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53213 Street Addresses

60th St ((1000-1199)) Aberdeen Ct ((8100-8299)) Aetna Ct ((6800-7299)) Alice St ((1400-1699)) Alta Vista Ave ((1600-1899)) Auburn Ave ((6800-7199)) Avon Ct ((8200-8399)) Betsy Ross Pl ((6400-6599)) Blanchard St ((6800-7499)) Brookside Pl ((8000-8299)) Cedar St ((6200-7199)) Church St ((1400-2099)) Crescent Ct ((500-6898)) Currie Ave ((8000-8399)) Currie Pl ((900-999)) Day Ct ((1700-1799)) Dewey Ave ((1200-1299)) Eagle St ((7600-7999)) Elm Lawn St ((1100-1299)) Forest St ((1900-2099)) Geralayne Cir ((800-7899)) Geralayne Dr ((7700-7899)) Glenview Pl ((1200-1399)) Grand Pkwy ((6801-7599)) Gridley Ave ((7900-8499)) Harvey Ave ((6900-6999)) Harwood Ave ((1701-8299)) Hennessey Ave ((7400-7599)) Hillcrest Dr ((6500-8299)) Hillside Ln ((6500-6799)) Jackson Park Blvd ((7800-8799)) Kavanaugh Pl ((1000-1299)) Kenwood Ave ((7400-7599)) Kinsman St ((6800-6899)) Laurel Ct ((1000-1099)) Lincoln Pl ((1500-7599)) Livingston Ave ((7600-7999)) Lombard Ct ((1400-1499)) Maple Ter ((6700-7599)) Martha Washington Dr ((1200-2099)) Martin Dr ((6000-6199)) Mary Ellen Pl ((7700-7999)) Melrose Ave ((7400-7599)) Menomonee Dr ((6000-6298)) Milwaukee Ave ((6100-8299)) Mountain Ave ((1600-1899)) Mower Ct ((1500-1599)) N 58th St ((800-999)) N 59th St ((100-999)) N 60th St ((100-999)) N 61st St ((200-2699)) N 62nd St ((100-2699)) N 63rd Ct ((1200-1399)) N 63rd St ((100-2699)) N 64th St ((100-2699)) N 65th St ((100-2699)) N 66th St ((100-2699)) N 67th St ((100-2699)) N 68th St ((100-2699)) N 69th St ((100-2699)) N 70th St ((100-2699)) N 71st St ((100-2699)) N 72nd St ((100-2699)) N 73rd St ((100-2699)) N 74th St ((100-2699)) N 75th St ((100-2699)) N 76th St ((100-2699)) N 77th St ((100-799)) N 78th St ((100-5699)) N 79th St ((100-799)) N 80th St ((100-2699)) N 81st St ((1800-2799)) N 82nd St ((2300-2699)) N 83rd St ((1700-2699)) N Glenview Ave ((100-1299)) N Hawley Rd ((100-1008)) N Honey Creek Pkwy ((100-7698)) N Lefeber Ave ((2200-2699)) N Menomonee Dr ((6001-6498)) N Perry Ct ((1000-1099)) N Robertson Ave ((500-1199)) N Wauwatosa Ave ((1300-7616)) Oakhill Ave ((7400-7599)) Pleasant St ((1900-2099)) Portland Ave ((7300-8399)) Powell Pl ((6400-6699)) Red Arrow Ct ((8000-8299)) Revere Ave ((6500-6799)) Richmond Ct ((8100-8299)) Ridge Ct ((1500-1699)) River Pkwy ((6300-6799)) Rockway Pl ((8100-8299)) Rogers Ave ((7600-8099)) Romona Ave ((6500-6699)) Saint James Ct ((1300-1398)) St Anne Ct ((7800-7999)) State Hwy 181 ((100-7917)) St Charles St ((1400-1599)) Stickney Ave ((7600-8399)) St James Ct ((1300-6999)) St James St ((1400-7399)) St Jude Ct ((8000-8199)) S Upper Pkwy ((1500-1699)) Two Tree Ln ((1900-2099)) Underwood Ave ((1400-2099)) Upper Pkwy N ((6200-6499)) US Hwy 18 ((5800-8399)) Vista Ave ((6400-6799)) Warren Ave ((7600-8299)) Washington Blvd ((6000-6599)) Washington Cir ((6100-6599)) Watson Ave ((7300-7599)) W Bluemound Rd ((4500-8399)) W Chestnut St ((6900-8299)) W Clarke St ((6000-8399)) Wellauer Dr ((6800-7699)) W Fairview Ave ((5900-7999)) W Garfield Ave ((6000-8899)) W Honey Creek Pkwy ((6200-7698)) W Lloyd St ((6000-7399)) W McKinley Blvd ((6300-6399)) W Meinecke Ave ((6000-8399)) W Menomonee River Pkwy ((7700-8399)) W Michigan St ((5600-5999)) W Mount Vernon Ave ((6300-7999)) W North Ave ((6000-8399)) W Park Hill Ave ((5800-7199)) W State St ((6000-7799)) W Stevenson St ((6000-7999)) W St Paul Ave ((5800-7199)) W Terrace Ct ((6800-6999)) W Trenton Pl ((5700-5999)) W Valley Forge Dr ((5600-6999)) W Vliet St ((6000-6199)) W Watertown Plank Rd ((8300-8447)) W Wells St ((5600-7599)) W Wisconsin Ave ((4538-8850)) W Woodland Ave ((7600-8299)) W Wright St ((6000-8399)) Yale Pl ((6800-7199))

53213 Places and Attractions

Apostolic Christian Church Bethel Tabernacle Blaine Public School Blue Mound Baptist Church Center Street Park Charles C Jacobus Park Fairview Evangelical Lutheran Church Fairview Evangelical Lutheran School Fairview Mausoleum First Church of Christ Scientist First Congregational Church First New Apostolic Church of North America Germania Hall Good News Chapel Hawthorne Junior High School Holy Cross Monastery Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church Holy Cross School Honey Creek Jefferson School Lincoln School Longfellow Junior High School Lowell Damon House Museum Lutheran Altenheim Lutheran Childrens Home Martha Washington Home for Girls Milwaukee Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church Milwaukee Sanitarium Nativity Evangelical Lutheran Church Nazareth Hall Perpetual Rosary Convent Pilgrim Evangelical Lutheran Church Pius XI High School Roosevelt School Saint Anthony of Padua Roman Catholic Church Saint Anthony of Padua School Saint Bernard Roman Catholic Church Saint Bernard School Saint Johns Evangelical Lutheran Church Saint Johns School Saint Jude Roman Catholic Church Saint Judes School Saint Matthew English Lutheran Church Saint Pius X Roman Catholic Church Saint Pius X School Solomon Juneau High School Trinity Episcopal Church Underwood Memorial Baptist Church Washington School Wauwatosa Wauwatosa Cemetery Wauwatosa City Hall Wauwatosa Evangelical United Brethren Church (historical) Wauwatosa Memorial Civic Center Wauwatosa Methodist Church Wauwatosa Presbyterian Church Wauwatosa Womans Club Wilson School Wisconsin Lutheran High School