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52732 Street Addresses

10th Ave N ((100-1241)) 10th Ave S ((400-940)) 10th St NW ((1400-1599)) 115th St ((4100-4599)) 11th Ave N ((101-1499)) 11th Ave S ((200-1499)) 11th St NW ((1300-1599)) 120th St ((4000-4272)) 122nd St ((4200-4399)) 125th St ((4100-4329)) 12th Ave N ((201-1599)) 12th Ave S ((201-2399)) 130th St ((4320-4599)) 131st St ((4600-4699)) 135th St ((4100-4799)) 13th Ave N ((201-4349)) 13th Ave NW ((600-899)) 13th Ave S ((200-2399)) 140th St ((4101-4599)) 142nd St ((4600-4799)) 149th St ((4600-4749)) 14th Ave N ((1-899)) 14th Ave NW ((646-905)) 14th Ave S ((225-1930)) 150th St ((4000-4599)) 155th St ((4600-4799)) 15th Ave N ((201-526)) 15th Ave NW ((700-899)) 15th Ave S ((200-2098)) 160th St ((4176-4599)) 164th St ((4600-4699)) 16th Ave N ((1-1146)) 16th Ave NW ((849-1099)) 16th Ave S ((300-2399)) 16th Pl ((200-298)) 16th Place B ((100-199)) 16th St NW ((1300-2699)) 170th St ((3901-4799)) 17th Ave N ((100-1106)) 17th Ave S ((300-399)) 17th Pl ((212-276)) 180th St ((3900-4699)) 18th Ave N ((100-798)) 18th Pl ((101-324)) 190th St ((3700-4552)) 195th St ((4326-4419)) 19th Ave N ((1-1108)) 19th Pl ((200-379)) 1st Ave ((200-1299)) 200th St ((3800-4419)) 20th Ave N ((62-899)) 20th Pl ((200-273)) 210th St ((3670-4499)) 219th St ((3700-3799)) 21st Ave N ((43-272)) 21st Pl ((108-433)) 21st Place Ct ((401-423)) 220th St ((3670-4349)) 22nd Ave N ((1-920)) 22nd Ave S ((1800-1899)) 22nd Pl ((111-423)) 230th St ((2186-6599)) 23rd Ave N ((1-1367)) 23rd Ave S ((1800-1899)) 23rd Pl ((233-428)) 25th Ave N ((40-1215)) 25th Ave S ((1400-1799)) 25th Pl ((100-299)) 260th St ((100-3898)) 26th Ave N ((43-1299)) 27th Ave N ((100-1225)) 27th Ave S ((1400-1899)) 28th Ave N ((81-899)) 29th Ave N ((1-499)) 2nd Ave N ((200-1246)) 2nd Ave S ((100-6599)) 30th Ave N ((63-599)) 31st Ave N ((70-282)) 32nd Ave N ((63-411)) 33rd Ave N ((1-699)) 34th Ave N ((1-699)) 35th Ave N ((200-326)) 367th Ave ((2100-2198)) 36th Ave N ((1-499)) 378th Ave ((2100-2199)) 379th Ave ((2100-2199)) 37th Ave N ((348-506)) 380th Ave ((2100-2299)) 38th Ave N ((300-399)) 390th Ave ((1900-2299)) 39th Ave N ((315-338)) 3rd Ave ((100-3898)) 3rd Ave N ((200-1241)) 3rd Ave S ((130-855)) 400th Ave ((1105-4699)) 410th Ave ((1150-2099)) 415th Ave ((1200-1399)) 420th Ave ((1700-2199)) 425th Ave ((1100-2299)) 427th Ave ((1100-1219)) 430th Ave ((1700-1799)) 432nd Ave ((1095-1699)) 437th Ave ((1150-1399)) 442nd Ave ((1400-1999)) 445th Ave ((1000-1149)) 44th Ave N ((800-999)) 44th Ave S ((5400-6599)) 452nd Ave ((1700-1799)) 455th Ave ((1600-1699)) 459th Ave ((1400-1499)) 460th Ave ((1000-41298)) 463rd Ave ((1800-1859)) 468th Ave ((1600-1799)) 475th Ave ((1301-1349)) 4th Ave N ((100-1242)) 4th Ave S ((2-931)) 54th St ((1744-4698)) 54th St S ((2601-4699)) 5th Ave N ((200-1143)) 5th Ave S ((100-1899)) 6th Ave N ((1-1151)) 6th Ave S ((100-1637)) 7th Ave Ct N ((700-799)) 7th Ave N ((200-999)) 7th Ave S ((100-1704)) 7th St NW ((1300-1599)) 8th Ave N ((100-1258)) 8th Ave S ((100-2108)) 8th St NW ((1900-4612)) 9th Ave N ((100-1099)) 9th Ave S ((400-1399)) 9th St NW ((1300-1727)) Adams Pl ((200-299)) Albany Ct ((700-799)) Allie Ln ((3300-3398)) Apple Valley Ln ((400-599)) Argyle Ct ((500-798)) Barker St ((2300-2499)) Beaver Channel Pkwy ((1200-2099)) Beckman Ln ((1400-1499)) Becknan Ln ((1400-1499)) Bellevue Rd ((3900-41298)) Bluff Heights Rd ((1000-1099)) Bobetta