Milwaukee, WI 53210 ZIP Code Map


53210 Schools


  • Milwaukee College Preparatory School -- 38Th Stree
  • Whs Information Technology
  • Washington High
  • Milwaukee French Immersion
  • Next Door Charter
  • Sherman Elementary
  • Clarke Street Elementary
  • Sixty-Eighth Street Early Childhood
  • Milwaukee College Preparatory School -- 36Th Stree
  • Felmers O Chaney Correctional Center
  • Census


    ZIP Code 53210 is located in Milwaukee County

    53210 Street Addresses

    N 27th St ((2300-3099)) N 28th St ((2300-3099)) N 29th St ((2300-3099)) N 30th St ((2300-3099)) N 32nd St ((2300-2999)) N 33rd St ((2300-2899)) N 34th St ((2400-3099)) N 35th St ((2300-3099)) N 36th St ((2300-3099)) N 37th St ((2300-3099)) N 38th St ((2300-3099)) N 39th St ((2300-3099)) N 40th St ((2300-3099)) N 41st St ((2300-3099)) N 44th St ((2300-3099)) N 45th St ((2300-3099)) N 46th St ((2100-3099)) N 47th St ((1400-3099)) N 48th St ((2300-3099)) N 49th St ((2300-3099)) N 50th St ((2300-2999)) N 51st St ((2300-2999)) N 52nd St ((2300-3099)) N 53rd St ((2300-3099)) N 54th St ((2300-3099)) N 55th St ((2300-3099)) N 56th St ((2300-3099)) N 57th St ((2300-3099)) N 58th St ((2300-3099)) N 59th St ((2300-3099)) N 60th St ((2300-3099)) N 61st St ((2700-3099)) N 62nd St ((2700-3099)) N 63rd St ((2700-3099)) N 64th St ((2800-3099)) N 66th St ((2900-3099)) N 67th St ((2700-2999)) N 68th St ((2700-3099)) N 69th St ((2700-3099)) N 70th St ((2700-3099)) N 71st St ((2700-2899)) N 72nd St ((2700-3099)) N 73rd St ((2700-3099)) N 74th St ((2700-3099)) N 75th St ((2700-3099)) N Avondale Blvd ((2700-2899)) N Blaine Pl ((2700-2799)) N Carlton Pl ((2700-2799)) N Emery Ave ((2700-2899)) N Grant Blvd ((2300-2899)) N Hartung Ave ((2700-2899)) N Lefeber Ave ((2700-2899)) N Sherman Blvd ((2300-3099)) N Sholes Ave ((2700-2899)) State Hwy 145 ((2700-3499)) US Hwy 41 ((2180-6817)) W Appleton Ave ((5700-6817)) W Burleigh St ((2700-7599)) W Cawker Pl ((3000-3099)) W Center St ((2700-7599)) W Chambers Ct ((7100-7199)) W Chambers St ((2700-7599)) W Clarke St ((2700-5999)) W Elder Wallace Dr ((2700-3099)) W Fond du Lac Ave ((2700-3499)) W Girard Ave ((6100-6799)) W Hadley St ((3200-7599)) W Lisbon Ave ((4712-7599)) W Locust St ((2700-7599)) W Meinecke Ave ((2700-5999)) W Moltke Ave ((6300-56798)) W Mound Ct ((5400-5499)) W Pemberton Ave ((3000-3099)) W Richmond Ave ((6100-6399)) W Station Ave ((3000-3099)) W Wright St ((2600-5999))

    53210 Places and Attractions

    Bennett Girls Dormitory Bethany United Church of Christ Bethel German Baptist Church Bethel United Church of Christ Beth Hamedrosh Hagodel Synagogue Beth Jehudah Synagogue Butterfly Park Calvary Evangelical United Brethren Church Center Street Park City of Milwaukee Clarke Street Elementary School Divine Savior High School Emmanuel Lutheran Chapel for the Deaf Enderis Playground Fire Station Number 34 Immanuel Reformed Church Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses Metcalfe Park Milwaukee Fire Department Engine 13 Milwaukee Fire Department Engine 34 Milwaukee French Immersion School Milwaukee Gospel Tabernacle Milwaukee Jewish Home tor the Aged Mother of Good Counsel Roman Catholic Church Mother of Good Counsel School Mount Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church Mount Calvary Evangelical Lutheran School Park Industrial Center Pilgrim Congregational Church Pilgrim Evangelical Lutheran School Saint Anne Roman Catholic Church Saint Anne School Saint Catherine School Saint Catherines Roman Catholic Church Saint Marys Convent Saint Pauls Evangelical Lutheran Church Saron Evangelical Lutheran Church Sherman Multicultural Arts Elementary School Sherman Park Sherman Park Evangelical Lutheran Church Sixty Eighth Street Early Childhood Center Spencerian College Steuben Middle School (historical) Third Church of Christ Scientist Thirty Eighth Street Open Education Elementary School Uptown Christian Scientist Church Washington High School Western Station Milwaukee Post Office Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare Saint Joseph Hospital WNOV-AM (Milwaukee)