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53212 Street Addresses

E Abert Pl ((100-999)) E Auer Ave ((100-1399)) E Brown St ((100-499)) E Burleigh St ((100-1299)) E Center St ((100-1199)) E Chambers St ((100-1399)) E Clarke St ((100-11298)) E Concordia Ave ((100-1299)) E Fiebrantz Ave ((200-299)) E Garfield Ave ((100-1099)) E Glover Ave ((100-699)) E Hadley St ((100-1099)) E Hope Ave ((300-499)) E Keefe Ave ((100-1199)) E Lloyd St ((100-699)) E Locust St ((100-1399)) E Meinecke Ave ((100-1399)) E Melvina St ((100-199)) E Nash St ((100-799)) E North Ave ((100-1299)) E Randolph Ct ((1200-1399)) E Reindl Way ((100-199)) E Reservoir Ave ((100-999)) E Ring St ((100-299)) E Roadsmeet St ((1200-1299)) E Ship St ((400-598)) E Singer Cir ((1100-1299)) E Townsend St ((100-1299)) E Vienna Ave ((100-1299)) E Vine St ((100-599)) E Walworth St ((1100-1199)) E Wright St ((100-1399)) Gordon Cir ((3000-3099)) Hubbard St ((1700-1799)) N 1st St ((1700-4099)) N 2nd Ln ((3500-3799)) N 2nd St ((1500-3999)) N 3rd St ((3100-3999)) N 4th St ((400-3999)) N 5th St ((1400-3999)) N 6th St ((400-4199)) N 7th St ((1826-3999)) N Achilles St ((3100-3299)) N Booth St ((1900-3799)) N Bremen St ((2200-3899)) N Buffum St ((1900-3499)) N Cape St ((1400-1898)) N Commerce St ((1700-2198)) N Dousman St ((2400-3499)) N Dr Martin Luther King Dr ((1300-3699)) N Fratney St ((2000-3999)) N Gordon Pl ((2400-3499)) N Holton St ((1800-4299)) N Hubbard St ((1700-4199)) N Humboldt Blvd ((2000-4499)) N Julia St ((3100-3299)) N Killian Pl ((1900-2299)) N Lydell St ((4000-4299)) N Old World 3rd St ((1200-1299)) N Old World Third St ((1200-1299)) N Palmer St ((1700-3999)) N Pierce St ((1901-3499)) N Port Washington Ave ((3900-4799)) N Port Washington Rd ((3400-4799)) N Richards St ((2300-4399)) N Riverboat Rd ((2100-2299)) N Rivercenter Dr ((1400-1599)) N Riverwalk Way ((1701-2099)) N Stanley Pl ((2300-2399)) N Weil St ((2200-3899)) S Centennial Dr ((3700-3899)) S Cherokee Way ((3700-3899)) State Hwy 145 ((300-699)) State Hwy 190 ((100-699)) W Abert Pl ((100-699)) W Atkinson Ave ((600-699)) W Auer Ave ((100-499)) W Brown St ((100-799)) W Burleigh St ((100-699)) W Capitol Dr ((100-699)) W Capitol Pl ((300-399)) W Center St ((100-699)) W Chambers St ((100-699)) W Cherry St ((300-649)) W Christine Ln ((300-499)) W Clarke St ((100-699)) W Concordia Ave ((100-699)) W Court St ((300-699)) W Deluxe Pkwy ((400-599)) W Estabrook Blvd ((300-599)) W Fiebrantz Ave ((200-799)) W Galena St ((200-625)) W Garfield Ave ((100-899)) W Hadley St ((100-699)) W Keefe Ave ((100-699)) W Kneeland St ((600-699)) W Land Pl ((600-799)) W Lloyd St ((100-699)) W Locust St ((100-699)) W McKinley Ave ((300-599)) W Meinecke Ave ((100-699)) W Melvina St ((100-799)) W Nash St ((100-299)) W North Ave ((100-799)) W Olive St ((76-599)) W Pleasant St ((100-299)) W Randolph St ((100-499)) W Reservoir Ave ((100-699)) W Rev Cecil A Fisher Ln ((600-699)) W Ring St ((100-699)) W Townsend St ((100-199)) W Vienna Ave ((100-799)) W Vine St ((100-699)) W Vliet St ((300-699)) W Walnut St ((300-1299)) W Winnebago St ((301-1099)) W Wright St ((100-699))

53212 Places and Attractions

690 Reservoir Alliance School of Milwaukee Antioch Missionary Baptist Church Berger School Bethlehem Temple Church Bremen Street Playground Calvary Baptist Church Church of the Epiphany Concordia Avenue Evangelical United Brethren Church Doctor George Washington Carver Academy of Mathematics and Science Doctor Martin Luther King Junior Station Milwaukee Post Office Elite Church of God in Christ Ephrata Evangelical Lutheran Church Epworth Methodist Church Estabrook Park Estabrook Park 2WP142 Dam Faith United Church of Christ Fifth District Police Station Fifth Street School Fratney Elementary School Gaenslen Elementary School Garfield Avenue Elementary School Garfield Park Golda Meir Gifted And Talented Elementary School Gordon Park Holy Ghost Evangelical Lutheran Church Holy Ghost Lutheran Church Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church Jerusalem School Kern Park Kilbourn Park King Solomon Baptist Church Margo Hospital Memorial Hospital Milwaukee Dam Milwaukee Public Schools Professional Development Center Mount Calvary Holy Church of America Mount Moriah Baptist Church Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church Mount Zion Assembly Church Mount Zion Baptist Church National Convalescent Hospital Northminister Presbyterian Church O W Holmes Elementary School Pierce School Pleasant Valley Park Pulaski Building Riverside Pumping Station Milwaukee Water Works Riverview School Robert Fulton Junior High School Saint Casimir Roman Catholic Church Saint Casimir School Saint Elizabeth Roman Catholic Church Saint Elizabeth School Saint Francis Parish Hall Saint Francis Roman Catholic Church Saint Francis School Saint Galls Roman Catholic Church Saint Galls School Saint Johns Baptist Church Saint Marcus School Saint Mark African Methodist Episcopal Church Saint Markus Evangelical Lutheran Church Saint Marys Baptist Church Saint Marys School Saint Philips Lutheran Church Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church Union Hill Baptist Church Unity Baptist Church WCGV-TV (Milwaukee) WEZW-FM (Wauwatosa) WITI-TV (Milwaukee) WKLH-FM (Milwaukee) WKTI-FM (Milwaukee) WLUM-FM (Milwaukee) WMIL-FM (Waukesha) WMVS-TV (Milwaukee) WMVT-TV (Milwaukee) WMWK-FM (Milwaukee) WQFM-FM (Milwaukee) WTMJ-TV (Milwaukee) WUWM-FM (Milwaukee) WVCY-TV (Milwaukee) WVTV-TV (Milwaukee) WYMS-FM (Milwaukee) WZTR-FM (Milwaukee) Wisconsin Baptist Center Zebaoth Evangelical Lutheran Church