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52247 Schools


  • Washington Township Elementary School
  • Mid-Prairie Middle School
  • Kalona Elementary School
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  • Pull R Inn Motel Kalona
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    ZIP Code 52247 is located in Johnson County (54.50%) Washington County (45.50%)

    52247 Street Addresses

    105th St ((1001-2499)) 10th St ((500-1099)) 110th St ((1800-2499)) 11th St ((500-899)) 125th St ((1900-2299)) 12th Pl ((1200-1299)) 12th St ((501-6098)) 130th St ((1789-2817)) 133rd St ((2200-2399)) 135th St ((1900-2499)) 13th St ((700-7098)) 140th St ((101-2599)) 14th St ((300-1099)) 150th St ((200-2527)) 160th St ((1601-1699)) 170th St ((2300-2399)) 1st Pl ((800-899)) 1st St ((701-999)) 2nd Pl ((800-899)) 2nd St ((200-299)) 3rd Pl ((800-899)) 3rd St ((201-8199)) 3rd St SW ((5000-5099)) 470th St SW ((1400-1799)) 480th St SW ((1400-2399)) 4th St ((100-999)) 500th St SW ((1600-2799)) 520th St ((1400-1598)) 520th St SW ((1600-2899)) 530th St ((2500-2699)) 530th St SW ((2500-2699)) 540th St ((2200-2799)) 540th St SW ((1162-2799)) 545th St ((2600-2799)) 545th St SW ((2600-2799)) 550th St SW ((1400-1599)) 560th St SW ((1500-2999)) 5th St ((100-999)) 6th St ((200-1098)) 7th St ((100-999)) 8th St ((500-999)) 9th St ((301-1099)) A Ave ((100-1098)) Akelana Dr ((2300-2399)) Angle Rd SW ((1100-2199)) A Pl ((2-599)) B Ave ((100-4299)) Black Diamond Rd SW ((2000-2315)) Buchanan Ave SW ((5700-5798)) Buchanan St ((600-699)) Calkins Ave SW ((5200-5599)) C Ave ((100-899)) Chambers Ave ((1500-1539)) Chambers Ave SW ((5400-5499)) Co Hwy G16 ((101-2817)) Co Hwy W62 ((1000-1299)) Co Rd F62 ((1600-2799)) Co Rd W62 ((5000-5799)) Cosgrove Rd SW ((4600-5799)) D Ave ((100-898)) Derby Ave SW ((1600-5799)) Eagle Ave SW ((5201-5799)) E Ave ((100-1599)) Elm St SW ((4900-4999)) E Pl ((1100-1199)) Farmers Ave SW ((5100-5199)) F Ave ((300-1299)) Feldveg Strasze SW ((5400-5499)) F Pl ((200-299)) Gable Ave SW ((5400-5799)) G Ave ((201-699)) H Ave ((300-1399)) Hazelwood Ave SW ((4400-5799)) Heim Strasze St SW ((1400-1499)) Hickory Ave ((1311-1399)) Hickory St ((1-498)) Howard St ((101-2399)) H Pl ((601-699)) Ivy Ave ((1000-1099)) James Ave SW ((5000-5799)) Jason Ln ((1300-1398)) J Ave ((200-1399)) Jefferson St ((200-399)) Johnson Washington Rd ((1300-2299)) Johnson-Washington Rd SW ((1392-2442)) J Pl ((1400-1499)) Juniper Ave ((1000-1399)) K Ave ((901-999)) K Cr ((500-599)) Kiwi Ave ((1000-1399)) Kola Ave ((1100-1199)) Kurtz Strasze St SW ((5400-5499)) Larch Ave ((1000-2199)) L Ave ((700-7799)) Linn St SW ((4900-4999)) Locust Ave ((1000-1399)) Main St ((100-699)) Main St SW ((1900-1999)) Maple Ave ((1000-1299)) M Ave ((800-999)) Mill View Cir SW ((1900-1998)) M St ((501-599)) North St ((101-599)) Nutmeg Ave ((200-1699)) Oak St SW ((1901-4999)) Orange Ave ((1000-1699)) Oriole Dr ((1100-1199)) Orval Yoder Tpke SW ((4600-4999)) Palm Ave ((1000-1499)) Paradise Ct ((2400-2499)) Paradise Ln ((1100-2498)) Pelican Dr ((1100-1199)) Pin Oak Dr SW ((1800-1899)) Pleasantview Cir ((100-623)) Pleasantview Ct ((2-399)) Poplar Blvd ((1062-1299)) Redwood Ave ((1000-1166)) S 6th St ((100-399)) Sharon Center Rd ((5000-5799)) Sharon Center Rd SW ((5000-5799)) South St ((401-599)) State Hwy 1 ((871-5599)) State Hwy 22 ((100-2499)) W 2nd St ((700-999)) W 3rd St ((700-899)) W 4th St ((801-899)) W62 ((5501-5599)) Walnut Rd SW ((4900-4999)) Washington St ((300-799)) Yoder Ave SW ((1900-1999))

    52247 Places and Attractions

    Amish Amish Post Office (historical) Banker Mill Dairy Boone School Brenneman Cemetery Camp Creek City of Kalona Coffman Cemetery Deer Creek East Lincoln School East Union Cemetery East Union Church Evergreen School Eye Associates Center of Iowa City Fairview Cemetery Fairview Church Frank Pierce Post Office (historical) Frytown Frytown Cemetery Frytown Census Designated Place Full Gospel Revival Center Gingerich Cemetery Gingerich Cemetery Grace Fellowship Church Graper Cemetery Haven Church Hochstetler Cemetery Holy Trinity Cemetery John Helmuth Cemetery Kalona Kalona Airpark Kalona Chiropractic Clinic Kalona Christian Fellowship Kalona City Community Center Kalona City Hall Kalona City Park Kalona Dental Associates Center Kalona Elementary School Kalona Golf Course Kalona (historical) Kalona Historical Village Kalona Mennonite Church Kalona Post Office Kalona Public Library Kalona Volunteer Fire Department Lily Pond Lower Deer Creek Cemetery Lower Deer Creek Church Mayflower Mobile Home Park Meadow Brook Mobile Home Park Mennonite School Mercy-Kalona Family Practice Center Methodist Church Middleburg Cemetery Middleburg Post Office (historical) Middleburg School Mid-Prairie Middle School Miller Cemetery Pathway Christian School Peter Miller Cemetery Pleasant Hill Cemetery Pleasantview Home Ramsey Creek Richmond Richmond Cemetery Richmond Post Office (historical) Sacred Heart Catholic Church Saint Johns Church Saint Johns German Lutheran Cemetery Schaffer Creek Sharon Bethel Church Sharon Church Sharon Hill Cemetery Snake Hollow School Snider Cemetery Summit School (historical) Sunnyside Mennonite Church Township of English River Township of Washington United Christian and Baptist Church Washington Townhall Washington Township Elementary School Washington Township School Wertz Cemetery Windmill Ridge Camp Ground Yoder Cemetery