Council Bluffs, IA 51501 ZIP Code Map


Council Bluffs ZIP Codes

51501 51502 51503
Council Bluffs

ZIP Code 51501 is located in Pottawattamie County

51501 Street Addresses

10th Ave ((800-3599)) 11th Ave ((1300-3699)) 12th Ave ((700-3699)) 13th Ave ((1400-3112)) 13th St Ave ((2800-3198)) 14th Ave ((700-3499)) 15th Ave ((600-1799)) 16th Ave ((600-3499)) 17th Ave ((700-1399)) 18th Ave ((700-1399)) 19th Ave ((500-1399)) 1st Ave ((15-3399)) 20th Ave ((404-1399)) 21st Ave ((400-1399)) 22nd Ave ((500-1399)) 23nd St ((800-899)) 23rd Ave ((400-3599)) 24th Ave ((500-1699)) 25th Ave ((400-2099)) 26th Ave ((400-1899)) 27th Ave ((600-2499)) 28th Ave ((600-1799)) 29th Ave ((1-1899)) 2nd Ave ((1-3799)) 30th Ave ((500-3199)) 31st Ave ((1100-2099)) 32nd Ave ((400-2099)) 34th Ave ((300-3599)) 35th Ave ((1-3398)) 35th Ave W ((3300-3398)) 37th Ave ((3300-3499)) 3rd Ave ((1-3799)) 4th Ave ((800-3799)) 5th Ave ((600-3699)) 65th Ave ((2-2499)) 68th Ave ((2700-6899)) 6th Ave ((500-3699)) 7th Ave ((700-3699)) 8th Ave ((700-3699)) 9th Ave ((600-3699)) Apache St ((4400-4699)) Ash St ((900-1299)) Atlantic Ave ((3001-3399)) Ave A ((1100-3699)) Ave B ((1101-4299)) Ave C ((1100-4299)) Ave D ((1100-4199)) Ave F ((1100-4099)) Ave G ((1102-4099)) Ave H ((1300-3399)) Ave I ((1300-3399)) Ave J ((1300-3399)) Ave K ((1300-3399)) Ave L ((1400-3099)) Ave M ((1400-3099)) Avenue E ((1001-4198)) Avenue N ((1500-2799)) Ave O ((1500-1799)) Ave P ((1500-1799)) Ave Q ((2000-2799)) Aztec St ((1-199)) Bay St ((1-99)) Bel Air Dr ((3000-4099)) Benson St ((400-899)) Big Lake Rd ((1100-1699)) Birch St ((900-1199)) Black Hawk St ((1-199)) Chapel Ridge Ln ((4000-4699)) Cheyenne Cir ((3200-3299)) Cheyenne Ln ((1500-1599)) Chippiwa Cir ((3400-3499)) Chippiwa Ln ((1500-3399)) Comanche St ((1-898)) Cottage Row ((1-4499)) Council Pointe Rd ((5001-5199)) Country Club Acres St ((1-199)) Crogans Way Cir ((101-199)) Crogans Way Rd ((3201-5399)) Dial Rd ((3000-3199)) Dog Bite Ln ((2801-2999)) E Gifford Rd ((4801-6299)) Emil Ln ((2801-2999)) E Navajo St ((1-99)) E South Omaha Bridge Rd ((47-99)) Gifford Rd ((2-6998)) Glenview Dr ((1-199)) Gold Rush Rd ((3100-3299)) Hardings Landing Rd ((5201-5499)) Hardings Landing's Rd ((5101-5199)) Harrier Hollow ((5600-5899)) Harveys Blvd ((1-499)) Heard Ln ((2900-2999)) Honey Locust St ((1400-1499)) Hopi Cir ((2000-2099)) Hopi Dr ((2900-3399)) Huron Cir ((1-199)) I-480 ((3900-4199)) I- 480 ((3900-4199)) Jewell Rd ((4100-4299)) John St ((3500-3699)) Joslin Ave ((2200-2799)) Katie Dr ((3400-3699)) Kestrel Ct ((306-398)) Laguna Dr ((1-99)) Lakewood Ln ((1-99)) Lakewood Villa St ((1-99)) Levee Ave ((1-99)) Lew Ross Rd ((1100-1399)) Little Broadway ((1200-1399)) Longs Lndg ((2000-2099)) Macineery Dr ((2701-3099)) Mac Ineery Dr ((2701-3099)) Manawa Ave ((1-399)) Manawa Blvd ((1-399)) Manawa Center Dr ((3100-3299)) Margaret Ave ((2800-3199)) McBride Ave ((2600-2799)) Merlin Ln ((5601-5799)) Mid America Dr ((2800-2999)) Middle Ferry Rd ((3400-3498)) Mohawk St ((4500-4699)) N 11th St ((1-99)) N 12th St ((1-1199)) N 13th St ((1-1099)) N 14th St ((1-1399)) N 15th St ((1-2799)) N 16th St ((1-1898)) N 17th