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    ZIP Code 52653 is located in Louisa County

    52653 Street Addresses

    100th St ((9769-17999)) 105th St ((12000-19095)) 10th St ((10000-10598)) 110th St ((13200-16499)) 112th St ((12398-14099)) 114th Ave ((5500-7699)) 115th St ((16500-19799)) 116th Ave ((9000-9999)) 119th Ave ((7698-8299)) 120th St ((8200-10999)) 123rd Ave ((1400-7899)) 124th Ave ((12373-14834)) 125th St ((9700-10999)) 128th St ((11252-11999)) 130th St ((12000-14099)) 142nd Ave ((8500-8999)) 145th St ((14000-14399)) 146th Ave ((4000-4699)) 161st Ave ((8500-9999)) 162nd St ((9300-9499)) 192nd Ave ((10000-10500)) 270th St ((10000-10598)) 2nd St ((9600-9899)) 30th St ((3658-13101)) 35th St ((13000-13397)) 40th St ((6800-15899)) 46th St ((15400-15599)) 50th St ((5001-16499)) 55th St ((8500-20999)) 60th St ((16500-22999)) 65th St ((2-17499)) 70th St ((14000-22999)) 75th St ((8300-9999)) 77th St ((10000-15999)) 78th St ((7500-7799)) 83rd St ((8090-18999)) 86th Ave ((5000-6399)) 93rd Ave ((8800-9299)) 97th St ((9500-9699)) Aspen Dr ((600-699)) Buchanan Ave ((500-999)) Cedar St ((6800-6999)) Cemetery Ln ((300-13199)) Cemetery Rd ((14000-14363)) Co Rd 61 ((9500-9699)) Co Rd G44X ((9603-12505)) Co Rd G56 ((11200-13999)) Co Rd G62 ((100-22999)) Co Rd H16 ((1000-15899)) Co Rd H22 ((8945-13199)) Co Rd X37 ((6317-10499)) Co Rd X61 ((6000-18999)) Co Rd X71 ((7000-7399)) E Ave ((4000-8499)) F Ave ((1-12299)) Franklin St ((200-899)) Fred Brown St ((401-499)) G Ave ((1000-12499)) George St ((501-599)) Great River Rd ((3000-8999)) H Ave ((6400-14699)) Henry Louisa Ave ((5000-5598)) Henry-Louisa Ave ((5800-6998)) I Ave ((1001-20699)) Isett Ave ((500-1199)) Jackson Ave ((200-499)) James L Hodges Ave ((100-899)) J Ave ((5200-14499)) Jefferson St ((200-699)) K Ave ((1000-12998)) Kennedy Dr ((400-499)) Kings Hwy ((7000-7399)) Laurel Dr ((600-699)) L Ave ((4000-6999)) Locust St ((500-13999)) Louisa Henry Ave ((5000-6998)) Main St ((300-9899)) Market St ((5500-5699)) Marshall St ((600-999)) M Ave ((5897-10999)) Mechanic St ((100-498)) Merchant St ((300-799)) Mill St ((400-999)) N 2nd St ((100-624)) N 4th St ((200-299)) N 7th St ((101-199)) N Baxter St ((603-899)) N Cedar St ((400-899)) N Chestnut St ((400-898)) N Main St ((100-699)) N Pine St ((100-799)) N Prairie St ((200-699)) N Prarie St ((400-899)) N Water St ((101-699)) Oak St ((300-799)) O Ave ((10000-14998)) Outer Dr ((15866-16799)) Pleasant St ((200-999)) Prairie St ((5500-5899)) River Rd ((100-7899)) Roy el Ct ((100-399)) Roy el Rd ((100-399)) S 2nd St ((100-698)) S 4th St ((100-904)) S 5th St ((300-820)) S 6th St ((100-442)) S 7th St ((100-499)) S Cedar St ((101-398)) S Chestnut St ((301-598)) S Main St ((100-999)) Spring St ((200-2727)) Spruce Dr ((601-699)) State Hwy 78 ((13200-14299)) State Hwy 92 ((14750-15599)) State Hwy 99 ((200-12499)) State St ((600-999)) Surrey Dr ((2-199)) S Water St ((101-599)) T Ave ((7000-7999)) Toolesboro Ave ((6900-6999)) Townsend Ave ((500-998)) US Hwy 61 ((100-15599)) Van Buren St ((200-599)) Vernon St ((600-799)) Washington St ((200-899)) Weaver Blvd ((800-899)) Woodland Ct ((1-99))

    52653 Places and Attractions

    Beebe Pond Bethel Cemetery Big Goose Pond Brass Island Briggs Civic Center Burris City Post Office (historical) Church of the Nazarene City of Wapello Concord Cemetery Dam and Lock Number 17 Diggins Slough Elrick Junction Elrick Post Office (historical) Fairview Church First Presbyterian Church Florence Post Office (historical) Fox Pond Fred T Schwob Access Halls Lake Hardman Cemetery Harrison Harrison Cemetery Harrison Post Office (historical) Highway 61 Access Honey Creek Indian Hills Country Club Iowa River Keevers Lake Keg Island Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses Klum Lake Klum Lake State Game Mgt Area Lake Odesa Lake Odessa Campground Lake Odessa Public Hunting Area Langwood 4-H Reserve Little Fox Pond Long Creek Long Creek Cemetery Louisa County Louisa County Courthouse Louisa County Farm Cemetery Louisa County Historical Museum Louisa County Home Louisa County Sheriffs Office Mallory Cemetery Maple Lane RV Campground Meyerholz Lake Michaels Creek Muscatine Island Pumping Station Muskrat Lake Newport Newport (historical) Newport Post Office (historical) Otter Creek Otter Creek County Ditch Otter Island Otter Island Otto Landing Strip Parson Cemetery Paul Creek Pleasant View country School (historical) Port Louisa Port Louisa Cemetery Port Louisa Post Office (historical) Potter's Timber Cemetery Saint Marys Catholic Church Saint Paul Lutheran Church Sand Run Park Schafer Access Smith Creek Snively Access Solid Rock Baptist Church Spitznogle Lake Stone Lake Sunfish Lake Swarms Pond Toolesboro Toolesboro Access Toolesboro Mounds State Preserve Toosesboro Post Office (historical) Township of Jefferson Township of Port Louisa Township of Wapello Turkey Island Turkey Run Turkey Towhead Island United Methodist Church Wapello Wapello Cemetery Wapello Chiropractic Center Wapello City Hall Wapello Community Ambulance Wapello Dental Health Care Center Wapello Elementary School Wapello High School Wapello (historical) Wapello Medical Clinic Wapello Nursing and Care Center Wapello Post Office Wapello Public Library Wapello Volunteer Fire and Rescue Warnstaff Lake Wilson Farm Cemetery Woodland Mobile Home Park