary
  • Sanford Middle
  • Roosevelt Senior High
  • Hiawatha Elementary
  • Lighthouse Academy Of Nations
  • Friendship Acdmy Of Fine Arts Chtr.
  • Leadership Academy
  • Minnesota Transitions Alp
  • Mts High School
  • Minnesota Transitions Middle
  • Minnesota Transitions Charter Elem
  • Census



    ZIP Code 55406 is located in Hennepin County

    55406 Street Addresses

    232nd St ((2401-2461)) 24th Ave S ((900-4299)) 25th Ave S ((900-4299)) 26th Ave S ((900-4299)) 27th Ave S ((900-4799)) 28th Ave ((2000-4799)) 29th Ave S ((900-4799)) 30th Ave S ((800-4799)) 31st Ave S ((2000-4799)) 32nd Ave S ((2100-4799)) 33rd Ave S ((2200-4799)) 34th Ave S ((2400-4799)) 35th Ave S ((2300-4799)) 36th Ave S ((2500-4799)) 37th Ave S ((2400-4799)) 38th Ave S ((2500-4799)) 39th Ave S ((2500-4299)) 40th Ave S ((2600-4499)) 41st Ave S ((2700-4599)) 42nd Ave S ((2700-4699)) 43rd Ave S ((2800-4699)) 44th Ave S ((2800-4699)) 45th Ave S ((2900-4699)) 46th Ave S ((2900-4699)) 47th Ave S ((3000-4599)) 48th Ave S ((3000-3899)) 9th St S ((2801-2999)) Burton Ln ((4100-4199)) Coffey Ln ((4600-4799)) Coffman Ln ((4100-4199)) Co Rd 38 ((2300-4899)) Co Rd 48 ((900-4799)) Co Rd 5 ((2250-3399)) Co Rd 54 ((2000-4799)) Crosby Pl ((3400-3699)) Dight Ave ((3400-4299)) Dorman Ave S ((2600-2999)) Dowling St ((4600-4899)) E 22nd St ((2300-3199)) E 24th St ((2250-3699)) E 25th St ((2200-3899)) E 26th St ((2200-4099)) E 27th St ((2700-4199)) E 28th St ((2600-4299)) E 29th St ((2600-4599)) E 31st St ((2700-4799)) E 32nd St ((2300-4899)) E 33rd St ((2300-4899)) E 34th St ((2300-4899)) E 35th St ((2300-4699)) E 36th 1/2 St ((2300-2399)) E 36th St ((2300-4799)) E 37th St ((2300-4899)) E 38th St ((2300-4899)) E 39th St ((2300-4599)) E 40th St ((1800-4599)) E 41st St ((1801-4599)) E 42nd St ((2300-4899)) E 43rd St ((1800-4599)) E 44th St ((2700-4799)) E 45th St ((2800-4799)) E 46th St ((2800-4699)) E 47th St ((2700-3799)) Edmund Blvd ((3800-4599)) Edmund Blvd S ((3200-3799)) E Franklin Ave ((2250-3399)) E Lake St ((1-4999)) E Minnehaha Pkwy ((2700-4099)) Folwell Dr ((4600-4899)) Ford Pkwy ((4600-4899)) Franklin Ter ((800-1998)) Glabe Ln ((4600-4699)) Godfrey Pkwy ((4000-4064)) Godfrey Rd ((4100-4999)) Hiawatha Ave ((2300-5199)) Isabel Ave ((4700-4999)) Minneapolis Ave S ((2100-2399)) Minnehaha Ave ((2600-4799)) Morrill Ln ((4000-4199)) Nawadaha Blvd ((4000-4599)) Nokomis Ave S ((3900-4799)) Northrop Dr ((4700-4899)) Park Ter ((3400-3499)) Riverside Pkwy ((2600-2699)) S 31st Ave ((3900-3998)) S 9th St ((2213-2699)) Seabury Ave S ((2000-2599)) Snelling Ave S ((3000-4599)) State Hwy 55 ((2300-5199)) W River Pkwy ((2400-4599))

    55406 Places and Attractions

    Anne Sullivan Communication Center Apostolic Faith Church Bethany Lutheran Church Bethany Lutheran Church Bethesda Church Bethlehem Covenant Church Brackett Field Bread of Life Lutheran Church for the Deaf Breck School Central Community Church Christ Church Communication Arts Senior High School Cooper School Dowling Elementary School Dowling School Emmanuel Tabernacle Ericsson School Ethiopian Orthodox Church of Our Savior Faith Mennonite Church First Church of God First Free Methodist Church Hiawatha Elementary School Hiawatha School Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Howe School Indian Fellowship Assembly of God Church Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses Longfellow Community School Longfellow Field Longfellow School Minneapolis Fire Department Station 21 Minnehaha Academy Minnehaha Academy - North Campus Minnehaha Academy - South Campus Minnehaha Communion Lutheran Church Minnehaha Mall Shopping Center Minnehaha United Church of Christ Minnesota Transitions Charter School Minnesota Transitions Middle School Minnesota Transitions Schools - Communication Arts High School Mississippi Park Northrop Elementary School Oromo Lutheran Church Our Redeemer Lutheran Church Parkway Plaza Shopping Center Providence United Ministries Church of God in Christ Riverside Park Roosevelt High School Saint Albert School Saint Albert the Great Church Saint Helena Catholic Church Saint Helena Catholic School Saint Helena School Saint James African Methodist Episcopal Church Saint Peters Lutheran Church Sandford Junior High School Sanford Middle School Seven Oaks Park Seward Montessori School Seward Park Seward School Sheltering Arms Hospital Shower of Blessings Church Sullivan Elementary School Transitions Senior High School Victory in the Truth Church Vietnamese Alliance Church