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52101 Schools


  • North Winneshiek Middle School
  • North Winneshiek Elementary School
  • Carrie Lee Elementary
  • West Side Elementary School
  • Decorah High School
  • John Cline Elementary School
  • Decorah Middle School
  • 52101 Hotels

  • Country Inn Decorah
  • Quality Inn And Suites Decorah
  • Super 8 Motel Decorah
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    ZIP Code 52101 is located in Winneshiek County (97.50%) Allamakee County (2.50%)

    52101 Street Addresses

    110th Ave ((3200-3299)) 113 Ave ((3500-3699)) 133rd Ave ((2100-2399)) 138th Ave ((2400-2498)) 143rd Ave ((2401-2699)) 150th Ave ((1900-1999)) 155th Ave ((2500-2999)) 155th St ((1998-2049)) 167th Ave ((1600-2699)) 168th Ave ((3701-3799)) 170th Ave ((2401-3898)) 172nd Ave ((2301-2599)) 173rd Ave ((2500-3675)) 174th Ave ((2500-2599)) 177th St ((1900-2099)) 180th St ((1488-1599)) 182nd St ((1600-1799)) 185th Ave ((1700-2098)) 185th St ((1400-2099)) 187th St ((2090-2139)) 188th Ave ((3700-3899)) 190th Ave ((1801-3899)) 190th St ((1600-1798)) 193rd Ave ((3300-3799)) 195th St ((1901-2098)) 198th Ave ((3400-3899)) 1st St ((200-499)) 200th Ave ((1600-1799)) 200th St ((1401-1599)) 205th St ((1000-1199)) 211th Ave ((2900-3099)) 218th Ave ((3101-3698)) 220th Ave ((1600-1699)) 222nd Ave ((2100-2198)) 223rd Ave ((3200-3499)) 225th St ((1400-2099)) 226th Ave ((3001-3099)) 227th Ave ((1980-1998)) 228th Ave ((3700-3899)) 235th Ave ((2400-3599)) 236th Ave ((2301-3798)) 237th Ave ((3500-3699)) 237th St ((3600-3698)) 240th Ave ((2200-2398)) 240th St ((1500-1698)) 244th Ave ((3200-3299)) 245th Ave ((2200-2599)) 248th Ave ((3400-3599)) 250th Ave ((2400-2498)) 250th St ((1060-2499)) 252nd St ((1700-1799)) 253rd Ave ((2300-3399)) 254th St ((1700-1799)) 255th Ave ((2008-2599)) 255th St ((1701-1799)) 258th Ave ((3600-3718)) 258th St ((1000-2399)) 260th Ave ((2400-2499)) 260th St ((1600-1699)) 262nd Ave ((2600-2698)) 265th Ave ((2200-2699)) 265th St ((2600-2699)) 270th Ave ((2489-2599)) 280th St ((1300-1398)) 282nd St ((2400-2498)) 284th St ((1800-1898)) 288th Ave ((3604-3799)) 290th Ave ((2601-2699)) 2nd St ((100-499)) 300th St ((2100-2199)) 301st St ((1600-1699)) 311th St ((2100-2299)) 314th St ((1800-1899)) 320th St ((2000-2099)) 325th St ((1800-1998)) 332nd St ((2201-2299)) 337th St ((1700-2199)) 340th St ((2301-2599)) 345th St ((1800-1999)) 348th St ((2300-2499)) 350th St ((2000-2399)) 355th St ((1801-2498)) 358th St ((2300-2399)) 359th St ((2300-2399)) 360th St ((1414-2399)) 361st St ((2300-2399)) 362nd St ((2300-2399)) 365th St ((2301-23498)) 370th St ((1600-2891)) 371st St ((2400-2498)) 379th St ((1800-1899)) 380th St ((1001-2099)) 381st St ((1800-1899)) 3rd St ((200-499)) 4th St ((200-499)) 4th St NW ((301-399)) 5th Ave ((200-999)) 5th St ((200-699)) Allan Drive Rd ((2300-2399)) Arbor Rd ((2400-2499)) Aspen Lane Rd ((2300-2398)) Augusta Rd ((1600-2599)) Baker Ave ((500-599)) Ballroom Rd ((1900-1999)) Balsam Rd ((2200-2499)) Bear Creek Rd ((3301-3698)) Beaver Dam Rd ((1001-1199)) Big Bluestem Rd ((1300-1399)) Big Canoe Rd ((1001-1699)) Big Sky Ln ((1300-1399)) Birch Hollow Rd ((1700-1799)) Birch Rd ((2400-2499)) Blue Grass Dr ((1300-1399)) Bluffton Hill Rd ((3200-3299)) Bluffton Rd ((2800-3599)) Bruening Dr ((1000-1198)) Canoe Ridge Rd ((1306-1898)) Canoe Valley Rd ((1700-1899)) Cedar Rd ((2700-2799)) Cedar Valley Rd ((2400-2499)) Centennial Rd ((1800-2199)) Center Ave ((300-899)) Center St ((100-899)) Center Street Ct ((100-1198)) Centrum Dr ((701-899)) Chimney Rock Rd ((3303-3399)) Claiborne Dr ((100-399)) Clay Hill Rd ((2500-2899)) Clearview Dr ((700-1099)) Co Hwy A14 ((2100-2634)) Co Hwy A18 ((1800-2198)) Co Hwy A34 ((2100-2759)) Co Hwy A38 ((1001-1299)) Co Hwy A52 ((1300-1899)) Co Hwy A6W ((2400-3399)) Co Hwy W14 ((301-399)) Co Hwy W20 ((2800-3899)) Co Hwy W34 ((3000-3799)) Co Hwy W38 ((100-3799)) Co Hwy W4B ((1311-1781)) Co Hwy W60 ((2200-2499)) Cold Water Creek Rd ((2700-2799)) College Dr ((100-2899)) Colonel Taylor Rd ((1900-1999)) Commerce Dr ((700-1099)) Coon Creek Rd ((1200-1399)) Co Rd A14 ((1001-2099)) Co Rd A18 ((2400-2839)) Co Rd W40 ((3400-3899)) Co Rd W42 ((1580-2299)) Co Rd W 42 ((2272-2299)) Co Rd W46 ((1600-1799)) Cottonwood Rd ((2400-2499)) Court St ((100-399)) Cr A14 ((1700-1869)) Crescent Ave ((100-698)) Crown Rd ((2400-2499)) Davdon Rd ((1700-1799)) Day St ((200-899)) Decorah Ave ((300-899)) Division St ((900-1799)) Dogwood Rd ((2400-2499)) Drake Hill Rd ((2201-2799)) Dry Run Rd ((2201-2399)) Dudley St ((401-1199)) East St ((200-399)) Eastwood Rd ((2500-2599)) E Broadway St ((100-799)) Echo Valley Rd ((3201-3399)) E Day Spring Ln ((200-298)) E Hills Rd ((1700-1799)) Eileen Ct ((1000-1099)) Ellingson Bridge Dr ((100-301)) Elm Ct ((100-199)) Elm Drive Rd ((2600-2699)) E Main St ((100-899)) Emerald Rd ((2400-2499)) E Pearl St ((100-899)) E Ridge Rd ((2300-2499)) Evergreen Rd ((2400-2499)) E Water St ((100-899)) Fair St ((700-899)) Ferris Mill Rd ((0-2199)) Fox Hollow Rd ((1900-2099)) Frances St ((200-399)) Franklin St ((500-799)) Frankville Rd ((1311-1781)) Freeport St ((1700-1799)) Friends End Rd ((1400-1499)) G K Ave ((2500-2599)) Glenville Rd ((1800-2598)) Golf Rd ((1700-1799)) Golf View Rd ((2500-2599)) Goose Island Dr ((501-599)) Grandview Rd ((2000-2099)) Grant St ((400-799)) Grouse Valley Rd ((2500-2699)) Grove St ((100-669)) Hallbeck St ((300-399)) Happy Hollow Rd ((2600-2898)) Haugen Hill Rd ((1900-1999)) Heivly St ((100-899)) Helena Ave ((1001-1099)) Heritage Rd ((1800-1899)) Hickory Hill Rd ((1600-1699)) Hickory Rd ((1500-1599)) Hidden Falls Rd ((2700-2799)) Highland Dr ((103-1999)) Highlandville Rd ((3300-3850)) High St ((201-599)) Hillcrest Dr ((300-599)) Hillside Ct ((700-799)) Hilltop Dr ((201-799)) Hitching Post Rd ((2300-2498)) Hollihan St ((200-299)) Horn Hollow Rd ((2100-2199)) Hwy A52 ((1100-1199)) Iawinn Rd ((2700-2799)) Ice Cave Rd ((200-2599)) Industrial Ln ((1100-1399)) Iowa Ave ((200-899)) James Ct ((200-299)) Jefferson St ((300-899)) John St ((100-699)) Jordan Dr ((1400-1498)) Julian St ((100-199)) Kylie Ann Rd ((2500-2599)) Lakeview Rd ((1801-1899)) Landmeyer Rd ((1600-1699)) Lannon Hill Rd ((2600-2799)) Laurel Dr ((1300-1599)) Lazy K Rd ((1400-1499)) Legacy Rd ((2300-2399)) Leif Erikson Dr ((200-599)) Level C Service ((1500-1537)) Lincoln Hwy Rd ((1700-2099)) Linden St ((600-1299)) Linn St ((100-799)) Lloyd St ((100-299)) Locust Rd ((500-3899)) Locust St ((500-699)) Lost Mile Rd ((3500-3599)) Lower Dam Rd ((2800-2898)) Lundy Bridge Rd ((1100-1299)) Madison Rd ((2100-2699)) Maiden Ln ((700-1099)) Manawa Trail Rd ((1500-2914)) Mangolia Rd ((2500-2599)) Maple Ave ((600-999)) Meadow Ct ((700-799)) Meadowlark Rd ((1800-2199)) Meadow View Dr ((1-299)) Michael Dr ((1200-1399)) Middle Calmar Rd ((1700-2399)) Middle Hesper Rd ((2700-3599)) Middle Ossian Rd ((1692-2299)) Middle Sattre Rd ((2800-3199)) Mill St ((100-399)) Moen St ((600-698)) Monroe St ((102-299)) Montgomery St ((100-1199)) N Bear Rd ((1501-1599)) N Main St ((101-112)) N Mechanic St ((100-299)) N Meldon St ((401-699)) N Mill St ((100-399)) N Old Mill Rd ((3000-3099)) Nordic Dr ((1000-1299)) Nordic Hills Rd ((2700-2899)) Nordness Rd ((2000-2099)) Norske Rd ((1300-1499)) North St ((200-799)) N State St ((100-399)) N Winn Rd ((3000-3799)) Oak Hill Rd ((2300-2399)) Oak St ((300-799)) Oak Terrace Rd ((1600-1699)) Ohio St ((1-499)) Oil Well Rd ((2100-2299)) Old Bridge Rd ((3300-3499)) Old Spring Rd ((3200-3299)) Old Spruce Dr ((101-299)) Old Stage Rd ((1100-1899)) Oneota Dr ((1400-1499)) Paine St ((1000-1199)) Paint Creek Rd ((3200-3399)) Painter St ((201-299)) Panorama Dr ((1300-1399)) Panoramic Dr ((1600-1699)) Park St ((600-999)) Parkview Dr ((100-199)) Pearl St ((900-999)) Peppy Place Rd ((1700-1798)) Pershing Ave ((300-399)) Pine Creek Rd ((2500-2699)) Pine Crest Dr ((400-599)) Pine Ridge Ct ((900-999)) Pine St ((700-799)) Pleasant Ave ((100-1299)) Pleasant Hill Dr ((100-498)) Pleasant View Rd ((2800-13098)) Plum St ((401-699)) Pole Line Rd ((800-2759)) Pontoppidan Rd ((1100-1398)) Praire View Rd ((2200-2299)) Prairie Spring Rd ((3701-3899)) Pulpit Rock Rd ((100-599)) Quandahl Rd ((1000-1399)) Quarry Hill Rd ((2500-2798)) Quarry St ((100-299)) Railroad Ave ((2-299)) Railroad St ((1-299)) Ranch Rd ((2300-2499)) Ranchview Ct ((100-198)) Randall Dr ((100-199)) Ravine St ((800-899)) Red Oak Rd ((2301-2399)) Ridge Rd ((600-1099)) Ridgewood Dr ((100-1199)) River Rd ((2400-3399)) Riverside Ave ((100-499)) River St ((101-1099)) Riverview Dr ((100-798)) Rosa Dr ((900-999)) Rural Ave ((100-799)) Salem Lane Rd ((1500-1699)) Sand Rock Rd ((2600-2799)) Sanford St ((100-699)) Sattre Ridge Rd ((1100-1599)) S Bear Rd ((2200-2299)) Scenic River Rd ((2200-3298)) Scenic View Rd ((2500-2699)) Serenity Ct ((700-799)) Serenity Dr ((601-799)) Shady Lane Dr ((600-699)) Shagbark Lane Rd ((2300-2399)) Shagbark Rd ((2300-2398)) Short St ((500-1399)) Siewers Spring Rd ((2200-2399)) Silent Brook Rd ((2100-2299)) Silver Creek Rd ((2301-2499)) Skyline Dr ((1100-1599)) Skyline View Rd ((1900-2099)) S Main St ((212-216)) Small St ((1500-1599)) S Mechanic St ((400-1199)) S Mill St ((400-1199)) S Old Mill Rd ((2800-3098)) South Ave ((300-799)) Spring Creek Rd ((1301-1499)) Spring St ((100-199)) Springwater Rd ((3000-3199)) Spruce Ridge Rd ((2800-2899)) S Shore Rd ((2000-2098)) Stanwood Dr ((600-699)) Stapleton Dr ((1700-1798)) State Hwy 9 ((1100-3176)) State Line Rd ((2101-2199)) State St ((100-399)) St Lawrence St ((100-299)) Stone Hill Rd ((2000-2397)) Sumner St ((100-999)) Sunrise Blvd ((400-699)) Sunset Dr ((100-599)) Tamarack Drive Rd ((2400-2499)) Tanglewood Rd ((2300-2399)) Terrace St ((300-599)) Thomas Ave ((1001-1199)) Town Line Rd ((2000-2599)) Trout River Rd ((2300-2399)) Trout Run Rd ((1801-2098)) Trout Run Trl ((1400-1498)) Twin Springs Rd ((2101-2299)) Twin View Dr ((400-699)) Upper Broadway ((401-411)) Upper Broadway St ((300-598)) US Hwy 52 ((701-3899)) Valdres Rd ((1601-1899)) Valley Dr ((300-598)) Valley View Dr ((100-799)) Vernon St ((100-999)) View St ((300-399)) Viking Hills Rd ((1600-1699)) Village Rd ((2500-2699)) Wagon Rd ((2801-2999)) Walnut Creek Rd ((2601-2799)) Walnut St ((900-1298)) Washington Praire Rd ((1700-1799)) Washington St ((100-799)) W Broadway St ((100-6099)) W Day Spring Ln ((100-499)) Western St ((100-199)) West St ((100-399)) White Bridge Rd ((1401-1499)) Whitetail Rd ((1700-1899)) Williams St ((100-499)) Windy Ridge Rd ((1701-1799)) Winnebago St ((100-599)) Winneshiek Ave ((300-799)) Winnmakee Rd ((101-2295)) W Main St ((100-799)) Woodland Rd ((2601-2690)) Woodridge Rd ((2300-2399)) Woodside Ct ((1000-1099)) W Pearl St ((100-999)) W Ravine Rd ((2500-2799)) Wren Valley Rd ((2800-2999)) W Ridge Rd ((2600-2711)) W Water St ((100-799))

    52101 Places and Attractions

    Aase Haugen Homes Aquilla Grove Post Office (historical) Baker School Cemetery Barnhart - Van Peenen Park Barthell Eastern Star Nursing Home Bear Creek Public Access Big Canoe Cemetery Big Canoe Church Bluffton Bluffton Cemetery Bluffton Fir Stand State Preserve Bluffton Landing Strip Bluffton Post Office (historical) Bluffton Village Cemetery Brandt Hall Bruvold Farm Cemetery Burr Oak Burr Oak Cemetery Burr Oak Census Designated Place Burr Oak Lutheran Church Burr Oak Post Office (historical) Burr Oak United Methodist Church Campsite Park Campus House Canoe Canoe Cemetery Canoe Church Canoe Creek Canoe Creek Access Area Canoe Creek Wildlife Management Area Canoe Post Office (historical) Canoe Ridge Church Canoe Ridge Lutheran Cemetery Carl Selland Park Carlson Stadium C Baker County Park Centennial Union Center for Faith and Life Centrum Plaza Chattahoochie County Park Chimney Rock Park Chiropractic Offices City of Decorah Cold Water Creek Congregational United Church of Christ Coon Creek Country View Public Golf Course Decorah Decorah Chiropractic Center Decorah City Campground Decorah City Hall Decorah Clinic Decorah Covenant Church Decorah Dental Associates Center Decorah Fire Department Decorah (historical) Decorah Lutheran Church Decorah Middle School Decorah Municipal Airport Decorah Police Department Decorah Post Office Decorah Public Library Dieseth Hall Dry Run Dunnings Spring Park East Freeport Cemetery East Madison Cemetery East Pine Creek Eide Post Office (historical) Falcon Springs State Wildlife Area Family Chiropractic Clinic Farwell Hall Fawcett Farm Cemetery First Lutheran Church Franklin Prairie Post Office (historical) Franklin W Olin Building Freeport Freeport Cemetery Freeport Park Freeport Post Office (historical) Friends Church Gjerset House Glenwood Cemetery Glenwood Church Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Grace Episcopal Church Grace Fellowship Church Gunderson Clinic - Decorah Gunderson Clinic Oral Surgery Gunderson Lutheran Podiatry Center Gunderson Lutheran Vision Center Hauge Cemetery Hauge Church Hawks Ponds Hesper Hesper Cemetery Hesper Lutheran Cemetery Hesper Lutheran Church Hesper Post Office (historical) Highlandville Highlandville Post Office (historical) Hyde Post Office (historical) Ice Cave Hill Park Ice Cave Hill Trail Iowa River Cemetery Isted Post Office (historical) Iverson Bottoms Wildlife Management Area Jamestown Post Office (historical) Jenson Hall of Music John Cline School KDEC-AM (Decorah) Kingdom