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53207 Street Addresses

3rd St ((6100-6299)) Birch Ln ((512-599)) College Ave ((100-799)) E Archer Ave ((300-399)) E Armour Ave ((100-599)) E Bay St ((300-1299)) E Becher St ((100-399)) E Bennett Ave ((1700-2699)) E Bolivar Ave ((100-999)) E Bottsford Ave ((800-999)) E Bradley Ave ((100-499)) E Brunks la ((301-399)) E Brunks Ln ((300-399)) E Burdick Ave ((300-399)) E Carol St ((1600-2099)) E Citation Way ((200-799)) E Clarence St ((100-399)) E Clifford St ((100-299)) E College Ave ((100-799)) E Colorado St ((1300-1399)) E Conway St ((600-1399)) E Cora Ave ((1700-1799)) E Crawford Ave ((1200-1499)) E Cudahy Ave ((600-999)) E Dakota St ((100-1299)) E Deer Pl ((100-399)) E Dewey Pl ((100-399)) E Doty Pl ((800-1099)) E Dover St ((100-799)) E Eden Pl ((1600-1615)) E Estes St ((1700-2199)) E Euclid Ave ((100-2399)) E Falling Heath Pl ((2200-2399)) E Fernwood Ave ((1800-2899)) E Fremont Pl ((400-499)) E Gauer Cir ((100-399)) E Hillcrest Ave ((1800-2199)) E Holt Ave ((100-2898)) E Homer St ((400-999)) E Howard Ave ((100-1999)) E Idaho St ((800-1399)) E Iron St ((1500-2199)) E Jones St ((700-899)) E Layton Ave ((100-1599)) E Lincoln Ave ((100-1499)) E Linus St ((500-999)) E Malvern Pl ((2300-2399)) E Manitoba St ((100-1599)) E Meredith St ((2300-2699)) E Montana St ((100-1299)) E Morgan Ave ((100-2899)) E Nock St ((1800-2399)) E Norwich Ave ((801-1799)) E Norwich St ((100-1799)) E Ohio Ave ((100-2899)) E Oklahoma Ave ((100-2999)) E Ontario St ((1700-1899)) E Otjen St ((500-1199)) E Plainfield Ave ((100-599)) E Potter Ave ((400-1499)) E Price Ave ((600-799)) E Price Ct ((1000-1099)) E Pryor Ave ((1100-1899)) E Rhode Island Ave ((2800-2999)) E Rosedale Ave ((100-399)) E Rusk Ave ((1600-2399)) E Russell Ave ((400-1799)) E Saveland Ave ((400-1899)) E Schiller St ((300-399)) E Seeley St ((1200-1499)) E Smith St ((200-599)) E Stewart St ((300-499)) E St Francis Ave ((1200-1599)) E Texas Ave ((2600-2899)) E Tripoli Ave ((1000-1999)) E Trowbridge St ((1900-2199)) E Van Beck Ave ((100-1599)) E Van Norman Ave ((100-999)) E Vollmer Ave ((2100-2399)) E Ward St ((200-499)) E Warnimont Ave ((100-1699)) E Waterford Ave ((100-1399)) E Whitaker Ct ((1000-1099)) E Wilbur Ave ((200-1699)) E Wilson St ((300-599)) Hidden Creek Ct ((900-999)) I- 43 ((2110-4299)) I- 794 ((1200-2099)) I- 94 ((2110-4299)) North-South Fwy ((2110-4299)) S 1st Pl ((3400-4299)) S 1st St ((2000-6298)) S 2nd St ((3400-5099)) S 3rd St ((2300-5499)) S 4th St ((2100-4399)) S 5th Ct ((2700-2999)) S 5th Pl ((2100-4599)) S 5th St ((1300-4699)) S Adams Ave ((2700-4599)) S Adams Ct ((3600-3699)) S Ahmedi Ave ((3400-3499)) S Alabama Ave ((3400-3899)) S Aldrich St ((1900-2299)) S Allis St ((1900-2299)) S Austin St ((2200-4599)) S Bay St ((800-2699)) S Brisbane Ave ((2500-3199)) S Brust Ave ((3100-4646)) S Burrell St ((2300-4599)) S California St ((2700-3499)) S Carferry Dr ((1200-2399)) S Chase Ave ((2200-3698)) S Clement Ave ((2500-4299)) S Dayfield Ave ((3200-3399)) S Delaware Ave ((2400-3499)) S Ellen St ((2700-3499)) S Fulton St ((2600-2799)) S Gladstone Pl ((2700-2799)) S Graham St ((2400-2599)) S Greeley St ((2300-2899)) S Griffin Ave ((3100-4599)) S Hanson Ave ((3000-4099)) S Harbor Dr ((1000-2199)) S Herman St ((2700-4299)) S Hilbert St ((1900-2099)) S Howell Ave ((2200-6299)) S Humboldt Park Ct ((2700-2799)) S Illinois Ave ((3000-3499)) S Indiana Ave ((3100-3499)) S Iowa Ave ((3400-3550)) S Jasper Ave ((4200-4599)) S Kansas Ave ((3400-3999)) S Kinnickinnic Ave ((2000-3598)) S Lenox Pl ((4100-4199)) S Lenox St ((2000-4699)) S Lincoln Memorial Dr ((1200-2599)) S Linebarger Ter ((2600-2899)) S Logan Ave ((2300-4699)) S Logan Ct ((4000-4099)) S Mabbett Ave ((2800-3199)) S Marina Dr ((1900-1999)) S Mound St ((2100-2299)) S Nevada St ((2900-4299)) S New York Ave ((3000-3499)) S Pennsylvania Ave ((3000-3599)) S Pine Ave ((2600-4699)) S Quincy Ave ((2700-4699)) S Quincy Ct ((3600-3699)) S Robinson Ave ((2100-2299)) S Shore Dr ((2500-3099)) S Springfield Ave ((3200-3399)) S St Clair St ((2400-2599)) S Superior St ((2400-3299)) S Swain Ct ((3200-3299)) State Hwy 32 ((2000-3299)) State Hwy 38 ((2200-6299)) State Hwy 62 ((4101-4299)) S Taylor Ave ((2700-4599)) S Taylor Ct ((3600-3699)) S Vermont Ave ((3100-3299)) S Wentworth Ave ((2400-3099)) S Whitnall Ave ((3200-4299)) S Williams St ((2300-2599)) S Winchester St ((2100-2299)) S Woodward St ((2100-2499)) W Air Cargo Way ((100-599)) W Allerton Ave ((100-599)) W Alvina Ave ((100-299)) W Armour Ave ((100-599)) W Arthur Ave ((300-599)) W Becher St ((100-599)) W Boden St ((100-499)) W Bolivar Ave ((100-599)) W Bottsford Ave ((300-499)) W College Ave ((100-1199)) W Crawford Ave ((100-299)) W Edgerton Ave ((100-599)) W Goldleaf Ave ((100-199)) W Grant St ((500-699)) W Harrison Ave ((200-599)) W Hayes Ave ((300-599)) W Holt Ave ((100-599)) W Howard Ave ((100-599)) W Layton Ave ((131-599)) W Lincoln Ave ((100-599)) W Mangold Ave ((100-299)) W Martin Ln ((100-499)) W Morgan Ave ((100-399)) W Norwich St ((100-599)) W Oklahoma Ave ((115-599)) W Oklahoma Pl ((500-599)) W Plainfield Ave ((100-599)) W Rosedale Ave ((300-599)) W Saveland Ave ((100-599)) W Tripoli Ave ((100-299)) W Uncas Ave ((1-499)) W Van Norman Ave ((100-499)) W Vogel Ave ((200-399)) W Warnimont Ave ((100-599)) W Waterford Ave ((100-599)) W Wilbur Ave ((100-299))

