Estherville, IA 51334 ZIP Code Map


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ZIP Code 51334 is located in (90%) (10%)

51334 Street Addresses

100th St ((3301-5199)) 108th St ((4000-4099)) 10th Ave N ((300-799)) 10th St ((3501-3799)) 110th St ((1100-4599)) 115th St ((4100-4199)) 11th Ave N ((501-999)) 120th St ((3200-4699)) 125th St ((3900-3999)) 12th Ave N ((600-998)) 130th St ((2-5199)) 13th Ave N ((501-1499)) 140th St ((3700-4599)) 145th St ((4100-4199)) 14th Ave N ((601-3999)) 150th St ((3300-4999)) 153rd St ((3800-3898)) 155th St ((3500-5199)) 15th Pl S ((1-99)) 160th St ((3300-4898)) 16th St ((1-499)) 170th St ((3200-3799)) 175th St ((3600-3699)) 17th Ave N ((600-699)) 180th St ((3400-4999)) 182nd St ((3900-3999)) 185th St ((3200-3399)) 18th Ave N ((600-799)) 190th St ((3600-4999)) 195th St ((4300-4798)) 1st Ave ((100-1099)) 1st Ave N ((100-2099)) 1st Ave S ((1-1799)) 1st St ((1480-1799)) 200th St ((3300-4899)) 205th St ((3700-3899)) 20th Ave N ((600-799)) 210th Ave ((3900-3999)) 210th St ((3400-4599)) 215th St ((4600-4699)) 21st Ave N ((700-799)) 220th St ((3700-4399)) 225th St ((4600-4699)) 22nd Ave N ((600-2099)) 230th St ((3400-3999)) 240th St ((3400-4099)) 250th St ((3400-4099)) 2nd Ave ((100-1699)) 2nd Ave N ((101-1699)) 2nd Ave S ((1-1299)) 2nd St ((100-299)) 320th Ave ((1200-1899)) 327th Ave ((1480-1498)) 330th Ave ((1226-1799)) 340th Ave ((1000-2016)) 350th Ave ((1500-2669)) 355th Ave ((1100-1198)) 360th Ave ((1000-2699)) 365th Ave ((1400-1499)) 368th Ave ((1700-1799)) 369th Ave ((1600-1698)) 370th Ave ((1700-2699)) 375th Ave ((1000-2099)) 380th Ave ((1000-2499)) 381st Ave ((1800-1899)) 382nd Ave ((1800-1899)) 385th Ave ((1301-2099)) 390th Ave ((1000-2699)) 395th Ave ((2000-2099)) 395th St ((2100-2198)) 3rd Ave ((1300-1699)) 3rd Ave N ((200-1898)) 3rd Ave S ((1000-2399)) 3rd St ((101-299)) 400th Ave ((1000-1999)) 402nd Ave ((1000-1099)) 403rd Ave ((1000-1099)) 410th Ave ((1100-2199)) 420th Ave ((1200-2499)) 430th Ave ((1000-2499)) 435th Ave ((2000-2099)) 440th Ave ((1000-2299)) 445th Ave ((1700-2099)) 450th Ave ((1019-1899)) 455th Ave ((1100-2699)) 460th Ave ((1200-2699)) 470th Ave ((1200-1899)) 480th Ave ((1400-2099)) 490th Ave ((1500-1914)) 495th Ave ((1200-1259)) 4th Ave ((1300-1499)) 4th Ave N ((100-1499)) 4th Ave S ((600-1099)) 4th St ((300-499)) 500th Ave ((1600-2099)) 5th Ave ((103-298)) 5th Ave N ((600-4099)) 5th Ave S ((700-1399)) 5th St ((100-198)) 6th Ave N ((201-1699)) 6th Ave S ((800-1399)) 6th St ((400-499)) 6th St S ((109-1103)) 700th St ((3301-3399)) 7th Ave N ((200-1199)) 7th Ave S ((900-2799)) 8 Ave N ((200-1498)) 8th Ave N ((200-1498)) 8th Ave S ((1000-1199)) 9th Ave N ((401-599)) 9th Ave S ((1900-2799)) Alexander Rd ((1-99)) Brad Alan Blvd ((901-1198)) Briar Place Dr ((1-99)) Burr Oak Rd ((4101-4299)) Co Hwy 26 ((1001-1003)) Co Hwy 29 ((1001-1003)) Co Hwy A13 ((4000-4599)) Co Hwy A17 ((2-4699)) Co Hwy