Ct ((1100-1199)) Branden Hills Dr ((300-999)) Brandy Ln ((3800-4099)) Breezy Point Dr ((1-799)) Briarcliff Ln ((1000-1199)) Briar Wood St ((900-999)) Brookside ((1000-2099)) Brookside Rd ((1000-2099)) Buell Ave ((201-1198)) Bulgars Hollow Rd ((4600-4799)) Bulgars Hollow Rd E ((1700-4799)) Bulgars Hollow Rd W ((4400-4599)) Buttermilk St ((4300-4399)) Camanche Ave ((1100-2799)) Cameron Dr ((2200-2399)) Caroline Ave ((1200-1499)) Carriage Hill Ct ((1000-1099)) Carriage Hill Dr ((1000-1099)) Center Ct ((2100-2199)) Chancy St ((2300-2499)) Cherry Ln ((1400-1499)) Circle Dr E ((1600-1799)) Circle Dr N ((900-1999)) Circle Dr S ((1201-1999)) Cleveland St ((2300-3699)) Co Hwy E44 ((1100-4599)) Co Hwy E50 ((4101-4319)) Co Hwy E56 ((3900-4399)) Co Hwy E62 ((3700-4699)) Co Hwy F12 ((3670-4299)) Co Hwy F14 ((2601-6599)) Co Hwy F64 ((2152-2198)) Co Hwy Z36 ((2100-2299)) Co Hwy Z40 ((1105-4699)) Co Hwy Z46 ((200-5399)) Co Hwy Z50 ((1100-4499)) College Ave ((1000-1099)) Collis Dr ((1100-1199)) Concord Ave ((2301-2599)) Connor Ct ((1701-1799)) Co Rd E50 ((4101-4599)) Co Rd Z50 ((1377-1399)) Cragmor Dr ((200-3898)) Crescent Dr ((1001-1099)) Crestline Dr ((1500-1799)) Curtis Cir ((1-99)) Dana Ct ((801-899)) Deer Creek E ((1800-4799)) Douglas Ct ((601-799)) Dubuque Ct ((1600-1699)) Dunham St ((2300-2499)) Eagle Heights Dr ((3800-3899)) East Ct ((2100-2199)) East Ln ((1800-1899)) Eclipse Ln ((700-799)) Eclipse St ((3100-3199)) Elmhurst Ct ((701-799)) Elvira Rd ((3698-4249)) Emily Dr ((1000-1099)) Fairway Dr ((1401-2498)) Fayette St ((100-399)) Florence Ave ((1200-1399)) Galbraith Dr ((1000-1199)) Garfield St ((1700-3399)) Garrett Ave ((1700-1798)) Gateway Ave ((800-1299)) Glendale Rd ((1800-2099)) Glenwood Pl ((400-499)) Grandview Dr ((1000-1499)) Grant St ((2100-2599)) Green Hills Dr ((500-699)) Hanover Ave ((1600-1799)) Harding St ((2100-2499)) Harrison Dr ((1200-2199)) Harts Mill Rd ((2100-5399)) Hawkeye Ln ((1-99)) Hawks Pointe Ln ((700-799)) Heather Ln ((1-99)) Hickory Hill Ct ((1000-1099)) Highland Ct ((1900-1999)) Highview Dr ((500-799)) Hillcrest Dr ((1-99)) Honey Ln ((1400-1599)) Horseshoe Dr ((3600-3699)) Ike's Peak Rd ((900-999)) Iowa Ave ((1600-2298)) Isabella Ct ((700-799)) Jefferies Dr ((1100-1199)) Keith Ct ((1100-1199)) Kenilworth Ct ((500-699)) Lafayette Ter ((2200-2399)) Lakewood Dr ((3700-3899)) Lakewood Ter ((100-3899)) Lawndale Dr ((900-998)) Lawrence St ((100-399)) Lazy Ln ((1500-1599)) Lee Ct ((200-299)) Lee Ln ((1700-1799)) Lincoln Blvd ((701-1098)) Lincoln Way ((1400-6599)) Locust Pl ((400-799)) Lyon's Davoitt Rd ((3700-3799)) Main Ave ((1-1799)) Main St ((4300-4399)) Manufacturing Ct ((2000-2099)) Manufacturing Dr ((1800-2499)) McKinley St ((2000-3699)) Meadowbrook Ter ((300-2999)) Meadowview Dr ((400-699)) Melrose Ct ((500-899)) Mill Creek Ln ((700-799)) Millcrest Ct ((800-1999)) Mill Ct ((1800-1999)) Mill Ridge Rd ((400-699)) Mississippi Vw ((3600-3699)) Mount Pleasant Park Rd ((1-99)) Myra Pl ((200-599)) N 10th St ((100-2427)) N 11th St ((100-2899)) N 12th St ((339-2799)) N 13th St ((101-1221)) N 14th St ((1101-1204)) N 18th St ((214-632)) N 2nd St ((100-3599)) N 3rd St ((100-3999)) N 4th St ((100-3599)) N 5th St ((100-2362)) N 6th St ((100-2359)) N 7th St ((100-2366)) N 8th St ((1500-2364)) N 9th St ((300-2377)) N Bluff Blvd ((100-798)) N Stockwell Ln ((400-3798)) Oakhurst Dr ((400-599)) Oakhurst Ln ((400-999)) Oak Knolls Ct ((900-999)) Orchard Ct ((500-599)) Orchard Ln ((601-899)) Overlook Ct ((1900-1999)) Park Pl ((700-899)) Peregrine Ct ((700-799)) Pershing Blvd ((701-3599)) Pheasant Run Rd ((800-999)) Pleasant Valley Ln ((900-998)) Polk ((2100-2199)) Prairie View Ct ((1-198)) Prospect Ave ((1400-2599)) Randall Ct ((1800-1899)) Randy Ln ((401-599)) Ridge Crest Dr ((400-1399)) River King Rd ((401-499)) Rock Creek Ln ((701-799)) Rockwood Ct ((1600-1699)) Roosevelt St ((500-3199)) Ruth Pl ((200-499)) S 10th St ((100-1420)) S 11th St ((100-299)) S 12th St ((700-1422)) S 13th St ((100-1310)) S 14th St ((200-2599)) S 15th St ((700-2699)) S 16th St ((200-2899)) S 17th St ((500-2899)) S 18th St ((200-2799)) S 19th St ((400-2799)) S 1st St ((400-699)) S 21st St ((1500-2399)) S 22nd St ((1100-1403)) S 23rd St ((1100-1143)) S 25th St ((2500-2899)) S 2nd St ((100-1599)) S 30th St ((1708-2499)) S 32nd St ((200-1499)) S 3rd St ((100-1520)) S 4th St ((100-1899)) S 54th St ((1105-2299)) S 5th St ((100-1099)) S 60th St ((2000-2299)) S 62nd St ((200-249)) S 6th St ((100-1207)) S 7th St ((100-1227)) S 8th St ((401-1423)) S 9th Ave ((1800-1998)) S 9th St ((300-1422)) Sabula Ave ((2400-2599)) Sarah Ln ((601-899)) S Bluff Blvd ((100-2198)) Scenic Dr ((400-699)) Schick Ct ((3000-3099)) Schick Rd ((700-799)) Silver Creek Rd ((4600-4799)) Skyline Dr ((2900-3299)) Sorensen Ln ((700-799)) Spence Ct ((1800-1899)) Springdale Dr ((600-1799)) Spring Valley Ln ((1300-1599)) State Hwy 136 ((1-4499)) Surrey Ct ((700-799)) Sweet Briar Ln ((1000-1199)) Taylor ((2100-2199)) Terrace Dr ((700-899)) Thorwaldsen Pl ((200-698)) Tower Ct ((3200-3499)) Tower Rd ((400-3199)) US Hwy 30 ((300-6599)) US Hwy 67 ((100-4799)) Valley Ln ((3600-3699)) Valley Oaks Dr ((3300-4099)) Valley View Ct ((3000-3199)) Valley West Ct ((2300-2398)) Virginia Ave ((2400-2499)) Wallace St ((2300-2399)) Washington ((3700-3761)) Washington St ((1377-1399)) W Deer Creek Rd ((600-799)) West Ct ((2100-2199)) Westhaven Pl ((2500-2699)) Westwood Ln ((1-99)) Whispering Pnes ((1-299)) Whittier Ct ((1200-1299)) Willadsen Dr ((1200-2999)) Willany Dr ((1000-1199)) Windsor Ct ((1400-1499)) Windsor Dr ((1200-1599)) Woodland Dr ((400-1299)) Woodlawn Ave ((1100-1399)) Woodlawn Ct ((200-299)) Worth Ct ((500-599)) W Stockwell Ln ((2400-4099))

52732 Places and Attractions

Almont Almont (historical) Almont Post Office (historical) Alverno Health Care Facility Andover Andover (historical) Andover Cemetery Andover Post Office Apostolic Temple of Victory Atonement Lutheran Church Beaver Island Bethel Ame Church Bible Missionary Church Bickelhaupt Arboretum Brookside Creek Buell School Bulgers Hollow Calvary Baptist Church Calvary Cemetery Canyon Creek Golf Club Center School (historical) Chancy Fire Department Chancy Lutheran Church Chancy Park Chicago and Northwestern Railroad Swing Bridge Church of the Open Door Clinton Clinton Clinton Back and Neck Care Center Clinton Church of Christ Clinton Community College Clinton Community College Neighborhood Park Clinton Country Club Clinton County Courthouse Clinton County Historical Society Museum Clinton County Sheriff Department Clinton Fire Department Clinton Foot and Ankle Clinic Clinton High School Clinton Memorial Cemetery Clinton Municipal Airport Clinton Park Clinton Plaza West Shopping Center Clinton Police Department Clinton Post Office Clinton Public Library Clinton Stock Yards Clover Hills Shopping