St ((1-1599)) N 18th St ((1-899)) N 19th St ((1-1399)) N 20th St ((1-1499)) N 21st St ((1-1499)) N 22nd St ((1-1599)) N 23rd St ((1-1199)) N 24th St ((1-1399)) N 25th St ((1-2599)) N 26th St ((1-1399)) N 27th St ((1-799)) N 28th St ((1-1399)) N 29th St ((1-1399)) N 30th St ((1-1399)) N 31st St ((1-1299)) N 32nd St ((1-3199)) N 34th St ((1-899)) N 35th St ((1-999)) N 36th St ((1-899)) N 37th St ((100-899)) N 38th St ((200-699)) N 39th St ((100-699)) N 40th St ((100-699)) N 41st St ((200-599)) Nash Blvd ((1600-2299)) Navajo St ((1101-7299)) N Broadway ((2421-2599)) Nebraska Ave ((2800-3499)) NE Gifford Rd ((2100-4899)) New St ((1-99)) Norma St ((3500-3699)) N Shore Dr ((100-4799)) Old Lincoln Hwy ((2421-2599)) Onawa Ave ((3000-3199)) Osage St ((1-199)) Osprey Cir ((1-99)) Otoe St ((100-199)) Parkview Dr ((2-98)) Pavich Dr ((2500-2799)) Pawnee St ((1-4499)) Pelican Dr ((1-199)) Peregrine Pl ((226-298)) Pickard Ln ((1-99)) Pine St ((900-1199)) Piute St ((4200-4599)) Plaza View Dr ((3200-3298)) Poplar Dr ((2800-2999)) Portland St ((1-699)) Power Dr ((100-199)) Pueblo Cir ((1900-3399)) Pueblo Rd ((1501-1999)) Ramelle Dr ((3500-4099)) Rawlins Dr ((2900-4099)) Redtail Rd ((5501-5899)) Renner Dr ((2800-3399)) Richland Dr ((400-3999)) River Rd ((1900-3399)) Ronald Rd ((3500-3699)) S 10th St ((1-2899)) S 11th St ((1-4199)) S 12th St ((1-2899)) S 13th St ((1-2899)) S 14th St ((1-99)) S 15th St ((1-2899)) S 16th St ((1-2799)) S 17th St ((1-2899)) S 18th St ((1-2899)) S 19th St ((1-2699)) S 1st Ave ((1-99)) S 20th St ((1-6299)) S 21st St ((1-3399)) S 22nd St ((1-499)) S 23rd St ((1-2499)) S 24th St ((1-2999)) S 25th St ((1-899)) S 26th St ((200-1299)) S 27th St ((1-899)) S 28th St ((1-899)) S 29th St ((1-899)) S 30th St ((2-799)) S 31st St ((1-899)) S 32nd St ((1-2398)) S 33rd St ((200-799)) S 34th St ((1-1199)) S 35th St ((1-4499)) S 36th St ((100-6998)) S 37th St ((200-398)) S 38th St ((101-498)) S 41st St ((2-98)) S 55th Ave ((2300-3599)) S 6th St ((1-2899)) S 7th St ((1-3298)) S 8th St ((1-2899)) S 9th St ((1-4199)) Savage St ((4100-4299)) Scott Dr ((3500-3699)) S Expy ((2600-3499)) S Exwy St ((3400-4099)) Shore Acres Rd ((1-99)) Shoshoni Dr ((1900-2099)) Sioux St ((4400-4699)) Spruce St ((900-1199)) S Shore Dr ((1-1299)) S St ((5001-5199)) State Hwy 192 ((1-4099)) State Hwy 92 ((686-4298)) Stuart Blvd ((3500-3699)) Summer Dr ((2800-2899)) Sunset Blvd ((1-99)) Tank Farm Rd 1 ((5-99)) Tipton Dr ((1702-1799)) Traders Pointe Cir ((100-299)) Traders Pointe Rd ((3100-3199)) Twin City Dr ((2800-4099)) US Hwy 275 ((686-4298)) US Hwy 6 ((800-4199)) Veterans Memorial Hwy ((47-4299)) Victor St ((1-399)) Wagons Way Rd ((5000-5199)) Wakeman Dr ((3100-4099)) Wallace Ave ((1-99)) Walter Neumann Cir ((1-98)) W Broadway ((500-3599)) West Ave ((1-99)) Westlake Village ((1-99)) Westside Dr ((1200-2199)) W Gifford Rd ((4201-6998)) White City ((1-99)) William Ln ((3500-3699)) Willow Ave ((600-799)) Winona Cir ((1300-1399)) Winona Ln ((1401-3098)) Woodbury Ave ((561-599)) Wright Rd ((1-1099)) W South Omaha Bridge Rd ((100-4299)) Wyandot Cir ((1700-1799)) Wyandot Rd ((1500-1599)) Yacht Ave ((500-599))

