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51301 Street Addresses

10th Ave E ((1-2699)) 10th Ave SE ((1-3698)) 10th Ave W ((500-1199)) 10th St SW ((1-399)) 11th Ave E ((1700-1799)) 11th Ave SE ((1200-1299)) 11th Ave SW ((400-3199)) 11th Ave W ((400-1799)) 11th St SE ((1-2398)) 11th St SW ((1-1199)) 11th St SW Plz ((100-198)) 12th Ave SE ((1201-1499)) 12th Ave W ((200-1598)) 12th St SE ((1100-1299)) 12th St SW ((100-198)) 13th Ave W ((801-1499)) 13th St SW ((400-1099)) 14th Ave W ((300-1799)) 14th St SE ((1201-1299)) 15th Ave W ((900-1399)) 160th Ave ((3655-3699)) 16th Ave W ((1101-1299)) 170th Ave ((2901-3999)) 17th Ave W ((1300-1799)) 180th Ave ((2901-4099)) 18th Ave W ((1100-3399)) 18th St SE ((1-99)) 190th Ave ((2700-4183)) 19th Ave W ((1000-1099)) 19th St SE ((1-199)) 19th St SW ((1-199)) 1st Ave E ((1-2499)) 1st Ave SE ((400-1899)) 1st Ave SW ((200-999)) 1st Ave W ((200-1799)) 1st St NW ((1-599)) 1st St SW ((200-399)) 200th Ave ((87-4399)) 210th Ave ((2200-4399)) 215th Ave ((3700-4867)) 225th Ave ((400-4335)) 230 Ave ((2301-2399)) 230th Ave ((800-3698)) 23rd Ave W ((1000-2099)) 240th Ave ((2700-4419)) 24th Ave W ((1800-2099)) 250th Ave ((2700-4214)) 252nd Ave ((2900-2999)) 255th Ave ((3100-3198)) 25th St SW ((300-2299)) 260th Ave ((2700-3999)) 270th Ave ((2700-3699)) 270th St ((2101-2199)) 275th St ((1700-1798)) 280th Ave ((2700-3399)) 280th St ((1649-2803)) 290th St ((1600-2799)) 298th St ((2500-2599)) 2nd Ave E ((400-2099)) 2nd Ave SE ((400-3801)) 2nd Ave SW ((103-1099)) 2nd Ave W ((1-1099)) 2nd St NW ((200-499)) 300th St ((1500-2747)) 310th St ((1600-2798)) 320th St ((1600-2699)) 32nd Ave W ((87-1198)) 330th St ((1901-3261)) 340th St ((1800-3898)) 350th Ave ((2701-3199)) 350th St ((1800-3798)) 355th St ((2001-2099)) 358th St ((2000-2099)) 35th Ave W ((200-1799)) 360th St ((1-2999)) 365th St ((1900-2499)) 36th Ave W ((200-399)) 370th St ((300-2399)) 380th St ((1601-2598)) 38th Ave W ((1100-1799)) 390th St ((1692-2698)) 3rd Ave E ((400-1799)) 3rd Ave NW ((1-399)) 3rd Ave SE ((400-899)) 3rd Ave SW ((100-198)) 3rd Ave W ((1-1799)) 400th St ((1534-2698)) 410th St ((2100-2499)) 420th St ((1952-2398)) 4th Ave E ((1-1799)) 4th Ave NW ((1-99)) 4th Ave SE ((400-1099)) 4th Ave SW ((400-2499)) 4th Ave W ((100-4199)) 4th St SE ((1-999)) 4th St SW ((1-999)) 5th Ave E ((400-1899)) 5th Ave NW ((1-298)) 5th Ave SE ((400-1099)) 5th Ave SW ((800-999)) 5th Ave W ((100-1099)) 5th St SE ((1-99)) 5th St SW ((1-999)) 6th Ave E ((1-999)) 6th Ave SW ((400-999)) 6th Ave W ((400-1099)) 6th St SW ((200-1099)) 7th Ave E ((600-1799)) 7th Ave SW ((601-1099)) 7th Ave W ((500-1099)) 7th St SE ((1-199)) 7th St SW ((1-399)) 8th Ave E ((1-1099)) 8th Ave W ((400-1199)) 8th St SE ((1-599)) 8th St SW ((1-699)) 9th Ave E ((600-1799)) 9th Ave SW ((500-699)) 9th Ave W ((400-1199)) 9th