Kenosha, WI 53140 ZIP Code Map


53140 Schools


  • Harborside Academy
  • Edward Bain School Of Language And Art
  • Paideia Academy
  • Washington Middle
  • Reuther Central High
  • Jefferson Elementary
  • Harvey Elementary
  • Grant Elementary
  • Frank Elementary
  • Bose Elementary
  • 53140 Hotels

  • Best Western Harborside Inn & Kenosha Conference Center
  • Census


    ZIP Code 53140 is located in Kenosha County

    53140 Street Addresses

    10th Ave ((3500-5999)) 10th Pl ((400-699)) 10th St ((400-575)) 11th Ave ((100-5999)) 11th Pl ((500-585)) 11th St ((500-599)) 128th Ave ((7500-8099)) 12th Ave ((1500-1829)) 12th Pl ((400-1999)) 12th St ((600-2998)) 13 St ((2100-2199)) 13th Ave ((3500-5999)) 13th Ct ((4100-5799)) 13th Pl ((400-1999)) 13th St ((401-2499)) 14th Ave ((2100-5999)) 14th Ln ((2800-3103)) 14th Pl ((400-2999)) 14th St ((400-2499)) 15th Ave ((1500-1899)) 15th Ct ((1500-1582)) 15th Pl ((400-2599)) 15th St ((1500-2099)) 16th Ave ((1400-5899)) 16th Pl ((400-1999)) 16th St ((400-1599)) 17th Ave ((1518-5699)) 17th Ct ((1500-1599)) 17th St ((600-1533)) 18th Ave ((1200-5999)) 18th Pl ((1500-1599)) 18th St ((1500-3419)) 19th Ave ((1500-5999)) 19th St ((1418-2199)) 1st Cir ((2200-2299)) 1st Pl ((2300-2501)) 20th Ave ((1200-5999)) 20th Pl ((1900-2607)) 21st Ave ((1700-5999)) 21st St ((1500-2610)) 22nd Ave ((100-5999)) 22nd Pl ((20-2824)) 22nd St ((1400-2999)) 23rd Ave ((100-5999)) 23rd St ((1700-2999)) 24th Ave ((2000-5999)) 24th St ((1400-3160)) 25th Ave ((100-5499)) 25th St ((1400-2899)) 26th Ave ((2100-5299)) 26th St ((1500-5372)) 27th Ave ((1500-3499)) 27th Ct ((4500-5199)) 27th St ((1500-2999)) 28th Ave ((2119-5199)) 28th Ct ((1421-1499)) 28th St ((1700-2636)) 29th Ave ((2212-5199)) 29th Ct ((1422-1499)) 29th St ((1700-2699)) 2nd Cir ((2300-2399)) 2nd Pl ((1900-2199)) 2nd St ((2200-2499)) 30th St ((1700-2699)) 31st St ((900-2699)) 32nd St ((1700-2699)) 33rd St ((1300-2699)) 34th St ((1800-2999)) 35th Pl ((1600-2199)) 35th St ((700-2999)) 36th St ((1400-2199)) 37th St ((800-2303)) 38th St ((700-3298)) 39th St ((500-2099)) 3rd Ave ((5700-5999)) 3rd St ((2000-2199)) 40th Pl ((500-999)) 40th St ((500-2999)) 41st Pl ((1700-1899)) 41st St ((1900-2399)) 42nd St ((500-2099)) 43rd St ((400-2999)) 44th Pl ((1900-2199)) 44th St ((400-2099)) 45th St ((400-2999)) 46th Pl ((500-699)) 46th St ((500-3899)) 47th St ((700-1099)) 48th Ave ((2701-7208)) 48th Pl ((500-699)) 48th St ((700-2999)) 49th St ((700-999)) 4th Ave ((5000-5999)) 50th St ((400-2999)) 51st Pl ((100-1799)) 51st St ((700-2999)) 52nd St ((600-6998)) 53rd St ((900-2599)) 54th St ((900-2599)) 55th Pl ((1600-1699)) 55th St ((500-2599)) 56th St ((29-2399)) 57th St ((1-2299)) 58th St ((300-1899)) 59th Pl ((300-799)) 59th St ((400-1799)) 5th Ave ((3800-5999)) 60th St ((300-2999)) 6th Ave ((3800-5999)) 6th Avenue A ((5900-5999)) 6th St ((200-399)) 7th Ave ((3300-5999)) 7th Pl ((200-316)) 7th St ((200-5599)) 88th Ave ((6512-6616)) 8th Ave ((3500-6389)) 8th Pl ((400-499)) 8th St ((300-599)) 94th Ct ((6000-6005)) 9th Pl ((400-2199)) 9th St ((400-524)) Alford Park Dr ((1800-3299)) Berryville Rd ((3100-5599)) Birch Rd ((1600-2999)) Co Hwy A ((200-3205)) Co Hwy E ((600-2999)) Co Hwy H ((6512-6616)) Co Hwy Y ((100-699)) Kennedy Dr ((3500-4499)) Lighthouse Dr ((5000-5142)) Madison Rd ((1601-1799)) Sheridan Rd ((700-5999)) State Hwy 158 ((900-6998)) State Hwy 32 ((701-5999)) Washington Rd ((400-3298))

