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52349 Schools


  • Vinton-Shellsburg High School
  • Vinton-Shellsburg Middle School
  • Tilford Elementary School
  • 52349 Hotels

  • Cobblestone Inn And Suites
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    ZIP Code 52349 is located in Benton County

    52349 Street Addresses

    10th Ave ((500-1299)) 11th Ave ((300-1598)) 12th Ave S ((1501-1698)) 13th Ave ((1601-1699)) 13th Ave S ((1601-1699)) 14th Ave ((200-499)) 18th Ave ((5508-5843)) 19th Ave ((5100-7241)) 1st Ave ((200-1399)) 20th Ave ((5444-5699)) 20th Avenue Dr ((5600-6599)) 21st Ave ((6100-6199)) 21st Avenue Dr ((5800-6599)) 22nd Ave ((5500-6598)) 22nd Avenue Dr ((5101-6099)) 22nd Avenue Rd ((5700-5797)) 22nd Avenue Trl ((5500-5799)) 23rd Ave ((5500-6698)) 23rd Avenue Dr ((5500-5599)) 24th Ave ((5200-6658)) 24th Ave Dr ((5101-5199)) 24th Avenue Dr ((5102-5505)) 25th Ave ((5001-7123)) 25th Avenue Dr ((5600-5799)) 26th Ave ((5000-6699)) 26th Ave Dr ((5701-5799)) 26th Avenue Dr ((5600-5799)) 27th Ave ((5900-6699)) 27th Avenue Dr ((2601-5899)) 28th Ave ((5000-6431)) 28th Avenue Dr ((2800-6199)) 29th Ave ((5001-6299)) 29th Avenue Dr ((5700-6399)) 2nd Ave ((200-2299)) 30th Ave ((5100-5699)) 30th Ave Dr ((3000-6099)) 30th Avenue Dr ((5900-6698)) 31st Ave ((5800-6099)) 31st Avenue Trl ((3101-5799)) 31st Ave Trl ((5700-5799)) 32nd Ave ((5803-5818)) 33rd Ave ((3201-5999)) 33rd Avenue Dr ((5900-5999)) 3rd Ave ((200-1299)) 4th Ave ((200-1399)) 51st St ((2401-3029)) 51st Street Dr ((2600-2899)) 52nd St ((2600-2899)) 52nd Street Dr ((2400-2599)) 53rd St ((2400-2997)) 54th St ((2300-3099)) 55th St ((1800-5499)) 55th St Dr ((2601-5599)) 55th Street Dr ((2300-2899)) 56th St ((1800-1999)) 56th Street Dr ((2700-2799)) 56th Street Trl ((2900-2999)) 57th St ((1800-2099)) 57th Street Trl ((2200-5699)) 57th St Trl ((2100-2299)) 58th St ((400-3199)) 58th St Ln ((2564-2598)) 58th Street Dr ((2200-3299)) 58th St Way ((2201-2299)) 59th St ((1900-2299)) 59th Street Dr ((2200-2599)) 59th Street Trl ((326-3399)) 59th St Trl ((3000-6099)) 5th Ave ((100-1299)) 60th St ((2700-2899)) 60th Street Dr ((2000-2999)) 61st St ((1301-2599)) 61st Street Dr ((2200-2399)) 61st Street Ln ((2500-3399)) 61st Street Trl ((2900-3099)) 62nd St ((2025-2899)) 63rd St ((1901-2896)) 64th St ((2066-2999)) 65th St ((1900-2747)) 66th St ((1900-2499)) 67th St ((2500-2899)) 6th Ave ((100-1299)) 7th Ave ((100-1299)) A Ave ((100-1598)) A St E ((700-799)) B Ave ((100-1499)) B Ave W ((200-898)) Beaver Tail Ln ((2700-2799)) Benton Buchanan Rd ((2300-2498)) Bing Miller Ln ((2400-2499)) C Ave ((100-2099)) C Ave W ((122-499)) Cedar Ridge Rd ((1400-1699)) Cedarview Dr ((900-1099)) Circle Dr ((300-1699)) Co Hwy D62 ((2600-5699)) Co Hwy E30 ((1901-2219)) Co Hwy V61 ((5600-5899)) Co Hwy V66 ((200-5675)) Co Hwy V71 ((5000-5599)) Co Trunk Hwy E12 ((1800-1999)) Co Trunk Hwy E16 ((2500-5799)) Co Trunk Hwy E22 ((1301-2399)) Co Trunk Hwy E24 ((2500-3399)) Co Trunk Hwy E36 ((1900-2747)) Co Trunk Hwy V61 ((5500-5799)) Co Trunk Hwy V64 ((1900-2099)) Co Trunk Hwy W14 ((6200-6699)) Co Trunk Hwy W26 ((5803-5818)) Co Trunk Rd E30 ((2220-6399)) Co Trunk Rd V56 ((6400-7241)) Country Club Dr ((100-299)) D Ave ((200-1599)) D Ave W ((400-499)) Deer Run Dr ((2600-2977)) Donels ((1300-1399)) Donels Dr ((1300-1399)) E 10th St ((100-1098)) E 11th St ((100-999)) E 12th St ((100-999)) E 13th St ((100-1699)) E 15th St ((1102-1499)) E 16th St ((1101-1399)) E 1st St ((500-799)) E 21st St ((100-199)) E 2nd St ((200-1199)) E 3rd St ((100-1599)) E 4th St ((100-1299)) E 5th St ((100-1799)) E 6th St ((200-1798)) E 8th St ((100-999)) E 9th St ((200-999)) E Ave ((400-1899)) F Ave ((600-1699)) G Ave ((100-1899)) Golf View Dr ((900-1199)) H Ave ((400-1599)) I Ave ((101-1799)) J Ave ((401-1699)) L Ave ((300-399)) Lutheran Home Ct ((200-1499)) Moore St ((300-499)) N 8th Ave ((100-899)) N 9th Ave ((100-799)) N Ave S ((100-399)) N K Ave ((101-699)) N Locust Ave ((200-299)) N M Ave ((100-499)) N R Ave ((200-299)) O Ave S ((300-399)) Park Dr ((800-899)) Q Ave ((100-398)) Riverside Dr ((500-599)) Riverview Dr ((100-299)) S 14th Ave ((1300-1699)) S 1st Ave ((1800-2099)) S 8th Ave ((100-1299)) S 9th Ave ((100-1099)) Scenic Dr ((100-199)) S E Ave ((500-599)) S K Ave ((100-2299)) S M Ave ((300-399)) South St ((103-299)) S R Ave ((100-499)) State Hwy 150 ((200-3061)) State Hwy 198 ((5508-5843)) Sunset St ((3101-3151)) US Hwy 218 ((100-6599)) Virginia Gay Dr ((900-1099)) W 10th St ((100-799)) W 11th St ((100-799)) W 12th St ((100-799)) W 13th St ((100-2299)) W 14th St ((200-899)) W 15th St ((200-1199)) W 16th St ((400-1398)) W 17th St ((400-1099)) W 18th St ((600-999)) W 19th St ((600-999)) W 1st St ((100-2299)) W 21st St ((100-399)) W 2nd St ((100-499)) W 3rd St ((100-1699)) W 4th St ((100-2199)) W 5th St ((100-2299)) W 6th St ((100-799)) W 7th St ((200-799)) W 8th St ((100-1199)) W 9th St ((100-1199)) Washington Dr ((1500-1599)) W D St ((1300-2299)) W Jefferson Ave ((300-599))

