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51250 Street Addresses

10th Avenue Cir NE ((1200-1299)) 10th St NW ((600-699)) 10th Street Cir NE ((100-199)) 10th Street Cir SE ((600-699)) 10th St SE ((1-398)) 10th St SW ((2-299)) 11th Ave NE ((101-1399)) 11th St Cir SE ((600-699)) 11th St NE ((100-699)) 12th Ave Cir NE ((400-499)) 12th Ave NE ((100-1298)) 12th St NE ((401-1299)) 12th Street Cir SE ((400-699)) 12th St SE ((200-299)) 12th St SW ((1-299)) 13th Ave NE ((2-1999)) 13th Ave NW ((100-1799)) 13th Ave SE ((1-1768)) 13th Ave SW ((200-4099)) 13th St Cir SE ((400-699)) 13th St NE ((1100-1199)) 13th St SE ((1-1799)) 13th St SW ((400-498)) 14th Ave NE ((600-698)) 14th St NW ((1-199)) 14th St SE ((1-699)) 15th St NE ((200-399)) 16th St SE ((1-1199)) 17th Street Cir SE ((1-199)) 18th Street Cir SE ((1-199)) 19th St SE ((1-299)) 19th St SW ((1-199)) 1st Ave NE ((100-699)) 1st Ave NW ((100-999)) 1st Ave SE ((100-1499)) 1st Ave SW ((100-1799)) 20th St NE ((2100-3478)) 20th St SE ((1-3298)) 20th St SW ((3000-3099)) 280th St ((1400-1753)) 2nd Ave NE ((100-1099)) 2nd Ave NW ((100-499)) 2nd Ave SE ((100-1899)) 2nd Ave SW ((100-898)) 2nd St NE ((1-1199)) 2nd St NW ((1-99)) 2nd Street Cir SE ((700-799)) 2nd St SE ((1-699)) 2nd St SW ((1-199)) 360th St ((1800-3349)) 370th St ((1800-3399)) 371st St ((3000-3099)) 380th St ((2100-3478)) 390th St ((600-3457)) 3rd Ave NE ((100-999)) 3rd Ave NW ((1-399)) 3rd Ave SE ((100-1999)) 3rd Ave SW ((1200-1298)) 3rd St ((1100-1199)) 3rd St NE ((1-399)) 3rd St NW ((1-399)) 3rd Street Cir NE ((1100-1199)) 3rd Street Cir SE ((300-799)) 3rd St SE ((1-599)) 3rd St SW ((1-299)) 400th St ((1100-3499)) 410th St ((1-3298)) 420th St ((2600-3499)) 430th St ((2936-3231)) 440th St ((3000-3152)) 4th Ave NE ((100-1399)) 4th Ave SE ((100-1999)) 4th St NE ((1-499)) 4th St NW ((1-1299)) 4th Street Cir SE ((700-799)) 4th St SE ((1-599)) 4th St SW ((1-199)) 5th Avenue Cir NE ((1100-1199)) 5th Ave SE ((300-1699)) 5th St NE ((100-1299)) 5th St NW ((1-599)) 5th St SE ((1-599)) 5th St SW ((1-299)) 6th Avenue Cir NE ((1100-1199)) 6th Avenue Cir SE ((1400-1599)) 6th Ave NW ((400-699)) 6th Ave SE ((100-1699)) 6th St NE ((1-1299)) 6th St NW ((1-699)) 6th St SE ((1-599)) 7th Ave NE ((701-1199)) 7th Ave NW ((400-999)) 7th Ave SE ((101-1699)) 7th St NE ((1-1399)) 7th St NW ((1-1199)) 7th St SE ((1-99)) 7th St SW ((1-199)) 8th Ave NW ((800-899)) 8th St NE ((1-699)) 8th St NW ((700-899)) 8th St SE ((1300-1999)) 8th St SW ((1-199)) 9th St NE ((401-999)) 9th St NW ((600-699)) 9th Street Cir NE ((1-199)) 9th Street Cir NW ((1-99)) 9th St SE ((2-1399)) 9th St SW ((1-1299)) Co Hwy B40 ((200-3499)) Co Hwy B42 ((1300-1399)) Co Hwy B44 ((1-2999)) Co Hwy B46 ((3100-3499)) Co Hwy B50 ((3100-3152)) Colonial St ((501-1099)) Co Rd B30 ((1800-3699)) Co Rd B40 ((1-2999)) Co Rd B46 ((2600-3099)) Co Rd K24 ((3742-3987)) Co Rd K30 ((3600-3999)) Co Rd K42 ((3700-4199)) Co Rd K52 ((3600-4099)) Crown Ridge Dr ((1400-1599)) Dogwood Ave ((3742-3987)) Dove Ave ((3526-4099)) E 1st St ((100-1299)) Eagle Ave ((3228-3999)) Eastside Dr NE ((1100-1299)) Elmwood Ave ((3600-3999)) E Meadow Dr ((222-522)) Fig Ave ((3700-4299)) Fir Ave ((3556-4199)) Frontage Rd ((1800-1899)) Garfield Ave ((3700-4199)) Goldfinch Ave ((3354-4199)) Grant Ave ((100-4399)) Harrison Ave ((1-4323)) Hickory Ave ((3600-4199)) Homestead Dr ((200-299)) Ibex Ave ((3500-3999)) Indian Ave ((3995-3999)) Industrial Rd ((232-399)) N Main Ave ((200-3799)) N Meadow Dr ((101-798)) Oakmont Cir ((2000-2099)) Pinehurst Ct ((2100-2198)) Ridge Rd ((2101-2598)) Rivera Rd ((2000-2398)) Sawgrass Trl ((300-598)) S Frontage Rd ((1800-1999)) S Main Ave ((100-2699)) S Meadow Dr ((100-699)) Sunrise Cir ((1500-1599)) Sunrise Trl ((900-1599)) Teris View Dr ((1001-1099)) US Hwy 75 ((700-4679)) W 1st St ((1-199)) Waters Edge ((4401-4499)) W Meadow Dr ((100-699))

