Fayette, IA 52142 ZIP Code Map


Fayette ZIP Codes


ZIP Code 52142 is located in Fayette County

52142 Street Addresses

100th St ((9000-12999)) 110th St ((6000-12999)) 118th St ((10000-10999)) 120th St ((8000-12999)) 128th St ((5000-5999)) 130th St ((8696-14999)) 150th St ((11901-12999)) 152nd St ((11000-12999)) 165th St ((11300-12999)) 175th St ((11000-12999)) 180th St ((10000-11999)) 185th St ((7000-7999)) 190th St ((11300-14999)) 200th St ((12000-14298)) 50th St ((11000-11999)) 80th St ((10000-10999)) 90th St ((5800-11999)) 95th St ((7000-76699)) Alexander St ((100-499)) Big Rock Rd ((100-699)) Bolger Dr ((2-699)) Co Hwy C14 ((11300-14999)) Co Hwy C24 ((200-13999)) Co Hwy W33 ((5000-8999)) Co Hwy W45 ((10986-10998)) Colgrove Dr ((500-699)) E 7th St ((100-199)) Eastern Rd ((13000-13999)) E Clark St ((100-599)) E College St ((100-599)) E Jay St ((100-199)) E Madison St ((100-599)) E State St ((100-599)) E Water St ((100-599)) Fox Rd ((14000-14304)) Franklin St ((400-599)) G Ave ((10986-12499)) Grain Rd ((14000-15999)) Grannis Rd ((6000-8999)) Hemlock Rd ((7000-10999)) Heron Rd ((14000-18999)) Hill Rd ((9000-14999)) I Ave ((13000-14999)) Imperial Rd ((1001-11999)) Ivy Rd ((10000-10999)) Jade Rd ((15000-16999)) J Ave ((2401-12999)) Jones St ((100-499)) K Ave ((5000-13999)) King St ((100-699)) Klock Rd ((13000-13999)) Knight Rd ((13700-16999)) Kornhill Rd ((5330-13999)) Lane Rd ((18000-18999)) Lantern Rd ((14000-15999)) L Ave ((5000-13999)) Lima Rd ((200-299)) Lincoln Rd ((15001-30299)) Lovers Lane Ct ((700-799)) Lovers Ln ((100-499)) M Ave ((9776-20999)) Mechanic St ((100-699)) N Canada St ((100-119)) Neon Rd ((19000-19999)) New Donnan Rd ((18000-18999)) N Main St ((101-298)) N Old 150 Hwy ((1-99)) North St ((100-299)) Old Hwy 150 N ((100-399)) Pine St ((300-399)) S Main St ((1-799)) Spruce Rd ((25474-26741)) State Hwy 150 ((100-18999)) State Hwy 187 ((9172-10998)) State Hwy 93 ((600-12999)) Station Rd ((100-199)) Stone Man Ct ((700-799)) Union St ((100-899)) Vine St ((100-398)) Volga St ((100-399)) W 7th St ((100-399)) Wadena Rd ((200-798)) Washington St ((1-999)) W Clark St ((100-699)) W College St ((100-399)) Westfield St ((900-999)) W Jay St ((100-299)) W Madison St ((100-399)) W Main St ((100-399)) W State St ((100-399)) W Water St ((100-998))

52142 Places and Attractions

Abundant Life Christian Fellowship Albany Albany Trail Alexander Creek Alexander-Dickman Hall Baker-Hebron Science Hall Big Rock Country Club City of Fayette Colgrove-Walker Hall Corn Hill Corn Hill (historical) Corn Hill Post Office (historical) Coulee Creek Donnan Donnan (historical) Donnan Post Office (historical) Dorman Memorial Gymnasium Dunhams Grove Cemetery Edgar Fine Arts Hall Eischeid Memorial Athletic Complex Fayette Fayette Ambulance Service Fayette Chiropractic Clinic Fayette Church Fayette City Police Department Fayette Community Library Fayette County Fayette County Home Fayette Dental Clinic Fayette Elementary School Fayette Fire Department Fayette Post Office Fayette Town Hall Frog Hollow Frog Hollow Trail Garbee Hall Grace Lutheran Church Grandview Cemetery Gunderson Clinic - Fayette Henderson-Wilder Library Hofmaster Apartments Klacks Island Park Lake View Trail Langeman's Ford Lee Tower Lima Lima Church Lima Post Office (historical) Lima Trail Maple Crest Manor Nursing Home Orion Post Office (historical) Parker-Fox Hall Pleasant Hill Cemetery Ridge Trail Roberton's Woods Athlitic Fields Saint Francis Catholic Church Saint Francis Cemetery Seaton Post Office (historical) Site of First Cabin in Fayette County Historical Marker The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Township of Smithfield Township of Westfield United Methodist Church Upper Iowa University Volga Lake Volga River Access Volga River Campground Volga River State Recreation Area West Albany Post Office (historical) Wildwood Nature Center