Milwaukee, WI 53214 ZIP Code Map


53214 Schools


  • Lincoln Intermediate
  • Alternative Learning Center
  • Horace Mann Elementary
  • Wilson Elementary
  • Walker Elementary
  • Pershing Elementary
  • Madison Elementary
  • West Milwaukee Intermediate
  • St Charles Intensive Day Treatment
  • St Charles Behav Reassign Success Acad
  • Burbank Elementary
  • St Charles Youth & Family Ex Ed
  • 53214 Hotels

  • Best Western Woods View Inn
  • Days Inn West Allis/Milwaukee
  • Census


    ZIP Code 53214 is located in Milwaukee County

    53214 Street Addresses

    Co Hwy M ((6219-6867)) Co Rd M ((6219-6867)) East-West Fwy ((5900-12399)) I- 894 ((900-1899)) I- 94 ((5900-12399)) Miller Park Way ((1326-1899)) S 100th St ((600-1899)) S 101st St ((700-1899)) S 102nd St ((700-1399)) S 103rd St ((600-1399)) S 104th St ((600-1399)) S 105th St ((500-1099)) S 106th St ((1100-1799)) S 107th St ((1100-1399)) S 108th St ((100-1899)) S 109th St ((700-1399)) S 110th St ((700-1399)) S 111th Pl ((700-1099)) S 111th St ((700-1399)) S 112th St ((700-1399)) S 113th St ((700-1599)) S 114th St ((700-1399)) S 115th Ct ((1600-1799)) S 115th St ((700-1399)) S 116th St ((100-2299)) S 117th St ((1100-1399)) S 118th St ((100-1399)) S 119th St ((700-1399)) S 120th St ((700-1399)) S 121st St ((700-1399)) S 122nd St ((700-1399)) S 123rd St ((700-1399)) S 124th St ((700-1898)) S 43rd St ((1326-1899)) S 44th St ((100-1999)) S 45th St ((1000-1399)) S 46th St ((200-1399)) S 47th St ((1000-1399)) S 48th St ((1000-1299)) S 49th St ((1100-1399)) S 50th St ((1100-1399)) S 51st St ((1400-1499)) S 52nd St ((1100-1899)) S 53rd St ((1200-1999)) S 54th St ((1200-1899)) S 55th St ((1400-1899)) S 56th St ((700-1899)) S 57th St ((700-1899)) S 58th St ((700-1899)) S 59th St ((200-1899)) S 60th St ((100-1899)) S 61st St ((100-1899)) S 62nd St ((100-1999)) S 63rd St ((100-1899)) S 64th St ((100-1999)) S 65th St ((100-1899)) S 66th St ((100-1899)) S 67th St ((100-699)) S 68th St ((100-1899)) S 69th St ((100-1899)) S 70th St ((100-1899)) S 71st St ((100-1899)) S 72nd St ((100-1899)) S 73rd St ((100-1899)) S 74th St ((100-1699)) S 75th St ((100-1899)) S 76th St ((100-1899)) S 77th St ((100-1899)) S 78th St ((100-1799)) S 79th St ((100-1798)) S 80th St ((100-1998)) S 81st St ((100-1799)) S 82nd St ((300-1899)) S 83rd St ((300-1799)) S 84th St ((100-1899)) S 85th St ((800-1799)) S 86th St ((400-1499)) S 87th Pl ((400-599)) S 87th St ((400-1599)) S 88th St ((400-1799)) S 89th St ((400-11499)) S 90th St ((400-1699)) S 91st Pl ((400-499)) S 91st St ((400-1799)) S 92nd St ((100-1899)) S 93rd St ((400-1699)) S 94th Pl ((400-1699)) S 94th St ((400-1699)) S 95th St ((400-1699)) S 96th St ((700-1799)) S 97th St ((700-1599)) S 98th St ((700-1599)) S Curtis Rd ((1-599)) S Dana Ct ((100-298)) S Harnischfeger Rd ((800-999)) S Hawley Ct ((100-399)) S Hawley Rd ((100-699)) S Honey Creek Dr ((100-399)) S Honey Creek Pkwy ((100-199)) S Oak Park Ct ((500-699)) State Hwy 100 ((100-1899)) State Hwy 181 ((100-1399)) State Hwy 59 ((4300-12399)) S Westchester St ((1100-1399)) US Hwy 41 ((4300-4463)) US Hwy 45 ((900-1899)) W Adler St ((5800-9499)) W Alder Ln ((12000-12399)) W Beloit Rd ((4600-5799)) W Bungalow Pkwy ((10000-10499)) W Burnham St ((7100-7198)) W Chester St ((8900-9399)) W Conrad Ln ((9000-9199)) W Dana St ((8300-8399)) W Dickinson St ((6000-6999)) W Dixon St ((5900-11999)) W Everett Cir ((10500-10599)) W Fairview Ave ((12000-12099)) W Greenfield Ave ((4300-12399)) W Honey Creek Pkwy ((8200-8399)) W Kearney St ((6800-8399)) W Lapham St ((5100-11199)) W Madison Pl ((10000-10099)) W Madison St ((5800-12399)) W Main St ((5700-9499)) W Maple Ct ((9400-9598)) W Maple St ((8400-10099)) W McMyron St ((8400-8799)) W Mineral St ((5500-6399)) W Mitchell St ((4300-11299)) W National Ave ((4300-8399)) W O Connor St ((6800-8399)) W Orchard Ct ((11500-11599)) W Orchard Pl ((9700-9799)) W Orchard St ((1000-10799)) W Pierce St ((5800-5899)) W Rainbow Ave ((11700-12399)) W Schlinger Ave ((8400-10599)) W Scott St ((4401-5899)) W Siegfried Pl ((5800-5999)) W Theodore Trecker Way ((10800-11599)) W Vincent Pl ((8900-9099)) W Walker St ((5500-12399)) W Washington St ((5500-12399)) W Westchester Sq ((4500-4599)) Zoo Fwy ((900-1899))