St SE ((300-399)) 9th St SW ((200-399)) A Ave E ((2800-2999)) B Ave E ((2800-2999)) Breezy Meadow Ln ((1000-1199)) Cobbs Ct ((1-699)) Co Hwy B14 ((1-2149)) Co Hwy B17 ((1500-1698)) Co Hwy B40 ((2401-2698)) Co Hwy B64 ((2340-2398)) Co Hwy M38 ((3401-3999)) Co Hwy M 38 ((4001-4183)) Co Hwy M44 ((87-3399)) Co Hwy M50 ((2400-4298)) Co Rd B24 ((1-2799)) Country Club Dr ((400-1799)) Country Club Ln ((400-1799)) Craigs Ct ((1100-1299)) Deloss Ct ((100-199)) E 10th St ((1-999)) E 11th St ((1-999)) E 12th St ((1-999)) E 13th St ((1-999)) E 14th St ((1-999)) E 15th St ((1-999)) E 16th St ((1-899)) E 17th St ((1-1099)) E 18th St ((1-2199)) E 19th St ((100-999)) E 1st St ((1-899)) E 20th St ((100-999)) E 21st St ((1-999)) E 23rd St ((1-99)) E 24th St ((1-199)) E 25th St ((1-199)) E 28th St ((1-199)) E 2nd St ((1-898)) E 30th St ((1-2399)) E 3rd St ((1-999)) E 44th St ((1-299)) E 4th St ((1-1099)) E 5th St ((1-999)) E 7th St ((1-1299)) E 8th St ((1-1099)) E 9th St ((1-1198)) Elmwood Dr ((500-999)) E Milwaukee St ((200-1299)) E Park St ((1-999)) Fairview Ave ((1100-1599)) Fairway St SE ((700-999)) Fisher Ct ((800-899)) Goulding Ave ((4200-4335)) Grand Ave ((1-2499)) Grand Plaza Dr ((1301-1899)) Grandview Blvd ((1-199)) Haro Dr ((1-99)) Highway Ave NW ((1-799)) Highway Ave SW ((1-799)) Highway Blvd ((1704-4398)) Hillside Blvd ((1-199)) Hwy 18 ((1802-2999)) Hwy 71 ((1-5799)) Kristin Dr ((1300-1799)) Main St ((1-598)) Marks Ct ((1400-1699)) McNaughton Way ((1100-1799)) Michaels Ct ((1100-1299)) Milwaukee Ave ((200-298)) N Sleeper St ((200-299)) Parkway Dr ((1-199)) Patricia Ave ((1500-1799)) Pleasant Blvd ((1-199)) Pleasant Ln ((500-1299)) Prospect Dr ((500-599)) S Adams St ((100-199)) Saint Luke Dr ((200-1599)) S Grand Ave ((100-1299)) Southmoor Dr ((200-699)) State Hwy 240 ((1694-2149)) Stoneybrook Cir SW ((1-199)) Thunder Bridge Rd ((2001-2099)) Tompkins Ct ((300-399)) US Hwy 18 ((1-4398)) US Hwy 71 ((1-5799)) Vestergaard Ct ((1-99)) W 10th St ((1-2299)) W 11th St ((1-2498)) W 12th St ((1-1599)) W 13th St ((1-2699)) W 14th St ((1-2698)) W 15th St ((1-1698)) W 16th St ((1-1699)) W 17th St ((1-199)) W 18th St ((1-3798)) W 1st St ((1-499)) W 21st St ((1-99)) W 23rd St ((1-99)) W 24th St ((1-99)) W 2nd St ((1-499)) W 3rd St ((1-599)) W 44th St ((200-699)) W 4th St ((1-3798)) W 58th St ((2100-2199)) W 5th St ((1-1399)) W 6th St ((1-599)) W 7th St ((1-1399)) W 8th St ((1-1298)) W 9th St ((1-1499)) West Ave ((1-399)) West Ln ((500-599)) W Milwaukee St ((1-3799)) W Park St ((1-299))

51301 Places and Attractions

