Harlan, IA 51537 ZIP Code Map


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51537 Street Addresses

1000th St ((600-2416)) 10th St ((400-1999)) 1100th St ((500-2499)) 1120th St ((1400-1799)) 1150th St ((1600-2099)) 11th St ((400-1999)) 1200th St ((700-2499)) 1250th St ((1900-2099)) 12th St ((100-3599)) 1300th St ((700-2499)) 13th St ((1200-1299)) 1400th St ((700-1299)) 1450th Rd ((1300-1399)) 14th St ((1000-1199)) 1500th St ((1200-1299)) 15th St ((1000-1399)) 1600th St ((1134-2067)) 16th St ((1000-1999)) 1700th St ((1210-1299)) 17th St ((1800-1899)) 1800th St ((1208-1477)) 18th St ((1800-2099)) 19th St ((800-2299)) 1st St ((800-1099)) 1st St E ((100-198)) 200th St ((1200-1399)) 20th St ((1600-2099)) 21st St ((1600-2199)) 22nd St ((1500-1799)) 23rd St ((501-2399)) 2nd St ((800-1299)) 2nd St E ((101-199)) 300th St ((1500-1723)) 3rd St ((900-1399)) 3rd St E ((100-298)) 400th St ((1400-1833)) 450th St ((1500-1522)) 4th St ((300-1299)) 500th St ((1000-1699)) 5th St ((100-1999)) 630th St ((600-1599)) 660th St ((901-2299)) 6th St ((200-2499)) 700th St ((1100-2599)) 750th St ((800-1199)) 7th St ((100-2499)) 800th St ((600-2434)) 850th St ((738-81098)) 8th St ((300-2499)) 900th St ((800-2199)) 9th St ((400-3099)) Baldwin St ((200-1899)) Broadway St ((401-1199)) Chatburn Ave ((142-2225)) Cheyenne Ave ((1401-1799)) Coates Ave ((600-698)) Co Hwy F66 ((1100-1199)) College Blvd ((1200-1499)) College Pl ((1800-2299)) Co Rd M36 ((1200-1299)) Co Rd M56 ((600-2273)) Co Rd M 56 ((601-699)) Country Club Dr ((1200-1499)) Country Club Pkwy ((3000-3099)) Country Club Vw ((3000-3099)) Court St ((100-1899)) Cyclone Ave ((200-23099)) Dodge St ((400-699)) Durant St ((300-2299)) Dye St ((400-699)) East St ((120-198)) Elm St ((700-1199)) Elmwood Rd ((1136-1215)) Erie Dr ((1400-1699)) Euclid St ((700-799)) Exchange St ((1100-2499)) Farnam Cir ((1100-1199)) Farnam St ((500-1899)) Fir Rd ((1112-1287)) Flusche St ((100-921)) Franklin Ave ((1900-2199)) Garfield Ave ((1200-2199)) Ginkgo Rd ((700-1499)) Grand Ave ((1200-1499)) Hackberry Rd ((600-699)) Hawkeye Ave ((1200-1999)) Hazel Rd ((627-1399)) Hickory Rd ((1400-1499)) Hill St ((300-1199)) Hilltop Dr ((501-599)) Hunter Ridge ((3000-3099)) Hwy 44 ((998-1002)) Industrial Ave ((800-1099)) Industrial Pkwy ((1200-1899)) Ironwood Rd ((328-1599)) Ironwood St ((1000-1099)) Juniper Rd ((110-1199)) Kingwood Rd ((1000-1099)) Knotty Pine Rd ((2114-2139)) Laurel St ((500-999)) Lincoln Ave ((1200-2299)) Lincoln Ln ((1600-1698)) Linda Ln ((1500-1599)) Linden Rd ((701-2139)) Main St ((400-1099)) Maplecrest Dr ((900-1099)) Maple Rd ((139-1799)) Market St ((100-999)) McKinley Ave ((1400-1499)) Meadows Townhomes ((1400-1498)) Morningview Dr ((1000-1199)) Morse Ave ((1800-2199)) Mulberry Rd ((246-499)) Nishna Ave ((1300-1899)) Oak Rd ((101-1699)) Onyx Dr ((1200-1599)) Orange Rd ((300-1399)) Park St ((1000-1199)) Peach Rd ((300-1399)) Pine St ((500-2299)) Quince Rd ((101-1299)) Rd M16 ((600-1898)) Rd M36 ((1100-1473)) Rd M47 ((600-1317)) Redbud Rd ((900-1197)) Redwood Rd ((518-1698)) Research Ln ((700-799)) Ridge Ln ((900-999)) Ridgeway Dr ((3000-5098)) River Ave ((1200-1599)) Roland Ln ((2400-2699)) Sequoia Loop ((1000-1099)) Shelby St ((3100-3198)) Shrop Cir ((700-798)) Southridge Dr ((1300-1499)) Southridge Rd ((1200-1499)) South St ((200-299)) Southwest Ave ((2400-2999)) Spring St ((400-999)) State Hwy 44 ((142-2498)) Stevens Ave ((600-1108)) Stowes Ct ((500-699)) Street F32 ((100-2067)) Street F58 ((795-2299)) Tarkington St ((400-1199)) Timber Rd ((600-1399)) Umbrella Rd ((641-1299)) US Hwy 59 ((100-2399)) Utility Ave ((2400-3099)) Victoria St ((300-1899)) Walnut St ((500-1199)) W Heritage ((3000-3099)) Wildwood Rd ((1014-1099)) Willow St ((500-2299)) Woodland Rd ((800-1399)) W Park St ((1300-1899)) Yellowwood Rd ((800-898))

