Harpers Ferry, IA 52146 ZIP Code Map


Harpers Ferry ZIP Codes

Harpers Ferry

ZIP Code 52146 is located in Allamakee County

52146 Street Addresses

3rd St ((117-339)) 4th St ((122-438)) Andy Mountain Ln ((2300-2399)) Andy Mtn Ln ((2300-2399)) Antique Ln ((300-398)) Aspen Rd ((601-799)) Basswood Dr ((2200-2298)) Berns Rd ((1000-1099)) Big Rock Ln ((1100-1199)) Buck Ln ((1800-1899)) Buckskin Rd ((500-599)) Cahallan Rd ((500-599)) Campfire Ln ((2100-2198)) Cedar St ((100-398)) Cherry St ((101-299)) Chestnut St ((100-599)) Co Hwy A52 ((1300-2499)) Co Hwy B25 ((723-999)) Co Hwy L ((1677-1699)) Co Hwy X25 ((900-999)) Co Hwy X36 ((100-499)) Co Hwy X42 ((900-1699)) Co Hwy X52 ((1000-1299)) Collins Ridge Rd ((1000-1399)) Conway Rd ((1300-1499)) Cook St ((300-398)) Coon Valley Ln ((200-299)) Cota Dr ((2100-2199)) Co Trunk Hwy A52 ((1900-1903)) Co Trunk Hwy B25 ((600-798)) Cottage Rd ((1-599)) Doe Ln ((500-598)) Donahue Rd ((600-799)) Downing Ln ((600-699)) Edwards Ln ((2300-2399)) Elk Hollow Ln ((300-398)) Elm Ln ((1100-1198)) Elon Dr ((1900-1999)) E Main St ((1900-1903)) Fairview Heights Ln ((300-399)) Falcon Rd ((1201-1299)) Falling Star Ln ((900-998)) Fawn Ln ((500-598)) Foley Dr ((2200-2299)) Great River Rd ((100-1299)) Gronna Dr ((1900-2099)) Harpers Highlands Ln ((2200-2299)) Hawes Rd ((1300-1399)) Hwy 364 ((801-899)) Hwy 76 ((100-740)) Ion Rd ((100-499)) Jefferson Ave ((100-798)) Lansing Harpers Rd ((900-1699)) Lois Ln ((400-499)) Longview Ln ((2300-2398)) Luster Heights Rd ((300-499)) Majestic Oak Ln ((900-999)) Maple Ln ((1101-1199)) Marine Ave ((101-199)) Marvins Park Ln ((1800-1899)) Misty Ln ((1000-1099)) Mohawk Rd ((1100-1199)) Moody Ridge Rd ((400-499)) Mound View Ln ((2100-2199)) Mullarkey Hill Dr ((2400-2528)) N 1st St ((20-899)) N 2nd St ((124-434)) N Greeley Ave ((100-499)) N Greely Ave ((351-399)) N Sunset View St ((500-699)) Old Mission Dr ((1800-1999)) Orange St ((100-398)) Paint Rock Rd ((600-899)) Park Drive Rd ((201-499)) Pelton Ave ((200-299)) Poplar Ln ((600-699)) Rabbit Run Ln ((1600-1698)) Red Oak Rd ((1100-1499)) Rhomberg Ave ((100-199)) Ripley St ((1-798)) Roller Coaster Rd ((1200-1399)) Ryan Hill Rd ((1000-1199)) S 1st St ((100-1335)) Sandvold Dr ((2000-2099)) Sandy Point Rd ((300-599)) Schmitt Ln ((600-699)) Smokey Hollow Rd ((200-399)) Sojourn Ln ((600-698)) State Forest Rd ((600-999)) State Hwy 364 ((500-899)) State Hwy 76 ((100-740)) Stilwell Ln ((801-899)) Sugar Dr ((1800-1899)) Sugar Rd ((1800-1899)) Summit Ln ((900-999)) Sunset View St ((601-799)) Sweet Ridge Dr ((2012-2499)) Thomas Rd ((200-399)) Timber Ridge Ln ((2100-2199)) Trophy Run Ln ((1800-1899)) Turkey Run Ln ((2000-2099)) Two Rivers Ln ((600-699)) Vine St ((100-198)) Weymiller Rd ((1300-1399)) Whippoorwill Hollow Dr ((2228-2499)) Whipporwill Hollow Dr ((2100-2227)) Williams Ln ((101-499)) Winfield Rd ((900-1098)) W Olive St ((101-499)) Wynn Wood Ln ((1700-1799))

52146 Places and Attractions

Allamakee Post Office (historical) Andy Mountain Campground Butler Lake Cherry Mound Cemetery City of Harpers Ferry Cota Creek Delphey Island Du Charme Creek Eagle Rock Egan Egan Post Office (historical) Eldergrove Eldergrove Post Office (historical) Fire Point Founders Pond Gimmel Lake Grover Plot Hanging Rock Harpers Ferry Harpers Ferry Harpers Ferry Bluffview Harpers Ferry Cemetery Harpers Ferry City Library Harpers Ferry City Park Harpers Ferry Post Office Harpers Ferry Rescue Squad Harpers Ferry Volunteer Fire Department Harpers Slough Immaculate Conception Church Indian Prairie District School (historical) Ion Ion Methodist Cemetery Ion Post Office (historical) Jackson Island Japan Slough Johnsons Port Joyce Lake Lark Post Office (historical) Little Paint Creek Little Paint Creek Public Hunting Area Lock and Dam No Lock and Dam Number 9 Luster Heights Work Camp Martelle Lake McDonald Slough Mooney Ridge Mud Hen Lake Mud Hen Lake Wildlife Management Area Murray Island Nezeka Post Office (historical) Nezekaw Point Nobles Island Off Slough Oil Spring Creek Paint Creek Rittenhouse Lake Ryan Island Saint Paul Slough Saint Pius Church Spaulding Cemetery Spring Branch Creek Springs Branch Creek Taylor Lakes Thompson Corner Thompson Corner Cemetery Township of Fairview Township of Taylor Waukon Junction Waukon Junction Waukon Junction Post Office (historical) Waukon Junction State Access Area Wexford Cemetery Willsons Ford Post Office (historical) Yellow River Yellow River Yellow River State Forest Yellow River State Forest Trail