Cresco, IA 52136 ZIP Code Map


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ZIP Code 52136 is located in (66%) (34%)

52136 Street Addresses

10th Ave ((300-399)) 10th Ave SE ((100-499)) 10th Ave SW ((100-329)) 10th Ave W ((100-199)) 110th St ((100-24910)) 115th St ((14628-24627)) 11th Ave W ((200-299)) 125th St ((20201-22978)) 12th Ave W ((100-23671)) 130th St ((14621-19755)) 135th St ((16441-24207)) 140th St ((14221-18744)) 150th St ((16401-24129)) 15th Ave SE ((100-499)) 160th St ((16327-24099)) 170th St ((18343-24575)) 180th St ((18200-24955)) 190th St ((20643-24499)) 195th St ((23495-23984)) 1st Ave E ((100-608)) 1st Ave W ((100-299)) 200th St ((20342-34383)) 20th St ((22500-24899)) 220th St ((3379-3499)) 230th St ((3350-3499)) 240th St ((3212-3499)) 258th Ave ((3600-3899)) 25th St ((19400-21827)) 278th Ave ((3401-3599)) 279th Ave ((3600-3898)) 285th St ((3200-3499)) 288th Ave ((2900-3799)) 290th Ave ((3200-3299)) 290th St ((2700-3399)) 298th Ave ((3800-3899)) 2nd Ave E ((200-799)) 2nd Ave SE ((100-24837)) 2nd Ave SW ((100-1877)) 2nd Ave W ((100-699)) 2nd St ((100-199)) 2nd St E ((100-899)) 2nd St SE ((100-1199)) 2nd St SW ((100-899)) 2nd St W ((100-799)) 303rd Ave ((3400-3798)) 30th St ((23174-24254)) 310th Ave ((3200-3399)) 310th St ((2800-3399)) 313th Ave ((3500-3599)) 315th St ((3200-3399)) 318th Ave ((3100-3899)) 320th St ((2800-2998)) 324th Ave ((3400-3598)) 325th Ave ((2100-2399)) 325th St ((3000-3499)) 328th Ave ((2800-3299)) 333rd Ave ((2900-3599)) 335th St ((3000-3498)) 345th Ave ((2100-18899)) 345th St ((2626-13299)) 347th St ((3200-3399)) 350th St ((3300-3499)) 354th St ((2684-2706)) 35th St ((20901-22456)) 360th St ((3000-3499)) 370th St ((2700-3399)) 3rd Ave E ((100-799)) 3rd Ave SE ((100-499)) 3rd Ave SW ((100-325)) 3rd Ave W ((100-699)) 3rd St E ((100-999)) 3rd St SE ((100-899)) 3rd St SW ((200-1423)) 3rd St W ((100-1049)) 40th St ((24503-24527)) 45th St ((20301-20553)) 4th Ave E ((100-913)) 4th Ave SE ((100-499)) 4th Ave SW ((100-499)) 4th Ave W ((100-634)) 4th St E ((100-299)) 4th St SE ((100-408)) 4th St SW ((100-199)) 4th St W ((100-599)) 50th St ((22400-24898)) 5th Ave E ((100-799)) 5th Ave SE ((100-299)) 5th Ave SW ((100-525)) 5th Ave W ((100-632)) 5th St E ((100-799)) 5th St SE ((200-1499)) 5th St SW ((100-199)) 5th St W ((100-599)) 60th St ((10729-20737)) 6th Ave E ((100-799)) 6th Ave SW ((300-499)) 6th Ave W ((100-1301)) 6th St E ((100-799)) 6th St W ((100-499)) 70th St ((24142-24975)) 78th St ((23000-23999)) 7th Ave E ((100-1034)) 7th Ave SW ((300-599)) 7th Ave W ((100-299)) 7th St E ((100-699)) 7th St SW ((100-199)) 7th St W ((100-599)) 80th St ((21489-22131)) 8th Ave E ((100-899)) 8th Ave W ((100-399)) 8th St E ((101-1129)) 90th St ((100-24999)) 95th St ((24046-24799)) Ads Rd ((200-599)) Albion Ave ((1200-1298)) Cambridge St ((1100-1199)) Canterbury St ((1100-1198)) Cattle Creek Rd ((2700-2999)) Chimney Rock Rd ((3000-3340)) Co Hwy A14 ((2636-24899)) Co Hwy A23 ((3446-24898)) Co Hwy A34 ((2700-3499)) Co Hwy V58 ((100-1049)) Co Hwy W20 ((3739-3899)) Cold Water Creek Rd ((2700-3099)) Co Rd A14 ((3001-3499)) Co Rd A18 ((2400-3099)) Co Rd A23 ((3200-3499)) Co Rd A46 ((3350-3499)) Co Rd W14 ((2945-3499)) County Line Rd ((2100-18899)) Crescent Dr ((800-999)) Division St ((800-1199)) Donaldson Court Rd ((200-599)) Easy St ((100-198)) Elm St ((100-199)) E Main St ((22300-22399)) E Park St ((22401-22499)) E River St ((22401-22499)) Fog Rd ((3600-3699)) Gardner Ave E ((500-599)) Gillette Ave ((600-799)) Granger Ave ((10001-10099)) Grove Ave ((300-399)) Hawkeye Ct ((200-299)) Kings Rd ((13101-24599)) K Park Rd ((3500-3599)) Ledbeter Ln ((1000-1098)) Madison Rd ((3350-3499)) Maple Ct ((200-299)) N Elm St ((100-1198)) N Park Pl ((100-199)) Oak Ridge Rd ((3400-3599)) Old New Oregon Rd ((12400-12799)) Park St ((22200-22299)) Pine Ave ((12000-15999)) Pine Pl ((200-599)) Pole Line Rd ((2700-3499)) Prospect St ((800-1199)) Quail Ave ((14200-14799)) Red Maple Ave ((200-1099)) Robin Ave ((10200-17399)) Royal Oaks Dr ((200-299)) Saint Ave ((9215-20298)) Schroeder Dr ((800-1099)) S Elm St ((100-899)) Short St ((200-299)) Smi Rd ((200-599)) S Park Pl ((100-199)) Spring Ave ((11401-11499)) State Hwy 139 ((3000-3799)) State Hwy 9 ((100-21699)) State Line Rd ((2905-3317)) Stock Ave ((100-899)) Timber Ave ((2500-20999)) Unity Ave ((2800-20998)) Upland Ave ((5501-5599)) US Hwy 63 ((13601-14998)) Valley Ave ((4301-20999)) Valley Manor Dr ((100-299)) Vernon Rd ((200-11197)) Victory Ave ((1000-3698)) Warner Ave E ((500-599)) Warner Dr ((200-299)) Well Rd ((12500-13197)) Willow Ave ((1100-52398)) Wind Ave ((1501-1798)) Windy Ridge Rd ((12600-12798)) W Main St ((22000-22399)) Woodland Rd ((600-999)) W Park St ((22200-22298)) Yankee Ave ((2300-23899)) York Ave ((400-19999)) York St ((400-699)) Young Ave ((4301-4599))