    52349 Places and Attractions

    Anderson Park Assembly of God Church Bear Creek Bear Creek Cemetery Bellar Cemetery Benton City Fry Recreation Area Benton City (historical) Benton City Post Office (historical) Benton County Benton County Courthouse Benton County Fairgrounds Benton County Home Benton County Jail Benton County Sheriff Office Benton County Speedway Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church Big Grove Townhall Burke Post Office (historical) Cheney City of Vinton Dudgeon Lake State Wildlife Mgt Area East Bluff East School Eden Eden Townhall Eden Township Wildlife Area Evergreen Cemetery Faith Independent Baptist Church First Baptist Church First Christian Church First Eden Cemetery Gay Hospital Gomersal Greenwall Cemetery Harrison Townhall Harvest Foursquare Church Hinkle Creek Hoefle Dulin Recreation Area Horridge House Ice House Lake Iowa Braille and Sightsaving School Jackson Township Wildlife Area Kingdom Hall Lime Creek Lincoln Elementary School Maplewood Cemetery Milroy Access Area Minne Estema Park Mount Auburn Bridge Park Mud Creek Mud Creek North Benton Ambulance Pettit Hill Cemetery Plum Grove Cemetery Polk Township Wildlife Area Prairie Creek Prairie Creek Church Pratt Creek Pratt Creek Cemetery Pratt Creek Church Presbyterian Church Ray House Red Fox Wildlife Area Riverside Park Saint Marys Cemetery Saint Marys Church Tilford Middle School Township of Eden Township of Harrison Township of Jackson Township of Taylor Trinity Lutheran Church United Brethren Cemetery Unity Post Office (historical) Van Metre Cemetery Vinton Vinton Vinton Country Club Vinton Family Practice Center Vinton Family Practice Center Vinton Fire Department Vinton Lutheran Home Vinton Police Department Vinton Post Office Vinton Public Library Vinton Quarry Vinton Railroad Depot and Museum Vinton-Shellsburg Community School Vinton Veterans Memorial Airpark Virginia Gay Hospital Heliport Virginia Gay Hospital Home Washington High School Wesley United Methodist Church West School Winegar Lake - Tobin Area