51501 Places and Attractions

Agri Grain Marketing Elevator Ak Sar Ben Bridge Alegent Health Clinic Associate Dentists Center Avenue B School Bahnsen Park Bethany Presbyterian Church Big Lake Park Bloomer School Bluff Acres Mobile Home Park Bluffs Family Health Care Center Bluffs Northway Bluffs Run Casino RV Park Broadway Christian Church - Disciples of Christ Broadway Family Dentistry Center Broadway Park Broadway Plaza Calvary Assembly of God Church Calvary Baptist Church Christian Worship Center Church of Christ Church of Christ Iglesia Ni Christo Church of God of Prophecy City of Council Bluffs Cochran Park Council Bluffs Council Bluffs Drive-In-Theatre Council Bluffs Fire Department Station 2 Council Bluffs Fire Department Station 5 Council Bluffs Gospel Assembly Church Council Bluffs Levee Unit Council Bluffs Police Department Council Bluffs Post Office Country Estates Mobile Home Park Crossroads Christian Church Dodge Memorial Congregational Church Dodge Park Dodge Park Golf Course Edison School El Bethel Assembly of God Church Emanuel Church of the Nazarene Epworth United Methodist Church Faith Lutheran Church Fifth Avenue United Methodist Church First Church of Christ Scientist First Church of the Nazarene First Congregational Church First Presbyterian Church Fourth District Judicial Residential Correctional Facility Fox Run Golf Course Francis School Franklin School Friendship Park Gethsemane Presbyterian Church Golden Spike Mobile Home Park Golden Spike Monument Good News Worship Center Harvest Temple Church of God Harveys Recreation Complex Heartland District Pentecostal Church of God Historic Squirrel Cage Jail Holy Family Church Holy Family School Indian Creek Indian Creek Ditch Interchange 1A Interchange 1B Interchange 3 Interchange 4 Interchange 48 Interchange 51 Interchange 52 Interchange 53A Interchange 53B Interchange 54A Interchange 54B Interchange 55 Interdenominational New Life Fellowship Jefferson High School Jehovahs Witnesses KLNG-AM (Council Bluffs) Kraft School Lake Manawa Lake Manawa Post Office (historical) Lake Manawa State Park Lakeshore Country Club Lakeview Elementary School Lakeview School Lied Historical Building and Iowa Welcome Center Lighthouse Temple Church of the Open Bible Light of the Word Church Loess Hills Church Longfellow School Longs Landing County Park Malmare Park Manawa Bend Manawa Bend Manawa City Park Manawa Power Centre Midlands Dental Center Midwest Church of God Mosquito Creek Mount Zion Refuge Church Narrows River Access County Park North Shore Park Open Door Baptist Church Orth Chiropractic Clinic Overland Mobile Home Park Peace Church of the Brethren Peavey Grain Company Elevator Pentecostal House of Prayer Peterson Park Playland Park Pottawattamie County Courthouse Pottawattamie County Sheriffs Office Queen of Apostles Church Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church Regency of Iowa Mobile Home Park Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - Riverside Congregation Riverside Park Roberts Park Roosevelt School Ruckl Airport Rue School Saint John Lutheran Church Saint Pauls Evangelical Country Church Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church Southside Christian Church Southview Bible Church Sundel Plaza Sunset Park Tabernacle Baptist Church The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Timothy Lutheran Church Tomes County Club Acres Township of Kane Twin Cities Church Twin City Park Victory Fellowship Pentecostal Church of God Walnut Grove School Western Historic Trails Center Westminster Presbyterian Church Westwood Golf Course Westwood Park Wilson Junior High School Wooded Lake Mobile Home Park