Blue River, WI 53518 ZIP Code Map


Blue River ZIP Codes

Blue River

ZIP Code 53518 is located in Richland County (81.40%) Grant County (16.20%) Crawford County (2.40%)

53518 Street Addresses

Acorn Ln ((30000-30099)) Andrews Ln ((13800-13899)) Andys Ln ((10500-10799)) Bills Ln ((26201-26299)) Bittersweet Ln ((13900-14299)) Blackbird Rd ((29201-29999)) Briarwood Ln ((25400-25799)) Brookside Ln ((30801-30999)) Buckeye Ln ((33600-33999)) Buffs Ln ((11800-11999)) Bullsnake Ln ((26500-26598)) Byrds Creek Dr ((29259-32999)) Byrds Creek Valley Dr ((28401-32999)) Caddie Ln ((11400-11499)) Cardinal Ln ((31800-31899)) Cavern Ln ((16300-16699)) Cemetery Rd ((1001-1099)) Center St ((100-323099)) Century Rd ((13800-14899)) Chezik Rd ((18400-18599)) Chicory Ln ((29300-29398)) Chitwood Hollow Dr ((31100-32499)) Chitwood St ((600-1099)) Clarkwood Ln ((12700-12799)) Clinton St ((100-599)) Clover Ln ((14600-14699)) Co Hwy F ((23401-33999)) Co Hwy M ((12000-15499)) Co Hwy S ((10001-29998)) Co Hwy T ((101-19198)) Co Hwy U ((26300-28799)) Co Hwy Uu ((24000-24499)) Co Hwy W ((10000-11999)) Co Hwy X ((25900-33899)) Coral Ln ((12201-12299)) Co Rd B ((29000-29998)) Co Rd S ((40400-40999)) Co Rd T ((101-18599)) Co Rd W ((40000-41199)) Co Rd X ((25900-33899)) Cozy Ln ((14700-14798)) Crosscut Rd ((1292-1326)) Crossroads Dr ((33000-33999)) Darrells Ln ((14600-14899)) David St ((100-599)) Dayton St ((400-498)) Dd Ln ((11800-11999)) Dieter Hollow Dr ((26900-28499)) Doyle Rd ((18000-18799)) Eagle Cave Dr ((31545-32999)) Eagle Mound Ln ((12600-12699)) East St ((300-599)) E Center St ((100-398)) Echo Glen Rd ((11800-13899)) Eddys Ln ((15600-16099)) Excelsior Rd ((10000-13699)) Exchange St ((400-698)) French Ln ((13800-14199)) Garner Lake Dr ((12701-34899)) Garner Lake Ln ((12701-34699)) Gault Hollow Rd ((15300-17099)) Goldenrod Ln ((26900-26999)) Goplin Hill Rd ((14500-17299)) Gorman Ln ((25800-25999)) Graham Hollow Rd ((23269-24098)) Granger Valley Ln ((15000-15199)) Grant St ((100-599)) Green Ln ((29300-29398)) Hach Rd ((15800-16499)) Hazel Ln ((30900-30999)) Hernan Ln ((11200-11499)) Hickory Tree Ln ((14300-14399)) High Ridge St ((14800-15199)) Hillberry Ln ((15200-15299)) Hill Rd ((15500-16011)) Hilly Billy Ln ((12700-12799)) Homestead Ln ((26000-26299)) Hoover Hollow Rd ((10501-10798)) Jay St ((100-599)) Jim Town Dr ((23601-23699)) Johnson St ((101-199)) Kanton Rd ((13500-14440)) Kasts Ln ((26800-26898)) Lafollette St ((205-299)) Lake Rd ((2600-19098)) Lake St ((200-299)) Larrys Ln ((30800-30898)) Linden Ln ((29900-30299)) Lyles Ln ((14001-14099)) Main St ((100-699)) Malone Dr ((700-799)) Maple Valley Rd ((11800-28998)) Martha Dr ((100-599)) Martha St ((100-599)) Mayapple Ln ((27501-27599)) Miller Rd ((19330-20399)) Misti Ln ((30100-30198)) N East St ((101-599)) North St ((200-298)) Oakdale Ln ((12000-12098)) Old C ((3200-3699)) Old Lancaster Rd ((1936-2199)) Park St ((500-899)) Pebble Brook Ln ((28900-28998)) Peters St ((500-798)) Pond Ln ((28000-28099)) Port Andrew St ((15000-15099)) Price Rd ((2600-2698)) Quints Dr ((40401-40499)) Reds Ln ((29401-29499)) Remington Hill Rd ((40600-41099)) Reservoir Rd ((400-498)) Richwood Estates Ln ((15201-15999)) Richwood Rd ((11700-12098)) Robin Ln ((14900-14998)) Rolling Rock Rd ((12200-25798)) Roundbarn Ln ((16700-16798)) Round Barn Ln ((16000-16969)) Rustys Ln ((32700-32798)) Sand Prairie School Dr ((33501-33999)) Sandy Ln ((33901-33999)) School Ln ((13300-13399)) S East St ((101-699)) Shady Rd ((23800-24399)) Shimmering Ln ((15300-15398)) Skyline Rd ((11100-12699)) Smiling Goat Dr ((31101-31598)) South St ((101-299)) Spring Dr ((29900-29998)) Spring Rd ((40000-40799)) Spring Valley Ln ((41145-41499)) Stanton St ((101-398)) State Hwy 133 ((101-3798)) State Hwy 171 ((10801-16855)) State Hwy 60 ((11200-18677)) State Hwy 80 ((6900-7128)) State Rd 133 ((1000-3798)) Studenberg Rd ((3300-18499)) Tamarac Trce ((341-499)) Tavera Ln ((28300-28399)) Taylor Hollow Rd ((12000-14099)) Tether Ridge Ln ((26500-26598)) Thingvold Ln ((15201-15299)) Ticky Ln ((26601-26699)) Tiller Ln ((11300-11399)) Turkelson Ln ((29300-29398)) Twin Springs Rd ((10501-18999)) Two Creek Dr ((24400-25999)) Valley View Ln ((28301-28399)) Violet Dr ((25200-25899)) Walpine Ln ((14701-14799)) Wanek Ln ((33700-33798)) Weadge Ln ((11900-11998)) Weed Rd ((40401-40998)) West St ((100-998)) W Exchange St ((101-3299)) Wightman Rd ((18800-18999)) Wild Rose Dr ((27901-31499)) Willards Ln ((15200-15499)) Winding Way Dr ((31900-32998)) Windward Square Dr ((34000-34699)) Winter Ln ((13600-13699)) W Lafollette St ((100-799)) W Main St ((100-699)) Woodshire Ln ((30600-31398)) Wren Ln ((30200-30299)) W Ridge Rd ((10000-40998))

