Spirit Lake, IA 51360 ZIP Code Map


ZIP Codes

ZIP Code 51360 is located in (91%) (9%)

51360 Street Addresses

100th St ((1-45298)) 105th St ((25501-26744)) 10th St ((500-1299)) 110th St ((1824-45298)) 11th St ((500-999)) 120th St ((1700-3199)) 125th St ((2150-2598)) 12th St ((500-1099)) 130th St ((1818-3099)) 135th St ((2300-2399)) 13th St ((500-1199)) 140th St ((1900-25999)) 143rd St ((1930-1949)) 145th St ((1930-2399)) 147th St ((1920-1950)) 14th St ((400-799)) 150th St ((1800-20999)) 151st St ((15101-20999)) 153rd St ((1500-1799)) 155th St ((2101-51398)) 155th St Exd ((21298-21301)) 15th St ((400-3299)) 160th St ((1700-3399)) 162nd St ((25600-25999)) 163rd St ((25600-25999)) 164th St ((25600-25999)) 165th St ((2200-25782)) 168th St ((2050-25999)) 169th St ((25600-25999)) 16th St ((500-1199)) 170th Ave ((1600-1753)) 170th St ((1700-3398)) 175th St ((2927-2935)) 178th St ((1202-25599)) 17th St ((2200-2799)) 180th Ave ((1000-1299)) 180th St ((3026-3034)) 182nd St ((24168-25599)) 187th St ((24000-254098)) 18th St ((100-3299)) 190th Ave ((1201-1998)) 190th St ((2400-2475)) 193rd Ave ((1400-1499)) 195th Ave ((1440-1499)) 19th St ((100-1099)) 1st Ave ((346-364)) 1st Ln ((21200-21299)) 1st St ((25274-25323)) 200th St ((2700-2899)) 205th Ave ((1008-1499)) 207th St ((1712-17899)) 20th St ((300-1099)) 210th Ave ((1400-15099)) 211th Ave ((12755-12981)) 212th Ave ((14581-15399)) 213th Ave ((15344-16499)) 214th Ave ((15300-15598)) 215th Ave ((1000-21275)) 215th Pl ((15300-15499)) 21st St ((100-1099)) 220th Ave ((1614-1620)) 225th Pl ((1600-1699)) 22nd St ((100-2399)) 231st Ave ((16555-16699)) 235th Ave ((1000-1699)) 237th Ave ((10013-10499)) 23rd St ((1-2599)) 240th Ave ((1101-14198)) 245th Ave ((1600-3158)) 247th Ave ((3001-3599)) 24th St ((1-999)) 250th Ave ((1500-154299)) 252nd Ave ((2-150226)) 252nd Pl ((300-399)) 255th Ave ((1400-25593)) 256th Ave ((16100-16999)) 257th Ave ((16800-16899)) 258th Ave ((16800-16899)) 259th Ave ((16800-16899)) 25th St ((1-999)) 260th Ave ((1200-17698)) 268th Ave ((10500-10599)) 26th St ((800-1099)) 270th Ave ((1101-11298)) 27th St ((1-9816)) 280th Ave ((1000-28048)) 285th Ave ((1776-1818)) 28th St ((2-1726)) 290th Ave ((1128-1898)) 29th St ((816-1106)) 300th Ave ((1000-1663)) 30th St ((2300-2399)) 310th Ave ((1100-2099)) 320th Ave ((1000-1198)) 32nd St ((2100-2114)) 330th Ave ((1031-1039)) 3rd Ln ((15375-15399)) 440th Ave ((70701-70799)) 475th Ave ((72101-72499)) 480th Ave ((70401-71499)) 490th Ave ((70901-70999)) 4th Ln ((21183-21301)) 51/2 Ln ((21198-21301)) 520th Ave ((70701-71099)) 5th Ln ((21186-21301)) 6th Ln ((21198-21301)) 6th St ((900-1061)) 700th St ((1-45298)) 710th St ((44401-46099)) 715th St ((48000-51399)) 7th St ((600-799)) 8th St ((400-999)) 9th St ((500-999)) Adams Ave ((2300-2799)) Akron Ave ((2300-2399)) Alta Vista St ((21401-21499)) Applewood