    53140 Places and Attractions

    A F Siebert Chapel Alford Building Alford Park Alfords Park Mobile Homes Court Apostolic Missionary Church Art Keller Field Bain Elementary School B'nai Zek Cemetery Bose Elementary School Calvary Baptist Church (historical) Carthage College Chicago Church of Christ Coast Guard Station Kenosha Coleman Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church Columbus Park Community Baptist Church Evangelical Lutheran Community Building Fire Station Number 2 First Baptist Church (historical) First Church of God First Congregational Church First Hispanic United Methodist Church First United Methodist Church Fitsch Meditation Chapel Frank Elementary School Friedens Evangelical Lutheran Church Friedens Evangelical Lutheran School Gilbert M Simmons Branch Kenosha Public Library Grace Lutheran Church Grant Elementary School Harvey Elementary School Hedberg Library H F Johnson Art Center Holy Nativity Lutheran Church Holy Rosary School Immanuel United Methodist Church Italian Christian Church Jefferson Annex Elementary School Jefferson Elementary School Johnson Residence Hall Kenosha Kenosha Country Club Kenosha County Courthouse Kenosha County Jail Kenosha Fire Department Station 5 Kenosha Fire Department Station 6 Kenosha Light Kenosha Municipal Building Kenosha Post Office Kenosha Public Museum Kenosha Water Works Kenosha Yacht Club Korean United Methodist Church Lake Front Park Lentz Hall Library Park Messiah Lutheran Church Municipal Small Boat Harbor Northside Bible Church Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church Our Lady of Mount Carmel School Our Lady of the Rosary Roman Catholic Church Petzke Park Pike Creek Pike River Power of Deliverance Ministry Remnant Church of God Reuther Central High School Saint Anthonys Catholic Church Saint Anthonys School Saint Casimir School Saint Casimirs Church Saint Catherine Hospital Saint George Catholic Church Saint George Cemetery Saint Georges School Saint James Roman Catholic Church Saint James School Saint Johns Evangelical Lutheran Church Saint Josephs Home of the Sacred Heart Saint Matthews Episcopal Church Saint Matthews Guild Hall Saint Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church Saint Nicholas School Saint Peters Temple Church of God in Christ Simmons Island Park Smeds Tennis Center Somers Fire and Rescue Department Station 2 South Pier Light South Residence Hall Tarble Athletic and Recreation Center Tarble Residence Hall Templo la Hermosa Todd Wehr Center Union Park Unitarian Universalist Church Unity Church of Kenosha Villa Marina Docks Washington Junior High School Washington Park Weiskopf School