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  • Van Buren Community High School
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  • Mason House Inn of Bentonsport
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    ZIP Code 52565 is located in Van Buren County

    52565 Street Addresses

    170th St ((22000-25999)) 175th St ((16000-17999)) 179th St ((17901-22898)) 180th St ((19000-28683)) 185th Rd ((14500-17999)) 185th St ((16000-20999)) 190th St ((28000-28999)) 195th St ((18000-21999)) 197th Rd ((16000-17999)) 1st St ((100-19899)) 200th St ((24501-29999)) 202nd Rd ((17000-18999)) 205th St ((15000-27999)) 210th St ((15000-29571)) 215th St ((700-20998)) 220th St ((23000-26999)) 222nd St ((18300-18499)) 225 St ((26310-26767)) 225th St ((26310-26767)) 235th St ((16000-25999)) 237th St ((24000-24999)) 240th St ((19000-22999)) 245th St ((17000-24999)) 250th St ((20000-20999)) 265th St ((23000-25999)) 2nd St ((200-1599)) 3rd St ((20301-20499)) 4th St ((300-1499)) 5th St ((701-1499)) 6th St ((500-1398)) 7th St ((900-1499)) 801 Rd ((600-798)) 8th St ((1400-1699)) Adams St ((348-399)) Blair ((400-499)) Broad St ((301-20799)) Cass St ((100-599)) Chestnut St ((100-499)) Co Hwy J40 ((400-21999)) Co Hwy V64 ((21000-21999)) Co Hwy W 30 ((21000-27599)) Columbia St ((22300-22498)) Co Rd J40 ((300-29051)) Country Lane Dr ((900-999)) Country Lane Rd ((300-999)) Des Moines St ((100-21999)) Division St ((500-899)) Dodge St ((100-799)) Eagel Dr ((22301-22498)) Eagle Dr ((15206-22299)) Fir Ave ((19000-21999)) Franklin St ((100-999)) Front St ((901-1599)) Harrison St ((201-299)) Hawk Dr ((16901-22199)) Heather Ave ((16000-23585)) Heather Rd ((17401-21999)) Henry Dr ((301-598)) Henry St ((300-499)) Hickory Ave ((23000-23999)) Hilltop Rd ((100-999)) Hill Top Rd ((100-999)) Howard St ((200-298)) Iowa Oak Grove Ave ((16000-23999)) Iowa Oak Grove Rd ((16000-18999)) Iris Trl ((21500-21799)) Ivory Ave ((25000-25499)) Ivory Rd ((17000-18999)) Ivy Trl ((18800-20999)) J40 Bentonsport Rd ((26701-26899)) Jackson St ((401-499)) Jade Ave ((21800-22099)) Jasmine Rd ((23000-24999)) Jefferson St ((200-399)) Jersey Ave ((18002-20999)) Jewel Ave ((20501-24999)) Juniper Trl ((21400-21799)) Keoway Dr ((900-999)) King Ave ((17000-20499)) Labrador Dr ((2-21199)) Lacey Trl ((23000-24999)) Lark Ave ((17000-25599)) Loon Trl ((19301-21299)) Louis St ((300-999)) Lucas St ((100-699)) Madison St ((100-199)) Main St ((200-798)) Maple Ave ((17900-22599)) Marion St ((21901-21999)) Market St ((200-898)) McCoy Cir ((100-198)) Meadow Ave ((21000-22999)) Monroe St ((101-399)) Mulberry St ((800-899)) Nickel Ave ((24000-25999)) Nova Ave ((22000-24999)) Oak St ((200-499)) Oriole Ave ((20000-21999)) Oriole Rd ((20000-21999)) Oriole Rd W ((24000-24999)) Osage Ave ((20000-26533)) Park Rd ((21500-21799)) Park St ((900-998)) Peach Ave ((16000-26731)) Pearson Dr ((800-898)) Pine Trl ((19000-21698)) Porter St ((900-998)) Puett St ((301-399)) Quail Ave ((25000-25677)) Quail Rd ((22000-24999)) Queen Ave ((23000-24999)) Quiet Trl ((18000-19999)) Randolph St ((26768-26999)) Ridge Rd ((21000-27599)) River Rd ((20000-26999)) Riverview Dr ((200-299)) Road St ((600-798)) Robert Park Rd ((2-21199)) Robin Ave ((17000-20999)) Rte J40 ((15000-20598)) Rte V64 ((21000-21999)) Sandalwood Ave ((22100-22198)) Sanford St ((21901-21999)) Smith St ((22300-22499)) South St ((26800-26999)) Spruce Ave ((18000-21999)) State Hwy 1 ((300-25999)) State Hwy 16 ((23000-24497)) State Hwy 2 ((17742-25999)) Teal Ave ((18000-22455)) Timber Ridge Rd ((101-199)) Van Buren St ((100-799)) Wall St ((21900-21999)) Walnut St ((200-21999)) Water St ((300-498))

    52565 Places and Attractions

    Anson Cemetery Austin County Park Bear Creek Bentonsport Bentonsport Academy (historical) Bentonsport Bridge Bentonsport Cemetery Bentonsport (historical) Bentonsport Post Office (historical) Bentonsport Presbyterian Church Bentonsport River-Side County Park Bentonsport Timber Area Bethel Cemetery Blackmore Cemetery Boley Incorporated Elevator Boston Cemetery Bradford Cemetery Center Chapel Cemetery Center Chapel Church Center Chapel Church Chequest Creek Chequest Wildlife Area Christian Church City of Keosauqua Columbus Cemetery Congregational Church Coppers Creek County Farm Cemetery Dodson Cemetery Duckworth Creek Elys Creek Fellows Cemetery Forbes Cemetery Gilbert Cemetery Harrisburg Townhall Holsworth Cemetery Keosauqua Keosauqua Baptist Fellowship Keosauqua City Hall Keosauqua Family Chiropractic Center Keosauqua Fire Department Keosauqua (historical) Keosauqua Medical Clinic Keosauqua Municipal Airport Keosauqua Post Office Keosauqua Public Library Kilbourn (historical) Lacey-Keosauqua State Park Lebanon Cemetery Lebanon Church Leech Cemetery Lippincott Cemetery Mechanicsburgh Post Office (historical) Mount Zion Mount Zion Church Mount Zion (historical) Mount Zion Post Office (historical) Oak Lawn Cemetery Oldfield Aero Airport Old Military Road Historical Marker Our Saviour's Lutheran Church Peacock Ball Park Pierceville Post Office (historical) Pittsburg Pittsburg Cemetery Pittsburg Post Office (historical) Pleasant Hill (historical) Pleasant Hill Post Office (historical) Prall Cemetery Purdom Cemetery Railroad Grave Rider Cemetery Robb Cemetery Rock Creek Rogers Cemetery Shimek State Forest Wildlife Management Area - Keosauqua Unit Ten Sych Cemetery The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Town Branch Township of Henry Township of Van Buren Township of Washington Tri-County Grain Elevator Tug Fork Big Indian Creek United Church of Christ United Methodist Church Valentine Cemetery Van Buren Community Junior-Senior High School Van Buren County Van Buren County Courthouse Van Buren County Home Van Buren County Hospital Child Care Center Van Buren County Sheriffs Office Van Buren Good Samaritan Center Van Buren Recreation Area Golf Vernon Vernon Cemetery Vernon Post Office (historical) Vernon School (historical) Watkins Cemetery Wilson Cemetery Wolfe Clinic Eye Center