Farmington, IA 52626 ZIP Code Map


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ZIP Code 52626 is located in (49%) (29%) (21%)

52626 Street Addresses

100th Ave ((1700-33999)) 108th Ave ((1900-2099)) 110th Ave ((1668-1899)) 120th Ave ((1400-2049)) 130th Ave ((1477-2699)) 135th Ave ((2500-2599)) 140th Ave ((2276-2849)) 150th St ((1000-1399)) 160th Ave ((2600-2691)) 160th St ((1000-1599)) 180th St ((1028-1299)) 185th St ((1000-1099)) 190th St ((1000-1399)) 200th St ((1000-1299)) 230th St ((1347-1508)) 235th St ((1358-1432)) 245th St ((31000-33999)) 250th St ((1100-1399)) 254th ((1112-1130)) 255th ((1100-1126)) 255th St ((1112-2463)) 270th St ((1600-32999)) 277th St ((801-232399)) 285th St ((30000-33699)) 290th St ((28466-30997)) 295th St ((30000-32999)) 300th St ((30001-30999)) 801 Rd ((500-899)) Ann St ((301-499)) Belfast Rd ((2500-2867)) Bitternut Lake Rd ((26000-26999)) B St ((501-699)) Coal Mine Hollow Dr ((33000-33999)) Co Hwy J40 ((32600-33189)) Co Hwy J56 ((33000-33999)) Co Hwy W46 ((24569-27999)) Co Hwy W 46 ((22001-24567)) Co Rd J40 ((1000-1599)) Co Rd J56 ((101-31999)) Co Rd J62 ((1000-2463)) Co Rd W16 ((1700-25999)) Co Rd W62 ((1135-2691)) Croton Rd ((1000-1595)) C St ((500-699)) Eagle Dr ((26000-27999)) Elm St ((100-998)) Forest Svc Rd ((1100-1219)) Harmony Blacktop ((27000-27999)) Hawk Dr ((26000-30999)) Maiden Ln ((100-599)) Maiden Pl ((101-599)) Maple Ave ((501-599)) N 2nd St ((100-599)) N 3rd St ((100-599)) N 4th St ((100-599)) N 6th St ((102-299)) N 7th St ((100-299)) N Front St ((100-499)) Olive St ((100-899)) Park Ave ((100-499)) Park St ((100-499)) Pearl St ((100-799)) Primrose Rd ((101-1299)) River Rd ((1000-30999)) Road St ((500-899)) Rte J40 ((32600-33189)) Rte J56 ((33000-33999)) Rte W46 ((24569-27999)) S 2nd St ((100-599)) S 3rd St ((100-699)) S 4th St ((100-7099)) S 5th St ((200-899)) S 7th St ((101-2098)) S 8th St ((600-799)) S Front St ((100-899)) Spruce Ave ((29000-29999)) State Hwy 2 ((100-33999)) State Hwy 81 ((28000-29999)) State St ((100-699)) Teal Ave ((28000-28999)) Timber Ave ((28000-28999)) Tremont St ((100-33099)) Underwood Ave ((27800-29999)) Unicorn Ave ((29000-29999)) Vine Ave ((26000-26999)) W 46 Hwy ((26000-26999)) Walnut St ((100-699)) Washington St ((100-699)) Willow Ave ((28000-29999)) Yellow Ave ((24801-24999)) York Ave ((25801-27698))

52626 Places and Attractions

Alfrey Cemetery Amos Glover Historical Marker Assembly of God Church Belfast (historical) Belfast Post Office (historical) Big Indian Creek Boyer (historical) Boyer (historical) Boyer Cemetery Bryan Hill Burrier Cemetery Christy Clinic Church of the Nazarene Crooked Creek Croton Croton (historical) Croton Cemetery Croton Civil War Memorial Park Croton Post Office (historical) Dulin Cemetery Farmington Farmington (historical) Farmington Cemetery Farmington City Hall Farmington Clinic Farmington Post Office Farmington Public Library First Baptist Church Flatrock Creek Flatrock Creek Flatrock Creek Flatrock Creek Frost Grove Cemetery George Perkins Historical Marker Grants Creek Green Glade Cemetery H Banla Grounds Cemetery Harmony Middle School Helwig Cemetery Honey Creek Indian Lake Indian Lake Park Indian Lake Park Trail Johnson Cemetery Keteban Switch (historical) Lexington Creek Lick Creek Little Indian Creek Little Rollins Creek Little Rollins Creek Little Rollins Creek Little Rollins Creek Monks Creek Mud Creek Neumann Cemetery New Lexington Cemetery Pioneer Cemetery Pioneer Historical Museum Plymouth Preen Cemetery Reid Farm Cemetery Rhodes Cemetery Salubria Cemetery Sharon Cemetery Sharon United Presbyterian Church Shimek Forest Dam Three Shimek Forest Pond Two Shimek Forest Trail Shimek State Forest Shimek State Forest Wildlife Management Area - Farmington Unit Shimek State Forest Wildlife Management Area - Lick Creek Unit Steinmeyer Cemetery Turkey Run Access United Methodist Church White Oak Creek White Timber Area Wright Cemetery