Ave ((2500-2799)) Apple Wood Ave ((2700-2798)) Ash St ((21300-21399)) Aurora Ave ((3000-3099)) Aurora Ave W ((2800-3099)) Babs St ((16701-25899)) Basswood Ln ((17000-17099)) Bayside Dr ((16300-16598)) Beach Ave ((100-198)) Bluewater Dr ((15112-20998)) Blunt St ((15400-15499)) Boston Ave ((1700-2499)) Bow St ((1701-1799)) Breakwater Dr ((20500-20699)) Bridgeport Ln ((1701-1799)) Brooks Ln ((1200-1298)) Burr Oak St ((21300-21499)) Carol Ln ((8546-25801)) Center Dr ((300-13999)) Center Lake Dr ((2-3399)) Chalstrom Beach Rd ((1500-23899)) Chicago Ave ((1700-2499)) Circle Dr ((20701-20799)) Circle Dr W ((2301-2399)) Co Hwy 2 ((70401-71499)) Co Hwy 4 ((48000-51399)) Co Hwy A18 ((1900-2299)) Co Hwy A22 ((2700-3399)) Co Hwy M38 ((1600-1753)) Co Hwy M46 ((1201-1399)) Co Hwy M56 ((2-25305)) Co Rd 69 ((1-45298)) Co Rd 73 ((72101-72499)) Co Rd 75 ((70901-70999)) Co Rd A15 ((1200-25932)) Co Rd A15N ((2500-2598)) Co Rd A22 ((3100-3398)) Co Rd A31 ((2700-2899)) Co Rd M56 ((1101-154299)) Co Rd N14 ((1500-2099)) Co Rd N16 ((1000-1198)) County Home Rd ((2200-2399)) Crowley Ave ((10500-10999)) Dawes Dr ((21201-21299)) Denver Ave ((1700-2799)) Dolphin Rd ((20401-20599)) Elm Dr ((301-398)) Enterprise Ave ((2300-2799)) Enterprise Dr ((2400-2799)) Erie Ave ((1300-3599)) E Village Cir ((11001-11099)) Fargo Ave ((700-2299)) Flemming Dr ((23801-24099)) Francis Sites Dr ((2200-2899)) Frank St ((25600-25899)) Furman Rd ((15500-15899)) Gary Ave ((700-2299)) Gingles Dr ((87-198)) Gordon Dr ((1100-1599)) Harbor Dr ((15500-15799)) Harlan Ave ((11100-11299)) Harlan St N ((11001-11099)) Harman Ln ((21301-21399)) Harmon Ln ((15300-16399)) Hawn Rd ((2500-25499)) Hickory St ((101-21399)) Hill Ave ((1-3298)) Indian Hills Dr ((1300-1499)) Inner Ln ((16700-16798)) Inwood Court Ave ((3600-3699)) Iowa St ((180-398)) Ithaca Ave ((700-3799)) Jackson Ave ((400-3799)) Jackson Cir ((2400-2699)) Jewell Cir ((3700-3799)) Jolly Ct ((3600-3699)) Julia St ((1372-1399)) Kahuna Dr ((72000-72799)) Kellys Beach Dr ((24000-24198)) Keokuk Ave ((1200-3299)) Lake Dr ((326-1299)) Lake Shore Dr ((1509-16198)) Lake St ((301-1299)) Lakeview Dr ((15100-15499)) Lakewood Dr ((17000-17299)) Landings Ave ((5524-15899)) Lincoln Ave ((1401-6699)) Lincoln Blvd ((15100-15299)) Linden Dr ((2-2798)) Linn St ((21300-21499)) Manhattan Blvd ((1801-2798)) Manhatten Blvd ((1800-3098)) Markham Ct ((16901-16999)) Martin Dr ((8600-25898)) McClelland Ln ((24500-25499)) Memphis Ave ((1500-1799)) Mitchell Ave ((15401-15499)) Mitchell Dr ((10500-10599)) Mook Ln ((101-199)) Nautica Dr ((20600-20699)) N Bay Dr ((21201-21299)) N Inner Ln ((16500-16799)) N Lagoon St ((20800-20898)) Northwood ((15112-20998)) Northwood Dr ((15100-15199)) N Park Dr ((21300-21355)) N Sandpiper Dr ((20500-20599)) N Templar Dr ((2101-15198)) N Templer Dr ((2101-13198)) N Tradewind Dr ((3100-15998)) Oak Ln ((25600-258599)) Park Dr ((1500-21399)) Park Pl ((100-298)) Pasture Lake Dr ((25401-25499)) Pasture Rd ((11901-25798)) Paula Ln ((25700-25799)) Peoria Ave ((1101-14198)) Percival Dr ((15400-15499)) Pikes Point Dr ((2101-51398)) Pillsbury Point Park ((119-599)) Pine Cir ((1300-1398)) Pine Wood Dr ((2900-3199)) Pioneer Beach Rd ((2-15099)) Prairie Ln ((1-403)) Prairie St ((21400-21499)) Quail Run ((2300-2399)) Ravine St ((21238-21499)) Roosevelt Dr ((15201-20799)) Ross Rd ((17200-17298)) Rusty Ave ((5524-15799)) Rusty Rd ((15616-15899)) Shore Acre Ln ((1000-1099)) Shoreline Dr ((16300-16799)) Shorelinr Dr ((16701-16799)) S Inner Ln ((16700-16998)) S Keokuk Ave ((3301-3499)) S Lagoon St ((20800-20899)) S Park Dr ((21300-21399)) S Sandpiper Dr ((20500-20599)) Stake Out Rd ((1202-25599)) State Hwy 276 ((111-13924)) State Hwy 86 ((1008-20532)) State Hwy 9 ((400-20999)) S Templar Dr ((1301-13398)) S Templer ((1301-13299)) Stern St ((1601-1699)) Stevens Cove Dr ((24000-24099)) Stover Ave ((0-3899)) Stover Ln ((1501-1599)) Sunner Ave ((1601-3598)) Sunrise Dr ((13700-13899)) Sunset Dr ((500-13999)) Templar Dr ((13000-15198)) Teresa Ave ((16625-25799)) Troy Ave ((2500-2798)) US Hwy 71 ((210-3599)) Vickie Rd ((25800-25899)) Walleye Dr ((25600-25999)) Walnut Ln ((17000-17298)) War Eagle Blvd ((154-15499)) Washington Blvd ((101-15499)) Weather End Dr ((15100-15299)) Wedeking Dr ((13901-13999)) Wilson Blvd ((15200-15299)) W McClelland Ln ((2401-2499)) W Okoboji Grove Rd ((500-699)) W Okoboji Rd ((500-699)) Woodside Ct ((25800-25999)) Zenith Ave ((1800-3199))

51360 Places and Attractions

Ainsworth Beach Anglers Bay Anglers Bay Anglers Bay Beach Bakers Point Beaches Resort Big Stony Point Brownells Beach Bull Ditch Camp Foster Cayler Prairie Cayler Prairie State Preserve Cedar Rapids Beach Cenla Campgrounds Center Lake Center Lake Plaza Center Lake Wildlife Management Area Chalstroms Beach Chiropractic Associates Center Christian Family Worship Center Christs Fellowship Church Cottonwood Point Crandalls Beach Crandalls Lodge Diamond Lake Diamond Lake Wildlife Management Area Dickinson County Courthouse Dickinson County Fairgrounds Dickinson County Memorial Hospital Dickinson County Memorial Hospital Heliport Dickinson County Museum Dickinson County Sheriffs Office Ditch Number 23 Docs Cove East Bay East Hottes Lake East Okoboji Beach East Okoboji Lake East Okoboji Lake Wildlife Management Area Egralharve Egralharve Beach Estherville Beach Evangelical Free Church Family Dentistry Center Farmers Co-op Association Elevator First Presbyterian Church First White Girl Born in Dickinson County Historical Marker Furman Point Gilbert Park Good News Community Church Grace Lutheran Church Great Lakes Dental Center Great Lakes Mall Grovers Lake Hale Slough Hales Slough Area Harlan Beach Hilltop