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Guttenberg ZIP Codes


52052 Schools


  • Clayton Ridge Elementary School
  • Clayton Ridge High School
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    ZIP Code 52052 is located in Clayton County (90.00%) Dubuque County (10.00%)

    52052 Street Addresses

    1st Ave ((1-399)) 270th St ((30400-30799)) 290th St ((29300-31399)) 2nd Ave ((1-399)) 310th St ((33300-35399)) 312th St ((31100-31499)) 318th St ((29500-30899)) 360th St ((39000-40999)) 390th St ((35500-37899)) 395th St ((35200-36499)) 3rd Ave ((300-399)) 5th Ln ((1100-1199)) Abel Dr ((100-299)) Acre St ((100-1699)) Airport Rd ((25800-26699)) Borne Ln ((40000-40098)) Broadway St ((100-399)) Charles St ((100-199)) Cherry Valley Rd ((36600-38399)) China St ((1-399)) Christen St ((100-199)) Cincinnati St ((300-499)) Clayton Rd ((38100-39999)) Clear Creek Rd ((21000-22999)) Co Hwy C1X ((25800-30799)) Co Hwy C43 ((31300-36399)) Co Hwy C53 ((36219-36899)) Co Hwy C7X ((200-35299)) Co Hwy C9Y ((100-198)) Co Hwy X41 ((28613-29099)) Co Hwy X47 ((3701-33799)) Co Hwy X56 ((604-28998)) Co Hwy X71 ((36300-39733)) Crest Dr ((100-199)) Crestview Dr ((100-1298)) Dalmore Ln ((1-99)) Davis Ln ((300-399)) Dekalb St ((300-398)) Eagleview Dr ((100-299)) Errthum Rd ((36300-39733)) Estes Point Rd ((37000-39099)) Estes Ridge Trl ((300-399)) Fish Market Ln ((500-599)) Garber Rd ((200-35299)) Goethe St ((1-399)) Graham Rd ((36000-38506)) Great River Rd ((100-321399)) Harbor Rd ((25800-26699)) Haydn St ((1-299)) Heiderscheit Rd ((22300-23999)) Herder St ((1-499)) Herman St ((1-599)) Hickory Rd ((101-499)) Hill St ((2100-2299)) Hogan Rd ((27600-39999)) Homestead Cir ((600-699)) Ironwood Rd ((28613-29099)) Island Rd ((1-199)) Jasmine Rd ((27000-28999)) Jefferson St ((100-399)) Johles Hollow Rd ((32200-34399)) Jolly Ridge Rd ((32201-36399)) Kale Ave ((3701-33799)) Kennedy Rd ((27000-30799)) Kestrel Ave ((32601-34699)) Killdeer Ave ((28900-37999)) Kiln Rd ((3500-33999)) Koerner St ((1-599)) Kosciusko St ((200-798)) Lace Ave ((30000-33999)) Lafayette St ((100-499)) Lake Rd ((29401-30999)) Lantern Ave ((23200-29399)) Leaf Rd ((31500-32399)) Leasing St ((300-399)) Lessing St ((1-499)) Lock and Dam Ln ((1-99)) Lorenz Ln ((100-299)) Lower Cedar Rd ((28500-31499)) Lynx Ave ((27201-31099)) Main St ((1-2298)) Maple Crest Ridge Way ((300-399)) Millville Rd ((36219-36899)) Miners Creek Rd ((100-30999)) Mound Trl ((300-398)) Mozart St ((1-299)) N 1st St ((100-899)) N 2nd St ((100-1099)) N 3rd St ((100-1199)) N 4th Ln ((700-1199)) N 4th St ((800-1199)) N 5th Dr ((1000-1098)) N 5th Ln ((900-998)) N 5th St ((192-1199)) N 6th St ((600-699)) Nature Ave ((33801-34198)) N Bluff St ((100-699)) Nest Ave ((33900-34399)) Nevada Rd ((36500-36799)) N Hill Dr ((100-299)) Nickel Rd ((36600-38999)) N Main St ((2100-2599)) Noble Rd ((36494-36899)) N River Park Dr ((100-799)) N River Ridge Dr ((1-99)) N Third Ln ((1101-1199)) Oak Rd ((35200-35999)) Olympic Ave ((37200-37899)) Omega Rd ((35700-36599)) Orange Ave ((36100-38199)) Osterdock Rd ((31300-33999)) Pearl St ((1-399)) Prince St ((1-199)) Pryam St ((1-398)) Pumpkin Ridge Rd ((37001-38699)) Regent St ((1-399)) River Park Ln ((900-999)) River Ridge Ct ((2-98)) River Ridge Rd ((1-99)) Riverview Dr ((101-199)) River View Rd ((1-499)) Roundhouse Add ((12500-12799)) Roundhouse Adition ((12500-12799)) Royal Oaks Ct ((101-199)) S 1st Ln ((801-899)) S 1st St ((100-1098)) S 2nd St ((100-1099)) S 3rd Ln ((600-899)) S 3rd St ((100-599)) S 4th St ((500-1299)) S 5th Ln ((1000-1299)) S 5th St ((100-32099)) S 6th St ((600-698)) S Bluff St ((100-1299)) Schiller St ((1-699)) Skyline Dr ((1-299)) S Main St ((2500-2598)) Spoden Rd ((30001-32098)) S Ridge Dr ((300-398)) S River Park Dr ((100-1198)) S Second Ln ((601-699)) S Third Ln ((100-498)) Sunset Ln ((100-199)) Thunder Rd ((26864-29751)) Timberlane Rd ((300-499)) Timber Lane Rd ((400-499)) Turkey Ridge Ct ((300-399)) Ungs Rd ((21500-23999)) US Hwy 52 ((100-321399)) Valleyview Dr ((100-299)) Washington St ((1-299)) Weiland St ((1-499)) White Oak Rd ((400-499)) Woodland Dr ((100-499)) W View Dr ((500-1199))