52136 Places and Attractions

Albion Townhall Albion Township Cemetery Albion Township Cemetery Assembly of God Church Assumption Church Baethke Cemetery Barnes Cemetery Beadle Park Bigalk Trout Stream Wildlife Area Bigalks Creek Black Falls Black Oak Hollow Calvary Cemetery Camp Kiwanis Cedar Hill Cemetery Chihaks Creek Chimney Rock Canoe Rental and Campground Church of Christ Cleghorn Wildlife Area Cold Water Springs State Wildlife Area Community Chapel Country Club Cresco Cresco (historical) Cresco Care Center Cresco City Hall Cresco City Library Cresco Family Dentistry Center Cresco Post Office Crestwood High School Crestwood High School Crestwood Junior High School Darrow School (historical) Davis Corners Davis Corners Post Office (historical) Deer Creek Deer Creek East Park Eddy Cemetery Ellen Church Field Elliott Creek Elliott Creek Evan-Hughes Forest Wildlife Management Area Evans Memorial Home Evans Park Fairgrounds Elementary School Faith Baptist Church Ferkindstad Farm Cemetery First Baptist Church First Congregational Church First Lutheran Church First Orleans Lutheran Cemetery Florenceville Florenceville Bridge Florenceville Park Florenceville Post Office (historical) Fremont Cemetery Gaul Timber Cemetery Gentle Care Chiropractic Clinic Gilliece Bridge Granger Methodist Church Howard County Courthouse Howard County Fairground Howard County Farm Howard County Law Library Howard County Log Cabin Museum Howard County Museum Howard County Sherriffs Office Howard Residential Care Facility Immanuel Lutheran Church Joslyn Chiropractic Clinic KCZQ-FM (Cresco) Kellow House - Howard County Museum Kendallville Kendallville Park Kendallville Post Office (historical) Kessel Park Lincoln School (historical) Martha Creek Martinek Wildlife Area Mercy Family Care Center Metcalf Cemetery Minor Creek Morgan Morgan Post Office (historical) Mullens Creek Murray Wildlife Area New Oregon New Oregon Post Office (historical) New Oregon Township Cemetery New Oregon Township Cemetery Nichols School (historical) North Branch Turkey River Notre Dame School Oak Lawn Cemetery Orlean Post Office (historical) Orleans Cheese Factory Orleans Church Osbourne Plymouth Rock Plymouth Rock Post Office (historical) Pond Valley Post Office (historical) Ryan Farm Cemetery Saint Agnes Cemetery Saint Agnes Church Saint Joseph Church Saint Joseph School Saint Kierans Cemetery Schley Post Office (historical) Silver Creek Sovereign Grain Services Elevator Steamboat Rock Stephen Wildlife Area Taylor Pond Park Thomson Marsh Wildlife Management Area Turkey Bend Wildlife Area Turkey River Access State Wildlife Area Turkey River Area Turkey River Wildlife Area Turkey River Wildlife Area United Methodist Church Vernon Springs Vernon Springs County Park Vernon Springs Post Office (historical) West Branch Turkey River West Ward Elementary School Willimantic Post Office (historical) Zion Church