Abben Cancer Center Assembly of God Church Bethany Lutheran Church Big Muddy Creek Birchwood Estates Bob Howe - Thunder Bridge Wildlife Refuge C Earl Page Park Cardinal Field Christ the King Lutheran Church Church of Christ Church of the Nazarene Clay County Courthouse Clay County Fairground Clay County Law Library Clay County Sheriffs Office Country Villa Mobile Home Park Cromwell Center Post Office (historical) Cromwell Centre De Wolf Park East Leach Park Evergreen Cemetery Fairview Cemetery Fairview Park Fairview Park Elementary School Family Dental Clinic Farmers Co-op Elevator Company Elevator First Baptist Church First Christian Church First Congregational Church First English Lutheran Church First Post Office, Church, School Historical Marker Foot and Ankle Clinic Fostoria Fostoria (historical) Fostoria City Hall Fostoria Cooperative Elevator Fostoria Post Office Fox and Boyd Dental Center Freeman Post Office (historical) Gateway North Shopping Center Gaul Dermatology Center Grace United Methodist Church Harvest Evangelical Free Church Hawk Valley Wildlife Management Area Hope Reformed Church Iowa Eye Institute Jefferson Elementary School Jehovahs Witnesses Kingdom Hall Johnson Elementary School KICD-AM (Spencer) KICD-FM (Spencer) KICD-FM (Spencer) KJJG-FM (Spencer) KRGS-FM (Spencer) Kingdom Hall Langdon Langdon (historical) Langdon Post Office (historical) Lexington Creek Lincoln Elementary School Little Meadow Creek Little Muddy Creek Little Sioux River Bridge Little Sioux Wildlife Management Area Living Word Church Lost Island Outlet Mercy Family Care Spencer Center - North Mercy Family Care Spencer Center - South Miracle on Fourth Street Playground Ninth Street Baptist Church North School North School Park Northlawn Memorial Cemetery Northwest Iowa Bone, Joint and Sports Surgeons Center Northwest Iowa Urologists Center Ocheyedan River Ocheyedan River Oneota Little Sioux Access Oneota Park Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Center Parker Historical Museum Petes Pond Prairie Creek Prairie Creek Cemetery Prospect Prospect Post Office (historical) Reiter Wildlife Area Reynolds Elementary School Riverside Cemetery Sacred Heart Catholic Church Sacred Heart School Saint Luke Lutheran Home Schmerse Wildlife Area Seventh Day Adventist Church Southpark Mall Southpark Mall Spencer Spencer Spencer Campground Spencer Chiropractic Clinic Spencer Country Club Spencer Dental Arts Center Spencer Family Dental Center Spencer Fire Department Spencer High School Spencer Middle School Spencer Municipal Airport Spencer Municipal Golf Course Spencer Municipal Hospital Spencer Municipal Hospital Heliport Spencer Police Department Spencer Post Office Spencer Public Library Spencer Recreation Trail Stolley Gravel Pit Park Stony Creek Stouffer Memorial Wildlife Preserve Summit (historical) Summit Post Office (historical) Sunset Park The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Trinity Lutheran Church United Pentecostal Church Waterway Park Wells of Living Grace Church West Leach Park Westview Park Yellowthroat Wildlife Area