Saint Paul, MN 55104 ZIP Code Map


55104 Schools


  • Alc Connections
  • Early Ed Obama
  • Riverside Options
  • Four Seasons Elementary
  • Leap High School
  • Obama Service Learning Elementary
  • Maxfield Magnet Elementary
  • Hancock/Hamline Magnet Elementary
  • Galtier Magnet Elementary
  • Central Senior High
  • Gordon Parks High School
  • Hill Montessori
  • Hancock Learning Center
  • Maxfield Learning Center
  • Obama Learning Center
  • A. G. A. P. E. Teen Parent
  • College Preparatory Elementary
  • Long Tieng Academy
  • Dugsi Academy
  • Twin Cities German Immersion Chrtr
  • Higher Ground Academy
  • 55104 Hotels

  • Days Inn St. Paul-Minneapolis-Midway
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    ZIP Code 55104 is located in Ramsey County

    55104 Street Addresses

    Albert St N ((100-199)) Ann Arbor St ((2100-2298)) Ashland Ave ((1300-2099)) Aurora Ave ((600-1099)) Beacon St ((300-598)) Beverly Rd ((2201-2698)) Bigelow Ave ((1100-1398)) Carroll Ave ((1700-1799)) Charles Ave ((1800-2098)) Charlotte St ((800-1098)) Chelton Ave ((1800-2098)) Clayland Pl ((1800-1998)) Clayland St ((700-899)) Clifford St ((500-798)) Co Hwy 46 ((2-2080)) Concordia Ave ((600-1898)) Cretin Ave N ((200-500)) Cretin Ave S ((1-299)) Cromwell Ave ((500-699)) Curfew St ((400-698)) Dale St N ((300-454)) Dayton Ave ((620-1099)) Desnoyer Ave ((400-798)) Dewey St ((300-499)) Doane Ave ((501-2598)) Donohue Ave ((1100-1398)) E 5th St ((300-310)) E Bearskin Rd ((65-99)) E Lynnhurst Ave ((400-598)) Emerald St SE ((400-499)) Englewood Ave ((1300-1899)) Eustis St ((400-699)) Exeter Pl ((1-299)) Fairview Ave N ((200-999)) Feronia Ave ((1800-2098)) Fry St ((300-499)) Fuller Ave ((500-1099)) Gilbert Ave ((300-2298)) Glendale St ((400-698)) Hague Ave ((680-1899)) Hamline Ave ((101-199)) Hamline Ave N ((701-898)) Herschel St ((300-598)) Hewitt Ave ((1100-2099)) Holton St ((700-1098)) Iglehart Ave ((620-2199)) Iris Pl ((1-99)) Laurel Ave ((1300-1398)) Lexington Pkwy N ((300-499)) Marshall Ave ((622-2498)) Merriam Ln ((1900-2099)) Minnehaha Ave W ((1400-1499)) Mississippi River Blvd N ((300-698)) Montrose Pl ((100-398)) N Albert St ((1-999)) N Aldine St ((1-999)) Naples St NE ((8801-9022)) N Asbury St ((200-898)) N Avon St ((1-998)) N Chatsworth St ((1-899)) N Cleveland Ave ((2-798)) N Dewey St ((1-399)) N Dunlap St ((1-899)) N Fairview Ave ((301-499)) N Ferdinand St ((300-498)) N Finn St ((100-598)) N Fisk St ((100-598)) N Fry St ((1-1098)) N Griggs St ((1-899)) N Grotto St ((1-898)) N Hamline Ave ((1-1099)) N Herschel St ((1-399)) N Howell St ((1-998)) N Lexington Pkwy ((1-1099)) N Milton St ((1-899)) N Mississippi River Blvd ((1-298)) N Moore St ((1-498)) N Oxford St ((1-899)) N Pascal St ((1-899)) N Pierce St ((1-598)) N Prior Ave ((1-1098)) N Roy St ((300-598)) N Saratoga St ((1-298)) N Schuneman Ave ((100-199)) N Simpson St ((400-799)) N St Albans St ((351-898)) N Syndicate St ((1-898)) N Victoria St ((1-998)) N Wheeler St ((1-899)) N Wilder St ((1-598)) Oakley Ave ((1-198)) Old Rondo Ave ((600-858)) Otis Ave ((1-798)) Otis Ln ((1-99)) Pelham Blvd ((200-799)) Pennock Ave ((1900-1999)) Pierce Butler Rte ((601-999)) Pillsbury St ((500-2399)) Portland Ave ((1200-1299)) Raymond Ave ((400-698)) Riverwood Pl ((2100-2299)) Roblyn Ave ((1400-1499)) Roy St N ((301-499)) Saint Albans St N ((1-350)) Selby Ave ((620-2299)) Sherburne Ave ((600-1798)) Shields Ave ((1500-1998)) Short Line St ((800-999)) Simpson St ((800-999)) Snelling Ave ((1-1299)) Snelling Ave N ((901-999)) St Anthony Ave ((620-2599)) State Hwy 51 ((1-1299)) State Hwy 55 ((1910-2098)) Tatum St ((700-998)) University Ave ((615-2799)) University Ave W ((615-2799)) US Hwy 212 ((1100-2498)) US Hwy 52 ((620-2799)) W Ashland Ave ((600-1299)) W Blair Ave ((620-1899)) W Carroll Ave ((600-2298)) W Central Ave ((525-1199)) W Charles Ave ((620-1798)) W Dayton Ave ((1000-2399)) W Edmund Ave ((620-1798)) W Englewood Ave ((700-1399)) W Frontenac Pl ((400-798)) W Hewitt Pl ((1801-1899)) W Holly Ave ((600-899)) W Hubbard Ave ((700-1899)) Wilder St ((400-498)) W Lafond Ave ((620-1998)) W Laurel Ave ((600-2099)) W Lynnhurst Ave ((400-999)) W Minnehaha Ave ((300-2098)) W Pierce Butler Rte ((600-2098)) W Portland Ave ((600-2099)) W Roblyn Ave ((1800-2298)) W Seminary Ave ((900-1498)) W Taylor Ave ((1200-2098)) W Temple Ct ((2000-2298)) W Thomas Ave ((620-1899)) W Van Buren Ave ((620-1998)) Young St ((800-1098))

