Milwaukee, WI 53208 ZIP Code Map


53208 Schools


  • Metcalfe Elementary
  • Highland Community School
  • Westside Academy
  • Bethune Academy
  • Story Elementary
  • Neeskara Elementary
  • Hi-Mount Elementary
  • Groppi High
  • Spotted Eagle High
  • Woodlands School
  • Ceo Leadership Academy
  • 53208 Hotels

  • Schuster Mansion Bed & Breakfast
  • Census


    ZIP Code 53208 is located in Milwaukee County

    53208 Street Addresses

    60th St ((1000-1199)) N 27th St ((301-2299)) N 28th Pl ((700-799)) N 28th St ((400-2299)) N 29th St ((200-2299)) N 30th St ((200-2299)) N 31st St ((200-2299)) N 32nd St ((100-2299)) N 33rd St ((200-2299)) N 34th St ((200-2299)) N 35th St ((100-2299)) N 36th St ((200-2299)) N 37th Pl ((1300-1399)) N 37th St ((200-2299)) N 38th St ((200-2299)) N 39th St ((200-2299)) N 40th St ((200-2299)) N 41st St ((200-2299)) N 42nd St ((300-2299)) N 43rd St ((900-1399)) N 44th St ((100-2299)) N 45th St ((500-2299)) N 46th St ((800-2299)) N 47th St ((1000-2299)) N 48th St ((1400-2299)) N 49th St ((400-2299)) N 50th Pl ((1100-1699)) N 50th St ((200-2299)) N 51st St ((500-2299)) N 52nd St ((500-2299)) N 53rd St ((500-2299)) N 54th St ((500-2299)) N 55th St ((700-2299)) N 56th St ((1600-2299)) N 57th St ((1300-2299)) N 58th St ((1300-2299)) N 59th St ((1300-2299)) N 60th St ((1200-2299)) N Alois St ((1100-1399)) N General Mitchell Blvd ((100-499)) N Hawley Rd ((922-1699)) N Hi Mount Blvd ((1400-2299)) N Lite Ln ((900-1099)) N Miller Hall ((900-1099)) N Mitchell Blvd ((400-498)) N Pinecrest St ((200-499)) N Sherman Blvd ((2100-2299)) N Story Pkwy ((101-699)) State Hwy 57 ((800-1098)) US Hwy 18 ((701-5799)) US Hwy 41 ((1400-4849)) W Blue Mound Ct ((4500-4699)) W Bluemound Rd ((3800-5799)) W Brown St ((2700-4099)) W Canal St ((3000-3599)) W Cherry St ((2700-5499)) W Clarendon Pl ((4700-4799)) W Clybourn St ((2700-4599)) W Elliott Cir ((2201-5899)) W Galena St ((2600-5999)) W Garfield Ave ((2700-5999)) W Greves St ((2700-2999)) W Highland Blvd ((2700-4299)) W High Life Pl ((3800-3899)) W Juneau Ave ((2700-5099)) W Kilbourn Ave ((2700-3899)) W Kingston Pl ((4100-4198)) W Kisslich Pl ((3900-3999)) W Linden Pl ((3500-3699)) W Lisbon Ave ((2400-4849)) W Lloyd St ((2900-5999)) W Martin Dr ((4100-5699)) W Mc Kinley Ave ((3600-5999)) W McKinley Blvd ((2700-3499)) W McKinley Ct ((4100-4199)) W Michigan St ((2700-3899)) W Miller Ln ((3700-3799)) W Monarch Pl ((4200-4499)) W Mount Vernon Ave ((2800-4199)) W North Ave ((2700-12299)) W Notre Dame Ct ((5400-5699)) W Park Hill Ave ((3000-3999)) W Richardson Pl ((2700-2899)) W Roberts St ((3700-3999)) W Roder Ct ((5600-5699)) W Sarnow St ((3500-3899)) W Spaulding Pl ((4200-4299)) W State St ((2700-7799)) W Stonebridge Ct ((4000-4099)) W St Paul Ave ((100-4299)) W Sunnyside Dr ((4800-5099)) W Vine St ((2700-5999)) W Vliet St ((2700-6199)) W Walnut St ((1201-3999)) W Washington Blvd ((4100-5999)) W Wells St ((2201-5599)) W Wisconsin Ave ((2700-5699)) W Woodlawn Ct ((4700-4999))

    53208 Places and Attractions

    Badger Home for the Aged Bethany Evangelical Lutheran Church Bethany Lutheran School Church of Christ Concordia University (historical) English Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Reformation Finney Neighborhood Library Fundamental Bible Church Galena Street United Methodist Church Gardner Memorial Methodist Church Grace Baptist Church Hawley Elementary School Highland Heights Convalescent Center Highland Park Hi-Mount Boulvard School Holy Cross Monastery Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church Hope Lutheran Church Hope United Church of Christ Huston Hall Indian Community School of Milwaukee Interchange 308 Interchange 309A Kilbourn Convalescent Hospital Kingsley Methodist Church Marquette University High School Marquette University Stadium Martin Luther King Community House Merrill Park Mid City Shopping Center Mid City Station Milwaukee Post Office Milwaukee Fire Department Engine 28 Milwaukee Fire Department Engine 32 Mount Olive Lutheran Church Mount Olive Lutheran School Nathaniel Evangelical Lutheran Church Nazareth Hall Neeskara School Our Saviors Lutheran Church Parkside Lutheran Church Saint Andrews Episcopal Church Saint James Lutheran Church Saint James School Saint Marys Chapel Saint Pauls Lutheran Church Saint Rose of Lima Roman Catholic Church Saint Rose of Lima School Saint Sebastian Roman Catholic Church Saint Sebastian School Saint Thomas Aquinas Roman Catholic Church Saint Thomas Aquinas School Saint Thomas Evangelical Lutheran Church Second Church of Christ Scientist Story School Third District Police Station Thirty First Street School Thirty First Street School Thirty Seventh Street School (historical) Tripoli Temple Valley Park Washington Park English Lutheran Church Washington Park Zoo West Side Church of God in Christ West Side Hospital Wick Playground Wisconsin Avenue Elementary School Wisconsin Montessori Society Wisconsin Tabernacle WLZR-AM (Milwaukee) WLZR-FM (Milwaukee) Wundar Dormitory Xavier Hall Zion German Baptist Church