51537 Places and Attractions

ANP Foot and Ankle Clinic Abundant Life Fellowship Altamont Cemetery Altamont Church Altamont Post Office (historical) Beebe Park Bethel Baptist Church Bethelhem Church Bethlehem Lutheran Cemetery Bonnie Creek Botany Botany Post Office (historical) Bowmans Grove Christs Church Church of Christ Congregational United Church of Christ Corley Corley (historical) Corley Post Office (historical) Dutch Branch Elm Creek Elm Crest Retirement Community Fairview Township Cemetery First Assembly of God Church First Baptist Church First Christian Church First United Methodist Church Folck Cemetery Foot Clinic Grace Baptist Church Harlan Harlan (historical) Harlan Cemetery Harlan City Hall Harlan Community High School Harlan Community Library Harlan Community Middle School Harlan Crest Home Harlan Elevator Harlan Fire Department Harlan Golf and Country Club Harlan Municipal Airport Harlan Police Department Harlan Post Office Harlan Trailer Court Harlan Vision Clinic Immanuel Lutheran Church Iowa Western Community College JJ Jensen Baseball and Softball Fields Jacksonville Jacksonville Post Office (historical) Jacobson Cemetery JayCee Park KNOD-FM (Harlan) Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses Laurel School Lee Cemetery Leinen Park Leland Log Cabin Lincoln Township Cemetery Little George Lake Little George Park Markham Family Dental Associates Center McIntosh Log Cabin Merrill Field Midwest Eye Care Center Myrtue Memorial Hospital Myrtue Memorial Hospital Heliport New Park School New Testament Baptist Church Nishna Bend Recreation Area Nishnabotna River Bridge North Park Oak Ridge Wildlife Area Pauley Landing Field Peace Lutheran Church Pioneer Park Poplar Potters Park Prairie Habitat Area Prairie Rose Lake Prairie Rose Lake Dam Prairie Rose Post Office (historical) Prairie Rose State Park Rabbit Hallow Cemetery Reing River Access Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Rose Hill Cemetery Rosman Glendale Farms Recreation Area Saint Michaels Catholic Church Saint Michaels School Saint Pauls Episcopal Church Seventh Day Adventist Church Shelby County Courthouse Shelby County Fairgrounds Shelby County Farm Shelby County Historical Museum Shelby County Medical Clinic Shelby County Sheriffs Department Shelby County Speedway Somida Post Office (historical) Stamp Aquatic Center Vet's Memorial Auditorium West Fork West Nishnabotna River West Ridge School Westridge Mobile Home Park