    55104 Places and Attractions

    Avalon School Bethel Christian Fellowship Church Carty Park Central High School Central Lutheran School Central School Christ Community Church Church of the Good Shepherd United Methodist Church Community School of Excellence Companions of Christ Church Concordia Creative Learning Academy Concordia University - Saint Paul Creative Arts School Alternative Learning Center Deeper Life Bible Church Desnoyer Park Desnoyer Park School Dickerman Park Drew School Dunning Field Epiphany Episcopal Church Friends School of Minnesota Galtier Magnet Elementary School Galtier School Gorden School Griggs Playground Hamline Playground Hamline Post Office (historical) Hamline United Methodist Church Hamline University Hancock- Hamline University Collabrative Magnet School Hancock Recreational Area Hancock School Higher Ground Academy Hill Montessori Magnet School Hill Montessori School Hill School Horton Park House of the Good Shepherd Interchange 238 Interchange 239 Jennings Experiential High School KEEY-FM (Saint Paul) KLBB-AM (Saint Paul) KNOF-FM (Saint Paul) Leap English Academy School - Area Learning Center Lexington Shopping Center Longfellow Humanities Magnet School Longfellow School Marshall Junior High School Maxfield Magnet Elementary School Maxfield Magnet School Mayfield School Merriam Terrace Park Midway Center Shopping Center Midway Hospital Midway Marketplace Shopping Center Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church Newell Park New Jerusalem Baptist Church Northern Pacific Hospital Saint Claver School Saint Clements Episcopal Church Saint Columba Church Saint Columba School Saint Lukes Catholic Church Saint Luke School Saint Mark School Saint Mark's School Saint Matthews Church of God in Christ Saint Paul Academy Saint Paul Area Learning Center Saint Paul Bible College (historical) Saint Paul City Church Saint Paul Fire Department Station 14 Saint Paul Fire Department Station 18 Saint Paul Fire Department Station 5 Saint Paul Orphange Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church Skills for Tomorrow Charter High School Summit Avenue Assembly of God Church Taiwan Christian Church in the Twin Cities Town and Country Club Unity Unitarian Church Webster Magnet Elementary School Webster School Wilder Center William Mitchell College of Law Wilson Junior High School WLOL-FM (Minneapolis)