53518 Places and Attractions

0.4 Reservoir 1.28 Reservoir Akan Township Quarry Beebe Hollow Big Island Blue River Blue River Blue River Cemetery Blue River Fire and Rescue Blue River Sand Barrens State Natural Area Blue River Wastewater Treatment Facility Brimstone Group H855 Dam Brimstone Hollow Byrds Creek Byrds Creek Byrds Creek Stock Farm Cedar Point Chitwood Hollow Cooper Hill Coumbe Cemetery Coumbe Island Cross Slough Dawsons Empire Stock and Dairy Farm Dieter Hollow Dieter Hollow Church (historical) Dieter School (historical) Echo Glen Stock Farm Ellsworth Home Stock Farm Excelsior Excelsior School Five Points Five Points Cemetery Flynn Hollow Garner Lake Gault Hollow Gault Hollow School (historical) Glen Eagle Farm Gobin Hollow Grand Trunk Farm Greenwood Cemetery Hanson School (historical) Hansons Homestead Stock and Grain Farm Haskins Cemetery Haskins Church (historical) Haskins School (historical) Heart Grove Farm Heberlin School (historical) Hill Farm Hoover Hollow Huleth Orchard Farm Johnson School (historical) Jones Slough Larsons Homestead Lower Lake Lower West Fork School (historical) Maple Bluff Stock Farm Maple Ridge Maple Valley Stock Farm McClary Island McKinney Hollow Methodist Cemetery Mill Creek Mill Creek Valley Farm O'Connor Branch Peterson G9917 Dam Pine Grove Stock and Dairy Farm Pleasant Ridge Church (historical) Pleasant Ridge Farm Pleasant Valley Stock Farm Poplar Grove Farm Port Andrew Richland Church Richwood Bottoms State Natural Area Ridge View Farm Ridgewood Farm Ridgewood Stock, Dairy and Grain Farm Round Barn Stock Farm Running Brook Stock Farm Sand Prairie Sand Prairie Sand Prairie Cemetery School Number 2 (historical) School Number 4 (historical) Silver Leaf Farm Sky Hollow Airport South Lawn Stock Farm Steamboat Island Strawberry Ridge Sunny Ridge Farm Tavera Tavera Cemetery Taylor Hollow Tiller School (historical) Tisdale Homestead Torgerson Hollow Torgerson School (historical) Town of Akan Town of Richwood Trout Brook Stock Farm Trumbull Island Turnmire Spring Farm Upper Byrds Creek School (historical) Valley Farm Village of Blue River West Fork Cemetery West Fork Knapp Creek Westport West Ridge Wild Rose Wild Rose Ridge Willow Corners Stock and Grain Farm Willow Grove Farm Willow Spring Stock and Dairy Farm Woods School (historical)