Care Center Horseshoe Lake Hottes Lake Wildlife Management Area Howe Cabin Historical Marker Hunters Post Office (historical) Immanuel Lutheran Church Indian Hills Golf Club Inwood Park Beach Iowa Lakes Community College - Spirit Lake Center Iowa Lakes Orthopaedics Center Isthmus Access J Jahn Park Jemmerson Slough Jemmerson Slough Wildlife Management Area KUOO-FM (Spirit Lake) Kellys Beach Kettleson Hogsback Wildlife Management Area Kingdom Hall Jehovahs Witnesses Kulp Point Lake View Cemetery Lakeland Memory Gardens Cemetery Lakes Family Practice Center Lakeview Open Bible Church Lazy Lagoon Little League Park Little Spirit Lake Wildlife Management Area Little Stoney Point Lone Tree Point Loon Creek Loon Creek Loon Creek Loon Creek Lutheran Lakeside Camp Manhattan Beach Manhattan Beach Resort Manhattan Post Office (historical) Maple Oak Beach Marble Beach Marble Beach State Recreation Area Marble Cabin Marble Lake Marble Lake State Game Management Area Martha Yarns Memorial Beach McBreen Marsh McClelland Beach McClelland Slough Memorial Park Methodist Camp Post Office (historical) Mini Wakan State Park Miniwaukon Beach Minnow Ponds Montgomery Montgomery Montgomery Post Office (historical) Moore Medical Services Center Moores Beach New Testament Baptist Church Noble Cabin Historical Marker North Bay Okoboji Golf Course Okoboji View Golf Course Olsten Health Services Center Orleans Orleans Orleans Beach Orleans Post Office (historical) Orleans State Fish Hatchery Orleans State Park Peppermint Point Pikes Point Pikes Point State Park Pioneer Beach Pioneer Beach Campground Prairie Lake Raebels Beach Red Nose Point Rose Hill Cemetery Saint Albans Episcopal Church Saint Margaret Cemetery Saint Marys Catholic Church Sand Bar Beach Resort and Trailer Court Sandbar Beach Sandbar Slough Santee Prairie Area Schwartz Chiropractic Clinic Seventh Day Adventist Church Spine Injury and Pain Center Spirit Lake Spirit Lake Spirit Lake Spirit Lake Baptist Church Spirit Lake Chiropractic Clinic Spirit Lake Elementary School Spirit Lake High School Spirit Lake High School Spirit Lake Medical Center Spirit Lake Middle School Spirit Lake Police Department Spirit Lake Post Office Spirit Lake Public Library Spirit Lake State Game Management Area Spirit Lake United Methodist Church Spring Run State Game Management Area Spring Run State Game Management Areas State Fish Hatchery Stevens Cove Stockade Protection from Indians Historical Marker Stoney Point Sunken Lake Templar Harbor Templar Point Templer Park The Narrows Point Triboji Beach Trickle Slough Trickle Slough Area Twin Forks Wildlife Area Twin Hills Beach United Methodist Camp Vicks Corner World Welsh Lake Welsh Lake Wildlife Management Area West Fork Little Sioux River West Fork Little Sioux River West Hottes Lake Westport Sesquicentennial School