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53204 Street Addresses

E Anderson Ave ((100-199)) E Bruce St ((400-599)) E Florida St ((100-399)) E Greenfield Ave ((100-699)) E Maple St ((100-299)) E Mineral St ((100-299)) E Mitchell St ((100-199)) E National Ave ((100-399)) E Orchard St ((100-199)) E Oregon St ((100-299)) E Pittsburgh Ave ((100-399)) E Scott St ((100-199)) E Seeboth St ((100-199)) E Walker St ((100-399)) E Washington St ((100-399)) I- 43 ((1600-2109)) I- 794 ((1101-1199)) I- 94 ((1600-2109)) North-South Fwy ((1600-2109)) S 10th St ((600-2099)) S 11th St ((400-2099)) S 12th St ((600-2099)) S 13th St ((1400-2099)) S 14th St ((800-2099)) S 15th Pl ((1100-2099)) S 15th St ((800-2099)) S 16th St ((1700-2099)) S 17th St ((800-2099)) S 18th St ((800-2099)) S 19th St ((800-2099)) S 1st Pl ((100-199)) S 1st St ((100-2599)) S 20th St ((700-2099)) S 21st St ((700-2099)) S 22nd Pl ((1900-1999)) S 22nd St ((700-1899)) S 23rd St ((700-2099)) S 24th St ((700-2099)) S 25th St ((700-2099)) S 26th St ((700-2099)) S 2nd St ((100-1899)) S 3rd St ((100-1999)) S 4th St ((400-2499)) S 5th Pl ((1900-2099)) S 5th St ((400-2099)) S 6th St ((100-2099)) S 7th St ((400-2099)) S 8th St ((1000-2099)) S 9th St ((400-1999)) S Alexander St ((400-499)) S Amy Pl ((1900-1999)) S Barclay St ((100-1599)) S Baroga St ((1100-1299)) S Bettinger Ct ((701-799)) S Cesar E Chavez Dr ((700-1699)) S Comstock Ave ((1300-1599)) S Congo Ave ((1900-1999)) S Davidson St ((300-399)) S Ferry St ((100-199)) S Kinnickinnic Ave ((1600-2098)) S Muskego Ave ((500-2099)) S Pearl St ((1500-1899)) S Polcyn St ((1200-1399)) State Hwy 32 ((135-1999)) State Hwy 38 ((500-2099)) State Hwy 59 ((100-2699)) S Union St ((1400-1699)) S Water St ((100-1099)) S Winona Ln ((1900-1999)) W Alma St ((800-899)) W Arrow St ((1700-1999)) W Bow St ((1600-1999)) W Bruce St ((100-1999)) W Burnham St ((300-2699)) W Elgin Ln ((1200-1499)) West Virginia Pl ((1700-1999)) W Florida St ((100-598)) W Forest Home Ave ((1300-1999)) W Greenfield Ave ((100-2699)) W Historic Mitchell St ((500-1299)) W Kassner Pl ((100-199)) W Lapham Blvd ((100-1599)) W Lapham St ((1600-2699)) W Legion St ((2400-2699)) W Madison St ((300-1499)) W Maple St ((100-2699)) W Merrill St ((2200-2399)) W Mineral St ((100-2699)) W Mitchell St ((100-2699)) W National Ave ((100-2699)) W Nicholas St ((500-599)) W Odell Ave ((1500-1599)) W Orchard St ((100-2699)) W Oregon St ((100-799)) W Pierce St ((100-2699)) W Pittsburgh Ave ((100-599)) W Reynolds Pl ((1700-1799)) W Rogers St ((500-2699)) W Scott St ((100-2899)) W Seeboth St ((100-299)) W Vieau Pl ((2300-2399)) W Vilter Ln ((2000-2199)) W Virginia St ((100-899)) W Walker St ((100-1599)) W Washington St ((100-1999)) W White St ((1900-1999)) W Windlake Ave ((700-1099))

53204 Places and Attractions

Advent Lutheran Church Alexander Mitchell Integrated Arts Elementary School Allen School Allen-Field Elementary School Bethany Presbyterian Church Burnham Canal Christ Baptist Church Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church Christ Evangelical Lutheran School Christ Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church Church of God Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church of the Open Door Clarke Park De Paul Rehabilitation Center Eugene Field Public School (historical) Evangel Baptist School Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Ascension Faith Lutheran Church Fifth Ward Playground Fire Station Number 12 Fire Station Number 3 Forest Home Avenue School Forest Home Neighborhood Library Free Methodist Church Harbor Station Milwaukee Post Office Hillview Nursing Home Holy Trinity Catholic Church Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church Holy Trinity School Iglesia Pentecostal Juneau Building Kagel Elementary School Kosciuszko Middle School Longfellow Elementary School Lynde And Harry Bradley Technology And Trade School Milwaukee Fire Department Drill School Mitchell Office Building Mitchell Park Notre Dame High School Pilgrim Psychic Science Church Polish National Alliance Home Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church Sacred Heart of Jesus Roman Catholic Church Saint Ann Rest Home Saint Anthony School Saint Anthonys Hall Saint Anthonys Roman Catholic Church Saint Gabriels Roman Catholic Church Saint Hyacinth Hall Saint Hyacinths Roman Catholic Church Saint Hyacinths School Saint Jacobi Evangelical Lutheran Church Saint Johns Episcopal Church Saint Lawrence Roman Catholic Church Saint Lawrence School Saint Martini Evangelical Lutheran Church Saint Martini Evangelical Lutheran School Saint Marys Greek Catholic Church Saint Matthews Roman Catholic Church Saint Matthews School Saint Patrick School Saint Patricks Roman Catholic Church Saint Peters Evangelical Lutheran Church Saint Peters Evangelical Lutheran School Saint Stanislaus Roman Catholic Church Saint Stanislaus School Saint Stephens Lutheran Church Saint Stephens School Saint Vincent De Paul Roman Catholic Church Saint Vincent De Paul School Saint Wenceslaus Roman Catholic Church Saint Wenceslaus School Scandinavian-American Old Peoples Home Simpson Methodist Church South Division High School Southside Church of God Southview Hospital Starkes Slip Number 1 Starkes Slip Number 2 University of Wisconsin Great Lakes Research Facility Vieau K-8 School Walker Square Park Zion Church of Christ