A20 ((3400-3799)) Co Hwy A22 ((3300-4099)) Co Hwy A31 ((3400-3499)) Co Hwy A33 ((4100-4599)) Co Hwy A34 ((108-3999)) Co Hwy A48 ((2392-4099)) Co Hwy B ((108-198)) Co Hwy N16 ((1600-1899)) Co Hwy N22 ((1000-1698)) Co Hwy N24 ((1700-2090)) Co Hwy N25 ((1600-1699)) Co Hwy N26 ((100-2699)) Co Hwy N32 ((1100-2199)) Co Hwy N40 ((1019-4445)) Co Hwy N52 ((1500-1914)) Co Hwy N54 ((1733-1751)) Co Rd A15 ((3200-3298)) Co Rd A20 ((3300-3399)) Co Rd A22 ((3200-3399)) Co Rd N16 ((1200-1483)) Co Rd N22 ((1101-1658)) Dan Bur Dr ((2000-2199)) Doolittle Dr ((500-599)) Doolittle Rd ((500-599)) E Central Ave ((900-3999)) E Oak Dr ((1800-1899)) Friar Tuck ((2-99)) Grandview Dr ((1-99)) Hwy 4 ((3800-3899)) Knollwood Dr ((300-599)) Linden Dr ((3200-3298)) Little John Rd ((200-399)) Maid Marian Ct ((1-99)) Manor Cir ((1-99)) Maplecrest Dr ((1400-1699)) Maple Heights Dr ((1-99)) Murray Rd ((2000-2899)) N 10th St ((500-1299)) N 11th St ((500-899)) N 12th St ((1-1399)) N 13th St ((2-1399)) N 14th St ((100-1399)) N 15th ((100-499)) N 15th St ((100-4098)) N 16th Pl ((300-499)) N 16th St ((1-499)) N 17th Ct ((100-499)) N 17th St ((1-599)) N 17th Street Pl ((100-499)) N 18th St ((1-499)) N 19th St ((200-499)) N 1st St ((1-299)) N 20th St ((1-399)) N 2nd St ((1-599)) N 3rd St ((1-699)) N 4th St ((301-999)) N 5th St ((1-1199)) N 6th St ((1-2299)) N 7th St ((1-2099)) N 8th St ((1-1299)) N 9th St ((1-1499)) Oak Hill Rd ((201-1199)) Orchard Cir ((1-99)) Orchard Ln ((1-49)) Park Rd ((100-899)) Pilquist Rd ((3980-3999)) Railroad Ave ((401-599)) Ridge Rd ((1700-1799)) Ridley Ave ((104-398)) Riverside Hills Dr ((3800-3899)) S 10th St ((200-799)) S 11th St ((400-799)) S 12th St ((200-999)) S 13th St ((1-599)) S 14th St ((300-798)) S 15th St ((300-699)) S 17th St ((1-199)) S 18th St ((1-399)) S 19th St ((700-999)) S 1st St ((1-899)) S 28th St ((1-899)) S 2nd St ((1-414)) S 3rd St ((1-299)) S 4th St ((201-299)) S 5th St ((1-99)) S 6th St ((1-399)) S 7th St ((1-798)) S 8th St ((2-599)) S 9th St ((1-699)) Shaw Dr ((2-98)) State Hwy 4 ((1-2699)) State Hwy 9 ((100-3999)) St James Ave ((108-198)) Tuttle Lake Rd ((5100-5199)) Valley Dr ((200-599)) W 14th Ave ((200-999)) W 14th Ave N ((200-999)) W 1st Ave N ((1-199)) W 1st Ave S ((100-399)) W 1st St N ((1-199)) W 1st St S ((500-899)) W 2nd Ave N ((100-299)) W 2nd Ave S ((100-498)) W 2nd St ((1-299)) W 2nd St N ((200-1399)) W 2nd St S ((1-299)) W 3rd Ave N ((101-199)) W 5th Ave N ((200-699)) W 6th Ave N ((600-899)) W 6th St N ((500-599)) W 7th Ave N ((600-799)) W 7th St N ((500-899)) W 8th Ave N ((700-899)) W 8th St N ((500-799)) W Central Ave ((100-899)) Westwood Ct ((1-99)) Westwood Dr ((2-198)) W First St S ((1-99)) W N 1st St ((1-299)) W N 2nd St ((200-1399)) W N 4th St ((100-399)) W N 6th St ((500-599)) W N 7th St ((500-899)) W N 8th St ((500-799)) W N 9th St ((1-1399)) W Oak Dr ((1800-1899)) W S 2nd St ((1-299)) W South 1st St ((500-899))