51250 Places and Attractions

Admissions/Financial Aid Building Advancement Office Art Building Art Studios B J Haan Auditorium Bethel Christian Reformed Church Business Office Central Heating Plant Central Park Central Reformed Church Centre Mall Childrens Park Christ Community Church Christ the King Catholic Community Commons Covenant Christian Reformed Church Covenant Residence Hall Dental Clinic Dordt College Dordt College Greenhouse Dordt College Gymnasium Dordt College Library Driesen Eye Center East Campus Apartments East Residence Hall Faculty Office Complex/Media Center Faculty/Student Residence Faith Christian Reformed Church Farmers Co-op Society Elevator First Baptist Church First Christian Reformed Church First Reformed Church Hope Lutheran Church KDCR-FM (Sioux Center) KVDB-AM (Sioux Center) Kinsey Elementary School Kragt Chiropractic Clinic Maintenance Building Memory Gardens Cemetery Music Building Netherlands Reformed Church New Life Reformed Church North Residence Hall Open Space Park Peace Church Peace Lutheran Cemetery Physical Therapy Health Clinic Regency Park Sandy Hollow Golf Course Sandy Hollow Recreation Area Science and Technology Center Sioux Center Sioux Center Sioux Center Christian School Sioux Center Community Hospital Sioux Center Fire Department Sioux Center High School Sioux Center Medical Clinic Sioux Center Police Department Sioux Center Post Office Sioux Center Public Library Sioux County Fair Grounds Southview Apartments Student Union Building Sunrise Mobile Home Park TePaske Theatre Theatre Arts Wing/New World Theatre Tower Fields Visser Elevator Incorporated Elevator West Residence Hall Westbrook Village Westside Park