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53215 Street Addresses

S 10th Pl ((2201-2299)) S 10th St ((2100-3499)) S 11th St ((2100-3599)) S 12th St ((200-3499)) S 13th St ((2100-3499)) S 14th St ((2100-3499)) S 15th Pl ((2100-3499)) S 15th St ((2100-3499)) S 16th St ((2100-3499)) S 17th St ((2100-3499)) S 18th St ((2000-3499)) S 19th St ((2100-3499)) S 20th St ((2100-3499)) S 21st Pl ((2200-2299)) S 21st St ((2100-3399)) S 22nd St ((2200-3499)) S 23rd St ((2100-3499)) S 24th St ((2100-3499)) S 25th St ((2100-3499)) S 26th St ((2100-3599)) S 27th St ((2300-3499)) S 28th St ((600-3299)) S 29th St ((600-3299)) S 30th St ((700-3399)) S 31st St ((600-3299)) S 32nd St ((700-3499)) S 33rd St ((900-3499)) S 34th St ((700-3499)) S 35th St ((100-3499)) S 36th St ((700-3299)) S 37th St ((700-3499)) S 38th St ((700-3499)) S 39th St ((700-3499)) S 40th St ((800-3299)) S 41st St ((700-3299)) S 42nd St ((1400-3299)) S 6th St ((2100-4511)) S 7th St ((2100-3399)) S 8th St ((2300-3499)) S 9th Pl ((2300-3599)) S 9th St ((2300-3499)) S Aetna Blvd ((2100-2199)) S Layton Blvd ((501-2299)) S Muskego Ave ((2100-2299)) S Princeton Ave ((3300-3499)) S Shea Ave ((700-899)) State Hwy 24 ((2700-4299)) State Hwy 38 ((2100-2238)) State Hwy 57 ((601-898)) State Hwy 59 ((2700-4299)) US Hwy 41 ((2700-4299)) W Arthur Ave ((600-3499)) W Becher St ((600-3699)) W Branting Ln ((3200-3799)) W Burnham St ((2700-4299)) W Cleveland Ave ((500-3199)) W Dakota St ((600-3499)) W Dorothy Pl ((3700-3799)) W Drury Ln ((3100-3299)) West Dakota St ((3700-3799)) W Euclid Ave ((600-4299)) W Evergreen Ln ((2700-2799)) W Forest Home Ave ((2000-4605)) W Frederica Pl ((3700-3799)) W Grant St ((600-3899)) W Greenfield Ave ((2700-4299)) W Harrison Ave ((600-3099)) W Hayes Ave ((600-3799)) W Hilda Pl ((3700-3799)) W Holt Ave ((700-3899)) W Kerney Pl ((1800-1899)) W Kinnickinnic River Pkwy ((2000-4299)) W Lakefield Dr ((2700-3799)) W Lapham St ((2700-3799)) W Leeds Pl ((3400-3499)) W Lincoln Ave ((400-5148)) W Madison St ((3100-3299)) W Manitoba St ((600-4099)) W Maple St ((3600-3799)) W Margaret Pl ((3700-3799)) W Middlemass St ((2100-2299)) W Mitchell St ((2700-4299)) W Montana St ((700-3499)) W National Ave ((2700-4299)) W Ohio Ave ((600-3899)) W Oklahoma Ave ((100-4299)) W Orchard St ((2900-4299)) W Pabst Ave ((3100-3499)) W Paine St ((3100-3299)) W Pierce St ((2700-3899)) W Poe St ((3300-3499)) W Rogers St ((2700-3699)) W Ruskin Ct ((3000-3099)) W Ruskin St ((3000-3799)) W Scott St ((2700-4099)) W Sunbury Ct ((2200-3599)) W Verona Ct ((2101-3599)) W Windlake Ave ((1100-1999))

53215 Places and Attractions

Alverno College Alverno Roman Catholic Elementary School Audubon Technology And Communication Center Blessed Sacrament Roman Catholic Church Blessed Sacrament School Bosco High School Burnham Shopping Center Casimir Pulaski High School Christ Assembly of God Church Clement J Zablocki Elementary School Comstock Nursing Home Curtin Elementary School Doerfler Elementary School Ebenezer Lutheran Church Ebenezer Lutheran School Emmanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church Fifth Church of Christ Scientist Fire Station Number 33 Forest Home Cemetery Gethsemane Evangelical Lutheran Christian Day School Gethsemane Lutheran Church Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church Greenfield School Greenwood Cemetery Hayes School Holt Playfield Holy Ghost Roman Catholic Church Holy Ghost School Holy Name National Polish Catholic Church Jackson Park Johnson Hospital Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses Kosciuszko Park Layton Park Station Milwaukee Post Office (historical) Lincoln Avenue Elementary School Manitoba Elementary School Mercy High School Mitchell Park Shopping Center New Apostolic Church Ohio Playfield Our Lady Queen of Peace Roman Catholic Church Our Lady Queen of Peace School Pilgrims Rest Cemetery Pulaski Hall Pulaski Park Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Hospital Saint Adalbert School Saint Adalberts Roman Catholic Church Saint Alexanders Roman Catholic Church Saint Alexanders School Saint Andrews Evangelical Lutheran Church Saint Andrews Evangelical Lutheran School Saint Francis Hospital Saint Gerards Roman Catholic Church Saint Gerards School Saint Helens Roman Catholic Church Saint Helens School Saint Ignatius Roman Catholic Church Saint Ignatius School Saint Ignatius School Saint John Kanty Roman Catholic Church Saint John Kanty School Saint Josaphat School Saint Josaphats Polish Roman Catholic Church Saint Joseph Convent Saint Joseph Roman Catholic Church Saint Josephs Home for Children Saint Lukes Medical Center Saint Lukes Medical Center Heliport Saint Mary Magdalene Church Saint Mary Magdalene School Saint Marys Hill Hospital (historical) Saints Cyril and Methodius Roman Catholic Church Saints Cyril and Methodius Russian Orthodox Church Saints Cyril and Methodius School Salem Evangelical Church Sixth District Police Station Slayton Park English Lutheran Church Southgate Shopping Center U S Grant Elementary School United Baptist Church Walker International Middle School Wesley Covenant Church Zablocki Branch Milwaukee Public Library