51334 Places and Attractions

Anderson Prairie State Preserve Bolstead School (historical) Brown Creek Brown Creek Calvary Baptist Church Calvary Gospel Assembly Cheever Lake Cheever Lake State Game Mgt Area Church of Christ Church of the Nazarene County Ditch Number 53 Demoney Elementary School Ditch Number 121 Ditch Number 151 Ditch Number 26 Ditch Number 29 Ditch Number 60 Ditch Number 7 Ditch Number 79 Eagle Lake Eagle Lake Wildlife Management Area East Side Cemetery East Swan Lake State Games Management Area Ellsworth Cemetery Emmet County Courthouse Emmet County Historical Society Museum Emmet County Home Emmet County Sheriffs Office Emmet Post Office (historical) Estherville Estherville Estherville Community Christian School Estherville Firemens Hall Estherville Golf and Country Club Estherville Lincoln Central High School Estherville Lincoln Central Middle School Estherville Lutheran Cemetery Estherville Lutheran Church Estherville Medical Clinic Estherville Meteorite Historical Marker Estherville Municipal Airport Estherville Post Office Estherville Public Library Farmers Elevator Company Elevator First Christian Church First Presbyterian Church Fort Defiance (historical) Fort Defiance State Park Fort Defiance and Monument Historical Marker Four Mile Lake Wildlife Management Area Fourmile Lake Fourth Street Bridge Good Samaritan Nursing Home Grace Episcopal Church Grass Lake (historical) Grass Lake State Game Management Area Gridley Gridley (historical) Gridley Post Office (historical) Gruver Gruver Gruver Post Office Highlake Highlake Post Office (historical) Holy Family Hospital Huntington Huntington (historical) Huntington Post Office (historical) Immanuel Church Immanuel Lutheran Church Iowa Lakes Community College Iowa Lakes Community College Library Jackson School Post Office (historical) Joe Hoye Park KILR-AM (Estherville) KILR-FM (Estherville) Laker High School Lakeside Post Office (historical) Lincoln Elementary School Maple Hill Maple Hill Maple Hill Post Office (historical) McKinley Elementary School McKinley School Mike Mickelson Park New Bergen Post Office (historical) North Fourteenth Street Park Northwest Iowa Podiatry Associates Center Northwest Iowa Urologists Center Norwegian Cemetery Oak Hill Cemetery Peterson Access Presbyterian Church Prosser Cemetery Raleigh Raleigh (historical) Raleigh Post Office (historical) Redeemer Lutheran Church Ringham Habitat Area River View Golf Course Riverside Hills Ski Area Riverside Park Rosewood Manor Nursing Home Ryan Lake (historical) Ryan Lake State Game Management Area Saint Patricks Catholic Church (historical) Saint Patricks Cemetery Saint Patricks Church School Creek South Fourteenth Street Park South Tenth Street Park Superior Co-op Elevator - Gruver Swan Lake Swan Lake Swan Lake Village Cemetery Swan lake Cemetery Swanlake Post Office (historical) Thoreson Memorial Park Trinity Lutheran Church Twelve Mile Lake Post Office (historical) Twelvemile Lake Twelvemile Lake State Game Management Area Union Baptist Church United Methodist Church United Presbyterian Church Wallingford Wallingford Wallingford Cemetery Wallingford City Hall Wallingford Lutheran Church Wallingford Post Office West Swan Lake State Game Management Area