    52052 Places and Attractions

    Abels Island Airport Ackerman Cut Anderson Post Office (historical) Andregg Hollow Bierer Cemetery Big Pond Bluebell Creek Borcherding Cemetery Carlan Creek Cassville Iowa Slough Cassville Slough Cassville Slough Ceres Ceres Post Office (historical) Cherry Valley City of Guttenberg City of Luxemburg City of Millville Family Medicine Associates Center Ferry Slough Friedlein Cemetery GAA Private Airport Glassnevin Post Office (historical) Goetz Island Goshen Cemetery Goshen Church Guttenberg Guttenberg Guttenberg Care Center Guttenberg Cemetery Guttenberg Chiropractic and Sports Medicine Clinic Guttenberg City Hall Guttenberg City Park Guttenberg Community School Guttenberg Fire Department Guttenberg Golf and Country Club Guttenberg Municipal Hospital Guttenberg Police Department Guttenberg Post Office Guttenberg Public Library Historic Old Brewery Hog Hollow Iowa State Fish Aquarium and Hatchery Island 188 Island 189 Johles Hollow Kline Hunt Hollow Lewis Cemetery Little Turkey River Lock and Dam No Lock and Dam Number Ten Lockmasters House Heritage Museum McClelland Cemetery Merritt Forest State Preserve Millville Millville Post Office (historical) Miners Creek Mount Olivet Cemetery Myer Property Cemetery Osterdock Osterdock Bridge Osterdock Bridge Access Osterdock (historical) Panther Creek Post Office (historical) Peck Creek Peter Holms Historical Marker Price Branch Redman Cemetery Saint Johns Cemetery Saint Johns Lutheran Church Saint Marys Catholic Church Saint Marys Cemetery Saint Marys School Saint Michael Cemetery Saint Pauls Cemetery Saint Pauls Lutheran Church Snefs Snefs (historical) South Cedar Creek Springville Stock School Cemetery Swift Slough Township of Jefferson Township of Millville Trinity Lutheran Church Tuecke Hollow Turkey River Turkey River (historical) Turkey River Mounds State Monument Turkey River Mounds State Preserve Turkey River Post Office (historical) United Methodist Church Walters Heliport West Branch South Cedar Creek