Center Community Congregational Church Community Reformed Church Custon Park Deer Creek Devils Hollow Dewitt Park Dierks Cemetery Eagle Point Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Eagle Point Park Edwin P Neubauer Park Elk River Junction Elvira Elvira Cemetery Elvira Elementary School Elvira Post Office (historical) Elvira Zion Church Emma Young Park Evangelical Free Church Faith Lutheran Church First Baptist Church First Church of Christ Scientist First Church of the Nazarene First Church of the Nazarene First Congregational Church First Presbyterian Church First Spiritualist Church First United Methodist Church First White Settler in Clinton County Historical Marker Flannery School (historical) Four Square Park Foursquare Gospel Church Franklin School (historical) Gateway Baptist Church George O Morris Park Grace Episcopal Church Graceway Baptist Church Harding School Hauntown Cemetery Hawthorne School (historical) Henry Sabin School Hess Cemetery Hess School (historical) Holy Cross Cemetery Horace Mann School Immanuel Lutheran Church Irving School (historical) Jane Lamb Health Center Jefferson Elementary School Jehovahs Witnesses Congregation Jehovahs Witnesses North Congregation KCLN-FM (Clinton) KLNT-AM (Clinton) KNJY-FM (Clinton) KROS Radio Tower KROS-AM (Clinton) Kirkwood School Life Tabernacle Pentecostal Church Lighthouse Christian Church Little Mill Creek Longfellow School Low Moor Low Moor Low Moor Post Office Lyons Lyons (historical) Lyons Branch Library Lyons Middle School Lyons Post Office (historical) Lyons United Methodist Church Mater Dei High School Mead (historical) Mead Post Office (historical) Medical Associates Clinic Mercy Hospital Mercy Medical Center Mill Creek Milwaukee Passenger Station Mount Pleasant Park (historical) Mount Saint Claire Cemetery Mount Saint Clare College New Life Assembly of God Church North Branch Elk River Northside Church of God Oakland Cemetery Our Lady of Angels Seminary Our Saviors Evangelical Lutheran Church Pine Grove Cemetery Pleasant Hill Cemetery Pomme de Terre Prairie Prairie Village Shopping Center Prince of Peace Catholic Church Prince of Peace High School Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints River Cities Internal Medicine Center River View City Park River View Stadium Riverside Presbyterian Church Root Park Saint Boniface Cemetery Saint Boniface Church Saint Irenaeus Catholic Church Saint Irenaeus School Saint Johns Episcopal Church Saint Johns Lutheran Church Saint Marys Cemetery Saint Paul Lutheran Church Saint Stephens Lutheran Church Samaritan Hospital South Heliport Second Baptist Church Seventh Day Adventist Church Seymour School (historical) Sibyl (historical) Sixmile Smith Cemetery Soaring Eagles Nature Center South School (historical) Southside Park Springdale Cemetery Sunflower Spiritualist Church Teeds Grove Teeds Grove (historical) Teeds Grove Cemetery Teeds Grove Post Office (historical) The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Total Foot Care Center Trinity Lutheran Church Trinity Primary School Trinity School Trinity United Methodist Church Union Park (historical) Unitarian Universalist Church Valley Oaks Golf Club Walkyns Glen Wartburg College (historical) Washington Junior High School Watkyns Glen Post Office (historical) Whittier School Willow Brook Wilson Cemetery Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church