Hall Church KLCD-FM (Decorah) Koren Building Korsrud Annex Korsrud Heating Plant KRDI-FM (Decorah) KRDI-FM (Decorah) KWLC-AM (Decorah) Larsen Hall Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum Laura Ingalls Wilder Park Locust Locust Post Office (historical) Locust School Loman Bridge Lower Bluffton Bridge Lower Ice Cave Trail Loyalty Hall Lutheran Cemetery Lutheran Cemetery Luther College Luther College Observatory Luther College Tennis Courts Madison Cemetery Madison Church Main Building Maintenance Building Malanaphy Springs Malanaphy Springs State Preserve Mary Christopher Park McIntosh Cemetery Merlin Moe Park Mestad Spring Mestad Spring Access Area Methodist Cemetery Miller Hall Miller Park Nasset Nasset Post Office (historical) Norby House Nordhem Park Nordness Nordness (historical) Nordness Post Office (historical) Nor-ski Runs North Bear Creek North Canoe Creek North Washington Prairie Cemetery North Winneshiek Community School Norwegian Methodist Cemetery Norwegian Methodist Church Olson Hall Oneota Country Club Oneota Drive Recreational Trail Oneota Riverview Care Facility Pagin Cemetery Paint Creek Palisades Park Palisades Park Trail Phelps Cemetery Phelps Park Pine Creek Pine Creek Wildlife Management Area Pioneer Cemetery Pontoppidan Cemetery Porter House Museum Preus Library Pulpit Rock Quandahl Cemetery Regents Center Russell Cemetery Saint Benedict Cemetery Saint Benedicts Catholic Church Saint Benedict School Saint Bridget School Saint John Cemetery Saint John Church Salveson Cemetery Sampson Post Office (historical) Sattre Sattre Post Office (historical) Seegmiller Cemetery Seegmiller Cemetery Siewers Spring State Park Silver Creek Silvercrest Country Club Smith Memorial Hospital South Bear Creek South Bear Creek Access Area South Bear Park South Pine Wildlife Management Area Sperati Guest House Springfield Cemetery Springfield Church Springwater Springwater Cemetery Springwater Church Springwater Post Office (historical) Steyer Bridge Stoen Farm Cemetery Storre Theatre Sunnyside Building Sutton Landing Strip Swella Clinic of Chiropractic Ten Mile Creek Ten Mile Creek Bridge Teslow Farm Cemetery Thomas Roberts High School Thoten Thoten Post Office (historical) TOHS Building Township of Burr Oak Township of Canoe Township of Decorah Township of Frankville Township of Glenwood Township of Hesper Township of Highland Township of Madison Township of Pleasant Township of Springfield Trout Creek Trout Creek Trout River Trout River Access Area Trout River Post Office (historical) Trout Run Trout Run Access Area Twin Springs Park Twin Springs Trail Union Prairie Cemetery United Methodist Church Upper Bluffton Bridge (historical) Valders Hall of Science Van Peenen Park Trail Versterheim Norwegian-American Museum Library Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum Washington Prairie Cemetery Washington Prairie Church Washington Prairie Post Office (historical) West Side School Will Baker Park Wilson Cemetery Winneshiek County Winneshiek County Courthouse Winneshiek County Fairground Winneshiek County Hospital Winneshiek County Jail Winneshiek County Law Library Winneshiek County Paramedic Services Winneshiek County Sheriffs Office Wold Park Woodside Post Office (historical) Woodville Post Office (historical) Wulfsberg Tennis Courts Ylvisaker Hall