    53214 Places and Attractions

    Apostle United Presbyterian Church Beth Hamedrosh Hagodel Cemetery Burbank Elementary School Calvary Cemetery Central High School (historical) Church of God of Prophecy Curtis Universal Ambulance Service Station 2 Father Simeon Center First Baptist Church of West Allis First Church of Christ Scientist First Church of the Nazarene First Lutheran Church of West Allis First United Methodist Church Good Shepherd School Good Shepherds Evangelical Lutheran Church Greenfield Park Golf Course Greenfield Park Lutheran Church Greenville Avenue Presbyterian Church Helfaer Field Heritage Christian School Holy Assumption Catholic Church Holy Assumption School Horace Mann Elementary School Interchange 1 Interchange 304 Interchange 306 Interchange 307A John Dewey Junior High School Jordan Christian Day School (historical) Jordan Evangelical Lutheran Church Kopperud Park LaFollette Park LaFollette School Lincoln Elementary School Ludington Public School Madison Elementary School Madison Park Marion College Market Square Shopping Center McKinley Fieldhouse McKinley Playground McKinley School Meda - Care Ambulance Station 4 Miller Park Milwaukee Area Technical College-West Campus Milwaukee County Municipal Stadium (historical) Milwaukee Fire Department Engine 25 Milwaukee Mile Nain Evangelical Lutheran Church Orchard Street Christian Church Pershing Elementary School Rainbow Park Reservoir Park Roosevelt Elementary School Saint Aloysius Catholic Church Saint Aloysius School Saint Anns Interdenominational Church Saint Charles Boys Home Saint Florian Convent Saint Florian School Saint Florians Roman Catholic Church Saint John Armenian Apostolic Church Saint Johns Evangelical Lutheran Church Saint Joseph School Saint Josephs Roman Catholic Church Saint Mary Help of Christians Church Saint Marys Polish National Catholic Church Saint Marys School Spring Hill Cemetery State Fair Park Veterans Memorial Park Villa Clement Village of West Milwaukee Walker Elementary School Washington Playground West Allis West Allis City Hall West Allis Fire Department Station 1 West Allis Fire Department Station 3 West Allis Post Office West Allis Public Library West Allis Towne Center Shopping Center West Milwaukee West Milwaukee High School West Milwaukee Park West Milwaukee Village Hall Wilson Elementary School Wisconsin Exposition Center Wood Wood National Cemetery