Milwaukee, WI 53211 ZIP Code Map


53211 Schools


  • Cumberland Elementary
  • New Horizons For Learning
  • Shorewood Intermediate
  • Shorewood High
  • Lake Bluff Elementary
  • Atwater Elementary
  • Riverside High
  • Maryland Montessori
  • Hartford Avenue Elementary
  • Census


    ZIP Code 53211 is located in Milwaukee County

    53211 Street Addresses

    Bradford Pl ((100-2499)) E Belleview Pl ((1400-2999)) E Beverly Rd ((1500-2799)) E Blackthorne Pl ((1500-1699)) E Bradford Ave ((1500-2899)) E Capitol Dr ((100-2799)) E Congress St ((900-1299)) E Courtland Pl ((500-1499)) E Cumberland Blvd ((1500-2099)) E Edgewood Ave ((1800-2999)) E Elmdale Ct ((1300-1999)) E Geneva Pl ((1700-1799)) E Glendale Ave ((700-2399)) E Greenwich Ave ((1800-72099)) E Hampshire St ((1500-3299)) E Hartford Ave ((1500-3099)) E Jarvis St ((1800-2799)) E Kenmore Pl ((1200-2199)) E Kensington Blvd ((800-2499)) E Kenwood Blvd ((1500-3299)) E Lake Bluff Blvd ((1300-2599)) E Lawnwood Pl ((1300-1499)) E Linnwood Ave ((1500-3099)) E Locust St ((1400-3199)) E Marion St ((1500-2699)) E Menlo Blvd ((1600-2899)) E Newberry Blvd ((1800-3131)) E Newport Ave ((1500-2999)) E Newport Ct ((3000-3099)) E Newton Ave ((1600-2799)) E Olive St ((1200-2699)) E Park Pl ((1300-2999)) E Pinedale Ct ((1300-1499)) E Providence Ave ((1500-1799)) E Ravine Rd ((3100-3199)) E River Park Ct ((1600-1798)) E Riverside Pl ((1700-1799)) E Shorewood Blvd ((1800-2799)) Estabrook Pkwy ((4000-4799)) E Stratford Ct ((2200-2599)) E Thomas Ave ((1700-2099)) E Webster Pl ((1600-2599)) E Wood Pl ((1600-2699)) N Alpine Ave ((4300-4399)) N Ardmore Ave ((4100-4799)) N Bartlett Ave ((2300-4799)) N Bartlett Dr ((4700-4799)) N Berkeley Blvd ((4700-4799)) N Cambridge Ave ((2300-3499)) N Cramer St ((2300-4799)) N Cumberland Blvd ((4700-4799)) N Diversey Blvd ((4700-4799)) N Downer Ave ((2400-4299)) N Elkhart Ave ((4600-4799)) N Farwell Ave ((2300-4499)) N Frederick Ave ((2400-4599)) N Hackett Ave ((2600-3699)) N Harcourt Pl ((3900-3999)) N Hollywood Ave ((4600-4799)) N Idlewild Ave ((4600-4799)) N Lake Dr ((2200-23298)) N Lake Park Rd ((3100-3199)) N Larkin St ((4000-94299)) N Lincoln Memorial Dr ((2726-3099)) N Marietta Ave ((2800-3299)) N Marlborough Dr ((4300-4799)) N Maryland Ave ((2300-4499)) N Morris Blvd ((3501-4699)) N Murray Ave ((2300-4699)) N Newhall Ln ((2400-2499)) N Newhall St ((2500-4799)) N Oakland Ave ((2300-4799)) N Olsen Ave ((4200-4299)) N Prospect Ave ((2300-4499)) N Richland Ct ((4000-4099)) N Ridgefield Cir ((3900-3999)) N Sheffield Ave ((4300-4799)) N Shepard Ave ((2700-3599)) N Sherburn Pl ((3900-3999)) N Stowell Ave ((2500-4499)) N Summit Ave ((2500-3599)) N Terrace Ave ((2200-2699)) N Wahl Ave ((2300-2699)) N Wildwood Ave ((4300-4699)) N Wilshire Rd ((4600-4799)) N Wilson Dr ((4000-4799)) N Windermere Ct ((3300-3399)) N Woodburn St ((4000-4799)) N Woodruff Ave ((4400-4799)) State Hwy 190 ((100-2799)) State Hwy 32 ((2300-2599)) W Bolivar Ave ((2301-2335))

    53211 Places and Attractions

    Albert Memorial Hall Atwater Elementary School Bartlett Avenue School Belleview Convalescent Hospital Bradford Terrace Campus School Columbia Saint Marys Hospital Columbia Saint Marys Hospital Milwaukee Congregation Emanu-el Cumberland Elementary School East Side Baptist Church Estabrook Park Fourth Church of Christ Scientist Garland Hall Green Hall Green Memorial Museum Hartford Avenue Elementary School Holton Hall Hubbard Park Johnston Hall Kenwood United Methodist Church Kimberly Hall Kingo Evangelical Lutheran Church Lake Bluff School Lake Park Lake Park English Evangelical Lutheran Church Lakeside Childrens Center Luther Memorial Chapel Maryland Avenue School McLaren Hall Merrill Hall Milwaukee Catholic Home for the Aged Milwaukee Downer College Milwaukee Fire Department Engine 27 Milwaukee Protestant Home tor the Aged North Point North Point Park North Shore Fire Department Station 3 Shorewood North Shore Presbyterian Church Pearse Hall Plymouth Church Riverside Park Riverside University High School Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Institute Saint Marks Episcopal Church Saint Marys Hospital of Milwaukee Heliport Saint Robert School Saint Roberts Roman Catholic Church Saint Roses Orphan Asylum Saints Peter and Paul School Saints Peter and Pauls Roman Catholic Church Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church Shorewood Shorewood Branch Milwaukee Post Office Shorewood High School Shorewood Hospital Shorewood Park Shorewood Public Library Shorewood Village Hall Unity Church of Christianity University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee Village of Shorewood Westminster Presbyterian Church WITI-TV (Milwaukee) WMWK-FM (Milwaukee) WUWM-FM (Milwaukee) WYMS-FM (Milwaukee)