53207 Places and Attractions

Adams Play Field Baran Park Bay View Assembly of God Church Bay View Baptist Church Bay View High School Bay View Saint Francis Station Milwaukee Post Office Bayview Station Milwaukee Post Office Burdick Elementary School Church of Christ Clement Avenue Elementary School Dover Street Elementary School Fernwood Elementary School General Mitchell International Airport Grace Presbyterian Church Gustav A Fritsche Middle School Harbor Master City Heavy Lift Dock Henry Llewellyn Branch Milwaukee Public Library Humboldt Park Humboldt Park Elementary School Hungarian Evangelical and Reformed Church Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Church Immaculate Conception School Jones Island Kinnickinnic Park Lutheran Chapel of the Cross Messiah Evangelical Lutheran Church Milwaukee City Bulk Cargo Dock Milwaukee Municipal Mooring Basin Milwaukee River Morgan Park Mound Street School Prince of Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church Resurrection Evangelical Lutheran Church Riley Elementary School Saint Augustine Roman Catholic Church Saint Augustine School Saint Johns Cemetery Saint Lucas Evangelical Lutheran Church Saint Lucas High School Saint Lukes Episcopal Church Saint Pauls Roman Catholic Church Saint Pauls School Saint Stephens Cemetery Saint Stephens School Saint Veronica Roman Catholic Church Saint Veronica School Saveland Park Second District Police Station South Pier Light South Pier Number One South Pier Two South Shore Park South Shore Yacht Club South Slip Number One South Slip Number Two Terminal Four Terminal Three Texas Avenue Pumping Station Tippecanoe Elementary School For The Humanities Tippecanoe Park Tippecanoe Presbyterian Church Trinity Methodist Church Trowbridge Street Elementary School Unity Evangelical Church Warnimont School Woodlawn Cemetery